Night Fury Origin Theories

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This is not necessarily an SoD frequently asked question, but a question asked by all HTTYD fans since the first movie came out! I, personally, would LOVE to hear theories regarding the "unholy offspring of lightning and death itself." Even though the origins of this mysterious breed are promised to be revealed in the third movie, it is really fun making up theories and seeing other people's! Fire away Fury fans!


My theory:

Night furies are actually native to the southern parts of where Berk is located. Toothless must have been snagged by the Red Death when he wandered off too far. And, due to their expert stealth skills (not only at night), I think that night furies live in caves, which may be why Toothless hangs upside down when he sleeps AND why night furies are rare. 


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A wild post appeared!!!

Also why he has echo location.

This video states every thing I believe about a Nightfurys habitat.



I recommend you watch it, although judging by your theory, you already have.


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My Theory

Here's my theory - namely about Night Furies, but also somewhat for other Strike Class dragons:-


Night Furies were once more common, albeit far away from Berk. Their high intelligence and strength had them at the top of the food chain wherever they were settled. However, over time, Leviathan dragons such as the Bewilderbeast and Red Death began to become more common as well. They multiplied slowly, but the capacity one Leviathan had for claiming large expanses of territory and bending the minds of the surrounding dragons to their will created more and more competition for prey. With food harder to find the Night Fury population began to spread out, and their population steadily went into decline. Eventually, this would culminate in Night Furies' infrequent attacks on Berk in order to get the food they needed to sustain themselves, being the only dragons to attack the village that were not serving the Red Death at the time.


Why didn't the Night Furies fall to the Leviathans' control, at least for the most part? It's likely that their supreme intelligence among the dragon species, along with that of the other comparatively rare Strike Class dragons, allowed them to resist the control where other species could not. That would help explain why Toothless was able to break free of the Bewilderbeast's control, and why the Red Death, a lesser Leviathan than the Bewilderbeast, had little to no control over Toothless whatsoever. Perhaps that's also why Threadtails are the only other confirmed Strike Class dragons to have been controlled by a Leviathan in HTTYD2 - it would seem that they are either the most numerous of the Strike Class dragons to start with, or the least intelligent.


Long story short - my theory is that Night Furies went into decline after increasing competition from Leviathans and their controlled subjects; having to spread out in order to find more prey, their population began to dwindle, to the point that if Toothless isn't the only one left then there's very little chance he'll meet another of his kind in his lifetime.


I spent a while thinking this over - I hope you like it!