The new update is terrible

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Seriously, SoD we were just fine, why did you have to change everything like that ! Your new update has caused mountains of issues and I am not the only one facing this.

1. Dailies are only once per account now not all your Vikings anymore

2. The server it completely messed up, everyone keeps getting Server has timed out error over and over

3. The server timed out causes my whole lap top to freeze and crash completely

4. Interface is complicated

5. The sounds for running and jumping are super annoying, especially since u hear from every single Viking in the whole map near you and when turned off no sound for anything at all

I hope you fix these issues soon, and thank you




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Security breach!

I thought the update was fine, but (excluding all the glitches and bugs) there are two intended features in the game that are...odd.

1# The new music they added to the beach farm sounds too childish .

2# The large patches of ice over the water at Icestorm island have big patches of red (its not glitched)



I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.

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Well, i don't even have a clue what the bloody update looks like because I cannot get past the second loading screen xD I only saw the new interface briefly before, surprise surprise, the server call timed out. Times out and crashes CONSTANTLY. It is getting on my nerves~ I just wanna do my battles and get my daily rewards and enjoy the game. I don't want to put up with tedious lag and server crashes every five seconds. Nobody does. 

Some way to start Christmas...


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Issues with update

I want to say first that I like the new update, especially the new button organization - as someone who takes screenshots often, less buttons is always better.

I do have some issues, however, most of them glitches.

1. I like the new sounds, but I don't think we are supposed to be hearing the footsteps of EVERY viking in the location XD

3. The new colors are great, but there are some glitches: Ice Storm Island (as everyone noticed already), the mystery, tidal and boulder stables (the amber is messed up, the bridge is white and the waterfalls look like white pillars, wood textures are missing), I also have a feeling my poor changewing is much darker than the lighting in the locations calls for.

4. Design issue - the shop / chat looks cool, but the new design looks like something more suited to a space / futuristic game and not a vikings & dragons game - it somewhat takes away from the ambience of the game, in my opinion



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I got to log on for a couple

I got to log on for a couple of minutes before it crashed again and... Well, im not a fan of the new interface :/ As @Keuray said, it definetely lacks the viking-dragon-rustic look... Seems a bit too tacky and bright in my opinion. It doesn't suit SoD at all. I preferred the old buttons... Less bright, distracting colours and not all in your face all the time. On the other hand, though, I guess its more convenient to click on your viking to get the settings instead of finding your way to the top of the screen... But gawd I just wish the old interface was back xD

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Only Good Thing

The only half-way good thing about it is that it's easier to customize our vikings now. But I have a problem with not being able to collpase the HP guage anymore... it gets in the way of some of my screenshots and I don't like it :/.

Also, not being able to see how much time there is before the battle starts and not being able to see the HP of the enemy ship unless you're flying high enough. I like to swap out my dragons so that I can lelve up my young dragons with the extra EXP from the battles, but not being able to see how much time I potentially have to do so is annoying. I'll admit that the "Battle Underway" thing was annoying when I stayed up 5+ min after the thing had been defeated, but it was convenient prior to and during the battle.

All the missing textrues and animation glitches KeuRay mentioned are another annoying issue. Also, I agree that the new design takes away from the ambiance of the game. The aged paper type design fit the theme of the game. I don't really get why they felt the need to change it to be honest. Aside from the seemingly b1oody ice flows at Icestorm:

Seen here ^ and here v

And even inside of the cave v

The smell from the ice would probably be making Nettles, my new Nadder, nervous. I mean seriously it looks like there was some kind of masacre here! Surely I'm not the only one that thinks that the ice looks b1ood stained!

There's also the matter of these:

I'm guessing the pink trees are the result of more missing textures... but why only those two tress??? None of the others are affected...

I expected there to be some glitches in the update, there always are in new updates, but this is just too much... Also, I think the censor on the chat has gotten worse instead of better. I just got a warning for using a ?... seriously people... We can get banned for using proper punctuation, are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!!???!!?! Not kidding, I am dead freaking serious. I used a "?" just a "?" nothing else and got a warning... that is outrageous. We've been asking you people for forever to fix the chat censor and instead of making it better you've made it worse!!! I can't even deal with this. This is absolutely rediculous.



.....Thank you. m(_ _)m


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Yes the chat has become

Yes the chat has become terrible I agree with you, I just said "Hi" just a HI ! And my chat got turned of for a whole day ! And also almost everything one says gives you red writing, it's like one can't use the chat anymore -.-

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Let's just say its tomato ketchup

Oh wow I didn't notice the icestorm island thing xD I hope that gets removed / fixed it looks like something d1ed there o.o

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Yea the interface doesn't

Yea the interface doesn't support the game anymore, it's not Vikingy like you guys said. And wow I didn't see that ice storm thing, it does look like something was slaughtered there :/ also the wilderness, the platforms you can stand on, one has a big fat black shade over it that looks like it has been fired at from some dragon and burned. The sound of the walking and jumping is getting so annoying and my god the crashes ! The game has become terribly crashy and freezy and buggy ! Not a fan of this update, not one bit !

