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Uh Storm?

I would love to race, but if you noticed I wasn't active, the reason why is because the cooling fan in our home computer broke down. So, I can't evn use my computer to play games. I'm using my mac, but my parents don't let me install games. I was active a few days ago at my friend's house, and I entered 3 races. So, you can kick me out if you want. I won't be active for a while, untill our cooling fan gets fixed. 




Meet Feng Yuhuang, or the Phoenix Jade Emperor. The Year of the Rooster is here! THANKS SO MUCH NIGHTMARE! =D

Greenstreak, a Chiropan pip, and Hoarfrost, the blizzard Chiropan. This is actually a creative species, and really has the potential to grow into something amazing. Thanks to NightmareRebuff! =D

Keldia, Backbiter, Smothershawl, Soulreaper, Blackout, Paladin, Crossbones, Bloodcry, Panicdash, Mimicscale, Helreaper, Ispy, Jin Jundao, and Emberpride.

(All dragons above are made by NightmareRebuff!) 

My Wocky Jabberjaw from chameishida! His name is Bloodhound! Thanks!

Daredevil the Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon by xXHallaXx. Thanks!

Tealrammer by RaxForax. Kudos to you my friend!

My Windsong, Timelaspe, or in other words, "Blue". 

Toxinrage, my Insectoid Scythelimb


Neontaze and Nightshredder,

my Alien Luminglows


my Siren Flashbang


Clan: The Phantom Family

Gender: Male


Nadder: The Golden Nadder (Aka: Sun Rose) - Female -


  Sun Rose was my first dragon in the academy. She was actually from the Golden Isles, collected by Johan when he saw her (in egg form), hanging off a cliff. He caught her, and took her to Berk. She was my main dragon, and still is, in the races. She also helped out in leveling up the others, by helping them do the quests untill the very end, so they would get the XP.


Really Playful, Loyal, Doesn't like night time.

Likes to Eat:

Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs.

Favorite thing to Do:

Play with the other Dragons, her favorite game is Fetch the Chicken!

Intresting Fact:

Every year, she flies away for 1 month, as she also likes to spend time on her own.

The Golden Nadder/Sun Rose by AniuRavenwolf! Thanks!

Thunderdrum: Sonarus (Aka: Sonus) - Male - 


  My second dragon, Sonarus was sorta of a pain. Since from when he was born, he was very wild and crazy, and even more hyper. He loved to jump on people's shoulders and roar in their ears, then run away for me to apolagize. Sonus now loves to steal my sheep, and hide them in the forest, but he is always there where I need him to be. He's BFFs with Thunder Quake, and, oh yeah, he is protective of me.


Wild, Crazy, Protective, and Loyal (Most of the time).

Likes to Eat:

Perch (I still don't understand why.)

Favorite thing to do:

Hide my sheep and pretend he didn't do it.

Intresting Fact:

He said he hates to play Thunder Run...but I can tell he's faking. How? I just know. :)

Whispering Death: Thunder Quake (Aka: Da King, Da Racing Champ) - Male -


  I found his egg in the tunnels, and Hiccup let me keep him. When he hatched, he looked at me for one second, and then, well, decided he wanted to be free. He jumped out of the stables, and started slithering to the forest. I chased him, freeing him from bushes, rescuing him from drowning, and TRYING to feed him when he was hungry. One day, a wild smokebreath appeared, and for some reason, Da King thought he was, "The King", and decided to take him on. He started dealing blows to it, but the smokebreath won in the end. Before it laid the final blow, though. I jumped and used myself as a human sheild. It hurt, but I was fine. I called in Sonarus, and he saved us. He put his trust in me, and I have helped him ever since.


Brave, doesn't know his limits...yet.

Likes to eat:

Sheep Steak.

Favorite thing to do:

Drill underground, and camp there, with me trying to find him. Also, play fighting with Sonarus.

Intresting Fact:

Well, he's trying to become a titian wing, but it ain't going to well so far.

By Wutend Bonfire. Thanks!

Scauldron: Waterspout (Aka: Spouty, The Heir of Frost and Pyra) - Female -


  One day, I went to Johan's ship. There, I found an egg with a burn and ice on it. This was Frost and Pyra's lost egg! I quickly traded it with Johan, and then I found out that she was sick. I ran home, and placed her on the hearth. 3 days passed. Nothing. Thinking she was dead, I sadly sighed, and put my hand on her egg. Suddenly, a bright golden glow spread around her, and she was born!


