Night Fury 3D Head (Request limited) :)

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~Hey everyone, it's been a long time I was not active on the forum it's because I broke my last tablette and i just buy this one I am using right now, im very happy to be back and to celebrat that I made amazing artworks. ^_^

Here are some:


Indominus Rex 


This is just to show all of you what I can do, now lets start the project...I made à toothless base and with this base I will create your OC night fury if of cours you request one. You have to complet some steps....

Base Night Fury:

(Blazimir my OC Night Fury)


~First you have to choose the position of the sculpture:






~Secondly you have to choose the style for the eyes...

Styles :



~And finally you have to give me a picturale of your night fury + if your night fury have spécial physique forme like my night fury have vampire fangs so I did modification, you have to describe me the modifications I have to make. :)



-I do one night fury for each personnes

-Give credit 

-Do not stole my artworks its take me very long doing 3D sculptures 

-Be patient


Give me your opinion on my new art style and say to me if you want me to create a future next project like that, you can also propose me what next dragon you would like me to create for the topic exemple the Skrill, Gronkle, Deadly Nadder etc...;D






I draw everything you want, PM me for taking a request now! ^-^

I know where you all living ahah!

To have a map click on this link:

Things about me...!

Im a shy personne who likes to be the most of my time outside and do sports. My native language is French so it's not a surpris if i do mistakes in my words when I write in English ahahah...sigh* My favorite food it's anything in référence with pasta!!! I love reptiles, I have a gecko pet, my favorite color is the blue and the red. My favorite dragon class it's the Strike Class because I love the Skrill much then the Night Fury but both are amazing creatures. I am someone who like adventures and sometimes I dont care to take risk. Here is who I am. :)


(I am the second to the left with black hair)


Night Fury OC Blazimir 


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Request list:




4 . kimmon 




8.Soul Wraith





I do 10 request for now.

~If there is no place I grant you the right to still post a request because I can continue to do before closing the topic .

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Wowzers! These are really, really good! I don't have a NF OC, so I'm more here to see the lovely requests. But man, these look really good :D


Stop Boulder Class shaming!



Welcome to my signature.

Since I am a person who is very, very lazy I (at this time) don't feel like making my siggy "fancy"

So, here's some stuff 'bout me.

I am a girl.

I like the color Blue/teal.

My favorite dragon class is Boulder Class.

 my main dragon(s) are a Screaming Death named Odin, and a Skrill named Jayfeather.

I love Doctor Who, Merlin, Chuck, Physch, Harry Potter, The Kane Chronicles, and other nerd-y things.

My favorite Httyd dragons whose names start with the letter s are Screaming Deaths, Shivertooths, Skrills, Scauldrons, Smothering Smokebreaths, Snafflefangs, Shovelhelms, Sword Stealers, Snifflehunches (+Sneezelhunches) and Seashockers! (that's alot!)

And I am usually friendly :D

In-game name is: IIicedragonII (No, not lice dragon. Those are capital i's not l's. And you simply pronounce it as "Ice dragon")

Friend code: hmm.. P.M. me if you want it. Can't take any chances o3o

And I'm a proud member of The Phantom Lords! (ROAAAAAAAAR!)

I'm also a proud member of the recently-made forum clan The Sisterhood of Clams!

"We aren't perfect! We're women! We take what we want!"

I'll probably post some bios about my dragons, but I'm too lazy to do it right now XP



Amazing picture of my main viking OC, Eira Glacier, by Pixel!

Picture of my bestest-Screaming Death-buddy, Odin, by Dragonrider34!

 Picture of Odin eliminating the largest threat known to vikings: BUTTERFLIES!! Awesome picture done by ScarfyWings! (He's not a fan of butterflies, deathly afraid of them actually. I can only shudder in horror as he has now discovered they're flammable..)

Epic picture of Odin done by WutendBonfire!



Info card on Odin by ze great AllyNadderRider!


Picture of Jayfeather by Dragonrider34!



Oldscratch Johnson by Gigimon!

Amazing picture of Seawings done by Freakzter!


Picture of Spottedleaf by Tyrannosaur66!


Picture of Mage by FlamingHusky!

Adorable picture of Gadget by KareKare!

Amazing edit of Armakillo done by Siren-Spirit!


Permafrost the lone Snow Wraith by Huntress of the Storms!

Great edit of Ignis my Monstrous Nightmare done by Frytha!


The Acidic ScuttleSting! Idea by me and this amazing picture by NightmareRebuff!

My ever-so-adorable Pan-Puffle Plumpkin by Sky and Ocean!

Blight the nightfury/razorwhip hybrid adopted from Tyrannosaur66!

Sea Glass, my first ever Aqua Borealis by Kcrocket & 1Flower!

Picture of Bluestar being... Bluestar by AngNadder!


Armakillo picture by Wildfire78!

Cute Shivertooth blinkie by Candyblast!

Picture of Graveyard admiring his precious chicken by NadderForever!



Picture of Doopliss by Dragonrider34!

Clan Stuff/Miscellaneous:

(right now it mostly has things for the Sisterhood of Clams, however if I find some phantoms stuff I shall add it to this section as well)

The Sisterhood of Clams' adorable mascot, Clament! (Done by the clan leader, Sky and Ocean!)

Awesome Elder picture of Me, Zuski, and Gummy Bear (our codenames, respectively.) by Sky and Ocean!


All clam members by our clam leader, Zuski/Sky and Ocean!


My clam badge by Zuski/Sky and Ocean! (The derpy bird represents me perfectly.)

Check out the dragon fight club! It's a cool sort of 'event' area where we stick dragons head-to-head on eachother and vote/see which would win in a fight!


Currently there's a tournament going on! Which side are you on?





Team ice FTW!



Lil' short:

Jayfeather: C'mon friend, this thing won't hurt anyone!

Odin: I do not have time to mess around with strange objects.

Jayfeather: Look, just hold still.

-Seawings makes sure to not be in the shot of the camera-


Jayfeather: Aha! Got it. Ahh fish paste, my wing was in it..

Odin: Hand that over this minute! I... want to see if you got my good side..

Jayfeather: HA!

Seawings: G-guys lets just bring this thing to Ice, o-okay?




-Jayfeather flew off chuckling-

-Odin roared after him-

-Seawings whimpers and decides to follow-

(Funny picture of Odin and Jayfeather by Wutend Bonfire!)












Ha! Got ya >:D

(awesome gif of Odin by Peymae!)

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Aw Thx very much.:)

Aw Thx very much.:)

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Ooo, these look cool. May I request one of my Sammy?


