New WarriorCat roleplay group {Forsaken Visions}

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Joined: 03/03/2018
A few people and I have been working together to create a group named Forsaken Visions.
The group is set on DeviantArt, but roleplays in a Discord group.
If you wish to join, you must a deviantart and discord!
Our group:
If you want to join please go here:
Our plot/setting/story so far:
We are in need of some major roles to be filled before we start our official roleplay. A leader, two deputies, and the medicine cat apprentices are open to those who can fit the roles well ^^ Please message me on Deviantart,, or on discord, WaywardWyvern#2176
We are a new group, and look forward to having new members!! Once we get big eneough, we will hold contests and polls and more fun warrior stuff! So come join us!