Likes to act cute, loyal, and sometimes very overprotective.

Likes to eat:


Favorite thing to do:

Spit at my face, and act innocent.

Intresting fact:

She is my main dragon when it comes to quests and Fan-Fics.

Waterspout by TildenWolfGirl, themasterplan47 and Dustydaybreak. She looks really awesome! =D

Gronkle: Meatball (Aka: Tomato, Cheese Head, Ball Boy) - Male -


  I found him in the forest, as a baby. He was crying and whimpering, but I picked him up. He looked at me, and tried to smile. He then yawned, and fell to sleep. I figured he was lost or abandoned, so I took him in. He is addicted to any red or yellow rocks, and will do anything to get them.


Friendly and Playful

Favorite Food:

Yellow and Red Rocks

Favorite Thing to do:

Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Eat...

Intresting Fact:

He has a quartz tooth in the way back, for he broke it while trying to eat my diamonds.

Nightmare: Greek Fire (Aka: Greek Flame, Comet) - Male -


  A relative of Hookfang, with all his personalities. Need I say more?


Aggressive, sometimes a Bully, and secretly cares for us.

Favorite Food:


Favorite thing to do:

Disobey me...

Intresting fact:

He is Hookfang's mother's brother's son.

Thunderdrum: Eagle Ray (Aka: Booma, Sea Dream, Pearl) - Female -


  On new year's eve, I found out that Sonarus was missing! I asked the others to search for him, but he was not found! Depressed, I sadly went home, hoping that he was safe. In the morning, I set out with Waterspout, hoping to find Sonarus. After 5 hours of searching, I spotted something green, and something blue side by side. I patted Waterspout on the side, and we dove in. To my suprise, it was Sonarus and another Thunderdrum! Studying them for a bit, I found out that the blue one was Sonarus's mate! I tamed her, and since then, we had a new addition to my family.


Playful, Loyal to Sonarus and Me

Favorite Food:

Grilled perch with tomato toppings

Favorite thing to do:

Stick with Sonarus

Intresting Fact:

Some say she's a relative of Thornado...

Zippleback: Sunrise and Sunset (Aka: Dawn and Dusk, Pimp and Pump)

- Male -


  Kinda weird... Ok, so, I went to trader Johan's eggs, and found a dragon egg chest. I asked him could I buy it, since I had just enough gems. So, he said yes, and I got a rumblehorn! Yay! One of my most favorite dragons! Excitedly, I took it home, and put it in the hearth. Later on, I checked on it, and hatched it... then, to my surprise, a baby zippleback popped out! What?! I looked at it, it looked at me, and it was silent for a few minutes. Ok... weirdness attack. Whatever, he's still a baby dragon. I held it, and it's left head turned toward the sunrise in the distance. So I called the left one Sunrise. We played for a bit, then the sun was setting! This time, the right head turned toward it, and I named it Sunset.


Playful, Shy, Obedient

Favorite Food:

Sunrise: Squid, Sunset: Octopi

Favorite thing to do:

Turn toward the sunrise/sunset, depending on the head

Intresting fact:

Some people call him Pinky or Purple Butt. He tends to kill people like that... so DON'T!

Nadder: The Silver Nadder (Aka: Moonstone, Silverstar, Diana) - Female -


  So that's why Sun Rose leaves one a year, she's going to visit her sister, Mooonstone. How did I know this? I saw it myself. When she left, me and Thunderquake went to she where she went every year (Yeah, kinda like a stalker, but who knows if she goes mental and starts killing everything? Actually, TMI), she flew into a cave. I waited until night, and suddenly, a silver nadder appeared, and flew out. It came back at dawn, and after it went in, Sun Rose went out. They did this, then I couldn't take it anymore. I need to find out who this dragon is. I crept in, and the Silver Nadder shreiked, then flashed it's wings at my face. Startled, I stepped back. It snarled, and backed away. I decided another plan. When I saw Sun Rose, I signaled her to come to me. She first, well, was startled, then frightned. After face-palming myself, I tossed a fish on teh ground. She ate it, and after gaining her trust, I stepped in the cave with Sun Rose, and soon enough, I found out that this new dragon was Sun Rose's sister, and I took her home.


Quiet and silent, Doesn't go along with others apart from Sun Rose and me, Hardly makes a sound, Doesn't like day time, Doesn't like to play, Really Independent (not really loyal)

Favorite Food:


Favorite thing to do:

Stay at home and sleep in the day, flies out at night to do stuff

Intresting Fact:

Is Sun Rose's alter-ego, everything is almost 100% different. Can't beleive she's Sun Rose's sister...

