New! Scauldron bouncy!

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I'll do a few recolors soon so if you want one let me know

I can also work on some more recolors of the whispering death bouncies soon too.


Please credit me for these if you use them! Thanks!





Click to view my art thread!

RIP Wings of Royalty, You will be missed







Bouncy Nadder and WoR banners created by Rae

   Bouncy Whisper created by me

   Bouncy Scauldron created by me

    Banner and Gronckle created by Kaz

    Bouncy Toothless and Sparkle chickens created by me

    Grapple Grounder made by SleepyRaccoon

    Bee bouncy nade by OwlyDragons

   Warriors of Royalty banner by: aprikoze





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"What happened to the subject?" " Heh, about that......"

can u make me two scauldrons? :3

pics r in my sig, along with two scauldron bouncies with them XD


thx ^^


and can u pm me them when ur done? like pm me the results? thx :)


Dm for inquiries 

* * * * *

Yo, I'm Spy! I'm a 16 y/o girl from California! I speak English and basic French, and draw a bit. My pms, dms, whatever are always open so why not send me a message? I love talking to people! ^-^ Go have a freaking amazing day you fabulous people! <3~

* * * * *

Artwork of Spike~

Traditional drawings by the incredible grumpyforlife2, redesign sheet by myself

* * * * *


Burnt Mist my Gill Grunter. Species made by the awesome Infinity12356! You can get your own HERE!

Pearl and Orchid my Scale Wings. Species by the exciting Flowercrystal! You can get your own HERE!

Cooled Ash my Long-Nosed Fintail. Species by the great Georginia47! You can get your own HERE!

Tree's Whisper my Cave Runner. Species by the marvelous Selethesis! You can get your own HERE!

Coal my Sawback. Species by the bright Buddyfan1! You can get your own HERE!

Chip my Ridgetooth. Species by the superb Sand Wraith Girl! You can get your own HERE!

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Oooh! Does look great could

Oooh! Does look great could you do Eclipse for me?Thanks a lot of you can!!







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I would love one!


If you ever deside to do some re-colors then would you be able to do one of my Scauldron Emile?

You can find him in my sig along with some other doodles that could help you with his colors.





~ ...The Fire Breathes... ~




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Ren Roar
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Thank you very much! :D

Thank you very much!


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That's so adorable!! <3 If you're not too busy, could you do one for my SteamPump? There's a gif of him in my signature :3 Thank you!



VIKING NAME: Kadleen ♀ | CLAN: Loki Tricksters | Brazil | Joyful
























~Gifs made by me~

#1 | DRAGON: Monstrous Nightmare ♂ | NAME: Tundra | Calm

#2 | DRAGON: Whispering Death ♀ | NAME: KeelSwitch | Vicious

#3 | DRAGON: Monstrous Nightmare ♂ | NAME: Loki | Mischievous

 #4 | DRAGON: Skrill ♂ | NAME: Raiden | Angry

#5 | DRAGON: Thunderdrum ♂ | NAME: StormChaser | Spunky

#6 | DRAGON: Scauldron ♂ | NAME: SteamPump | Mild

#7 | DRAGON: Deadly Nadder ♂ | NAME: SharpWing | Feisty

#8 | DRAGON: Rumblehorn ♂ | NAME: Thorn | Strong

#9 | DRAGON: Flightmare ♂ | NAME: Spectre | Bubbly

#10 | DRAGON: Hideous Zippleback ♂ | NAME: Toxic & Flick | Playful
#11 | DRAGON: Gronkle ♀ | NAME: Gemstone | Gentle
#12 | DRAGON: Hobblegrunt ♂ | NAME: WindRider | Hasty
#13 | DRAGON: Monstrous Nightmare ♀ | NAME: Nightingale | Serious
#14 | DRAGON: Smothering Smokebreath ♂ | NAME: MistWing | Quirky
#15 | DRAGON: Typhoomerang  ♂ | NAME: Hurricane | Quiet
#16 | DRAGON: Whispering Death  ♂ | NAME: BoneCrusher | Impetuous
#17 | DRAGON: Raincutter ♂ | NAME: Riptide | Bold
#18 | DRAGON: Skrill ♀| NAME: Severis | Fierce
#19 | DRAGON: Flightmare ♂ | NAME: Lumis | Docile
#20 | DRAGON: Typhoomerang ♀ | NAME: Tulip | Serene
#21 | DRAGON: Smothering Smokebreath ♂ | NAME: Imp | Troublemaker
#22 | DRAGON: Boneknapper ♂ | NAME: Phantom | Happy




Thanks to Rae Didgeridoo, Hattori, Chakuu and Defy for the bouncies and Rae for the following Banners!


