NIGHT FURY EGG comming soon?

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Hello all :D


I heard about Night Fury egg comming in SoD soon.

I am sure it will come but when?

I think (and hope and wish so much etc xD) this year...

But maybe it will come just after httyd3 where will be more night furys not just toothless.

So if u know on 100% when it will come to SoD please write bcs i am glad to see Night Fury egg in SoD.

I think it will come soon but i rlly dont know.

And i think it will cost about 10 000 gems :)

If u have better informations just write it xP


Thx for Reading xD



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A girlfriend for toothless

I read not very long ago that in httyd 3 toothless will find a girlfriend, yep, another night fury but I'm not so sure if the egg from the expansion pack is from a night fury, the egg was HUGE, and it was glowing blue, night furies are known for their black color to blend with the night skies so why would the egg have such a bright color for a black dragon? No sense for me.

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have you though about the fact that

Nightfury eggs glow before they hatch. They seem to turn black when they are about to hatch.


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Where did you hear this?














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ppl told me

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Don't know if it's true or not

I read it here

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Where did you heard about the

Where did you heard about the night fury egg?

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I would love to see Night

I would love to see Night Fury in store cause I have all dragons except for night fury


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Sounds intriguing. May I know

Sounds intriguing. May I know where did you find information that this will SURELY be added to the game? *)














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I'm not entirely sure that it

I'm not entirely sure that it will be added to the game, as there are already membership Toothless' flying around. Although, I can't wait for HTTYD 3 to come out, it sounds amazing!


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The thing is, there was a thread a while back on voting what the egg was and people were speculating that it was a bewilderbeast/red or green death egg. It would make sense of an egg of that color and size, especially for it to be found in the nest of a green death. Also, i don't think SoD will introduce a nightfury egg into the game so soon without the release of a third movie and confirmation that other nightfuries exist within range of the archipelago but eh?

I'm also pretty sure nightfury eggs are supposed to be black but i could wrong heh. Im sorry if i feel like a party pooper and just ruining your hopes for a NF egg. But remember, this is all speculation.

Also you shouldn't believe all sources you hear, as a majority of them aren't reliable and are just rumors, etc.. I understand your hype for a NF, however.


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yep night fury egg is black ikr but maybe it will come

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yep night fury egg is black ikr but maybe it will come

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Woo! That was my thread,

Woo! That was my thread, Bewilderbeast was well ahead.

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well,toothless was glowing at

well,toothless was glowing at the last part of the maybye the eggs can glow blue too?i dont really know,but i bet toothless and that girl night fury will get together and have some babies so we will find out after the movie comes out.i REALLY hope they do get night fury eggs in sod.that way,we dont really need a membership to ride a night fury.


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*** SPOILERS ***

*** SPOILERS ***


I would love to see a night fury egg. I am guessing we will get one before the 3rd (and final) movie because ALL of the dragons disappear at the end - just like in the books. And since the game follows the movies and tv series - the game will probably close soon after the last movie. I mean you can't have a game about dragons if all the dragons have vanished.


The director of the 3rd film has said the story will see "Hiccup and Toothless part ways forever", and all that the opening for the film will have "Hiccup as an old man talking about the days when dragons existed in our world" which is exactly how the 1st book starts. (don't believe me look it - google HTTYD3 plot).  Also the director has stated that "Hiccup and Toothless are each chiefs of their own kind, and both must do what is best for their tribes". I take that to mean that Alpha Toothless must lead all the dragons away for their own protection, and Hiccup will not go with Toothless because he has to lead his own people through the tough times to come without dragons.


Since the last movie is coming July 2018, we still have 2 years of the TV series where we may encounter another Night Fury. 


As far as pricing goes. 10,000 gems roughly about $100. So no, I doubt that will be the price. My best guess is the game will do a night fury expansion that will be similarly priced as the others and we will get the Night Fury Egg for free as part of the quest line. Above and beyond that, I am sure they will also sell Night Fury eggs in the store probably the same price as the screaming death egg. 


