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I ALWAYS see hackers with speedhacks, slowing down hacks, backward racing etc... Even my clan elder is using a speedhack! Her username is Meduna2. If velvet sees her, please kick her out of the clan. She uses it. I can't decide which one should I choose because none of them fits perfectly with hacking! So why won't school of dragons release an update with another slot for reporting?

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You are supposed to sent a PM to the admins

This public witch hunt is probably not intended and needed. Very often the accusations turn out to be wrong. Many kids cry "hacker" if somebody is just faster than them. And many, many players who accuse others of hacking have to be honest no clue what they are talking about.


Therefore if you think you found an hacker report them to Brynjolf or Justin Prate in a private message. They will look into it. In my opinion it really doesn't belong in the forum.