New videos, sorta.

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               So for those who don't know I have a youtube channel. The content on there is old and outdated, but I'm back into updating it. So I have uploaded a few speedpaints. Granted I'm still sick so they aren't the best quality but I hope you guys enjoy them ^^


                                 Speedpaint 1



                                  Speedpaint 2








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I have one too lol but I was

I have one too lol but I was supposed to record today and kind of gave up...Or more a bit let it on the side and now I don't have the time...Luckly I'm on holidays so I'll have time xD. I'll just hope I'll be able to buy Sims 4 if I don't get it from Christmast and I'm not going to buy it digital...I hope I get Pokémon Ultra sun even if I didn't finish Pokémon moon one...Ps: I have lots of Pokémon games...In fact the only way to talk is by the


Hi, I am a girl who sometimes wish to be a boy...(Not always xD I can be tomboy)...

I also have a Youtube channel if you want to know the name send me a message ;)

I loved How to train your dragons 2 it was and is still the first movie to make me cry...

I am also 20...And don't know what to write...So for now it's all.

Oh also, I am a Whovian (Doctor Who fan xD)

My in game name: Christinou. ;)