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SweetTooth taste tested my subject

The TV series is not canon and takes place before HTTYD2 (and 3, soon enough)

I don't think the makers of the tv series would be that bold enough to retcon the movies and all by putting in the existence of another nightfury before HTTYD3 comes out.

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The makers HAVE to be that bold and here is why...

SpaceyQueen wrote:

The TV series is not canon and takes place before HTTYD2 (and 3, soon enough)

I don't think the makers of the tv series would be that bold enough to retcon the movies and all by putting in the existence of another nightfury before HTTYD3 comes out.


Well, my opinion on the events from the end of the most recent expansion -to be continued- with Hiccup saying "This changes - EVERYTHING" (where the text in game emphasized the word everything). The mystery egg glows blue (like alpha toothless), and has rings (like the sonic pulse toothless uses). Also, how can that one egg "change everything" that Hiccup knows about dragons? I speculate that if it is a Night Fury egg, that will put Hiccup and Toothless on a search for the parents of the newly hatched baby Night Fury. Which in turn will be the setup for the final movie. Where did all the Night Fury's go? how did they leave? why is there one egg found? Is this why toothless will take all the other dragons with him to where ever it is the other Night Fury's went? Why is the Night Fury so special? 


Up until now most of the stuff going on in game and from the tv show have fed off the movies. Now, it seems to be going the other direction. The game is leading us into the third movie, and the tv show I'm sure will reflect that as well. The TV show ended with a "to be continued" as well, stopping at the introduction to the eruptodon. Where as the game gave us one, and followed that up with the mystery egg.


So yeah, I think the game is foreshadowing the movie. It is giving us clues before we get into the next chapter of the TV show, which in turn will lead us straight into the final movie. That is what is so great about how DreamWorks decided to deal with the franchise. They have given us deaper insight into the world of HTTYD outside/between the films that keeps the story relevant despite the number of years between each movie's release. Yes the movies are a stand-alone set, but the game/series enhance and expand the world from the movies. So I believe it is very possible that more Night Fury's will be introduced in the TV show, before the next movie arrives, as well as introduced into the game. You need to remember that there is going to be another jump in time for the final film. A lot will have taken place in the series to get us to that point of "it's ok to say goodbye". We, the audiance, will need to see that Hiccup and Toothless spent so many years together before they "part ways" to be okay with it when it does happen. We will also see more than one reason why they need to part ways. Those two things alone will be hard to properly encompass in one final film without it leaving us feeling as thought the plot was rushed and the outcome hard to bare. That is why the TV show will need to deal with a lot of the set-up for the final film. 


I would be very surprised if the game/series did not have more Night Fury's discovered before the final movie is released.

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SweetTooth taste tested my subject... it did not go well

I see what you're getting at, but the evidence really does not lead up to the egg from the game being a nightfury egg.

"The mystery egg glows blue (like alpha toothless) and has rings (like the sonic pulse toothless uses)"


Just because alpha Toothless glows blue doesn't mean that the egg has to or will. An egg can glow blue and still belong to another species of dragon; it doesn't give proof or credence towards it being a nightfury egg.

And to be fair, the egg just seems way too large to be a nightfury egg, nor does it explain why it would just be sitting in the middle of a green death's nest.


Also, I think that a set design for the nightfury egg has already been confirmed. Don't believe me? Just see this image from Dreamworks:


(If the link doesn't work, let me know. It is a bit blurry but you can see it clearly enough)

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Ugh. Since the link wants to be a nuscience and redirect you to a page filled with numberous of dragon egg pics that no one is willing to scroll through, I will post the image myself. Here:


I've made it somewhat larger for your convenience.

Keep in mind that this is (what I can  assume)  specifically from an extra menu/panel from the MOVIE itself.

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Try this -Super, Crazy, Way Out Side the Box- Theory

I never said the egg was going to be a Night Fury, just that it is a posibility.  Even if that egg is not a Night Fury, I do still believe that there will be more Night Fury's showing up in the series/game before the movie is released. Thanks for the link (and enlarged photo) of the egg. That photo was for a different game maybe? There is another HTTYD game that is more of a "world builder" thing i think. I've never played it, so I am not sure. 