Position: 1

Eye Style: 2


I would really like to see one of a Skrill, Woolly Howl, or Monstrous Nightmare done. These look incredible!


" We spoke unspoken things, We rode on broken wings "

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Thank you for the choices you offered me I note this! ^_^

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Finished hopeyou like it ^_^

Finished hopeyou like it ^_^

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These are really cool! Just

These are really cool! Just wanted to say that. Hehe. Good job!



Sig gid by MajoraDrowned


 DeviantArt | Tumblr

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Thx ^_^

Thx ^_^

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Hey these are done on sculpt+

Hey these are done on sculpt+ right? They look amazing!



Tyrannosaur66 or SoarStar

Table of Contents


My Viking


My Viking In Detail

Radom Stuff




***I do art requests, if you would like a spot saved for my next thread PM me!***

Example of WindTheif and FireBane in further.

***Coming at sometime: Awakening of Wind and Fire***


My Viking

Favorite Dragon:



 My Top Dragons:

SunFang- Skrill

NeedleDart- Nadder

EclipseShadow- Night Terror

ObsidianClaw- Sand Wraith

BlizzardSpell- (Ingame name- BlizzardCrest) Snow Wraith

DuskThistle- Razorwhip

OnyxCrown- Shovelhelm


Proud member of....



SunFang by AngNadder:


Now for my beautiful Night Fury, who even holds the wind's unyielding attention.

 And his brother, the holder of flames and fury.

"The old saying goes: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well what is closer than blood?"

The Wind and Fire Awaken-

Done by me and background off of google.



OC made by Wutend Bonfire adopted by me.    



My Viking In Detail
From: A large forested and mountained island far past where Hiccup has explored. Currently regrowing due to a nasty forest fire. (Glares at WindTheif and FireBane.) 
Backstory: Later, I'm busy.
Tribe: Flight of Fire
Tribe Status: Leader (AKA: Head of the Cult of Flames)
Random Stuff

"Only fire can fight fire, or a well kept flame of determination." Sharp-Eyes, To Tame a Winged Shadow


A few of my Dragon Cave favourites.


"Your only limits and faliures are the ones you set for yourself." Aberon, To Tame a Winged Shadow

"Eclipse sit; Cherry beg. Good dragons. See Hiccup, I taught them well."


Fire, fire flame tonight,

Don't go out flickering light,

Don't turn to ash in burning spite,

Fire, fire stay alight.



(To Tame a Winged Shadow)


   Shadows flicker between the leaves of the trees, blocking out the light. Black-grey ashes float to the forest floor. Acidic smoke clouds my senses. The dim light of day returns, brightened by the faltering red glow of remaining flames. “They struck again.” I murmur to myself gazing at the gray sky. 

   Eyes glint below my perch. “Sharp-Eyes have they gone?” The voice belonging to the eyes call.
My eyes wander the horizon, “Indeed.” While turning towards Quick-Arrow I drop to the ground with a slight rustle of leaves. Other kinds often wonder about our stealth, they call us the fanged elves and shadow beings, but it is those who fly above and bathe the forest in fire who are shadow beings.
   “We must relocate the camp before night fall.” Quick-Arrow says heading forward. I nod my eyes on the sky. Dragons, the only beings who have not cowered in fear to my race. Perhaps even the only creatures we fear. The nauseating scent of smoke lingers in the grey clearing, I freeze. Whilst watching the fire fight I had not realized how much chaos had occurred.
Quick-Arrow’s fangs glint in the unfiltered sunlight as he snarls, “They shall vanquish us all before the flaking of cold crystals.” Spikes of once magnificent trees litter the glade adding to his words.
   “Sharp-Eyes, who was it?” The chief calls.
   I gaze around remembering what was, “The FlameStar and Frozen-Ember.” Fire-Tail, I savor the FlameStar’s name, her beauty is almost enough for me to forgive the dragon. Every color of flame decorates this winged lizard’s body, down to the explosive, blazing, blue. Spines of poison, razor horns, and blazing acid. A truly formidable opponent.  
   It is near midnight by the time we find a new camp, this time closer to the sparkling salt lakes. Where the twice as deadly SeaWings roam. We always stay away from the mountainous peaks, for the threat of the WindWings, the second most horrific dragon. Curious to see what survived, I glance around at the others in the dim, starlit forest.  A few of us have sun-bleached sticks, carved with the finest, curling runes. Others with smooth river stones, fire weed cotton clothes, and several dragon killing weapons. I stroke my only belonging, a triple point, bone wood, dragon fang, cross-bow. Each tip spiked with three dragon teeth, the wood enforced with scales, a wing sinew bowstring, and soft wing leather over the smooth, curling handle. 
  Owl-Sight sits watch in a near-by rowan. I join Quick-Arrow by the root of a thick oak. Both of us have on our black, dragon wing cloaks and wolf skull helmets. Cold, I lay my triple headed cross-bow to my right and tuck my knees against my chest. Quick-Arrow keeps his shadow beast horn bow in hand with a quiver of poisoned arrows slung on his back. No one dares light a fire, first to not cast flickering shadows and also not to alert any stray dragons of our presence. 
   Near dawn the hunters return with a deer and a few plump geese. Most of the meat is cut thin and is laid out to dry. The rest we eat raw with berries. Sickly sweet berries and flavorful mushrooms wash down the tough, raw substance and soothe the instinct to hunt. I join a group in searching for plants to spice and speed the drying of the meats. Leaves the color of dawn swirl to the ground in an incessant rustle. We head to a small meadow and search through the undulating fronds of grass.
   Sage, tansy, and pine swirl together creating a fresh, sharp aroma. Blazing leaves coat the trees, a warning of cold crystals. Once we have collected three bundles of spices and medicine, we head back to the camp. Around halfway there I glimpse a hungry fox, hanging back I pretend to be picking berries. When the others have gone I slide a slice of dried meat to the fox, who stays perfectly still until I’ve gone. Just as I see the beauty in dragons, my race sees the elegance of the smaller predators. I whisk my way back to the gathering group, after snatching a few wild berries. 
   A small, glowing ember fire is made to smoke the spiced deer meat. Beneath the smoking rack, a slab of slate with an inward dip is placed. Simmering, wild berry, goose meat stew, the delicacy of death as some say. It used to be just for celebration, but not anymore. There is more death and sorrow now than celebration and joy. “Those who have passed to the endless blackness, Swift-Shot-” Quick-Arrow bows his head to his father’s name. “-Shaded-Blade, Lynx-Fang, Single-Slash,-” My mind turns to the singing of birds, reciting dragon weaknesses and warnings of their coming.
   When the birds stop singing,
    That tells the dragons bringing, 
     When the world goes quiet, 
      And the leaves begin to riot,
       When smoke and fire lean astray,
        Then dragons are headed that way.
    Silence spreads through the camp as the stew is poured. No burial, for what is there to bury but ash. Bowls of carved wood filled with stew are passed to the remaining family of the dead. Quick-Arrow stares at his stew, then takes out a slab of wood. Taking his fingers out of the purple-ish liquid in the dish, he paints swirls of wind carrying an arrow. With the painting in hand he leaves, to place the marking of his kin in a suitable area. Others do similar actions.
    Silence. My blood stops, cold. I grab my skull helmet and cross-bow, cloak and scale gloves. Smoke slants to the north, then east. SeaWings and WindWings, at this time? We are like deer corned while wolves approach, my thoughts whirl. Tree leaves roar as loud as near thunder. Quick-Arrow hops out of the bushes slanted eyes small slits. Poison arrows in hand, bow slung over shoulder, he climbs the nearest oak. I stay on the ground by a thick rowan in case I need to use the crossbow part of my weapon. Flames lick over the edge of the horizon. I stop in horror, a Shadow Wing, WindWing. 



