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Hi! I have a problem on mobile where I go into store and the hobgobbler expansion shows up and blocks my screen and I can't do anything!!! Any ideas on how to fix it?



Welcome to my Siggy~


 A little bit about me...

Favourite place- Titan Island.

Friend Code: CRZFAV

Clan: None

Favourite Dragon Class: Tracker

Viking Name: xXGachaCupquakeXx

Gender : Female

Join Date: Febuary 2015 (SoD) 



   My Dragons:


  Razorwhip: Pheonix-Adult-Female

    Deadly Nadder: Breeze-Titan-Male

      Speed Stinger: Moonwalker-Adult-Female             

        Eruptadon: Ash-Adult-Female (Code)

         Monstrous Nightmare: Heatwave-Baby-Male

           Razorwhip: Silverstreak-Baby-Female (Phoenix's Big Sister)

            Death Song: Windchime-Baby-Female

             Deadly Nadder: Bubbles-Baby-Female

              Death Song: Sunburst-Baby-Female 






               Dragon Pictures!!!


  (I found these online because I am unable to take photos of my dragons, however these are somewhat accurate.)

   My sources were Pintrest, Httyd Wiki, Google and Animo



Image result for purple speedstinger~Moonwalker

 Image result for red razorwhip~Silverstreak

Image result for red razorwhip~Pheonix

Underneath is Ash.

(I DON'T HAVE THE ICE SKIN)  Image result for blue eruptodonImage result for stormfly titan deadly nadder


              Undeneath is Bubbles~     

  (My dragon is NOT Springshedder, I just found this image on Google.)

Image result for pink and white deadly nadder   Image result for red monstrous nightmare~Heatwave (Heatwave is a baby dragon!) Image result for white and blue death song httyd    

~Windchime                                         (Sunburst is a baby too!)Image result for white and pink death song httyd

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This extraordinary drawing of Spookess was done by Frugal. Tysm!!



Arvoh and Kioo, the Magic Floofs, by Andy :) ty!


Undergoing revamp. It was way too long.

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Wow Thanks!

I can't believe I didn't see that!