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Could you do a recolour of my Scauldron, Waverider?

Here is a pic of her...


LisieChap and Seawisp

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 My Scauldron is green with

 My Scauldron is green with blue belly and first marking on wings (top stripe) and yellow markings (second stripe on wings)



please pm me the results 



Viking:Princess Angela

Clan: Phantom Lords

Main Dragon: ThunderOwl (Stormcutter/Female[Bday: 11/7])

Secondary Dragon: Black Out (Skrill/Male)

First dragon: Toxic (Deadly Nadder/Female)

alt main: Eclipse (SpeedFury/Male) 

Check out my new species the Betta Fury! They are free to make and have free to use bases provided! :

do not steal anything from this signature(exept clan banners)!!!




My Main Dragons:


1. Thunderowl = she is as quick as a skrill and beautiful.  She is one of the strongest, most cunning, brave, awesome climbers, and amazing divers you'll find out of any dragon.  She uses her intellegence to help save captured dragons, but she has some powerful strength to back her up. Not to mention her fire tornado breath.  Good luck sneaking up on or outsmarting her.  She has a similar personality to toothless and cloudjumper compbined (a little playful, very smart, and a bit cocky at times..but always loyal till the end).

<-by GiGimon


<-by Aeral

<-moonpool and thunderowl by The Dragon Trainer

<-by Defy 

2. Toxic = my oldest and longest owning dragon.  She is more playful than even stormfly...and thats saying a lot.  She is just about as competitive and trains hard.  She is quite smart and very quick on her feet.  She is a great tracker and loves to take long, nighttime flights.  


<-also made by Autumn

3. Blackout = a rather bad boy character... well he tries to be. He is really quite lovable, but tries to be tough and brutal. He is very standoffish and doesn’t trust people easily. He mostly runs from them and will attack if they follow. He is wild at heart, but sometimes let’s his rider take him for a spin... but be careful of being zapped.


4. Eclipse = (a nightfury/speed stinger mix). despite being a fearsome dragon species, he is extremely playful and loves to be petted. His personality has two sides to it, the playful friendly side for his friends and children, then the deadly protective side when anyone is in danger. He has a slight fear of thunderstorms and prefers to be inside during them. He loves the rain, but not during thunder. He has all of the abilities of a nightfury and a speed stinger.

5. Neptune = he is overall very peppy and playful. He doesn’t like people riding him, but he does like to play with them. He loves to fly alone at night and prefers solitude when in the dark the flames around his eyes grow dull when he is sad, burn bright when he is happy, and grow large and chaotic when angry. They never go out, even when he sleeps. If they go out, it means he is no longer alive or because it’s raining or he is swimming. His underwing shines with the night sky.

6. Nightwhisper = a female nightlight whom performs medical opperations in battle. She saves injured animals and gets them to safety.  She is very intellegent, wild, and creative.  She loves to draw on the ground and will get mad at you if you step on them.  If you try to get on her back she will buck you off, she hates being ridden by most people.  She loves to fly alone and do tricks in the sky. Whisper is mostly nocturnal, but will go out at daytime. She is the second generation daughter of Toothless and the Lightfury.  She is very rebellious, but loves her family dearly. She is very cat like but is as loyal as a dog.

7. Lucian = he is a lightfury/sandwraith/changewing hybrid.  His main firepower is a strong acid that can even go through metal.  He also has very weak plasma blasts.  He can turn invisible, swim well, and buries under the sand. He is overall very lazy and loves to just lay around and soak up the sun.  He will only attack if provoked.  He is overall quite friendly with humans, but can be a bit territorial.  He does often shed his skin to keep himself fresh and new.  He is a bit of a prankster when he wants to be.  He loves to also float in the water. If you wish to find him, walk along a beach during the day and you will prob find him there!