Chilling Horror: Backbiter (Aka: Backstab, Nightmare, Geostar) - Male - 


Eh... might write it, might not. Depends on my mood. XD


Loyal, Feirce, Sometimes playful, Jealous of Waterspout

Favorite Food:

Roasted Lamb

Favorite thing to do:

Fight me

Intresting Fact:

My first fan dragon...

Base by NightmareRebuff


Typhoomerang: Topspin (Aka: Big guy, Wirlwind, FOOOM) - Male -


  This one is a sad one... So there was this typhoomerang that I knew very well. We met in a forest, and even though we were friends, I didn't tame him. Dunno why I didn't, he was awesome. So, a few months late, he found a mate and they had a baby typhoomerang. Then suddenly, his mate died. I felt very sorry for him, and because he had to feed the baby, he left the baby typhoomerang with me. We formed a bond, but in the Chilling Horror month, he went to get some fish... and never came back. I waited for days, and I fed the baby myself with some perch. My friend never came back, so I chose to adopt the baby myself. At night, he would have terrible nightmares, and he would go to my room and sleep with me. He had a serios fear of Backbiter, and I was sorta heartbroken that even though Backbiter wanted to play with Topspin and wanted to stick with him, Topspin always was scared of him and either attacked or flew away. But I know, that one day, the nightmares will pass, and the two dragons will grow to respect each other. My typhoomerang... my Topspin.


Always cautious, Defensive, Always on the lookout, Active

Favorite Food:

Eel... I can finally use them!

Favorite thing to do:

Just anything that doesn't involve Backbiter or sitting around

Intresting Fact:

He kills eels for sport... I hate that.

Sandwraith: Sandstorm (Aka: Puppy Dragon, He-who-burrows) - Male -


  It's funny how a fishing trip can befriend a dragon. So I was spending some time on my own (Raising a ton of dragons is tough, I need a break), and I was fishing and camping out on the beach. I just caught a bunch of halbut and salmon, and I was frying a salmon. *Growl* Huh? I looked up, then left and right. I then felt the ground move, and I looked down. Two eyes stared back up... "YAH! WHAT ON EARTH?!" I jumped back. At that time, I never knew what a sandwraith was. I'm new here, ok? The sandwraith exploded form the sand, and looked at me. Silence for a few seconds... then he wadled to my basket of fish and started eating everything like he didn't care. "Hey! That's my fish!" He didn't listen, and ate all of it. He then turned, and studied me. He looked like a nightfury, so I was intrigued. He then jumped and flopped on me and started licking my face. "You're like toothless!" I laughed, and he licked some more. "Hey, boy! Stop it!" He kept on licking me, and he soon decided that follow me was a better option than chilling in the sand waiting for who-knows-what to go over him. Smart kid.


Playful, Smart, Seems to always be hungry

Favorite Food:

Salmon (DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FISH FOR ONE?! *shouts at Sandstorm, he licks me and wadles away.)

Favorite thing to do:

Act majestic

Intresting fact:

First dragon I knew nothing about in the beginning.

Seashocker: Aquashock and Waterskiz (Aka: Zapduo) - Male - 


  So, a few days ago, I received a present. Not sure who sent it, or why, but I got it. It was wraped in colored leather, and when I opened it, I found an egg. I couldn't tell the species though. It was colored in multicolors, with "Thanks Hyrith" written in bright yellow paint. I shrugged. The only way to find out the species is to hatch it. When I picked it up, I was shocked. No, not the suprised shock. The lightning shock. I fumbled with it, and Telsabeam jumped from the roof. I think she sensed it was a skirll, so I shuddered. I don't have anything against skrills, just after Telsabeam almost burned down my house becasue she saw a fly, I've been a bit careful with her. I do not need another crazy lightning-maniac shooting around my house. I ploped it down on the hearth, and after a few minutes, it shook. I picked it up, and took it to the lavepit for it to hatch. It never did. It just shook, but it never came out. Just before Telsabeam was about to crack it open, Waterspout stared at the egg, and shot a small stream of water. The water touched it, then it cracked. Puzzled, I dipped my hand in water, and touched the egg. Where I touched, it cracked. Then, I actually figured out something. I took the egg to the sea, and placed it under the water. It shuddered, then a seashocker was born. I was extremly happy, and I thought all my dragon were too. Well, except Telsabeam. She grumbled a sign of disappointment, and wadled away. XD


Aquashock is agressive and fierce. Extremly loyal, and will attack anything that he thinks is harming me.