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Yup I did them on sculpt+ thx

Yup I did them on sculpt+ thx for the compliment and... do you have an account on sculpt+? Just to know :)

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Yes, actually I do. I thought

Yes, actually I do. I thought I saw some of this artwork around. Although I myself am not that good (my best piece I accidentally deleted :( but oh well) I really only do dragons. I should work on some scuplting while I have time off! :D

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(My account name is Laurence

(My account name is Laurence Michaud :D)It's a shame that you lost your best sculpture, but at least you do not do yourself harassed by others about you "supposedly" copying sculpture seriously even if i say the true that i am not copying and i dont lie there is always 1 or 2 ppl dont want to trust me and its annoying but that will not stop me to create beautiful sculpture, I put a lot of effort and enjoy doing it . :)

 Oh and me too I losted all my work when I broke my old tablette I had to restart all over my Smaug it was loong!!! :p

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These look absolutley

These look absolutley amazing!

Position - 1

Eye - 1

The blue on her is suppossed to be dark blue, but still visible.


Hey there!  My name's Willownix.  

You can usually find my either recording a Youtube video or just flying around.  Occasionaly I'll be in the racing lobby, but I prefer to be out in the skies riding either Kailasa or Tendrilclaw, a Razorwhip and Sand Wraith.

I love to socialize, as long as my chat decides to work!  So, if you see my soaring in the skies, don't hesitate to start up a conversation.  

In reality, I'm a Youtuber, writer, HTTYD expert, Splatoon player, and Star Wars fan.  My favorite youtuber is Jelly, since I saw some of his Gmod videos.  I also love to read well written fanficiton!  Below I have links to the various places you'll find me haunting.  And farther down you'll find pictures of my interests. (All Sections Are Titled)




Here's some videos/things that I need help with, that have threads on the forums so that you can decide if you want to help out or not.

Youtube Intro, Help Needed:













OC's Of Mine

An amazing sculpture of my OC Night Fury, done by kimbenoso

Thank you so much, she looks amazing!


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Here I finish it i hope you

Here I finish it i hope you like it! ^_^

Sorry I did an error I correct it here is your night fury :p


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Thank you so much!  She look

Thank you so much!  She look amazing.

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These are absolutely wonderful, your 3-D art is amazing!

If I may request ;3 I would love to add more of your stuff in my signature~


-Position number 4

-Eye number 2

-Ref pics:

P.S. Oh please do more dragons, these are amazing, I would persoanlly love to see a skrill, timberjack, nightmare, or sand wraith :D


Warning, long signature

Dragon Cave! Click the Vampire to see my scroll


Beautiful Dreadfall Image of Behemoth by Arrowalker, thank you so much ^^



Profile pic by me, Happy Dreadfall Icon by me, board by Silence, spinning clan crests by Nyet. Vamps by me


Proud Member of Swift Champions

~credit to Silence(top) Pedz(left) and Stiger23(right)~

Hey! Swift Champions is recruiting! If you are an active player, have at least 750 trophies, and a looking for a fun, family-oriented clan then apply here. Questions? Feel free to PM our leader Maijic, our head elder Rebicar, or any of the other Swift Champions leadership including myself and Stiger23.


My main OC Behemoth the Timberjack :) Finally together in-game!

Top by Tyrannosaur66, bottom drawn by me, Timberjack bouncies are by Scoubidous.


Another of Behemoth, this time drawn by the talented Kimbenoso

Gif and edit of Behemoth by Candyblast :)

And here's a lovely edit done by Peymae! Headshot by me!

Card by Zero the Ruthless


Hand drawn Behemoth by RedWind the Blue! Holida Behemoth by 1flower, Bouncies same as above.


 Viking Name: Channey

My Dragons:


Drake-Montrous Nightmare (male) Flightburn-Sand Wraith (male) Frostfire-Wooly Howl (female) Wyrm-Whispering Death (male) Icky Thump-Gronckle (female) Wintertooth-Groncicle (male) *MIA Ragefire-Monstrous Nightmare (male) Lazybones-Snafflefang (female) DuskHeart-Grapple Grounder (female) Theologian-Stormcutter (male) Ricochet-Skrill (female) Midsummers Eve-Prickleboggle (female) Pieholden-Hotburple (male) Sgt Pepper-Snow Wraith (male) Cherry Ghost- Deathsong (female) Lazaretto- Razorwhip (male) Metarie-Suttleclaw (female) More Like The Moon-Snaptrapper (female) Gnik Nus-Shockjaw (male) Sonny Feeling-Hobblegrunt (male) Vagabond-Armor Wing (male) Behemoth-Timberjack (male) Chickadee-Deadly Nadder (female) Wonderwall-Slither Song (male) Scrap-Stormcutter (male) Bronn-Shovelhelm (male) Heavy Soul-Scauldron (male) Desertbell-Speedstinger (female) Scrimshaw-Windwalker (male)) Firebelly-Singetail (female) Grimbelly-Eruptadon (male) Blodgram-Terrible Terror (male) Valkyrie-Silver Phantom (femaleSummerteeth-Flame Whipper (female) Jotun-Triple Stryke (male)


Cyrus the Naga with his Fallenstar pal Thorpe to take care of my dragons when I can't!

