The Night Fury Racers - Recruiting !!

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Joined: 12/04/2017

So, I have been inactive for the past few months on school of dragons. but now I have decided to get back to the game !

I made a new account, so dont be surprised if you see that i only have 9 trophies on my new account ! ( I used to have 700 +)

Coming back made me realise a few things. and one of them, is that my clan is kinda dead :b

So I have decided to recruit some new members !


There's some rules if you want to join though,

1 : Have at least 150 trophies

2 : Have at least a 1-month experience in game

3 : No Cheating / Hacking Is Allowed !


We are currently ranked 600-650 the last time i checked !

If you ever want to join, feel free to pm me or comment below with the form !


Form :

Username : 

Friend Code :

Trophies :

How Long Have You Been Playing SoD ? :










That's All ! Feel Free To Ask Me Any Questions !

If your request to join is accepted, or if you are already a member of the clan, feel free to use this clan banner !






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Hello Fellow Vikings !!! Welcome To My Signature !! OwO






- General Information -


​Username : Fallonaves

​Clan : The Night Fury Racers

​User Rank : Leader

​Clan Rank : 600+

​Friend Code : PM


Want To Join My Clan ? 

​Look Out For Recruitment Posts or Message Me !