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Everyone's getting server time-outs? Not me , among many others. Game's never run more smoothly for me before.

The interface isn't complicated. Some buttons just require a single extra click in order to become visible. Kind of like the drop-down type of button we had before that.


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It's almost funny

It's almost like the devs picked the day that they did to release the update so that they wouldn't have to deal with all the complaints and glitches until after Christmas is over... anyone else notice that they released this monster right before they took off on Friday night and probably won't be back until at least Tuesday. I smell a conspiracy >.> It's like they knew everyone was going to complain and bellyache about all the glitches... if they knew that then they should have waited to release it until after they had worked out all the kinks... I think the reason why the update sucks so bad is cuz they rushed to release it in time for the Christmas holiday and didn't take enough/as much time as they normally would to make sure it would run smooth.

On that note... of all the places they could have put the dragon tactics hut... they picked literally the worst spot for it! I mean why; why put it over by Sven's Farm where it blocks off that pathway that could have so much potential??? That spot could lead to The Cove (the place where Hiccup used to hide Toothless) or some other expansion in another update but no. No they just had to block off the path with the DT hut... d.ick move guys... I guess that one blocked off cave in the Wilderness could one day serve as an entrance to the Cove... I want them to make that an area we can go to so bad >.< It's one of the most iconic places from the first movie and the TV show. Am I the only one who thinks they should have put that thing in a different spot?

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Wait is the dailies thing a

Wait is the dailies thing a glitch

surely they wouldn’t take it away

even for members it was the only way to get dragons without waiting two months.












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Nope its official.... dailies

Nope its official.... dailies are now only once per account not on all your vikings anymore only one single viking gets it no others :( that was the worst they could do but yes they did x.x

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Just curious, where did you see that getting daily bonuses on only 1 viking is intended? Did Brynjolf tell you that through pm? I'm just wondering because I've never seen any posts on the forum from one of the admins confirming that it is intentional.


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Yes he did i asked him and he

Yes he did i asked him and he replied telling me yes it was included in their new update

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That's silly. I can't believe they'd do that. If they felt the extra vikings were being abused to get more gems then they should just reduce the number of vikings you can have on one account. They could reduce it to 2-4 vikings on one account and let each viking get the daily bonuses.

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Agreed -_-

Agreed -_-

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My game works well I do use

My game works well I do use Windows 10 ;) Except I do have the mixing texture on the Ice storm Island, probs just a glitch. ;)


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Oh also, I am a Whovian (Doctor Who fan xD)

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LOLOLOL this is why I quit playing this game over a year ago. I absolutely LOVE Httyd, and not going to lie, this is probably the best online Httyd game to date. I used to play the one on the Cartoon Network website, but it became so glitched, I can't even access my account... Anyway, I was really excited when this game launched a few days before my birthday. It was really fun in the beginning, then it started changing... I miss the old teachers. a.k.a the long, red-haired scientist and the grandmother figure botanist... and the lack of ads... I noticed a dramatic change when the first expansion released and they shifted all of the mini-games. I liked it when my farm and Thunder-Run Racing were practically right next to each other... I didn't want to quit playing, to be frank, but the game became so glitched I couldn't stay in game for more than a minute, then it would crash. I came back to this forum wondering if anything's changed. I'm disappointed to learn it hasn't... I can't speak for you guys, but I would love to be able to play this game again, but that requires the admins to QUIT ADDING new content and focus on the issues they've stacked up by pushing updates. It's been over a YEAR and I still can't get into the game. I'm sure some of the glitches I dealt with have been fixed since my last visit, but if I can't even get in, what good is that? 


Sorry for the long post... I just needed to get my thoughts out there...


Happy adventures in the School of Dragons!

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Thank you for the feedback.

Hello Vikings! Thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts on the latest update. We like hearing from you all as this helps us improve the game and any future updates. Regarding the issues with this latest update, our team is aware of them occurring and how they have been affecting you. Please rest assured they are actively working on this and trying to get a fix in soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you in your dragon training journey. We will keep you updated as soon as new information becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience. 

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The whispering death dragged my subject away

mhm totally agree with yall

the game has become ANNOYING



not to mention the old players got bored with the same quests that come under new names in each expansion, and new players progress too quickly to get attached. Remember the days when you started the game with ONE DRAGON, an egg, and had to suffer and walk from place to place for weeks until u leveled it up to an adult? Now people start with a beautiful brand new flying dragon, usually an expensive breed, and zip around, finishing their entire experience in days. They need to make the game like it was in the good old days. Fun, supportive community where you could do interesting things, get new skills, and say HI IN THE CHAT WITHOUT GETTING BANNED. 



the limit on “one daily reward per Viking” is the worst thing that happened to the game EVER!