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Could you possibly do my

Could you possibly do my Friska?

And possibly my 2 whispering deaths?

If you can only make 1 or 2 its ok :) I dont want to pressure you :)


DarkVampireRider & Dark Snow made by Aeral


Art Stuff: ^-^

Vamp's Chibi Dragons (Taking Requests) ~ Custom Dragons!!! :D ~ Dark-Snow-Heartland ~ Vamp's Dargons Edits (Taking Requests)


   Buddy Code- DZXH9C


Dragons;(organized by class)

       Amethyst (Skrill)

       Icebane (Titan Skrill)

   Toothless (Night Fury)

       Grey (Woolly Howl)

       Blizzard (Snow Wraith)

       Scorpio (Triple Stryke)

       SkullCrusher (Rumblehorn)

        Wrawa Light (Titan Deadly Nadder)

       Juplix Flame (Deadly Nadder)

       Storm Gaurdian (Mudraker)

       Dark Warrior (Whispering Death) 

       Qupsald Light (Whispering Death)  

       Abbadon (Gronckle)     

       Ieldrynay (Gronckle)

       Grump (Hotburple)

       Zydrin Blue (Snafflefang)

   Steam (Screaming Death)

       Pyrotechnic (Eruptodon)

       Prankster (Grapple Grounder)

       Frozen Storm (Groncicle)

       DarkNightSiren (Flightmare)

   Xyox Silver (Smothering Smokebreath)

       Cursed Phantom Heart (Boneknapper)  

       Jade (Zippleback) 

       Xutiana (Zippleback)

       Stormcharmer (Changewing)

       Sky Phantom (Death Song)

       Night Phantom (Sweet Death)

       Raider (Armorwing)                           

       Friska (Scauldron)

       Aqua Blue (Thunderdrum)

       Apalala (Sliquifier)

       Swift Champion (Hobblegrunt A.K.A. Threadtail)

       Hydra (Typhoomerang)

       Zyabi (Monstrous Nightmare)

       Cawmour (Monstrous Nightmare)

   Valar Broken (Fireworm)

       Zooplir Fire (Singetail)

       Drake (Moldruffle)

   Xyafixa Broken (Raincutter)

       Xyafizz Dreamer (Stormcutter)

   Robin (Stormcutter)

       Armoured Secret (Razorwhip)

       Silent Void (Titan Razorwhip)
Clan- Swift Champions

Dark Snow!!! :D


(from left to right)

by Changeling, by bubbles598, by arkeyla, by Autumn5467, by rasvim1313, by MidnightMare

by Spottedbreeze, by Reiraku, by kimmon, by wildfire78 (me x3), by ToasterBunny

by kimbenoso, by Nessie (^^), edits by wildfire78 (me), Pixel Viking by KMonstr, by Candyblast, by dragonrider34, by FloofQueen, by Vanilia Viking, by TosiLohi, by TosiLohi

