One good idea :D

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One good idea

Not everyone in the game speaks in English.

There are people who speak in Spanish (Me and more), among more languages.

It would be great if there are servers in each language in the game, there will be more order and, therefore, people who speak English (in general) do not complain that it is "spam".

it is uncomfortable to try to communicate with the players of my language and others complain saying "no spanish" "spam"

if something is poorly written and misunderstood

You must apologize, I write by means of "Google translator"


Hellooooo ~ I speak Spanish and little ingles...
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Just speak Spanish in the game! English-speakers can't properly chat anyway because of the filters. If people complain just laugh at them in Spanish :þ


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My new big boi stole my subject..And ate it..SIGH...

Oww, just ignore them! Don't give them attention. It happens to me too. I am italian, and sometimes, when i meet another italian, i start speaking my language in the chat, and people come right away saying "Stop!" or "speak english!" like if i was going to listen to them. I instead laugh behind the pc and continue to chat in italian. If you are not swearing, why do you have to stop?


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