Not receiving Incredible Machine Master achievement

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Krimzon Ariake
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Like the title says, I have three stars in all 40 levels of Incredible Machine but it's not giving me the trophy. The achievements page only lists 3/40?? I worked hard for those 200 gems :c


I'm also having issues with the Toothless flight club trophy. I got A+ ratings on every single toothless level and also no trophy there, marks 1/5 done on the achievement page.


Would appreciate if a mod could sort this out for me. Thanks!

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I had the same issue, did you do both the Incredible Machine games? I didn't really get my gems until both of them were done and had to confront the admin about it. You sure you have all the stars in the game? Double check to make sure you didn't miss one or something, restart the game, clear your cache, if none of it works message an admin about it.


As for the flight clubs, I still have problems with those, I just ended up finishing all of them and redoing them a few times before it registered. But even then it doesn't always :/


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