Waterskiz is playful and wild. He loves doing tricks, and is usually the reason why they have so much scars. For some reason, he's addicted to shrimp.

They both work together as a team, probabily because they know that if they argue, they won't go anywhere.

Favorite Food:

Aquashock: Squid

Waterskiz: Shrimp :\

Favorite thing to do:

Bounce on the waves, SO FUN WHEN RIDING THEM!!!

Intresting Fact:

Read the Bio


Serpentfang: Ispy (Aka: Mr. See it all, Rare Jewel, Allseer) - Male -


Find here:

Personality: He is a wise dragon, but extremly curious as well. He also is trying to find the ones like him... (PUTTING HIM IN A FAN-FIC!!! "We Are Not Alone." Trailer in sig.)

Favorite Food:

Tea leaves. ???

Favorite thing to do:

Look at far away things

Intresting Fact:

He can see anything, as long as there is nothing blocking the thing from his sight. 

And a bunch more. Mostly cause I'm to lazy to put them in my sig. XD


- Areslam

- Cazi the Conqueror

- typhoomerangmaster338

- Storm

- httyyd

- Sleepyraccoon

- NightmareRebuff

- SefarWarrior

- themasterplan47

- Frostfire Markson

(Neospark is originally black, but he was war paint all over his body. He is the oldest of the bunch, and is the only Titianwing in the team.)

(Snowspear is the second oldest, and she is an albino. She has one red and one blue eye, but no one knows why.)


(Emerald's color comes after his dad, who is a wooly howl. He doesn't really love to show himself, since he doesn't really "fit in" to anywhere, since he's bright green.)

Emerald by Scorpio Kardia! Thanks! So cute!

The Guardian of Berk by Hattori. Thanks! It's EPIC!

Sea Splitter, by DragonLover43, a Snoggletog gift. Have a merry Snoggletog! =D


Alpha and Shadow

  "Hyrith and his friends set off embark on a quest to save Berk from the upcoming evil that threatens the destruction of Berk. They face challenges, death, loss, rage, and fear, but do they have what it takes to win in the end?"


  Areslam as Wolf Hofferson

  Skrilltheskrill as Jasmine

  Cazi the Conqueror as Axtar

  typhoomerangmaster338 as Ak the Insane

  Diamond Racer as Diamond Rider

~The Dragons:

~Part 1:

~Part 2:

~Part 3:

~Part 4:

~Part 5:

~Part 6:

~Part 7:

~Part 8:

~Part 9:

~ Part 10:

Journey to Berk (Not out Yet)

  "A flashback from the past, Hyrith tells the Aplha Riders about his journey from The Golden Isles to Berk. He, alone, with no dragon, sets out to find a home, where he can safely live. Along the way, he creates friendships, but also enemies. This is his story..."



  "You took everything I have... and now let me return the favor."

  "Drago, I might not be the one you are looking for, but I bet you will find me equally amusing."

  "If the chicken lady is gonna kill stuff, let her be. If big guy wants to break mountains, let him be. If the sword gal wants to fight, let her be. If I want to shoot stuff, let me be. If Hyrith wants to kill stuff... well, don't let him."







~ Part 1:

~ Part 2:

~ Part 3:

~ Part 4:

The Elements Are Against Us (Later on)

  "After the defeat of Nexus, her brothers and sisters are arroused by her death. After being locked in slumber for thousands of years, Huo Lin is the first to wake and sends messengers to his sibiling, and soon, all of the elements on earth is against Hyrith and his friends..."


  I live to see the world of vikings burn, and all who stand in my way shall perish...

  "We're the final Valkyries left. Valrora... she was shot down. She never made it."

  Xeon. Choose wisely. Give me the orb, or your friends will suffer. Slowly, so I can see them crumble under my shadow.









  Xeon (The Guardian of Berk)

We Are Not Alone, A Chinese and Western Crossover (Later on)

5 months after Hyrith disappeared...

  "Who's there?" Jin sat up on his bed. It was 12 in the night, and most of the academy was asleep. The footsteps sounded louder this time. Jin pushed away the covers, and put on his combat glove. As soon as his hand slipped in, a small flame sparked in his palm. The footsteps stopped, and a creaking sound was heard. Silence. He waited for a while, and figuring that there was nothing, slipped off his glove and pulled the covers over his head.

