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I was racing in Thunder Run and the lobby was full, all six players were in a race.

Before i explain my problem please tell me why is my dragon so slow when there are more than 2 players in a race?! It ain't lag.


And also fix the camera angle in TR it's really hard to see sometimes and the reason why i can't adpat to the new turning is cose of this lag that isn't really lag. My internet is really fast and I'm playing on fullscreen and with no other tabs open, for the first lap racing is really smooth, but then it just starts lagging and my dragon's going slower -.-


Ok so this is what i wanted to report:

As i said 6 players were racing and I was first, on the last lap somebody shot me. My dragon went up and i wasn't even touching my keyboard! he just flew up and hit that invisible wall. I pressed downed, but he kept flying up.

So i was 6th -.-


Sorry if I'm being impatient, but I'm really annoyed because of all these glitches!


P.S in case  you forgot, I'm still missing like 5 farm items




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Hi Ellie-senpai~When people

Hi Ellie-senpai~

When people shoot me, Jack flies a bit up or wayyyy to the should get control of Neon after a few seconds, no? If you kept flying up after 5-6 seconds, it is very unusual. Jack only gets the effect for 4-5 seconds or so.

Sometimes you may lag when you get shot.

p.s I love your signature with Ellie (oh yea xD) and yes you need to get dem farm decoz back



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Senpai noticed me! XD

Yeah i was really mad, I totally lost control and i could do anything :/



And thanks, I'm just looking around tumblr the whole day XD

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O_O Tidalwave got faster! :O

O_O Tidalwave got faster! :O :D I can beat you in more races now! *YES*





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I've never gotten that part where your dragon just keeps flying up (and I hope I don't get that soon)

but my dragon definitely gets slower when there are more people participating in a race. :\


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I didn't fly up, but a few

I didn't fly up, but a few times my dragon randomly turned right/left and hit a wall.


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