Night & Light Fury active at the same time

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I got the week membership while on my farm, and it decided to give me Toothless and the Light Fury at the same time, causing what you see in the image above, the bug fixed itself once I left my farm, Only the light fury was active instead of both.

It's the Nightlight Fury! XD



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That's one of the best unique glitches I've seen in a long time... so, thanks for that. XD


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sod nightlight confirmed

oops my hand slipped



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(this would actually be a very cool design if not for the Situation those back legs are in)


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Aloha I am a subject!

Wow!  that looks really good! I did not expect to see this when showing of the glitch XD

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The only true canon Nightlight fury! (Super cool)


Kinda new here, so uh... WIP!

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Quick question tho

i know I’m a bit late here. But is the 7 day trial membership still available??


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Unless the SoD staff decides any differently, the trial membership is a permanent feature. You can buy it as many times as you want. Just a heads up though, you don't get all the benefits of a regular membership. The only expansion you get access to is Icestorm Island and you don't get the 500 gems or mystery egg box.


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Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info! And thank you for responding to me on an older thread! Regardless of that… I can’t seem to find it in-game. Unless I’m just not looking in the right spot. 

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You're welcome :)


Are you playing on mobile? The 7 day trial membership is glitched on mobile right now and won't show up. If you're not, there's a membership tab in the store that you click on and all the different memberships that you can buy will come up.


Edit: Here's some screenshots I took showing how you find the memberships in the store.