Night Fury Island: Chapter Two

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Chapter 2: A Strange Dragon

    Susé moved closer and closer, not being able to keep in a slow, angry growl. She got ready to shoot a plasma blast. It was a good idea to shoot a Viking from a good range to avoid those sharp little sticks they call "swords". They can do a surprising amount of damage to a dragon.
    The noise seemed to have heard her plasma blast, because it yelled "Don't shoot!" Susé was surprised to hear a male dragon's voice, and in case it was a fellow Night Fury, she let go of her plasma blast. The blue glow went away, being replaced with a red sunset glow. 
    "Why shouldn't I?" Susé shouted back, and couldn't help but say "Are you a friend?!?" Susé loved friends. She didn't have much. 
    "I don't think I even know you," the voice replied. Susé didn't care. She called anyone she saw before a friend. 
    "Can you come out please?" Susé asked.
    "If you promise not to laugh," the voice yelled. Susé didn't know why the voice would say that. Not even the other dragons laughed at her.
   "I promise," she said anyway. Susé shut her mouth as hard as she could in case he was really funny.
   A Night Fury came out of the bushes. At least, Susé thought it was a Night Fury. It was surprisingly… White... Which was odd for a Night Fury. They were normally black.
   "I knew you'd laugh," the Night Fury said, frustrated. Susé quickly realized that she was smiling, and changed her expression to serious. 
Though it was rather hard.
   "No, no," Sunset said quickly, "I'm just happy to see that someone else is here too, no matter who it is I am happy with them!" That really did the trick. The white Night Fury looked down in shame as he sat and coiled his tail around his body, the sail-like end reaching his talons. 
    The Night Fury wasn't entirely white, Susé realized, his eyes were purple with black pupils, the same purple filling in a keyhole shaped spot on top of his head. Two green little donut shaped dots were on each of his ears, with bigger ones on his wings, back wings, and tail propeller. He had purple stripes on each of his feet, with a purple triangle and little yellow "petals" on top of each. He had four odd spikes on his tail, right beside the propeller. They were yellow and green, the green ones bigger than the yellow. 
    "I couldn't help but notice that you're quite different too!" he snapped back, trying to sound cool. Susé tilted her head at this. 
    "What's so wrong with standing out?" Susé asked. The Night Fury flinched. An awkward silence fell over them.
   "Sooooo…" Susé tried, "What's your name?" 
    "Abbiticus," the Night Fury replied softly.
    "Nice name," Susé complimented, "I'm Sunset, but people call me Susé. That's 'sunset' in Dragonese!"
    More silence fell over Abbiticus and Susé. After a while of staring at each other, a frown on one face, a huge smile on the other, a noise was heard.
    "Thank goodness!" Abbiticus shouted, forgetting that Susé was there, "I haven't eaten all day!" He immediately pounced on the rustling. It wasn't long before Abbiticus returned with a mouse in his jaws.
    He returned?!? Susé thought, They never return! This is so exciting! Maybe we are gonna be best friends! Should I invite him to my cave? He looks like he has nowhere else to go. And he hasn't eaten, maybe I can share some prey with him!
    Thoughts and fantasies went through Susé's head of having a best friend. "Are you okay?" Abbiticus asked after a while. Susé didn't notice that she was jumping up and down while she thought.
    "Wanna come to my cave and take a rest?" Susé asked joyfully.
    "Are you a etanist?" Abbiticus asked carefully. Etanists were female dragons who made male dragons fall in love with them and then eat them after they had an egg together.
    "No way!" Susé said, hurt, "You just look so lonely and hungry. I have a whole pile of prey that was pre-killed! Enough to share! And besides, I already ate some fish."
Sunset was bouncing up and down again.
    "Okay..." Abbiticus answered, still very cautious, "Just so you know, I'm an excellent fighter. And I can totally hunt all my prey on my own. I'm only going because you look like you're about to explode."
    He cares about me! Susé shouted in her mind, He actually cares about me! 
    Susé lead Abbiticus to her cave, which wasn't very far away. Abbiticus hesitated before stepping into the shade and safety. When Susé asked him what was wrong, he said "I prefer sitting under a tree..."
    That surprised her. Susé couldn't imagine living under a tree. Maybe that's why other dragons laugh at Abbiticus, Sunset thought, I'd think he was the weirdest dragon in the world! And coming from me? Now that's weird! 
    Abbiticus slowly continued walking, scanning Susé's cave. Then his eyes fixed on her prey pile. Susé didn't think he noticed, but he started to drool. She decided she'd leave it alone.
    "Want some?" Susé asked with a big smile on her face.
    Abbiticus yelped when he noticed he was drooling, sucked it up, and said quickly "Uh… Yes please."
    Susé tossed Abbiticus an old badger she'd found dead of age. He gobbled it up so quickly, Susé would be surprised if he even tasted it!
    "So why are you helping me out?" Abbiticus asked Susé with a mouthful of badger flesh. There was a slight pause.
"You're a friend!"

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