A Night Fury Story- Chapter 7: The lair of Nightmares

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Hi dragon riders!

Welcome to the seventh chapter where the real action begins. If you wonder about the title of the chapter, it has to do nothing with Monstrous Nightmares or any other kind of Nightmare. Just the place is named like this.

Chapter 7: The lair of Nightmares

Toothless, mad with Claws' decision to do what the Red Death wants, he decided to spy the Death's island, which recently has been called " The lair of Nightmares". Days and nights, Toothless practiced his plasma blasts and flight. When he was ready to leave one morning, he thought: Wait... It's better to leave when the sun falls. Otherwise Dad and the Flightmares will catch me. So his mission had to wait. Meanwhile he thought of his plan.

Ok Red Death. You think you are tough? You will see when my Tribe and I, will beat you. In the dark of the night I will have the advantage. You won't see me getting in. I will see every corner, any edge of your lair with the echolocation, so that one day for me and the whole Hideout to come and conquer the island. We will triumphically rise among the other tribes. My father will be so proud of me! I might become the leader of the Midnight Tribe. Everyone cheering my name. Toothless! Toothless!

The last words were heard as whispers. Before he even realize it, the dark was falling. Toothless walked to the secret passage out of the island. He reached a point and and montentary a flashback appeared. That evening, 3 years ago, when he and Star were sitting together and watching the Aurora. It was then when he understood his true feelings about her. 

Toothless. Toothless, was heard. Toothless still captured by the flashback, turned back surprised. It was Star. "What are you doing here so late?". Toothless looked at the horizon. "To the lair of Nightmares? Why?". The cub sighed and explained his friend the situation.

"I know that it isn't what everyone wanted, but at least the dragons who will hatch will live a normal life."

"Yes but we know. Star. I can't live with the fear of the Red Death attacking the island. This is our home. Instead of defending it, let's fight back.". Star sighed.

"Ok. But we won't directly attack, we will just explore the place, return, tell Claws what we found and make the attack plan. Do you agree?"

"Yes. For the Midnight Tribe. For the Dragon Hideout.". Toothless and Star took off together. Destination? The lair of Nightmares.


3 hours of flight later to the east, the two cubs landed on a rocky island. 

"Wow, this place looks kind of...", told Star and Toothless completed her sentence. "Creepy?". "Hey, it wasn't my idea to come here. Hm... Looks like a volcano.". "A what?", asked Toothless. "A volcano! This simpliest way to explain it: a big mountain with a hole on the top, from where come molten rocks, named lava!". "Oh. Works like a Gronckle!", commented Toothless. "Come on, let's fly inside.". 

(Toothless' perspective). Star and I flew inside that volcano. The lair of Nightmares. I think I understood why it is named like this. I will have nightmares after this! The rocks were dark gray and a red light was coming from the depth. On the the projections of the rocks, there were sitting dragons. Many teriffied dragons, trembling from fear. Gronckles, Armorwings, Slithersongs and many others were waiting. We also saw and a few Night Furies. 

We landed on a projection to see what's going on. Then a loud roar-like sound was heard from the depths of the volcano. All the dragons approached the edge of the projection and threw fish. Many fish. And then from down there a giant head came out and shallowed some fish. We were so small relating to him. We had the size of his eye!

"Ok we saw what we wanted to see. Can we go now?", cried Star. 

"Wait to " map" the place, with the echolocation."

"Toothless, I wouldn't do this if I were you!", she said.

"Relax! What could possibly go wrong?", I said confidently and shot a echolocation sound.

In a few seconds an angry roar was heard. 

"Ok you was right. Now my instict shouts : Fly away now!", I yelled and Star followed me out of the volcano. We flew but a blast of fire leaded us to the ground. The Red Death found us! "Hide behind me!", I shouted to Star and shot a plasma blast to the giant dragon. Effortless. It was like a tickle to him! We saw the other dragons flying away. If we were with them! Star helped me too. The same. The Red Death lowered it's head to the ground and opened its mouth. This is the end? Me and my friend roasted in the lair of Nightmares? Why did I come here? But I wouldn't let it end like this. I was ready to shoot the strongest plasma blast I ever made, when another fireball flew right inside the Red Death's mouth. Then a loud Night Fury roar was heard. It was... My Dad? 

He shot 5 more plasma blasts and roared once more. Then the giant dragon mumbled something and got inside the volcano. It was something of the style: "If this happens once more, you are over."

I was still shocked, so I didn't really understand what my Dad shouted to me. And I didn't remember how, but I found myself in front of the council. Star was a little behind me. From her expression you could tell that she was feeling kind of guilty. 

"So Toothless? We are waiting. Why did you go to the lair of Nightmares, without any permission and without anyone to join you. You also put Star's life in danger!".

"Dad, I'm sorry! I did it to help!", I cried.

"In which way?", asked Sharp, an elder and Star's father.

"To get to know the place better, so that we could attack and defeat the Red Death! If we won't fight, who will do?", I said and looked everybody in the council.

"Unfortunately Toothless... Not we.", repplied my father.

I couldn't believe in my ears! How could he talk like that! The fiercest leader of the Midnight Tribe and he is directly retreeting.

Dad sighed and continued, like he knew what was I thinking.

"Toothless, you must understand that being the leader carries a lot of responsibilities. You can't just send an army without having any organization. If we sent one now and we lost, then the Red Death would come and scorch the whole Dragon Hideout. With all its population. Do you understand son?", he told. I didn't have anything to say against this and I agreed. My impatience about becoming a member of the Midnight Tribe disappeared.

"Alright then. You can go.". As I was leaving my father left a little laughter and commended: "Ha! He isn't a teenager yet and he is already a rebel!". Sharp repplied :Then wait until he becomes a teen and then talk!".

I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, hearing what they were telling about me. I went home where Mum, Smokey, Blackie and Scaly were waiting.

"So Toothless? Any new adventure?", teased me Scaly. I approached Mum with lowered head.

"I learned that you went to the lair of Nightmares.".

"Yeah. I think that I will have real nightmares after all these!", I said.

"Tell me what happened.", she asked me. Everyone was hearing in interest. When I finished, my mum rubbed on me. "My little adventurer! I can't tell whether I am proud or angry. Ah... I remember when your father was like this, when he was younger, before he became the leader of the tribe. It seems that you took after him.".

I smiled when she told this. It is good to know that it's not only you who have done such a mess! 



That's all.