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Has anyone else noticed that the new toothless on the website has a full tail. He doesn't have the one Hiccup put on.

Does anyone know why or was it a mistake?


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Well, i didn't find anywhere

Well, i didn't find anywhere where toothless has full tail...






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I saw that, its pretty odd.By

I saw that, its pretty odd.

By the way, hes talking about the background for the site, you should be able to see it right now.


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Oh! thanks! lol i was

Oh! thanks! lol i was searching it in-game :P

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Yup you might be truth,

Yup you might be right, unless they forgot to add the kite, looks like it is a different Night Fury. If you want to check for yourself, this is the full image.


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I don't think this is a new

I don't think this is a new image, this is an image back from the old How to train Your Dragon website, more specifically the page that talked about dragons species. It was before How to Train Your Dragon came out, so for the Night Fury page, it was Toothless with his full tail(or just a Night Fury), to not give away anything spoilerish before the movie hit the screens for the first time.


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