Not letting me in the game!

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Hello, I've been playing SoD on mobile iPad for not a long time because I re-installed it and so now that I have my computer back I installed SoD once again and once I logged in it wouldn't load and it would take a very long time for it to load. So when its done loading, I press the 'PLAY'button and once when it goes to your "viking" select to play. I would seleect my viking and play but then its says something about the installation being failed. Help?


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Further Details...

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. In order to further help you could you please provide us with a few other details. Are you using the PC/MAC downloadable? Which OS are you running? Could you please let us know what the error message says? Does this occur with one Viking on particular or with any of your Vikings within the same account? Do let us know. Thank you!