A Night Fury Story- Chapter 3: Toothless' wild ride

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Hi dragon trainers!

This is the 3rd chapter of A Night Fury Story, my version of Toothless' past, from the days he was a hatchling to the day he met Hiccup. From now on some of the dragons will talk and we can hear their thoughts, mostly Toothless'.

Chapter 3: Toothless' wild ride

A few weeks later the young Night Furies where able to lift themselves on the ground. Well except for Toothless. His wings weren't strong enough yet for this task. His father Claws, was thinking of taking him for a flight on his back, just to take a taste.

Claws is a big Night Fury, 30 years old. He has giant wings and his scales are more black than any other Night Fury. His claws are razor sharp. Stories have it, that he has killed more enemy dragons with his claws than with his fireballs. That's why he is named like this. He's the fiercest leader the Midnight Tribe ever had. But believe it or not, he is a great family guy.

"Feeling anxious Toothless?", asks Scaly, trying to tease him. "No...", lies Toothless. He wanted to look brave in front of his siblings. "Oh, come. You think that you can make me think that you are not afraid at all?", Scaly replies. Toothless felt uncomfortable. "Don't feel that bad Toothless. Dad has done this to us too. It is actually a great experience. Think that you will be able to fly on your own sooner than one year.", encouraged him Blackie. Toothless was much better now. Claws landed by the nest. The mother of the brood, Bluewing, greeted him.

Bluewing is a special Night Fury. She is 24 years old. Some spikes on her body are blue. So and her wings. She is a very gentle character, unlike Claws. But she would go to the limits to protect her cubs.

"Are you ready Toothless?", asked Claws. Toothless looked back at his siblings, who were smiling at him. Then he turned to his father and nodded positively. "Alright then. Get on my back". Toothless climbed on Claws. When he did it, he thought: Maybe I have to rethink it. But then it was too late. " Grab well Toothless." , told Claws and Toothless almost panicked. Claws took off. The cub closed his eyes. This won't end well!

But when he opened them again he saw a stunning view of the Dragon Hideout. "Wow! This is awesome!" shouted Toothless. "I know", answered Claws. Toothless felt like he was flying for real. Not realizing it, he opened his wings and the wind pull him back. He was so light that he was moving like a leaf falling from a tree. He flapped his wings fast trying to take the control. Effortless. "Help! Help!" screamed Toothless as the wind was taking him here and there. Claws flew to the rescue. He was struggling to follow him. Meanwhile his family was watching in suspense. Toothless was flying between other dragon packs. "Hey, beware where are you going!" told annoyed a Skrill. "Sorry!" he was saying as he passed through other dragon packs. Finally he landed on a nest, which he hoped to be his. But unfortunately it wasn't.

When Toothless pulled himself back, he saw in front of him a beautiful young Night Fury, kind of older than him. She has a few grey to white scales on her body and her eyes are saphire blue. She was Star, daughter of Sharp, who is an elder of the Midnight tribe. She looked at Toothless curiously. "Are you OK?", she asked. " You had a bad fall.". Oh, I knew that it would end bad. "Yes... I'm OK.", told Toothless as he standed. Then an angry Fury appeared. She was Aircatcher, Star's and Cloudstorm's mother. " You! What are you doing in my nest!?", she growled. That moment Claws arrived. "Toothless! Here you are". " It's OK mum", Star explained to her mother. "He fell in the nest by mistake. He was flying around without control. I guess.". " Your daughter tells the truth, Aircatcher. Sorry for the mess. It won't happen again" Claws apologized. "I hope it Claws.". As father and son were leaving, Toothless looked at Star. Whenever she was in his sight, his heart was losing one beat. Obviously Toothless was in love with her. 

When they were back home, Toothless told his siblings his adventure.     "Wow Toothless. I never expected something like this from you. Without misunderstanding", Smokey said. Now Toothless felt proud of himself. Something like a hero. But he couldn't put out of his mind Star. She was the most beautiful Night Fury he had ever seen. Is there a future for them?




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