Yes it is a large and oddly shaped egg. More like a round turtle egg, than a oval-ish chicken type eggs we are used to seeing.


As far as it being in the green death nest, that was where harald put it. we had seen that egg in several locations prior to it being under the GD's volcano nest. It was on the boat with the Dragon Hunters, it was on hobble grunt island (so says the text from game -though I don't remember seeing it there) it was also locked in a cage at the Dragon Hunter's Hideout prior to us grabbing it in the volcano. More over, it is very unlikely that any dragon would leave the egg under her nest instead of in her nest. So, I don't belive in anyway that it is a GD egg. Bewilderbeast, maybe? But hatching an Ice Titan egg in Fire seems unlikely.


I could speculate far beyond what others have and say that the dragon egg is a yet unknown species of interdimentional dragons. that could account for the odd shape. it could also be the reason why there are no more dragons left at the end of the story. Toothless befriends the dimension hoping dragon baby and tags along to the other universe to help the baby find it's family. then after the dragon/human war from movie 3, decides to take all the dragons to this other dimension/universe. This universe might have lesser gravity than our earth, so that toothless could hop and glide without needing Hiccup to manuver his tail.Or, maybe toothless dies trying to get all the other dragons to this other dimension. And he really was the last of his kind. 


We wont know for sure until more of the story is revealed in the next expansion of the game. So, what, maybe 6-9 months until another expansion is released. My guess it the next expansion will pick up where the last left off, at the hatched egg. 

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Frostbite ate my subject

Hmm, makes sense then! Okay, thanks for clarifying. I thought you were firm on the belief that the egg was from a NF, like many others. Still, NFs would be a cool dragon to see in-game. I'm not sure how the fanbase would react to that. Half would go crazy with joy, the other half would go page upon page of ranting and exlamation points (this is a joke but I wouldn't put it past them. It has happened before in different cases and can happen again, especially from a dragon that is supposedly 'rare')

As for nightfuries appearing in the show? I'm not exactly sure how I would feel about that. I've said it before and I'll say it before: The TV series is not canon to me and never will be, but I'm assuming that if they make another HTTYD tv series (much like the defenders of berk and RTTE), this one however will take place before the events of HTTYD3 and if they decide to introduce nightfuries before their time? Well. Who knows, maybe there won't be another NF in the movies given the possible plot of all dragons leaving Berk. Maybe the 3rd movie will just focus on that instead of the possibility of another NF in the archipelago.

I know that whatever they do, the movies have to be a stand-alone thing, and that the TV series is completely different and whatever they do is seperate. I would consider RTTE an alternate universe at best. I highly doubt that they'd make a move like putting another nightfury in there (since so many fans would go crazy)  but that's just me. The series doesn't exactly follow canon isn't really consistant and neither is SoD.


Well, I'll just leave that image there for anyone who's still skeptical on what a NF egg looks like.


That being said, if it is a new type of dragon I am definitely interested.

Hmmm... the theory that the hatchling coming from the egg is interdimentional species of dragon sounds really far-fetched. I know it's HTTYD where dragons can channel lightning and gronckles spit lava, but still... In a setting based around historical vikings (the HTTYD franchise isn't really accurate when it comes to vikings but still) It'd be really unorthodox.


Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Until now, we'll keep speculating c;

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Expansion Spoilers...

Everyone seems to be forgetting that  the egg was first seen in the dragon hunter's camp during the Battle for the Edge expansion.  Harald stole it when he did a runner at the end of that expansion.  Harald then presumably took it to Dragon Island, and my guess is he was trying to hatch it in the lava and woke up the Green Death.  The whole toxic gas thing is probably his fault.

