Nothing Coming From Meatlugs Mouth?

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Hello everyone, so recently I got a second viking and have just started the Call of The Death Song expansion pack (I have membership) and have gotten to the quest "The Death Song Amber" I entered the lab and have fed Meatlug Sandstone, then I tickled her with the feather and when she vommited nothing came out! I have tried cooling the bowl anyway but that didn't work, I've had the same problem with a few other quests and I am SICK of it!! I payed money to get that quest, and am SERIOUSLY angry about not getting what I payed for!! i still haven't received help on any other of my problems and am thinking of quiting SoD, please Admins don't take offense, but please fix this! I have been with you for a year now and I think I deserve to get what I payed for, PLEASE help me!


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Please, I've tried....


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Try warming or cooling the bowl. What ends up happening is the item gets a tempurature it doesn't know what to do with, so it just leaves it there. However, if you heat the bowl or cool it (I don't know which would fix it) the item shows up.


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Have you tried PMing Brynjolf?

Have you tried PMing Brynjolf? The response is usually pretty fast. 



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