Secret Santa Gift from Scoubious ^^


Dark Snow's Back Story

Dark Snow was captured by Dagur in her early days when she was just learning to fly so it was easy for him to catch her. Dagur made Dark Snow a slave to pull things that an adult should pull... not a juvenile. Vamp, a viking from Berk, had been flying on her Stormcutter, Xyafizz Dreamer, to scope out where Dagur had been keeping Dark Snow. Then one day when she felt was the right time, snuck out to go rescue Dark Snow. Instead of letting Dark Snow out of the cage she was kept in, Vamp took Dark Snow to an unknown island, far from Berk, and let Dark Snow out there. She was bind-folded so Snow didn't know who it was rescuing her. Vamp didn't see Dark Snow for 2 years, when finally she visited the island again, not expecting Dark Snow to be there. To her surprise, Snow was there. She was very hard to get close to, and Vamp had noticed that there was scared tissue over her eyes, from Dagur. Vamp decided she was going to train Snow, so the dragon wouldn't have to be afraid of all humans anymore. Vamp knew how it was for Hiccup to train Toothless which was pretty easy considering that a tail fin was gone, so all she had to do was get Snow's attention with fish and hope for the best. She flew over to the island and brought a couple fish, and made sure she had no weapons on her. Vamp knew how Toothless had coloration to his eyes and could see the pupil for his expresions. Dark Snow is different, her eyes are completely black so Vamp doesn't know what emotion Snow is feeling which made it difficult for her to train Snow. She then got an idea that if Snow shows her teeth and/or growls it is dangerous, and if the teeth are retracted and makes a coo sound it is good. Dark Snow's training took 6 months because of all of the stuff Dark Snow had to go through because of Dagur. Now that Vamp had trained Dark Snow, she has one mission... to keep Dark Snow away from Berk, and Berk away from Dark Snow. They believe that Toothless may be the very last of his kind, and Vamp is going to let them think that.


Dark Snow's Daughter, Paint Pallet ^-^

A few months after Dark Snow was captured by Dagur, little did they know, Snow was pregnant. In the cage that Snow was kept in, she gave birth to Paint, a very colorful Night Fury. No one knew where the colorful genes came from, since her mother is greyscale colored, maybe from her father... if only we knew who he was. When a viking that Paint had never seen before, rescued her mother, Dagur started using Paint to his advantage, to try and track Snow and the unknown viking known as Vamp. One day, Paint somehow started to change color, and the Berserkers on the ship thought that it was a different dragon. Somewhere down the line of Paint's ancestory line, she inherited the genes of a Hobblegrunt. Maybe she could use this to her advantage...


Paint Pallet's Father :D

Bio Coming Soon

made by BeaReptileLover

Swift Champions Birthday banner made by Stiger23 and Clan Crest by Maijic


Shadow the Vesupa, made by Bavelly


Noel the Vesupa, made by Bavelly


Casper the Slitherwing, made by chameishida

Name: Casper

Gender: Female

History: Vamp was glad that fall had finally came around, and she started to adventure in a forest that she had never been in before, and heard growling and purring coming from what sounded like a dragon. She grew curious and got closer to the sound, and found out that it was indeed a dragon rolling around in the leaves. "Aweee." Vamp said and laughed a little admiring how much fun this dragon was having. The dragons eyes then popped open, looking over to Vamp wondering if it should consider her a threat. The dragon jumped up and Vamp took a deep breath, calming herself and standing her ground. Vamp has never been afraid of dragons, and she looked at every detail that covered the dragon as it got closer to her. The dragon then stopped for a second and tilted its head wondering why the viking before it wasn't afraid, since it had never had that type of reaction from a viking before. It then continued to get closer and still, the viking stuck her ground. Vamp then held her hand up to see if the dragon trusts her enough, and showed her trust in it as she did that. Ever since then they have been helping the dragon riders take down the dragon hunters, making sure that there will be no trace of them in the future.

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I finished the two whispering

I finished the two whispering death bouncies but I still need to finish your scauldron bouncy :3

Check your pms!

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Your scauldron bouncy is done

Your scauldron bouncy is done check your pms! 

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LOVE it, chakuu!! Do you

LOVE it, chakuu!! Do you think you could do my Scauldron, Kalahari? I would love if you could! :D



Kidogo (you can call me "Kid") ;)- Proud Elder of Plasma Furies and proud member of Loki's Girls! (forum clan)  


BoltStrike, Sahara, and Kidogo drawings by BoomBox74!


Other Vikings:

Princess Nala- Clan: Loki Girls

SunnySahara- Clan: Plasma Furies


Forest by Hattori, Mara by Rae, Sahara by greenleaf123, Captain by Hattori ;) Scroll down for more bouncies!

Not gonna lie, my favorite Avenger and Marvel hero is Bruce Banner/the Hulk!



If you love Marvel, feel free to check out my tumblr! I'm always posting Marvel things ;)

Credit to Kevinbrandon for the amazing Loki's Girl banner!


