News of the last update?

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What is new in the last update? I've seen that the taxi isn't there anymore, but what else has changed? In the Play Store I read "School of Dragons 1.18 invites Vikings to connect with friends and begin blazing their own trail on campus with ALL-NEW account updates for effortless customization to their gameplay experience, right as they enter into our interactive online world." But I don't notice any difference. So, what has changed?


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1.Background on viking page changed 2. Taxi is not here any more . 3. New building of stable quests 4. All Volcanos in game changed. In wildeneress volcano throws out water! In flight clud and Armorwing island volcanos changed too. 5. Fires changed. 6. New dragon slithersong 7. New snow in school ( It is worse than last :( This is just flowers from friendship arch but just colored into wite, and it is not everywhere , it just follow viking -.-) I would like to see old snow.. 8. Water in the down of waterfalls changed. 9. glitches fixed






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You forgot the wilderness update

You forgot the updated giezer in the wilderness. 



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