  "AHHHHHHH!" A scream peirced the cold air, and Jin fell out of his bed. In a hurry, he shoved the glove over his hand, and opened the door. He lit his glove, and the flame ignited in his hand. Across the balcony, a hooded dark figure stepped out of a room. Jin stood in a battle stance. The flame in his palm grew into a fireball, and Jin shouted to the figure.

  "Who are you? Take off the hood!"

  The hooded man turned to Jin, and removed his hood, revealing an old man with a long white, whispy beard. The fireball died down. "Master Zhang?"

  "Yes, my young student. Why are you here? You should be in your room sleeping, not outside watching the snow fall."

  "I woke up because of the scream. Did you hear it too? Did someone get hurt?"

  "That was the reason I came, young one. Go to bed, the final practices starts tomorrow. Do you want to get the blade or not?"

  "Yes master, but safety is more important. Mind if I investigate with you?"

  JIn bowed, and the old master smiled. "Jin, investigate this floor. I'll take the top and bottom floors. Meet after 5 minutes." Jin looked at his old master. He was not usually that kind, but Jin shook that thought out of his mind. He needed to see if someone was hurt.


  "Found anything yet?" Master Zhang glared at Jin, and he looked into the final room. Another sleeping student. "Nothing, master." Master Zhang looked at him, and smiled. "Well, I think it's settled. Let's have a seat, shall we?" Jin shrugged. The master jumped, and sat on the railing. Jin climed up to him.

 "Anything, Master?"

 "Nothing yet, child. Forget this. It's a good night to be alive, is it?"

 "Yes, I agree. You checked every room?"

 "Every room, youngling. How about you-" A howl penetrated the air. A Howler flew towards Master Zhang, and the yellow and black dragon growled. Wait. Jin looked at the Howler, and noticed something. That was Dai Pow, Icarus's dragon. He never submitted to anyone, not even the master, except Icarus. Dai Pow circled Master Zhang. He glared at him, and then glared at Zhang.  He kneeled, and Zhang grumbled under his breath. "Curses. Stupid howler." He then looekd at Jin. "Let me see Dai Pow first." He jumped off the railing, and Jin looked as he kneeled and clasped the wingless dragon's head, speaking some words. JIn nudged myself over, then he felt something. JIn looked down, and he saw blood on the railing, where the master's hand was. Sticky, freash blood. 

   The last room...

  Jin shoved past the master, and to the final room. He didn't check it, since it was the room the master came out of. Jin ran past, and saw a stream of blood running from under the door. He slammed it open, and he gasped in shock. 

 Mei Hua layed dead in her bed, a large bloody gash in the middle of her chest. Her mouth was open in shock. Jin ran to her, and noticed that the blood was freash. Impossible! The master just was in here! Master Zhang would never commit such a crime! A hand then went over Jin's shoulder, sending a chill up his spine. The master glared at him, his mouth curing into a evil grin. Shocked, Jin tried to speak. "What? How? WHY?!" The master smiled. "Yes, Jin. I am the one. Sorry, but I can't have any witnesses." Suddenly, Master Zhang's form flickered, and instead of the Master from before, a red haired boy, stood in his place. He suddenly jabbed his palm at Jin's chest. A blade then shot out, coming out of Jin's back. Jin gasped, and he fell to the ground. His vision slowly filled with black dots, and he thought his last thought.











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I would like to join The Phantom Lords

Hi!! I would really like to join the Phantom Lords. I have 2665 throphies, I have 7 dragons (2 thunderdrumbs, 2 gronkles, 1 nadder, 1 whispering death & 1 sand wraith) Im Naderly in the game. I am an active player, and I would like to join you because I know that the phantom lords is an active clan, where everyone helps his/her clan, and I like that. I would really like to help you guys. My friend code: ASIVCR. Please accept me XD!!!!!


Welcome to my signature!!! :D



Liansten, my Horned Forestcatcher

Like Liansten? Check out my adoptables! Comming soon :)


Hi everyone! I'm Naderly



Alpha dragon: Thunderstar (Deadly Nadder---Female)


Well, a little bit about me :)   :

*I'm 15 years old

*I'm Mexican

*I love animals

*Dragons are one of the things I love the sad they aren't real :'(

*People call me Eve so you can call me either Naderly or Eve (or nadder as many do XD)

*I like to be fair with everyone and hate when justice is not being applied

*I'm a little bit shy at first, but once you know me, you won't make me quiet XD

*I love sports

*Instagram art account: @liansten

*My hobbies are drawing, doing any sport and photography :)



I like art a lot and making new friends :D

  Me and Thunderstar, the Alpha dragon of my dragon pack




. Drago (bakugan).


