No Battle Prize, Twice

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I was just in two battle events in a row... Got Gold rank for both of them, and got a prize for neither. It just froze on the after-battle score screen and wouldn't let me open them on either occasion.


I should stress this point - I know that logging in and out again is supposed to place the gold prize boxes in your inventory. And yes, I did try that. But it didn't work and I still don't have a gold prize box for either of the battles I partook in, regardless of having logged in and out of the game twice now.


Apologies for getting annoyed, I'm just frustrated for it to have happened twice in a row. Is there any way I could get the prize boxes I earned, or do I just have to accept that the things I earned aren't going to get to me? It's disappointing to lose out on both of them, especially with the new expansion seemingly set to come out so soon.


I'm playing the downloaded version of the game, my username is GarchompQueen and the Viking I earned both gold prizes with is GraceTheGentle.

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Battles are extremely buggy

Battles are extremely buggy and glitchy right now you're not the only one facing problems some people have the ship not show up some ships no matter how much you shoot at them the Health does not go down battle chests don't open and when you log out or so they just disappear from your bag and sometimes stuck on the victory or defeat screen and you get nothing sadly all you can do right now is just be a bit patient until the new update comes out and hopefully I really hope so they fix all of these battle issues because they are extremely angering but you're not alone in this many people including me are facing many problems with battles lately. All we can do now is accept the losses and just hope for luck next time :/




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Open later

Hi GarchompQueen99

This is a common problem for everyone. What will not help you I know.
I tip is by the way to try to open the chest anywhere else. That don't need to help at all, but it's worth trying.
You should try to open the chest in the stable or when you turn of MMO.
Good luck!



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