Night Fury Island: Chapet Three

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Chapter 3: The First Friend

    Abbiticus was dazed at what Susé just said. Friends? he wondered, But I barely know her!
    Yeah, Susé was fun, her habit of jumping around and being really playful, but they'd only been together for thirty minutes! 
    Although it was odd, Abbiticus had some weird joy of being around Susé. He didn't know why, though. He just felt warm around her. Like he was safe, and had nothing to worry about. He only felt like that around his mom, who was in prison for feeding the Vikings in the cages "more than they should have," whatever that meant.
    Abbiticus was surprised that he didn't say anything, and just smiled. He had a million things to yell at Susé about, but they just wouldn't come out! Abbiticus only stared at the moss covered ground, and smiled.
    "You DO wanna be friends, don't you?" Susé asked, "Because if you don't, I get it. A lot of people don't want to be friends with me..." She stopped smiling and sat down in shame, sadly examining one of her glowing red talons.
    Abbiticus opened his mouth to say no, but only yes came out. Sunset looked up in shock. "Really?" she said hopefully. Abbiticus hesitated, knowing that if he said no, like he meant to say, it would break the poor girl's heart. So he said yes. 
    "Oh boy!" Susé shouted, now having a smile on her face again, "My first real friend!" Abbiticus sat there in silence, lost in thought.
    First real friend? he thought, Have I ever even had a friend at all? Sure, his parents loved him. But they were a weird family, and liked weird things. Maybe he was just another part of their collection.
    Abbiticus pushed these thoughts aside, knowing that he now had a friend, even if he didn't even mean to get it. At least he wasn't alone now. He called himself different, but he knew he was really considered a reject. But now, someone appreciated him. This made him feel better about himself.
    It started to get dark. Now Susé looked like a star in the cave, standing right in front of him.  Her glow matched the fiery color that painted the sky. Abbiticus thought it was beautiful for a moment, but snapped out of it.
     Why am I acting so weird? Abbiticus screamed in his mind.
     "Oh, you've gotta see this!" Susé said joyfully. She jumped up and excitedly ran out of her cave. Abbiticus smiled and followed. 
    Susé stopped on the edge of a cliff. It was surprisingly close to her cave. "Stay here," she told Abbiticus, and jumped off the cliff.
     Great, Abbiticus thought, My only friend committed suicide right in front of me. But after a small amount of time, he could see Susé flying up in front of the setting sun.
     "Ready?!" Susé shouted. Abbiticus nodded yes. Sunset flew higher and higher, then once she was way above the sun, she dived with her wings close against her body. Down, down, down she went. Then, once her glowing body was against the sun, she opened her wings. The sun sparkled and glowed even brighter, and cast zebra-stripe lights all over the forest behind Abbiticus. It was truly beautiful!
 "Wow," Abbiticus gasped, "That is amazing Susé!" Susé smiled and flew to him. 
    "See?" Susé happily yelled, "It's the beauty of being different!" Abbiticus never thought of being different this way. How is she always so happy? he thought, I bet she doesn't even think any negative thoughts!
    Susé and Abbiticus were walking back to camp (well, Abbiticus was walking; Susé was bouncing and skipping) when another Night Fury walked up to them.
    "Hello," the Night Fury greeted. She was tall and walked very proud and elegantly. Her front legs were taller than her back legs, the saddle-brown claws at the bottom. She had an octagon ruby on her forehead, the same ruby-red pattern on her wings. She had a beautiful purple pattern on the sides of her slender body, the rest of it the normal Night Fury grayish-black. Her tail was long, with a purple sail on it, matching her back wings. 
    "I am Shadow. I was walking through the forest when I saw those beautiful zebra lights and I wanted to find the source of them. Do you happen to know what made them?" Shadow asked, still following Abbiticus. Susé was ahead of him, probably waiting at her cave. Shadow made a look of disgust when she realized what color Abbiticus was. The shade of the tree he had been under when Shadow found him had made him look gray.
    "Yeah," Abbiticus answered. 
    "Could you lead me to it?"
     "Is it far?"
    Shadow continued to follow Abbiticus to Susé's cave. It really wasn't far. They were there in a few minutes. 
    Shadow noticed the red glow made by Sunset and walked a little faster. "Oh, you are so beautiful my darling!" she shouted. Susé looked up from her bed, confused. She was adding some more grass to it. 
    "Hmmf?" Susé said with her mouth full of grass. She stared at Abbiticus with an expression that said "What the heck?" as Shadow examined her wings. He shrugged.
    Susé spat out the grass and smiled. "Hi!" she greeted in a very friendly voice, "I'm Sunset, but people call me Susé. That's Dragonese for sunset! And over there is my best friend Abbiticus! It's super nice to meet you! Gee, you're pretty! I like your ruby!" Susé tapped the ruby on Shadow's head. 
    "Thank you," Shadow answered. She was now examining Susé's tail.
    "So… What are you doing?" Susé asked. She looked back at watching Abbiticus. How is Susé so friendly? he was thinking, Shadow just barged into her cave without even telling her her name and started grabbing her and looking at her body parts! I'd be pretty angry. Although I do agree with Shadow. Susé is… pretty… beautiful... Abbiticus shook his head rapidly. Snap out of it Abbiticus!
   "I'm looking for the source of that beautiful light!" Shadow answered, now looking at Susé's claws, "Oh, my, forgive me! I am Shadow, biologically a princess—I am a descendant of the great King Merowseer! But, not anymore. It's complicated. The only royal treasure that I have now is this ruby, which I stuck between my scales for beauty." Shadow was gracefully dancing around the room as she said this. She had a pretty voice, her words clear.
    "Well I'm the 'source of that beautiful light'!" Susé said proudly, mimicking Shadow's voice.
    "Indeed you are, and you are just as beautiful as those lights!" Shadow replied.
    "You really think I'm pretty?"
    "Of course I do, darling!"
    "Ooo! Another friend! This is the best day of my life!" Susé excitedly bounced around the room. Again with the 'I just got another friend even though I've only been with her for ten minutes' thing… Abbiticus thought sarcastically.
     Thunder sounded outside. Abbiticus walked over to the entrance of the cave. Where did those clouds even come from? They're moving kinda fast. The storm should just be quick. It started to hail, even though it was quite warm outside. But then Abbiticus realized that those clouds weren't passing over them...
They were spinning over them.

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