Rainbow, my night fury. Drawn by me, adopted from mesaprncss. Thank you sooo much, I love it!!!


Drawn by me. Gold Dragon----Fanart 


) Summer my sand wraith


Dragonoid (bakugan). Drawn by me








These buddies need to be adopted!





 Violet-Already adopted



And maaaaaaany more!



Summer my Sand Wraith


Blizzard my Snow Wraith


Flashlight my Flightmare


Some of my BFF's:


TheWildRiderII & Me


Supercoolmansuper & Me


Elizzza & Me


Loukiakon & Me


Roiia & Me



Skrill party XD


Checo Ulloa, TheWildRiderII & me :)






***If you want me to make you a drawing of you and/or your dragon, just send me a PM with a pic of what you want me to draw. :)***


RIGHT NOW, I DO TRADITIONAL ART, I can do digital....but I'm not that good yet XD

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black saphir
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 08/22/2014

I would like to join the Phantom Lords.


         Viking name: Black Saphir

         Friend code: A90HXQ

         Current clan: Slain of Valhall

         Number of trophies: +5060

         My Dragons: 36

                   - Speed Spin - Deadly Nadder

                   - Smoky - Smothering Smokebreath

                   - Snow - Smothering Smokebreath

                   - Fireball - Monstrous Nightmare

                   - Yes and No - Hideous Zippleback

                   - Lava Blast - Gronckle

                   - Dream - Gronckle

                   - Gumball - Gronckle

                   - Sharp Tooth - Whispering Death

                   - Saw - Whispering Death

                   - Warrior - Whispering Death

                   - Fire Wing - Typhoomerang

                   - Stormy Rain - Raincutter

                   - Air - Stormcutter

                   - Cloud - Stormcutter

                   - Danger - Boneknapper

                   - Rocky - Hotburple

                   - Solar - Fireworm Queen

                   - Thunder - Thunderdrum

                   - Lightning - Skrill

                   - Neon - Flightmare

                   - Sunset - Rumblehorn

                   - Ocean - Scuttleclaw 

                   - Surfer - Tide Glider

                   - Aqua - Tide Glider

                   - Wintry - Woolly Howl

                   - Icicle - Shiver Tooth

                   - Shadow - Changewing

                   - Sahara - Sand Wraith

                   - Galaxy - Shock Jaw

                   - Roar - Screaming Death

                   - Shield - Sweet Death

                   - Turbo - Speed Stinger

                   - Glacier - Groncicle

                   - Paradise - Moldruffle

                   - Phantom - Grapple Grounder



   I would like to join the Phantom Lords because I love to race and win as much trophies as possible.I don't cheat.I would like also to help with trophies and I want to join this historical clan.




-Black Saphir                                      


Joined: 06/22/2015
HI! Viking name:


Viking name: Yagorapio

Name of Dragons:

Night Fury: toothless

Monstrous Nightmare: Meleka

Whispering Death: Cegueta

Whispering Death: Zoiudo

Stormcutter: Pula Nuvem

Groncicle: gordo

Groncicle: Bolota

Flyghtmare: Banguela

 I would like to participate , because I love the movie ,
 love the game , love these dragons and always wanted to have things
 better for them and know that The Phantom Lords is the best!

My Friend Code: C6TUMM


please be very happy if I am welcome to the phantom lords

Thanks Storm !!!




Joined: 06/22/2015
HI! Viking name:


Viking name: Yagorapio

Name of Dragons:

Night Fury: toothless

Monstrous Nightmare: Meleka

Whispering Death: Cegueta

Whispering Death: Zoiudo

Stormcutter: Pula Nuvem

Groncicle: gordo

Groncicle: Bolota

Flyghtmare: Banguela

 I would like to participate , because I love the movie ,
 love the game , love these dragons and always wanted to have things
 better for them and know that The Phantom Lords is the best!

My Friend Code: C6TUMM


please be very happy if I am welcome to the phantom lords

Thanks Storm !!!