Flightburn Pixel by BlueCrisis, Dragon bouncies and gifs by DuskDaybreak! Pokemon Sprites by Blackwolfen! Clan Crest by Carmine and Cyrus and his dragon Thorpe by Maijic!

This is The Dark Horse (male), the beautiful Sidereal Sentinel made my the extremely talented Varku! Thank You!


NightmareRebuff Art and Adoptables! Thank you!

Newest NightmareRebuff creations: Chiropans! These three are Blitzen, Blodgram, and Asriel

This is Scatter, a Kigurumi or plush thing brought to life

Names (in order): Chiropans, Kigu(Scatter), Amos(both), Staccato, Scrap, Amos, Falsetto, Beat, Rhythm, Samhain, Sakura, Lycaos, Duskbiter, Vida, Ivory, Wanqueng Liu, Orama, Ebner, Hemlock, Summerdance, Boog(both), Gravedigger, and Charmagne


DuskDaybreak Art and Adoptables! Thank you!

Names: Frostfire. Hazel. Petals. Leif. Nightwatch, Flightburn, Bristlecone, Spiritwalker, Eerie, Riptide, Hawkeye, Loki. Frostfire. and Rocochet


Art and Adoptables by Stiger23! Thank you!

Names: Duskheart, Ophelia, Cherry Ghost, and Cedar Waxwing


Art and Adoptables by Chameishida! Thank You!

Names: Nightripper, Lapalco, Tinderwing, Arrowhead, Eileen, Summernoon, Blodfang, Redwing, and Lazaretto.


Art and Adoptables by Kimbenosos! Thank you!

Names: Wyldlyfe, Kidsmoke, Ahonui, Amos, and Frostfire


Art and Adoptables by Gigimon! *Currently Not Shown*


Names: Theologian, Wildeclaw (Sightless Snatcher), Amos, and Samhain


Other Art and Adoptables! Thank you!

Autumn Shade by Amberleaf, and Eve by Maijic, Dustdevil by Wuted Bonfire, Glimmer by Tyrannosaur66 and Ricochet my skrill by Natalie Stormweaver!

Luna Bean and Black Moon by Geekdomalways, Tear and Vinne by Cerebellum!

Cosmo by KrazyKira24 and Fae by Muselyn!


My Art and Adoptables!


Hall of my Viking: (pic total 3)


Channey (top) by the talented DuskDaybreak (left) by the talented Pixel, (right) by the talented MistyNight! Thank You!


The End!

Pic by Stiger23! Crest Gifs by Nyet!


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Tataaa it's finish I hope you

Tataaa it's finish I hope you like it!


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He's absolutely beautiful! I love it! Thank you so much :D

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you are sooo good at makeing 3d models!


do you think you can do one of my night fury, Katsubandra? (look bellow in the links for pictures of him) and

monafications: you might have to place another layer ontop of the existing night fury head to create this upper skull half mask and also on the neck put like spinial bone bits along the spine.

and last but not least pose1 and eye style1




hi and wellcome to my singnature,here you will find info about kimmons and raidruers dragons.

              -------------------------------------------------kimmons dragons--------------------------------------------------




striker(monstorus nightmare)







    blaze and blast

tetodra(deadly nadder)



teradra(grapple grounder)




flash fire(typhoomerang)

steel wing(armorwing)





 ---------------------------------------------------raidruers dragons-------------------------------------------------







whispeir(wispering death)

blue flame(typhoomerang)












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Finished I hope you like

Finished I hope you like it 


I did my best 

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Hi! I would love one of my

Hi! I would love one of my Dark Snow if I am not to late x3!! :D Her pic is at the top of my sig!


Position of Sculpture: 1

Style of the Eyes: Neither, her eyes are entirely black x3!



DarkVampireRider & Dark Snow made by Aeral


Art Stuff: ^-^

Vamp's Chibi Dragons (Taking Requests) ~ Custom Dragons!!! :D ~ Dark-Snow-Heartland ~ Vamp's Dargons Edits (Taking Requests)


   Buddy Code- DZXH9C


Dragons;(organized by class)

       Amethyst (Skrill)

   Toothless (Night Fury)

       Grey (Woolly Howl)

       Blizzard (Snow Wraith)

       SkullCrusher (Rumblehorn)

       Wrawa Light (Deadly Nadder)

       Juplix Flame (Deadly Nadder)

       Storm Gaurdian (Mudraker)

       Dark Warrior (Whispering Death) 

       Qupsald Light (Whispering Death)  

       Abbadon (Gronckle)     

       Grump (Hotburple)

       Zydrin Blue (Snafflefang)

   Steam (Screaming Death)

       Pyrotechnic (Eruptodon)

       Prankster (Grapple Grounder)

       Frozen Storm (Groncicle)

       DarkNightSiren (Flightmare)

   Xyox Silver (Smothering Smokebreath)

       Cursed Phantom Heart (Boneknapper)  

       Jade (Zippleback) 

       Stormcharmer (Changewing)

       Sky Phantom (Death Song)

       Night Phantom (Sweet Death)

       Raider (Armorwing)                           

       Friska (Scauldron)

       Aqua Blue (Thunderdrum)

       Apalala (Sliquifier)

       Swift Champion (Hobblegrunt A.K.A. Threadtail)

       Hydra (Typhoomerang)

       Zyabi (Monstrous Nightmare)

   Valar Broken (Fireworm)

       Zooplir Fire (Singetail)

       Drake (Moldruffle)

   Xyafixa Broken (Raincutter)

       Xyafizz Dreamer (Stormcutter)

   Robin (Stormcutter)

       Armoured Secret (Razorwhip)

       Silent Void (Razorwhip)
Clan- Swift Champions

Dark Snow!!! :D

(from left to right)

by Changeling, by bubbles598, by arkeyla, by Autumn5467, by rasvim1313, by MidnightMare

by Spottedbreeze, by Reiraku, by kimmon, by wildfire78 (me x3), by ToasterBunny

by kimbenoso, by Nessie (^^), edits by wildfire78 (me), Pixel Viking by KMonstr, by Candyblast, by dragonrider34, by nightfuryatom4, by FloofQueen, by Vanilia Viking, by TosiLohi, by TosiLohi

