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I think it would be cool if there are more islands, and in those islands, we have to explore, and take care of the baby dragons, like babysitting, because I really miss when my dragons were babies. Baby dragons are so cute! And well, it will be so cool, because we already have our dragons, and we can fly, and also teach the babies to fly. But more islands are really necessary. Because I am tired of going to the Wild, Berk and School. It's kinda boring. 
More minigames, more dragon species, and we could have a house, our own house, where we (the dragon too) could sleep, cook, decorate, and more. There will be a special room for the rider and for the dragon too, as we see in Astrid's house. 
And I have a nadder in another account, but I want to have the profile in my principal account. Because so, I will have the option to only change the profile, not logout and login again to play with that dragon.

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Subject Zero

You mean like "the cove" or "dragon island" or "outcast island"


But yes i agree more places do need to be added. Although this new update i think they may be adding new places, such as the Stables etc






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Yeah, I guess it'll be cool

Yeah, I guess it'll be cool to have new places to explore.





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Oh yes and Battles are awesome, I wish they can include this on their next next update.

Don't you dare tell me that we cant have this bc of the kids who are playing this game because those kids will watch HTTYD 2 with war included


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I always love exploring new places

I always wanted a new place in the game, mostly I want Dragon Island, I love exploring


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Of course

Yes, more locations will not prevent us! And more new

dragons! ;)