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Erika Mayday
Joined: 07/18/2015
I really want to be member in your clan

I know that i not from english speaking country so I always have a problem communicating with vikings. But I really want to be member  in your clan!


 Viking name: Rene Stoun

         Friend code: CA9VNT

         Current clan: none

         Number of trophies: 4878

         My Dragons: 28

1.Gronckle - Bulochka

2.Deadly Nadder - Cmutyan

3.Monstrous Nightmare - Kallipso

4.Hideous Zippleback - Nagayna

5.NightFury - Toothless

6.Thunderdrum - Kallisto

7.Whispering Death - glista

8.Skrill - Araghok

9.Scauldron - Mayday

10.Flightmare - Laura

11.Hobblegrunt - Easybeasy

12.Smothering Smokebreath - Bamboo

13.Typhoomerang - Afeda

14.Raincutter - Azazel

15.Boneknapper - Halloween

16.Hotburple - Roaar

17.Stormcutter - Atena

18.Snafflefang - Amak

19.Changewing - Azula

20.Screaming Death - Liam

21.Tide Glider - Nymeriya

22.Sweet Death - gagoe

23.Shivertooth - Frozen

24.Gronclice - Frozen Totl

25.Sand Wraith - Araghok

26.Speed Stringer - Lavanda

27.Snow wraith - Frozen heart

28.Sliguifier - Morozko.

               Egg Deadly Nadder x4

               Egg Thunderdrum x3

               Egg Boneknapper x2

               Egg Smothering Smokebreath x3

               Egg Gronckle x2

               Egg Snafflefang x4

               Egg Hideous Zippleback x4

               Egg Skrill

               Egg Changewing

               Egg Whispering Death x2

               Egg Tide Glider x2

               Egg Hobblegrunt 

               Egg Scauldron x4

               Egg Typhoomerang

               Egg Flightmare x2

               Egg Hotburple x2

               Egg Raincutter

               Egg Monstrous Nightmare

               Egg Rumblehorn

Wilderness Explorer
Joined: 10/04/2014
im nice friend made new account im looking to join the phantom l

hi storm im nice friend im looking to join the phantom lords im a active player and a daily racer i like to meet u all thanks for helping me im looking for a  clan

Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 09/21/2014
Hey nice friend...

Are you done fumeing at me? Just wondering...since you had a major temperment last time I saw you and said not so nice friend...but seriously, the first time I ever met you I thought "O, this is a nice guy" before all the events happened...

To 'nice friend'


New year, new attitude :) HAPPY 2017!


Skyre by me. 

Skyre at the age of 14 by me again.









              Lovable Artwork made by NadderLover456

Viking Name: Skyre

Age: 12+ (started training at 12 but currently 14 with some future versions of her running around the place)

Dragons: Too many to count but...about 26 dragons

Black Knight-Elder Nadder and Guardian of all my dragons/ Secret Keeper to realm of technology

Scorch: Fiery and stubborn typhoomerang. Often disobeys orders in racing.

Key: Chilled and spirited racer. My best ever sand wrath and main racing dragon.

Wrath: Often off chilling in the snow as a snow wraith usually does.

Rock Blade: Teeth as sharp as a blade for a gronkle.

Backstory: Ran away and found Berk. Trained dragons and always aspired to be remembered for something good. Protects the key way to other worlds and stops other versions of herself of flooding in. Has some temperal anger and depression issues but will still stand strong against all odds. 

They knock me down, but I'll stand higher than before one last time to see the light of the sky one final time.

Skyre has fallen 19th February 2016. The Skyre you saw past that date in game was a recreated version. Now Skyre is a free for all to use username as I have now permanantly deleted all accounts. Thank you SoD and everyone, even the haters, helpers, friends and clan mates. 


Skyre profile name has now been taken by someone...I just hope that someone uses it well...

Made by Rosemay101 (me)

None animated GIF

Gif made by Rosemay101 (me)

Viking Name: Rosillia

Age: 12+ (started training at 12 but currently 14)


Monstrous Nightmare

Whispering Death

Backstory: Originally a parallel version of Skyre but something else happened to her in the forest to twist her soul into a hateful one. 

Welcome to my burning farm! XD


Beautiful dragon made by Glacecia!    Night Stealer by DayDuskDawn             Gif made by Defy


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Viking Warrior
Joined: 06/10/2014
Request to Phantom Shadows

Hello, I would like to join the Phantom Shadows.


Viking name: Hofniel

Current number of trophies: about 150, though I am a daily racer and do my best to earn as much trophies as possible.