Secret Santa Gift from Scoubious ^^


Dark Snow's Back Story

Dark Snow was captured by Dagur in her early days when she was just learning to fly so it was easy for him to catch her. Dagur made Dark Snow a slave to pull things that an adult should pull... not a juvenile. Vamp, a viking from Berk, had been flying on her Stormcutter, Xyafizz Dreamer, to scope out where Dagur had been keeping Dark Snow. Then one day when she felt was the right time, snuck out to go rescue Dark Snow. Instead of letting Dark Snow out of the cage she was kept in, Vamp took Dark Snow to an unknown island, far from Berk, and let Dark Snow out there. She was bind-folded so Snow didn't know who it was rescuing her. Vamp didn't see Dark Snow for 2 years, when finally she visited the island again, not expecting Dark Snow to be there. To her surprise, Snow was there. She was very hard to get close to, and Vamp had noticed that there was scared tissue over her eyes, from Dagur. Vamp decided she was going to train Snow, so the dragon wouldn't have to be afraid of all humans anymore. Vamp knew how it was for Hiccup to train Toothless which was pretty easy considering that a tail fin was gone, so all she had to do was get Snow's attention with fish and hope for the best. She flew over to the island and brought a couple fish, and made sure she had no weapons on her. Vamp knew how Toothless had coloration to his eyes and could see the pupil for his expresions. Dark Snow is different, her eyes are completely black so Vamp doesn't know what emotion Snow is feeling which made it difficult for her to train Snow. She then got an idea that if Snow shows her teeth and/or growls it is dangerous, and if the teeth are retracted and makes a coo sound it is good. Dark Snow's training took 6 months because of all of the stuff Dark Snow had to go through because of Dagur. Now that Vamp had trained Dark Snow, she has one mission... to keep Dark Snow away from Berk, and Berk away from Dark Snow. They believe that Toothless may be the very last of his kind, and Vamp is going to let them think that.


Dark Snow's Daughter, Paint Pallet ^-^

A few months after Dark Snow was captured by Dagur, little did they know, Snow was pregnant. In the cage that Snow was kept in, she gave birth to Paint, a very colorful Night Fury. No one knew where the colorful genes came from, since her mother is greyscale colored, maybe from her father... if only we knew who he was. When a viking that Paint had never seen before, rescued her mother, Dagur started using Paint to his advantage, to try and track Snow and the unknown viking known as Vamp. One day, Paint somehow started to change color, and the Berserkers on the ship thought that it was a different dragon. Somewhere down the line of Paint's ancestory line, she inherited the genes of a Hobblegrunt. Maybe she could use this to her advantage...


Paint Pallet's Father :D

Bio Coming Soon

made by BeaReptileLover

Swift Champions Birthday banner made by Stiger23 and Clan Crest by Maijic


Shadow the Vesupa, made by Bavelly


Noel the Vesupa, made by Bavelly


Casper the Slitherwing, made by chameishida

Name: Casper

Gender: Female

History: Vamp was glad that fall had finally came around, and she started to adventure in a forest that she had never been in before, and heard growling and purring coming from what sounded like a dragon. She grew curious and got closer to the sound, and found out that it was indeed a dragon rolling around in the leaves. "Aweee." Vamp said and laughed a little admiring how much fun this dragon was having. The dragons eyes then popped open, looking over to Vamp wondering if it should consider her a threat. The dragon jumped up and Vamp took a deep breath, calming herself and standing her ground. Vamp has never been afraid of dragons, and she looked at every detail that covered the dragon as it got closer to her. The dragon then stopped for a second and tilted its head wondering why the viking before it wasn't afraid, since it had never had that type of reaction from a viking before. It then continued to get closer and still, the viking stuck her ground. Vamp then held her hand up to see if the dragon trusts her enough, and showed her trust in it as she did that. Ever since then they have been helping the dragon riders take down the dragon hunters, making sure that there will be no trace of them in the future.

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Finished I hope you like it !

Finished I hope you like it !  ^_^

Berween I realy like the motifs on your night fury :3

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Oh my gosh!! I love her thank

Oh my gosh!! I love her thank you so much!!! And thank you x3

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N probl.! :)

N probl.! :)

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Wow, those are AWESOME!!!!

Wow, those are AWESOME!!!!  Keep up the good work!

I'd like to request one!

Position: 1

Eye style: 1


((Image done by Basrolo :D!))

Note:  They eyes were done red in this image.  I'd like it if you did them more magenta colored instead :).


The chicken is not amused.



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I did my best I hope you like

I did my best I hope you like it :)

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He's beautiful!  Thanks so

He's beautiful!  Thanks so much :D!!!

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No problem ! :)

No problem ! :)

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These are absolutely amazing!

These are absolutely amazing! You have talent. =) 


May I request Uaithne?

Position 1

Eye 2


Join Date: 8/19/13

Birthday: 12/31/00

Dragon Count: 70+ (Dragons shown HERE)

Clan: Swift Champions

Signature picture by themasterplan47 and profile picture by Arrowalker.

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I improvised a little bite

I improvised a little bite with the Green because I didint see all the Head on the pic I hope you will like it! :)

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Thank you so much! That's

Thank you so much! That's definitely going in my signature. =)


As for the improvisation, you did amazing! I really like how it turned out.

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No problem im glad you like

No problem im glad you like it! ^_^

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Loud beeping sounds.

May I request one of Yvaine?

Click to get a better look.

Position: 1, 3 & 4 (Sorry can't decide they all look good)

Eye style: 1




Made by AllyNadderRider













Pebble-Shooting Speed Demons made by xXHallaXx







Spacial Beauty Dragons made by Krazykira24



Other Dragons


Banded Featherlures made by Amberleaf



Sidereal Sentinels made by Varku



Vesupas made by Bavelly


Dragon adopt bios:


Spacial Beauty Bios:


Coloration:  Blue Sparkle

Species: Spacial beauty

Name: Aristaeus

Gender: Female



Coloration: Red Daze

Species: Spacial Beauty

Name: Aegialeus

Gender: Male



Coloration: Custom

Species: Spacial Beauty

Name: Acallaris

Gender: Male



Coloration: Rainbow

Species: Spacial Beauty

Name: Hemithea

Gender: Female



Coloration: Green Sky

Species: Spacial Beauty

Name: Eridani

Gender: Female



Coloration: Purple Daze

Species: Spacial Beauty

Name: Proxima

Gender: Male



Coloration: Galactic Cloud

Species: Spacial Beauty

Name: Alatheia

Gender: Female

Ability: Minor Telekinesis




Art of my dragons

(Most of the images are broken now)



Made by MajoraTheHylian

If you want to request one the thread is Here

(Not really sure if she'll get around to anybody elses request though)


3D Heads made by kimbenoso


Chibi Yvaine


Yvaine's Dragon Card




Yvaine being adorable


All were made by wildfire78


Base made by HTTYD-EDITS

Edit poorly made by Soul Wraith




Useful things I found that i'm gonna use later

 Dragon Class Gifs 

 A Silly Gif Of Hiccup & Toothless 

♦ A Beautiful Gif Of A Wild Night Fury ♦


Wot Wat 



Made by Sky and Ocean


Ashild Halti

Edit made by Nessie


Made by AllyNadderRider


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Finished I hope you like it

Finished I hope you like it ! 

