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Hello! Here's an updated version of my last topic in this category. For old and new players alike:


Getting gems - 

This is the hardest part when you've just started the game. Start saving gems from the third and fifth daily rewards, and also from battle mystery boxes. Once you have three dragons or more, start doing stable quests. The Construction Zone stable quest is the best way to do this. Also, on the top row in the middle there is a quest called Loki's Maze and it will get you a bag of gems. Mystery Class Dragons are only allowed to do this quest. 


Getting Dragons - 

With the new update, SoD allows you to get two dragons when you start. 

First time you start - Sand Wraith

Second time - Shockjaw

Third time - Shockjaw

Fourth time - Rumblehorn

So all you have to do is get one more dragon and boom, stable quests are available. Buying a single dragon takes a lot of gems, tho some, like the Snafflefang and the beginner's dragons, you can buy with coins and can only unlock them with UDT points. I would suggest, when you have 200 gems or more, to get the 1, 2 or 3 mystery egg boxes. It is way less expensive and will get you a surprise dragon(s) I bought the 3xMystery Egg box and got a Hideoous Zippleback, a Boneknapper (i needed these two for the Loki's Maze stable quest which worked great) and I gotta Speed Stinger, which I have no idea which class its in. 


Getting a clan started/joining a clan - 

It really depends if you wanna spend gems for a clan. I would suggest you wait a while and see if there are any other clans you are invited to/want to join, so then the gems could be saved for something else. 


Friends - 

I'll leave that up to you


Getting trophies (and then you'll get clan invites :) - 

The best way to get trophies is through Thunder Run Racing. I would suggest racing in only rooms of three, so then you have a chance to get at least two trophies. Another way is to receive/give challenges. I wouldn't really suggest this, because you have more chance of losing five trophies than in Thunder Run Racing, aka TRR. 


Getting Stables - 

If you have 300 gems or more, (or for the Boulder Stable UDT, a lotta coins) you can get a sable (obviously). If you get the Mystery Stable, there is a hidden gem box that gives you 300 gems. So basically it's buy a stable get one free. Oh, and make sure you have enough stables before you hatch your dragon or he'll/she'll be sitting on the hatching table for a while :)


Farming - 

You start off with a well, a few plots, and a house (i forgot what else cuz I haven't started a new character in a while). As you get more mystery boxes and daily rewards, you'll get farm items and whatnots for your farm. You have to buy the seeds though. Free plots are unlocked as you lvl up in your farm. 


Fishing - 

Buy the Improved Rod if you can. The Advanced Rod is too touchy for my liking. The Beginnger's Rod is good to start you off and it also depends on which fish you get hooked on the line. 


Glitches - 

There's at least one glitch in each area of the game. I only know the non-expansion glitches bcz im not a member (:/) and I havent bought them either (:/). 


Chats - 

If a player doesn't answer you on chats, he/she is probably on chat ban (:/) or they have posted too many messages (:/) or the game is lagging (:/). There are three seperate chat tabs. The first is for all players in the game. The second, labeled Friends, is for you and your friends only (btw messages will only appear from friends who are on YOUR friend list... for instance they might be talking to a friend that's on their friend list but thats not on yours) and the third tab is for you and clan members to chat. 


This is all I have time for, but I hoped this helped everyone!




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