A Night Fury Story- Chapter 6: Bad Tidings

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Hi dragon riders!

Welcome in the 6th chapter of my first fan-fiction A Night Fury Story. In the previous chapter I told that there will be more action. Here's where adventure begins. Please tell me your opinion about my story! 

Chapter 6: Bad Tidings

3 years later. The Night Furies have grown stronger. They have almost mastered flying.

(Toothless' perspective). One more morning, when I can't sleep without my brother annoying me! But strangely he began lately. "Toothless! Toothless! Wake up! I promise that this time it really important! Come on, please Toothless!", Smokey almost shouted in my ear. I slowly standed and as I was stretching I asked him, for what was it all about. 

"I secretly watched Dad and I heard that their next council is very important. And this council is today! He told that something suspicious is happening.", Smokey explained. These were enough to me. "I'm coming with you. When it has to do with our home, I want to know.", I told serious.

I followed him to the cave where the headquarters of the Midnight Tribe is based. I have to go there since I was a few months old. When we reached the cave, we stopped. We knew that we had to be quiet, otherwise we would get caught. We slowly walked in the entrance of the cave. We saw our Dad, other Night Fury elders and some Flightmares. One of them had some colours painted on its body. It should have been the leader of the guard. We heard low voices from inside, because of the echoe. I only understood the phrase: " ... No scouts the latest months make me worried...". It was a Night Fury elder. "What are they saying?", a low voice was heard. "If you stop talking, we might hear!", I told thinking that my brother was the one who talked.

But then I turned back I saw a young Flightmare. He looked at me curiously. "Oh, I'm sorry! I thought that it was my brother who talked!", I apologized embarrassed. "Nah, never mind. I'm Spikewing.", he introduced. "Nice to meet you Spikewing. I'm Toothless and this is my brother Smokey. What are you doing here?", I asked. "One of the Flightmares in there is my dad.". I looked inside. "The leader?". "No, the one to left of him.", Spikewing said. 

Then the Flightmare group walked outside. Then Dad came too. "What's going on Dad?", questioned Smokey.

"We noticed that the things are too quiet lately. The enemies might prepare something big. So a group is going to check out the island nearby. Right now.", Dad said. A Flightmare named Whitefang, approached Spikewing, who was watching worried. He must be his father. "Don't worry Spikewing. I will return before you even make it to spell the word Daggerclaw.", he told and rubbed on him. Then he flew away with the pack. Spikewing's eyes became a little wet. We approached him. "Daggerclaw?", said Smokey. "My mother. She left me and my siblings when we hatched. Dad said that she flew away and never returned. See you.", he said and flew to his nest. Smokey and I understood that this cub has a traumatic past.

The next days we noticed that our new friend was very upset. He was walking here and there, around the landing circle. When we landed next to him and greeted him, he only left a dry reply "Hi". "What's going on? Is everything OK?", we asked him. "Do you think that everything is OK? I want my Dad back!", he shouted. He was really stressed.

A few hours later the Flightmares returned. Spikewing and his siblings were there and waited for their father. One by one, the guard was landing. Whitefang nowhere to be seen. One minute later, a seriously injured Flightmare almost crashed on the ground. "Dad!", they cubs ran to him. My dad also arrived. His usually cold expression softened. 

Whitefang told something that could hardly get understood. " Flightmares, Furies and all dragons... Danger's coming...", he told as he was gasping for air. "In the island... A big dragon... A Red... Death... Is threatening all dragons... He said" Feed me or you get eaten"... Spikewing, Stormsoul, Dangerhowl... Come to me...", he said. The cubs with tearsnin their eyes approached their dying father. They knew that they could do nothing for him. "The day has come...for me to fly in the skies and find our ancestors... Be brave boys... I'm sure that your mother is proud of you... As I am...". The cubs watched as their father left his last breath. Dad approached to provide comfort to the cubs. "I'm sorry about your loss. Whitefang was a good friend of mine. May he have a peaceful life in the skies.", he said. 

By the evening, the other Flightmares have made a wooden fortress around Whitefang and then set it in fire. There was a melancholic atmosphere and everyone was very sad for the loss of a member of the guard. The leader Flightmare named Shade decided to take care of the cubs.

The next day we visited the council. They were discussing about the issue of the Red Death.

"It seems that that's the reason why fights are reduced recently. There were busy with the Red Death. If we don't do something, we will end up like Whitefang.", concluded Dad. I repplied:"I think that this Red Death is a big lazy guy.". Dad looked at me kind of angry. "Toothless, I didn't expect this from you. This is no time for jokes. If we won't take action, the Red Death will attack us. We should or to send a fishing group daily to feed the Red Death or to forget the Dragon Hideout and find a new home, away from this island.". Everyone was in deep thoughts. They had to choose one of the two options. They couldn't fight back. They weren't organized for such a situation. Some said to leave the Dragon Hideout. The rest disagreed, saying that they have nowhere to go. They also pointed that they had eggs and there was no way to carry them.

Dad listened to everybody's opinion. He agreed to stay and send fish to the Death while the rest of the dragons continued their lives normally.

" So that's it. It's over."

Toothless wasn't satisfied with this. He couldn't live with the threat of the Red Death forever. He was determined: he would check the Death's lair.

To be continued...



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