Soul Wraith's picture
Soul Wraith
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Its perfect :D

Thank you very much.

Soul Wraith's picture
Soul Wraith
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kimbenoso wrote:

Finished I hope you like it ! 

Oh yeah I forgot that I added the head angle of 3 to my requests, its fine though. Its beautiful also, incredible work.

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WoW O-O :D

Wow, Your Talented . . I will like to Request a Sculpture of my NightFury: SilverFlower


Position Of Sculpture: 1


Style Of Eyes: 1


A Picture Of My Nightfury Is On My Account Picture :)


About Me

Female/17/Hunter/Archer/Gamer/Artist/Roleplayer/Writer/Huge Fan Of Lara Croft

My Devianart

Must Listen To Music

My Mixer (Gaming Broadcaster)





Mi Viking

Name:  AF Mandy Or Mandy For Short
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nickname: IIITheHuntressIII
Friend Code: PM Me
Appearance: Has Brown Hair And Light Blue Eyes - Has A Red Warpaint Thats Around Her Right Eye    


Personality: Kind, Brave, Responsible, Adventurous, Smart, A bit of a jokester, Serious when the time calls for it and a thrill seeker. AF Mandy is a great hunter and a type of survivorist. Because she likes to spend most of her day’s in the woods, she's picked up a few skills like creating fires, building a makeshift home, Snares, makeshift bandages etc. Things to help her survive on her own. Mandy is also pretty good at tracking other animals including dragons, but even though she has all these skills she has a bit of a fear of spiders, deep down she knows that she can overcome that fear but in time. Now even though AF Mandy is kind, she will not let anyone intimdate her. She will defend herself and she's not afraid to fight.


Backstory: AF Mandy was part of a Village on Dragon's Edge before it was founded by Hiccup and the Gang. Her people were knew as Byzantines. Her Father Keiv was Chief and her Mother Laura was second in command. Mandy was one of many fighters’ to trained by her father, but sadly, her parents are dead because of an invasion done by the Dragon Hunters around Mid-night when no one was expecting it. Both villagers and parents gone forever.
She's the only Byzantine left for she was the only one that survived the invasion. She'd lived alone for about a month or so until Hiccup and his gang came along, spotting Mandy hunting nearby and of course approached her. At first she became defensive towards them, not knowing if they were foes but Hiccup took control of the situation and explained why they were here on her peoples island. He had told her but dragon's and that they meant no harm to us humans - he offered to take her on a flight on Toothless and that sealed the deal. She came to realize that dragon's weren't as bad as her village had thought.        
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hiccup took her to the School and that's where it all began...
Likes: Hunting, Exploring New Places/Islands, Fighting Dragon Hunter's, Playing With Her Beloved Dragons
     Dislikes: Bullies, Spider's, Dragon Hunter's, Pranksters
     Weapon Choice: Bow And Arrows And Her Father's Sword
                                                                     Extra: Can Create Greek Fire                                                             




Name: Tigerlily
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Escapee, Hunter or Wild?: Escapee
Natural Or Experimetal?: Experimetal
DNA Mix: 50% Human - 30% Wolf - 20% Tiger
This Character Is In 'Caged' And 'Hunted' (RPs)
Appearance: Has a Wolf form but has Tiger patterns on her fur. Has light blue eyes ((See Pics Below))
Personality: Adventurous, Curious, Smart, Does jokes in the worst possible moments, Gets the job done type of Hybrid.... She's strong and brave but even though she may be brave... she can also be broken. She's protective of other's.. she never likes to leave others behind, no matter what. But the personality that stands out is that she is kind and caring... but if you push her the wrong way... well... don't expect her to stand there and take it, she will defend herself. Has a cat-like personality as well but it only triggers when theres things that cats like. 
Strengths: Herself and other's. When in a fight she relies on her Tiger DNA for flexibility and agility, those cat claws of her's are nothing to joke about... those things are sharp so don't be on the other end. Sometimes she uses her Wolf DNA for things like - Tracking... she can smell scents that are like 5 days old but one thing that she likes is her advanced hearing.
Weaknesses: Being told shes not good enough, other's that she cares about, remembering her past is something that really makes her bawl and losing her mother.
Extra: Tigerlily was born a human, she was just a normal teenage girl going to school... hanging out with friends. Her human name was - Lily Trail. Her parents are - Elizabeth Trail and Harry Trail but this is not one happy family.. her parents are divorced, reasons .... well... Harry wasn't the most sweetest huband or the most loving. Tigerlilys father is a shelfish man, ruthless and someone who will do anything for money. Because of his selfish personality, he kidnapped his daughter and sold her to a place called the Dome. He did all that just for money. That's how she got into this mess of escaping the Dome and being  hunted down by hunters with other hybrids and is no longer a human but a hybrid. Has a crush on Hawk.
Young Super Character

Name: Elizabeth Newton

Gender: Female                                                                  

                                                 Crush/BF/GF: None Yet                                                   
As The RP Progresses will your character be a Hero or a Villian?: Hero

Theme Song: No Roots - Alice Merton

This character is in 'Alienated'
Appearance(Picture if available, and if not a good description):        

Personality: She's a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you more, she'll be more talkative it doesn't take long for her to get used to someone really. Adventurous, Curious, Smart, Kind, Caring and a Jokester. She's extremely protective of her little sister Susan whos Nine years old. Elizabeth is also brave and strong but even though she's brave.. she can also be broken.
Powers: Animal Morphing And Ice Augmentation
Likes: Loves to take long walks on the beach, Watching the sunset, A game of hide and seek because of her little sister, Art, Singing and Dancing.
Dislikes: Bullies,Thieves, Pranksters and The SGO

Strengths: Multitasking, Stealth, Herself and a Planner

    Weaknesses: Being told she's not good enough, something that may happen to her family especially her little sister.                                                             Not good at tracking.                                                               

Powers Limitions: Unable to communicate to others in a Animal form. Has a bit of a problem with controlling her Ice Powers like accidently freezing her door shut.  

