Nocturnal Gamers- small clan recruiting for a limited time!

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Wutend Bonfire
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 08/25/2014

The Nocturnal Gamers is a small clan now open for members! We here in Nocturnal Gamers are serious about our members and eliminating hackers, but to do so we need active players!


There is a limited space of about 18 positions available, and only until the 5 of April! This is in Australian time though, so anyone west of Bree will have until the 4th.

If not enough players sign up, it may be extended. Now, to join, there are some requirements

1- Have at least 50 trophies to begin

2- Be actively in-game for at least 3 days a week on average

3- Be unsupportive of hackers(this does not mean you have to have flyers in your sig. A statement will do)


If you are interested in joining, please fill out the following form and the check the clan board for some information on how to stay in.


Viking Name:

Average hours of gameplay a week/Average days active:

Freind Code:

Main Method of earning Trophies:

Platform(device) you usualy play on:

How much you wish to burn hackers and trolls alive:


Thanks to anyone who wishes to join! Feel free to make banners if you want to, but I will be releasing position banners later.


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