Leviathan - Scauldron

Feldspar - Skrill

Wagbag - Gronckle

Foras - Nadder

Aendran - Thunderdrum

Asmodeus - Whispering Death

Anguin - Rumblehorn

Petrifice - Flightmare

Rhiannon - Hobblegrunt

Fafnir - Smothering Smokebreath

Velvet - Stormcutter

Eigrinar - Sand Wraith

Kenna - Devilish Dervish

Boreas - Groncicle

Gekate - Screaming Death



I would like to join an active, wise and friendly Clan as I've never had a really good connection here in SOD. All the previous clans were so inactive that I didn't feel any difference between flying in a clan and being a single player. I would really like to join a great family, to train and improve my skills, to make new friends - and maybe, if I'll be lucky and dexterous enough, to join the Phanton Lords :)

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Viking Warrior
Joined: 04/27/2014
hi i wanna join the phantom

hi i wanna join the phantom shawdows
viking name: gobbar
time playing : nearly 3 years
udt points:88595
friend code :z26ix

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Viking Warrior
Joined: 06/18/2014
hey there, hope you guys are

hey there, hope you guys are still recruiting. i sent in an application through pm, but just in case that doesn't get checked, here it is-


1. viking and dragons' names - my viking's name is satine, and my main racer is my flightmare, bonegnaw, and my casual dragon is my stormcutter, cloudless.


2. i currently have 1350+ trophies, so i fall right under the phantom lords and right above the phantom shadows mark


3. when i play an mmo, i never want to play alone. to me, that doesn't make the game very enjoyable. i've met some of my closest friends through guilds/clans. i'm hoping that i can contribute to your clan, as well as kill that lonely feeling i get whenever i'm playing by myself


4. my friend code is ZTHII


i believe i can be a good and valuable addition to your clan, and maybe eventually move up in the world of dragons c:


what do you get when a dragon sneezes?

...out of the way.


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Joined: 09/25/2016
Hacked player? Me too!!

My name is AlphaToothlesTheNightFury, one of the most active racers, that started gaming three months ago. Yes, ixwas for a week in first three UDT top vikings and had over 7800 trhoophies. Joined more known clans like Immortal Demonz, Sky Brooke, The Wings of Fireworks, Fearless Spirit(spirit wooly howl) and more, if i cant get back in Immortal after recovering my viking, i want a house in Phantom Lords. An elite player with over 300 dragons wants home in your clan. If in tree months i did 8000 troophies, think about a year...32000 tropphies or more!!




​Hello! I am EliryaTheWarriorCat or AlphaToothlesTheNightFury (b4 hack ) in School of Dragons ans Elirya The Warrior Cat on Youtube SHUT ME ALPHA IS BACK!! 140 SUBS ON YT


                 I had Alpha Toothless--not new anymore


I havent got gems anymore




​I play this game from 2010 and i had lots of accounts, some with gold stuff, but i never got hacked like in 2016. I was in 2016 in UDT board too, but Geo worrior Got jealous on my gems, friends, fame and dragons, so he did something unfair. Now I am knowned as EliryaTheWarriorCat, but very poor and unlucky on this viking, with nine dragosn and a silverstar and a half. I hope admins will read the 100 messages sent and will bring safety Alpha back. The membership keeps running on the hacked account, but this is a money waste and i

​hope they will renew it from the momnet i got hacked. I am normal if i was in Immortal Demonz...i had lota of gems..i worked in real life for the money paid in membership...IS UNFAIR I HOPE GEO WORRIOR WILL BE FOREVER BANNED!






​Me: How to get points on forum?

​My mind: IDK


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Wilderness Explorer
Joined: 10/25/2017
Can I join?

Can I join your clan please? 

I've been playing for a long time now and I'm very active in the game. My viking's name is NiaTheViking and my main dragon is a Wooly Howl. 

I'm through with all the free quests and I'm kinda bored so I'm looking for a good well built clan to join, have some fun, train and make friends. I thought your clan was a good choice. 

Reply any time, I'm always here. 

Love, NiaTheViking <3



        age: 13

        joined SoD: 2016  september 13


               I play SoD every single day, I love battle events.

    Because I play all the time I have a lot of buddys, I play hide and seek, and I also train with my "sisters" till midnight to strengthen our skills and to be able to defend ourselves and each other from the bad that lurks in the archipelago!




                     My Main Dragons






Created by AniuRavenwolf