Anything Else: Lives in a family of four. Her fathers name is Jake, her mothers name is Lara and of course there's Susan, Elizabeths nine year old sister. Elizabeth was born with her powers but it wasn't revealed until she turned eleven, thats when her parents were shocked to see that their daughter had the powers of Morphing into an Animal and Ice Augmentation. They knew they had to protect her from other people who may try to kill her or experiment on her. Now, once Susan was born and grew old enough.. Elizabeth showed Susan her powers, at first Susan was scared but after Elizabeth started explaining Susan found it to be cool and wished she had powers like her older sister.. though Elizabeth is hopeing her little sister doesn't.           


Coming Soon - Artworks From Others And Other Things




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Finished I hope you like it !

Finished I hope you like it !  ^_^

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Wow :D

Thanks you so much for doing me a 3D Sculpture of my Nightfury: Silverflower, I love it. . Thanks Again :)

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No problem ^_^

No problem ^_^

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This is so freakin cool! Tracking :) these sculptures are amazing, although I have to say, I prefer using the real thing XD I make dragons out of polymer clay


Meet Hope :3 Click on him to view my profile on Flight Rising


Saphira, my beautiful Volcanic Woollyflares by NadderMeGood and Kimbenoso 


By Defy


Meet Bubble, my Tiny Dragonpuff made by NadderMeGood

Thank you soo much!

 Welcome to my signature :))

My signature is full of dragons and memes so make sure to check them out!

My name is Moon Fligher (Yes it's a typo)

I am a part of Wings of Freedom :D (Number 6 in the top clans)

I am 14 years old :3

I am against hacking and backwards racing

Follow me on Pinterest my user is Hunter of Artemis

I do art requests! Just pm me the details!

By MistyNight - Thanks :)

My Viking drawn by me


OC- Hellhound named Shadow  



Selenia by Kimbenoso

Prince and Princess by NadderMeGood and Kimbenoso


by Gigimon

by Nightmare Rebuff.

                                                           By Livy SOD


My Dragons

First dragon I bought <3 Still remember the excitement 

 He and Midnight are best friends 

My super speedy racer :)

My first ever dragon :) 

Chillin by the fire with my razorwhip 


OP dragon

 You killed Sirius!

As beautiful as gold

Hotburple : Clover


Still remember him as a baby

As sweet as sugar

Actually a softie 

Magical!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

So adorable!

Loves going to the beach

Scaryyyyy! But wouldn't hurt a fly

Ruler of the sky


You're blocking my face!

Still to come: Speed Stinger: Huntress


Pyro by mechfighter 

Credit to chimchim24


Zandora: Jabberjay

Galedron by Ashley40

Zenalia the Whistle-horned Backsplitting Venomleaker by Eclipseshadows



Favourite Dragon : Stormcutter

Trophies - 2000+

Friend code (add meXD) - CNTWF6

Gender - Female

UDT Stars - 1 and a half silver

Level - 35

Status - Non member

Stuff I love :

Harry Potter

The hunger games

Percy Jackson

The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings

The Mortal Instruments

The Infernal Devices

And how to train your dragon of course

Hobbies Include :

Watching TV show marathons

Staring at a wall aimlessly (jk)

Playing SOD (of course)

anddddd reading





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THX!!! And we are all well in some things different is what makes us unique! ^_^ ( just wanted to say that :p)

Supreme Viking Champion
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I hope we are not too late.


Shadow is simple in design, a deep black with silver stripes and eyes. By the way I love smaug! You're really good!


Position: 1

Eye: 2





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Here is your shadow I hope

Here is your shadow I hope you like it ! 

Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 08/31/2014

Oh that is the most beautiful sculpt I've ever seen! Your amazing! Much credit to you! To the siggy!

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Wow your 3D drawings looks

Wow your 3D drawings looks absolutely amazing I love them!!! o.o :3 Can I have one please? Am I not too late? XD I would love to put night fury on my signature :D

position: 1

eye style: 1 

special physique forme: hmm well I don't have any special night fury but I would like to have originally colored night fury (toothless) with the blue coloration on his head like in the HTTYD2 when toothless became alpha dragon :3 

thank you!! ^^







^Stormblast and Shady Flight playing together made by Tyrannosaur66^


^made by TosiLohi^




  ^basics of school of dragons license made by Raziel Razgriz, finished by me^  ^Stormblast card by ZeroTheRuthless^




^Stormblast and banners made by Nessie^

^Shady made by Floofqueen^





   ^banner made by Middy, clan logo made by Oraliee^




          ^Shady drawing made by Wildfire78^   

^made by DatOneTrumpet^



             ^made by Eragorne^



introducing you...

dum dum duuuuum 



                  ^Firefang drawing made by Nessie^



I'm Strike Class person, because all of these gorgeous dragons belongs to this class ^^

but I fully respect the other classes 






Adopted from Leader of The Night Fury Racers

name: Blue Fierce 

age: 15 

gender: male 


When I was younger my mom gave me a rock. She told me, that rock is in our family for centuries and I'm another one who will take care of it...Once, it was really rainy day and lightning blazed flames. One of the Lightnings struck on the rock and then, rock broke. I felt so bad about it. It was our family rock. After 2 days strange things started to happen. When I looked on that rock, something inside was moving. I decided to observe it. It was a baby blue dragon. The dragon was really cute, I named him blue fierce. Then, I realized I'm not able to have more than 2 dragons. (Yeah in our city, we have rules and one of the rules says that, every pupil can have only one dragon) It was dissapointing for me. I couldn't change my one dragon Stormblast instead of blue fierce. But I also couldn't leave blue fierce alone... What should I do? I will keep blue fierce. I hided him in the forest and I was visiting him every day. I took care about my both dragons. I was really lucky because no one found out my secret. Then, when I became older, I moved to another city. To city, where people can have how many dragons they want. To city, where I finally couldn't hide blue fierce. To city, where I created stronger bond between my 2 dragons. 




Adopted from Krazykira24 

name: Dreamie

gender: Female 


Dreamie is really friendly and playful dragon. She prefer playing games than doing what she has to do what is sometimes bad for her. She is also truthworthinly and helpful. She loves to spend her time with other dragons and hanging out with them. With her crew they are unstoppable, because they never give up. 



