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Hey there!

I have been hard at work on my story, Eclipse, and the social structure and physical attributes of Nightfuries became a fun project within the tale.

So below are some creative ideas I had about the species. Nothing is cannon (though it would be awesome if it turned out to be! XD), just theoretical.



Color: Black. Of course. It’s possible for some to be dark grey, a dull dark brown, and even marbled dark black and brown that's barely noticable. but no dark purples, greens or blues. Just natural tones.



Nightfuries live in families called clans, consisting of a mother, father, and offspring. Over time a successful clan’s young will grow up and welcome their own mates into the group, starting their own families, and at this point the clan becomes a tribe. Relatives are also welcomed into the tribe, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.


In the past tribes could grow to counts in the thousands. They became a sub-species of the dragon. That number of dragons never flew together, they were just came from the same tribe


-Inspiration “The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself”

Mating for life, courtship consists of dances in the night sky and plasma blasts. The courting couple will first make eye contact, flying in a circle going opposite directions. The male waits for the female to tease him as they pass each other. This is her way of saying she likes him. He then spirals upward and she follows. Locking talons, they spin out of control towards the ground. Just before crashing they let go and fly back up as fast as they can. This has been repeated as many as fifteen times. When they’re finished they fly up once more, distancing from each other. Several hundred meters apart, the male bows to the female. If she nods back, he shoots a carefully aimed and timed plasma blast towards her. She shoots one back, and the blasts hit and explode into a ball of lightening that rains down and around them as they reunite. This is the finalizing of their engagement.

The Color of the lightning depends on the tribes. Explained in further detail below.


*Vikings who had observed this courtship rarely saw the black dragons and focused on the terrifying lightning phenomenon- which occurred on clear nights as well as stormy ones. It was considered an omen to the impending arrival of a new Nightfury.

The blast was extremely powerful, being the combined firepower of both plasma blasts and no one within a thousand yard span of it survived. Hence the death in lightning and death.


Plasma color:

Plasma color depends on tribe and region. It can be any primary or secondary color, and any shade of either. Each tribe has a color. That is: red orange yellow green blue and purple. The purest of primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, belong to the most ancient of tribes. Secondary colors are the result of the joining of two tribes. Secondary colors are also the result of two dragons from primary tribes banding together and having a family. Shades of primary and secondary mean that the dragon or dragons in question have a mixed bloodline. There are stories of a nightfury or nightfury clan with white plasma, unspecified whether it was individual or a band of them. And in ancient manuscripts one with a blast that was either colorless or black. These are only legends though and no one knows if there’s any truth to them.

Nightfuries are a northern hemisphere dragon. Speed and intellect have helped the tribes travel as far as the Canada and Alaska to the west, and Russia and northern Japan to the east. The tribes that settled in the east had red plasma. The tribe in the west, yellow. Toothless’s tribe, the ancient blue plamsa tribe, once dominated the skies of the archipelago. Between the Archipelago and the New world are tribes with green plasma and between the archipelago and Russia are dragons with purple fire. So you can get an idea of where a dragon came from by it’s plasma.


The Albino’s Tribe:

The albino’s tribe is unique.  Silent Purple eyes was the original alpha. As tribes dwindled into numbers below a hundred that small remanant of survivors from each of the tribes put aside their differences and banded together, guided to safety in the new world under the strong and protective wings of Purple Eyes. In earlier times he might have been shunned by some of these because his fire was purple and therefore he was not a pure breed.

At some point Purple Eyes stepped down from leading. The albino, a fierce young dragon who had beat the odds of survival not only as a nightfury but an albino, he saw her as potentially saving his kind.

She may be his daughter. I haven’t decided on that yet. If she is her fire looks red because her mother would have been from the primary tribe that had red plasma. Her fire is not a true red; it is a shade of red with some blue.



As stated above in courtship Nightfuries will shoot a blast of plasma at each other that strike together, explode and rain down like a massive firework made of lightning.

This tactic can be used in battle as well.

If Nightfuries are fighting with each other and one shoots, the other can stop the blast from hitting them by shooting a blast of their own. It has the same result and it’s more intense than any blast form a single nightfury.

Also different color plasma will create different color lightning. If a Nightfury with yellow plasma stops a blast from a nightfury with blue plasma, the resulting lightning will be green. Red and yellow, orange. Etc etc.


Eye color-

Eyes can be any color. There is no relation to eye color and plasma color, although certain color eyes are more dominant in certain tribes. Above, legendary nightfury with black or invisible plasma blast was also said to have black irises


“Alpha” Glow-

In a previous post by MegaboltPhoenix (here), it was suggested that Toothless’ Alpha glow was not an Alpha glow but an over exertion of energy as he blasted out of his and Hiccups’ ice tomb.

I like this idea. So in my httyd universe the dragons don’t really glow their plasma color unless under extreme circumstances, and any one of them can do it. Clearly the plasma had the ability to work through the skin of the dragon itself instead of just as a shot via mouth- since Hiccup didn’t get vaporized it can also be directed.



These dragons are so intelligent that like people, they don’t really have a generic personality. They do have a social system with a moral code, strong loyalties, and a deep instinct to protect other dragons, creatures, and even Vikings. A Nightfury that attacks anything without cause is subject to being exiled. A Nightfury that attacks another Nightfury without reasonable cause will be exiled.

They are as perfectly capable of being malevolent as they are benevolent, it just depends on the individual. Don’t be too quick to judge, though, a Nightfuries life is not an easy one. Under the fear, aggression and defensiveness there can still be a kind-hearted creature.


Well that’s all I have for now. I’d love to hear your ideas as I refine my little dragon tribe. :-)


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This is really great. Nice

This is really great. Nice job!



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thank you!

Glad you liked it :)

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this was really intresting: I

this was really intresting: I enjoyed it a lot! 




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Thx ^^

I've been working pretty h.ard on filling in the gaps on what we know about Nightfuries. It's so much fun! 

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Cool! This really makes a lot of sense



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Thank you :)


Oo, just came up with another idea. The white plasma nightfuries could be the original plasma color. Their young can inhiret the white, or be any of the primary colors, because that's just light broken down. White may be more powerful than any of the other colors, too. And if two white blasts hit it can become rainbow sheet-lightning O.o


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Cool idea!

That's a really cool idea!


I knew dragons probably lived in familes (depending on the dragon), but never thought of them like this o.o


There is much to be thought about now... o.o





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All sorts of ideas to explore :D