Now, who is the ultimate leader of the dragon hunters?  Everyone who has seen HTTYD2 knows the answer to this - its Drago Bludvist.  A character who many people have noted happens to wear a cape with a rather familar dark texture, which might just explain how the dragon hunters may happen to have a night fury egg.


Just saying...

   ... discussion is good :-D


Edit/correction: in fact the first time we saw the egg is when the dragon hunters took it from Hobblegrunt island at the start of the BftE expansion.


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I'd love to see Night Furies where we can customize the colors, name them, and all that fun stuff, but it wouldn't make sense. We already have Toothless for membership, and if the Night Fury eggs cost gems? That doesn't make any sense, you wouldn't have to buy a membership to get your own Night Fury (Seriously, you can buy 1,000+ gems for 10 dollars). Plus, many already have Toothless and may rather have their own Night Fury instead of a Night Fury (Toothless) that's owned by Hiccup.

There could be more possibilities on what Night Furys will cost either way, but it's unlikely that they will add them anytime soon.


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i highly doubt the blue thing is a NF egg, its bigger then tooth

well if they made that a membership perk wwhere you get the first one free but can buy others then make a tooothless skin in the store, they would probably do okay

instead of your very own toothless it could say

"buy nightfury eggs"



but honestly while im not a fan of nightfuries (on the fence at this point) i do think they should be in the game instead of toothless after toothless, since we have screaming deaths and every other rare dragon under the sun i dont see why they cant just put a disclaimer somewhere for those who need it like


DISCLAIMER: the multible nightfuries arent cannon, as far as we have seen toothless is the only one

tiny, tiny, tiny, problem solved


where would they put it? idk the bottom of the membership page?, the egg description, a random dialouge line somewhere




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yep i know night fury egg is black, blue glowing egg i think is bewilderbeast"s

but i didnt read all ur comments bcs i dont wanna know story of httyd 3 -,- nice now i know half of best things in it -,- rlly thx -,-

anyway i think SoD will add night fury egg before httyd3 bcs we cant wait 2 more yrs! i think admins gor lots of letters that we want night fury egg in SoD but i think it will cost about 10 000 gems or more bcs if it will cost less ppl will dont buy membership a lot for Toothless but if it will cost much ppl will buy gems to have night fury in my mind

thats why im saving up now


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Valkyrian ate my subject

Think of it, as some people mentioned about the egg, I also doubt it's a night fury, because, as you may know, it was featured in Battle for the Edge expansion near the end, where you sneak into the hunters' base, right? Afterwards, it appeared in the Green Death's nest. What was it doing there? Could the egg have been a Green Death egg that was stolen by the dragon hunters? I try to make sense of that. If it's not that, I'd go with the Bewilderbeast.  It's twice the size of Green Death, plus the egg is too big.




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Now Why would The HTTYD Franchise make a bold move as to close a game that has made them money the way it has since the game first open, It would most likley be an expansion pack and I think the game will stay open but there will be no updates (Hopefully) I mean it would be kinda bold and a hard descision to make for a game like this, especially with YouTubers who game on this which has also helped this game grow in populatiry and players it would be pointsles to close it, also think off all the money both sides would lose the game since nobody would buy anything in-game for rhem and the user since they spent maybe A LOT of money on this game buying dragons, expansion etc.. It would be a dumb choice for them to close it, I hope this brighted up some people and I would love to have a fury without having "Toothless"with Membership.


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Phantom: Sand Wraith (Adult, Female)

Chico: Sand Wraith (Adult, Male)

Leo: Razor Whip (Adult, Male)

Lucy: Razor Whip (Adult, Female)

Wind Shard: Razor Whip (Baby, Female)

Hydra: Snaptrapper (Adult, Male)

Cinder: Hobblegrunt (Adult, Female)

Sammy: Typhoomerang (Adult, Male)

Taco: Gronkle (Adult, Male)

Centurey: Whispering Death (Adult, Female)

Tsunami: Shock Jaw (Adult, Female)

Clay: Moldruffle (Adult, Male)

Thresher: Skrill Titan (Adult, Female)