Adopted from Wutend Bonfire 

personality: aggressive and protective


One day, it was really dark. Me and Stormblast hanged out. While we were walking through the market in a inconspicuous part of Berk, trader Johan stopped me. He told me about a legenday unknown egg of Fireworm scream. I was interested. Legends say, this egg was found in volcano on Night Islands, far away from Berk. But then, he warned me. These types of dragons can be really dangerous and if something happen, I will have to face consequences. I was wondering about it, but then we made a deal. After a week, an egg hatched. It was an amazing moment, when I met Drogo. He looked me with his red deadly eyes and I knew, I don't regret my choice. What followed then, I didn't expect. The dragon gave me a short gaze and flew away. Don't ask me how could he fly. I was surprised too, he is baby. I called Stormblast and we followed Drogo. I can say he was really fast! When he saw us, he decided to fly thought Berk. He managed to destroy 3 houses, scare few sheep and injure a Viking. Storm flew ahead and blocked Drogo's last way to escape. He was captured. Then, I looked around and saw all that mess what Drogo did. Suddenly, Stoick came, standed in front of us and I could see his angry face. 'This dragon have to leave Berk!' told he. I disagreed. 'I will teach this dragon, I can do it' I replied. I got a chance and one week to prove my words. 

I started that day. Hiccup trained dragons with his own methods. Why don't try them? I brought dragon nip. All dragons love this plant but Fireworm Scream are exceptions. Nip just made him even more angry. We have to make strong bond. As I tried nip, I also tried all another methods. Nothing worked. I was on the way to give up, but then I came up with an idea. Fireworm Screams are aggressive and as I could observe, they like battling. The best way would be tame this dragon, like they do. Fight. I took a shield and a huge stick. I did not want to hurt him, they have strong armor so there's really small chance to injure him. This is my chance! I have to win this fight. Our fight was mostly balanced. At the end of the fight, I lost my stick. I accumulated braveness and went against Drogo only with my shield. However it was too close, I won. With a slow moves, I touched him. He gave up and I tamed him. Now, Drogo, you are my dragon and I'm your rider. We can make everything together. Adventures await for us


adopted from Tyrannosaur66

name: Sharp Darkness


We live with dragons in Berk peacefully. Last 2 months, smothering smokebreath keep attacking our village. Alvin and Dagur can surprise us, so we have to have enough weapons to fight them off. Smokebreaths stole us almost everything! Every day more and more. We have to do something. It's gonna be a meeting in a great hall. Stoick will decide what to do...

after a meeting, he came and explained us the plan. 'Oh nice. We will go to smokebreath's unexpected' thought I. We had settled off early in the morning. Right now, we are on the ship, getting closer and closer to the island. Oh, I forgot to mention, our dragons are here with us to help. It's 10 am and we are here. Air is damp, it's little bit dark around, but smokebreaths aren't here. We will go thought island and find them. I'm sure they are somewhere here. Journey was long and boring. But suddenly I heard something! It sounded like a roar. Upset and aggressive roar? Something is wrong at this. Me and few other Vikings went hide and spy. I couldn't believe my eyes. Dagur captured all the smokebreaths! He made them as slaves. That's why they attacked us. He ordered them to stole our armor and weapons! We have to free them. 

After a hour we made up a great plan. Few dragon riders will fly and take theirs attention. The rest of our Vikings will beat Dagur's guards and get to smokebreaths. This will work! First half of our Viking flew away and took attention. Now is the time. We are running against Dagur's guards. They noticed us and start fighting. This was easy. We beated our enemies and freed smokebreaths. Straightaway Dagur started to run. Why doesn't he fight? Why did they give up so easily? Since others take care about smokebreaths, I decided to follow Dagur. I'm faster, my dragon Stormblast is here to help. I called her. As we followed Dagur, I saw, he hold something in his hands. Isn't is...egg? Yeah, it is razorwhip cross night fury egg! these dragons are unique, it's only 6 dragon eggs like this in the world. After some time Dagur became tired of running and we finally catched him. I think, he stole this egg from its mother. I came back with an egg and with captured Dagur. I explained the whole story to Stoick and the others. He let me keep this egg and take care about it. The egg will remaind me, how we freed smokebreaths and how Dagur payed for his offense.

location: smokebreaths islands










-a huge thanx goes to everyone who helped me with filling my signature in, you guys are awesome-

have a nice day ^^

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I did my best to try to do it

I did my best to try to do it just like the real toothless ! I hope you like it ! ^_^


Have a happy Easter day!




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OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! :3 :3

OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! :3 :3 It's awesome it looks like real toothless!!! O.O ^^ thank you very very much :3 

happy Easter Day to you too ^^

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No problem !  ^_^

No problem !  ^_^

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black saphir
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Can you do Bloody Claw?She is in my Siggy.


<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>


-the first position

-the second eye type

Thx. :3



Welcome to my little siggy!

~under construction~




Things you should know about me :3

My name is Alexa and I'm a 17 years old girl with big dreams and a giant bowl of cereals in my hands all the time. If you see me holding a fish once in a while, no, I won't share it. ;)

I was born a Leo, and I love it. LIKE A BOSS!

I like listening to Dubstep and Pop music, also Nightcore. Sometimes.

As you can see, my favorite color is purple. Which isn't bad, is it...? Hehehe.

I also like science and all the different languages our race can speak. I am from Romania and hope I could speak English a lot better every single day! I studied French, Spanish and Italian to know the basics, but Latin is still... easier? 0_0

I enjoy roleplaying and have a lot of OCs. The bad thing is that I don't know how to draw them nicely yet. xD

I am usually writing poems, sculpting or reading, but old books aren't my thing at the moment. That or watching YouTube sounds good enough.

I am a gamer girl. *cough cough* Because I can.

I also like creepy stuff. Yeah, it's my life, lolz.

I love villains. Yep, the bad guys. Aren't they cool?

Here, you can call me Saph or Saphira, which I appreciate everytime. ^.^



Social media...

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►Fandoms I'm in :D

• Five Nights at Freddy's

• Cuphead: Don't Deal With the Devil

• Bendy and the Ink Machine

• Hello Neighbor

• Undertale

• Pokémon

• Gravity Falls

• Rick and Morty

• Regular Show

• It

• Aliens vs. Predator



My favorite characters from the list above :>

• Purple Guy and Ennard from FNaF

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   Imagini    Imagini


• Cagney Carnation from Cuphead

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• Sammy Lawrence from BATIM

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• The Shadow from Hello Neighbor

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• Mettaton from Undertale

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• Hypno from Pokémon

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• Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls

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• Rick from Rick and Morty

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• Techmo from Regular Show

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• Pennywise from It

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• The Xenomorph Queen from AvP

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I'm glad you made it through alive.

Now have some 

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