The New Star Wars Trailer!!!! :D

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It came out today! Some of you may be skeptical about the new star wars movie coming out in December 2015, but seriously, i was too until I watched the trailer.  I AM SO FLIPPEN EXCITED! HERE LOOK:




Isn't that epic!?!?! :D I AM NOW OFFICIALLY EXCITED! Can't wait to see what the other teaser trailers are going to look like when they come out ^^ (since normally more than one is released)



Do you want art like this of your viking?




Or maybe dragons like these?

You can throw a request my way on my request thread!



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And while I'm at it THIS trailer too XD


THIS one too (i'll stop now :P)

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Star Wars... Eh... Jurassic... H*** YEAH!!!

Star Wars always seemed BORING to me, but Jurassic Park is like YES!!!!! So many people have told me to watch Star Wars and I've always said ehhhhhh NO THANKS! I'd rather stay awake during a movie rather than falling asleep to one. But who knows.. Maybe I'll watch it one day...... Lol


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My father is a massive Star

My father is a massive Star Wars fan and he brought up to be the same, both me and him and totally pumped for the movie next year!


Ehehe, when I saw the Millennium Falcon in the trailer I was totally sold!




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