Grim "Crimson": Skrill (Adult, Male)

Fred and Ned: Hideous Zippleback (Adult, Male)

Solo: Armorwing (Adult, Female)

Chrome: Armorwing (Adult, Male)

Leafy: Raincutter (Adult, Male)

JoJo: Scuttleclaw (Adult, Male)

Rico: Thunderdrum (Adult, Male)

Hinami: Death Song (Adult, Female)

Coarl: Death Song (Baby, Male)

Bob: Death Song (Baby, Male)

Llyod: Grapple Grounder (Adult, Male)

Noble: Singetail (Adult, Female)

Thor: Eruptodon (Adult, Male)

Tide Shifter: Tide Glider (Adult, Female)

Freezer: Groncicle (Adult, Male)

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(These are also the babys of Phantom)

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Kevin: Sweet Death (Adult, Male)

Venom: Sliquifier (Adult, Female)

Splash: Mudraker (Adult, Female)

Quaker: Catastrofic Quaken (Adult, Male)

Alchemist: Thunderpede (Adult, Male)

Ruin: Terrible Terror (Teen, Female)

Quibli: Buffalord (Adult, Male)

Trico: Silver Phantom (Adult, Female)

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Valkyrian ate my subject

If they ever had Night Fury eggs, they'd be most likely be sold with gems, but the downs of the hypothesis is that people will make new accounts, earn gems with invites and get it without spending a drop of money. Then we'll all be like: "What's the point of buying a membership for Toothless, when you can get a normal Night Fury with gems?". This will make the game lose money and possibly close it down. Plus it's not confirmed if there's going to be more than 1 Night Fury, and like said, the game follows the Movie's path. If they do something that's NOT been featured in the movie, it'd not make sense at all, I bet.

Supreme Viking Champion
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actually odds are that they

actually odds are that they would make them member exclusive, why wouldn't they?

probably they give you one for free in Lou of toothless and then you can buy more eggs if you want, they would probably behave like toothless in that when a membership expires you cant use them

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lover of dragons
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thank you

Thank you finally some won sees that all of this make no sense and that the story of the movie will be stupid to be like this bcs they will lose money. Finally


Dragon lover

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Valkyrian ate my subject

Are you talking about me? o.O

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lover of dragons
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yes i am :)

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lover of dragons
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yes i am :)

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i finally finished RTDI

i finally finished RTDI quests and it said: (yea, in bold and with the size of 72 or up)










I guess we'll have to wait


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Pitch ate my subject

While I'd love to have my Pitch as two plushies, two books, two websites, AND School Of Dragons, it seems very... illogical for the franchise. Night Furies are super rare, and if everyone had one, it would defeat the purpose. BUT. It would be great to see Night Furies instead of Toothless Clones. Yeah. I really hope they remove Toothless. He's Hiccup's. The Devs and Admins can just replace the Toothless that some of us, members before the October update and current members with their own Night Fury. I'm crossing my fingers! 


im not that active here anymore, so here are some links to me:

oh, i also have a discord you can ask me for!


i guess its introduction time. i'm nightatom, but you can just call me night or wendigo. i'm a pretty shy person and i'm not good at communicating, but at the same time i love talking to friends. i draw a lot, and have been a fan of the HTTYD franchise since the first movie came out! 


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No offense...

No offense guys, but I really don't see the point in all this guessing about what the egg is going to be. I'm just going to wait and see. I'd say the next expansion will arrive on the 8th of January, when the next RTTE comes out, like when Return to Dragon Island was released on the same day that the season was. And I really do hope it does, because it's my birthday on the 7th of January. But anyway, the egg could be anything. It could be a Night Fury, a Green Death, anything, and there's no way we'll know for sure until the next expansion arrives. But that's just my opinion.



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If toothless and Hiccup do

If toothless and Hiccup do leave each other i WILL cry so much when watching the film :'( HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO US IF THEY DO !!! My heart cant take it :(



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money !!!

