Night Fury Adoptables!

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Something I've seen quite often, but whatever, I'll do some myself.


I'm gonna pop some night furies up, and you are going to try to win my heart with story to adopt one. Each one is different in a way, and will be givel an gender and personality.



1. No fighting. I've got plenty of ideas for these NFs, so you don't have to fight with someone. Just because you posted first, doesn't mean you've won me over. If you are fighting, you'll be banned from adopting.

2. You have to write a short story to adopt one. You have to say how you met this dragon, and how you came to know it - Be careful though! Those with sour personalities CANNOT become friends, but they will become acquaintances.

3. Spelling, storytelling and grammar are important. I don't like having to strain myself to read your post. If you want one, by all means, write the story, but make sure you check spelling and grammar. Small mistakes are tolerable.

4. You have to put "Sing with me, my little sheep" as your subject. This is only here so that I know you've read the rules. I will not reply to your post with feedback if you do not have this in your subject. 

5. Do not reply to DNR posts. I need these to be editable so I can keep track of everything.

6. If you miss out on one, there's plenty more to come. Just keep writing! I want everyone to have a go at this :)

7. You must provide a name for your new friend/acquaintance. I don't mind what the name is, but nothing stupid, okay?


Next 2 posts are DNR, so DNR yet




Bendy ~ page doll by Laukku2000Boris (chapter 4) page doll - F2U by Laukku2000Immortalized Bendy/INK Bendy ~ Page doll by Laukku2000Sammy Lawrence~Page doll by Laukku2000Boris page doll~BATIM by Laukku2000

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"Do not reply," says Sammy Lawrence

Night Furies!


1.                                                                    2. 


Gender: Female                                                    Genger: Male

Personality: Sweet, but shy.                                   Personality: Level-headed and rational

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『Madoka Miyazono』
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"Do not reply," says Sammy Lawrence


No one seems to have adopted just yet...

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Sing with me, my little sheep

I was out to the nearby lake, with a fishing rod in my hand. 

Once I arrived, I checked my rod and started to fish. Then all of a sudden I heard a branch breaking. Not just a little stick, a branch. Then a roar. Of course I was going to look what happened. The branch fell on a rainbow coloured night fury. I came closer. The NF looked hurt. Trying to lift the branch he sniffed me out. Finally I managed to lift the branch off his wing, as he jumped towards me. Then the moment was there, he was staring in my eyes, and I did the same in his. I stretched my hand. He backs off. Comes closer again...sniffs....and places his head under my hand. While scratching his chin I thought of a name. Rainbow colours...what do you think of Rainbow? He tilted his head. I bet you like it. I gave him some fish from what i’ve caught. It’s already late, I have to go home! Bye Rainbow! I walked to home. But Rainbow follows. You don’t want me to leave? Rainbow made a cute roar. Alright then, you can come with me..




   Welcome to my Siggy!





 You may call me:

-Wildy (for short)

- Amy (main OC name)

- Céline (real name)


About me in rl:


Name: Céline (mentioned that before but idc xD)

Birthday: February the fifth 

Where I’m from: The flat lands..

joking it’s The Netherlands xD

Favourite dragon: Stormcutter

Likes: Drawing, writing (at times), reading, pizza, any kind of fish and anything that has to do with dragons .-.

Dislikes: What do I hate, actually? Idk but there sure are some things I don’t like.

Watch it. I somehow got an obsession for guards. Please don’t ask how I don’t know either :p





We protect dragons of all elements, and leave no one behind. Shield made by Mack


Viking/Main OC:


That’s her info card. She either leaves it in her office or on the dining table. She’s not 20 anymore though..

She’s now 28. But during rp’s, her age varies a bit. I like to give them “timelines”: Imagine a timeline. Birth, important moments.. all shown on it. Let’s say that the rp’s get placed on there too.

Sorry for the sloppy explanation. I just can’t explain things .-.


Part of Dreki Ridarri



Very first dragon is....



Main dragon is....




Art by amazing people:



                                         Credits to Piggyxl, Amy every morning..


                                          Credits to Zikta for this proud Shadow


                                          Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX, majestic!

                                          Credits to Zikta for the sleeping brothers.


                                           Credits to MericcupNightFury for this amazing portrait of Amy


                                           Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX, it looks nice!


                                         Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX for the cute looking Shadow! Just like when he was a baby.


                                           Credits to SilverNight for this amazing art of Shadow! 


                                           Credits to TosiLohi for this incredible artpiece of Amy in da summer


                                         Credits to Zeezur for this wonderful edit of Shadow.

 Some drawings by me:

Shadow in DT

Ah, Memories..


A drawing of an agitated Amy.





                                         Crystalcore the female Light Fury. Credits to dragonrider34


                                          Credits to XxSilver.NightxX for the mischievous Swifty.


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The subject? You mean that thing I threw into the time vortex?

Ah, that base is so cute! :3 I was wondering if I could ask you for recoloring it to look like my Night Fury? Or can I have a permission to recolor it? Thank you! c:


Hey there, humans!


Profile pic by TosiLohi


Wanna know something about me? No? Ok, I'm gonna tell you anyway!


Name: Zikta (you've probably already figured that out :/)

Favourite color: Yellow, orange, red, brown...

Favourite animals: Cats, dragons c;

Favourite books: Wings of Fire, Time Machine

Favourite series: Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Over The Garden Wall, Sherlock, Stranger Things, My Little Pony

Favourite band/singer: Hard to choose just one, duh

Hobbies: Drawing, writing

Favourite games: Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian


YEP, that's all you need to know.


Bye bye!

(and don't return)