No More Quest

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I don't have more quest what i can to do now

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Valor ate my subject :(

If you want gold, you can do jobs, racing, fireball frenzy, or farm.


If you want experience for your dragon, you can race, fireball frenzy, flight club.


I think that's it but I may be missing a few!


Also if you're out of quests you can purchase expansion packs although they can be pricy.



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1. Work ur way to a UDT with

1. Work ur way to a UDT with 400,000 points.


2. Race, play fireball frenzy, and challenge others for trophies (more on the racing, it's more popular).


3. Play in battles for dragon eggs, saddles, etc.


4. Farm for gold.


5. Make your own clan or join one if you didn't already.


6. Fish for gold.


7. Play in a maze.







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