You guys need to see it from an other perspective bcs let's say the egg is a night fury egg, then ppl would not need to buy a membership for them to have a night fury ( bxs that why mist ppl buy membership ) and if this happened the game developers will lose lots and lots of money.

An other thing is that why would hicupp and toothless will be sapparated when this all started bcs HICUPP wanted to PROVE yo everyone that DRAGONS and VICKINGS can LIVE together ????!!

And if this happens then what is going to happen to the game bcs you can't play SCHOOL OF DRAGONS without any dragons !!!!

Soon my point is why would they make all of this which would effect every think in a negative way for them bcs they will lose lots of mobey bcs of this.

You guys need to see that the movie will probable come out in 2018 ..two years from now..

Soon my theory is that they are saying all this stuff 1 maybe aoo they will surprise us ( which is not the first time :) ) or 2 so they can see how the ppl are going too react to this .

And another thing ...if toothless and hicupp would separate ppl would think ( as they all ready are ) that eventually the game would "end" or would continue but with no story, and bcs of that they would not play it which continues to emfasise on my point that they would lose LOTS and LOTS of money which ( for sure ) is the point of all of this

Sooo think about this ppl

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Valkyrian ate my subject

I will scream of happiness because finally someone that understands.

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lover of dragons
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ikr :)

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lover of dragons
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ikr :)

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lover of dragons
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ikr :)

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I really hope this happens

A lot of people say that it was a Night Fury Egg, but also many say it wasn't. I'm looking at the positive: if it's a Night Fury, HURRAY! If not, a new Dragon, HURRAY! It's a win-win. Please subscribe to my channel, Apoa's Shadow on Youtube.













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Sparkeye, a Skrill, is a wise Dragon that never fights and can solve every conflict.


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Lullu, a Gronckle, is the happiest one. She is always happy, no matter what.


Fireclaw, a Monstrous Nightmare, is a curios Dragon that loves investigating. Every time she finds something new, she has to know exactly what that is.


Saphira, a Shockjaw, is the competitive one. She loves Racing, and won't stop until she comes first ten times in a row.


Wavecalmer, a Thunderdrum, is the gentle one. She never fights with other Dragons, and helps everyone she can.


Brighteyes, a Deadly Nadder, is the strong one. She sacrifices herself for everyone, and never regrets anything.


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Shaggydog, a Night Terror, is the wild one. Even though he's trained and we have a very good bond, he doesn't like chains or cages and will do anything to stay away from those.


Frozen Heart, a Groncicle, is the spirited one. She usually spends her time at Icestorm Island, with her family.


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Natasha Romanova, a Sand Wraith, was born for races and killing. Fortunately, she's trained well enough to know right from wrong.


Ghost, a Screaming Death, is a real explorer. He likes to fly around and look for new islands with Lady.


Mockingjay, a Deathsong, is a lonely Dragon I saved from Melody Island. Since many Dragons are afraid of her, I'm always there for her.


Viserion, a Shovelhelm, is a proud, strong Dragon that protects everyone he trusts and kills everyone that betrays him. He's a great friend to have and your worst nightmare if you betray him in any way.


Daenerys, a Timberjack, is a strong, proud Dragon that takes what she wants, but still has a big heart. She's the breaker of chains and Khaleesi of the sky.


Sansa, a Shivertootth, is a young, happy Dragon with big dreams. If we're not flying around Icestorm Island, she is definetly somewhere near Ruff and Tuff.



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actually ....

actually no ... it is not a win - win , bcs if they do a night fury egg that means that then they are going to make the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THERE LIVES and make the story of the third movie as ppl are saying it is going to be right now ( WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE BCS THEY WOUD LOSE LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY ) and that means that the game woud stop or continue with no story which make no sense bcs for the million time THEY WOULD LOSE MONEY AND END UP LIVING IN THE STREET ( how many times i said that ???? :/ ) soooo again that would make no sense and it is impossible for the movie to have that story .



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I don't think they should add that. 

  1. People will stop buying membership
  2. There is only one night fury yet; toothless.



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