Not getting long night flight mission with new viking?

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I recently created a new viking but dispite refreshing around 100 times not I havnt gotten the long night flight toothless gem stable mission.  Is there a minimum level my viking has to be before it shows up?  I have no problem with it showing up for my older vikings.

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There is no lvl on which you

There is no lvl on which you unlock it - it’s available just from the time you buy membership.

Maybe just bad luck or a bug - I remember having the same problem; on 3 vikings I was getting the quest, but I never saw it on the 4th.


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did you end up getting it on

did you end up getting it on your 4th viking?  Because they are my 4th viking too

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Actually, as one of the several lucky people who earned Toothless before the Oct 2014 update, I can unlock this quest any time without a membership. And as somebody who has 7 Vikings on my account, I've noticed that there is a pattern with this quest: The quest doesn't appear (for me) until you have a silver star on the Viking your using.

In the meantime, keep using your Toothless while doing real quests, and replace this stable quest as often as you can until it finally appears.




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Thank you for this information, that´s important to know.

Guess I was lucky then, too, because I used quest farming like this with some vikings some time ago and they hadn´t got silver stars then (nowadays they do, mainly by hatching dragon eggs).


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Thanks for the info! :)

Thanks for the info! :)