Forest- Monstrous Nightmare, Mara- Deadly Nadder

Zanzibar- Thunderdrum, Tembisa- Thunderdrum

BoltStrike- Skrill, Shira- Skrill

Sleek and Streak- Hideous Zippleback, Kalahari- Scauldron

Ceros- Rumblehorn, Canary- Flightmare

Spinose- Whispering Death, Rose Thorn- Whispering Death

Kibo- Gronckle, Scar- Hobblegrunt

Mischief- Smothering Smokebreath, Captain- Typhoomerang

Mjolnir- Raincutter, Shadow- Boneknapper

Uhuru- Hotburple, Sierra Leone- Stormcutter

Banner- Stormcutter. Widow- Changewing

Marvel- Fireworm Queen, Elsa- Tide Glider

Karoo- Sand Wraith, Flare- Sliquifier

Nguvu- Woolly Howl, Zambezi- Shockjaw, Chavuma- Shockjaw

Echo- Speed Stinger, Paka- Moldruffle

Atlas- Groncicle, Baridi- Groncicle

Kupoza- Prickleboggle, Nyasa- Slithersong

Nobillis- Deathsong, Njeri- Deathsong

Mamba- Grapple Grounder, Nile- Singetail

Ngozi- Eruptodon, Igneous- Snafflefang

Mawenzi- Silver Phantom, Chura- Flame Whipper

Sumaku- Armorwing, Vibrania- Razorwhip, Vibranium- Razorwhip

Mekali- Windwalker, Rwenzori- Snow Wraith

Bushveld- Buffalord, Groudon- Thunderpede





Kibo by catiedragons, Scar by Ren Roar, Mischief by Hattori , Kalahari by chakuu, Ceros by LidieChap,

Shadow, Sierra Leone, and Banner by Defy ;)


I'm a total Disney freak!


*Photo above courtesy of Disney Photo Snapper


Forest banner made by the wonderfully talented Ellie, and Forest edit by toothless572!


Make your own Night Fury here!

Picture above by AniuRavenwolf!

Picture by slurpie!

Above 2 pictures by kelcyk123!


Picture and bouncie above by MidnightMare!

Left picture by x-HaZey-o, right picture by toothless572!

Picture above by Sunny Visionari (SunnyVisions)! :D


Adoptables and other dragon requests!

<--by Scoubidous, Elsa the Snow Glider ;) A friendly and happy girl!

by Scoubidous, Flare the Sliquifier ;) A fiery and feisty boy!--> 

 <--    by Scoubidous, the Snoggletog Wraith! ;)                          


"I have an army."- Loki, "We have a Hulk."- Tony Stark (The Avengers)

"That's my secret, Cap. I'm always angry." -Bruce Banner (The Avengers)

"There is only one God ma'am, and I'm pretty sure He doesn't dress like that."- Captain America/Steve Rogers

(The Avengers)

"My God's not dead, He's surely alive! He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion!" - Newsboys ("God's Not Dead")

"Seek justice, love mercy, walk on, be with your God!" - Casting Crowns ("Courageous")

"You never know what's around the corner. It could be everything or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other. And then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain." - Tom Hiddleston

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

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Done! Check your pms! :D


Check your pms! :D

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Since the clan tournament is

Since the clan tournament is now going on, requests will be delayed for a little bit

But I will make one for everyone who requests one! So don't worry! I will get to you!

Thank you for waiting!

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Skyler Smile
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Could you do one for Boil!

Could you do one for Boil! It's so cute :3


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Done! Check your pms!


Check your pms!

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Could I have one?

If you are not to busy...I would love one! Same colors as in the Scauldron pic you posted. Or if that is too confusing, same colors as Scauldy before he turned white. And if you could pm me the results that would be great!





My Drawings


I LOVE Toothless!!!!!!!


Stormfly is AWESOME!

Moonstorm! Sorry it is turning left.

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Wow!! :D

This is my first time requesting a bouncie. Here's few pictures of my beautiful dragon Waterwing:








Art from Others


tumblr links



Rovena Cousland || Asiya || Arwen Lavellan || Imogen Trevelyan



Ailith Hawke (c Arrow)




Rosie Catherine Chattaway (c Arrow)



Amanda Bardsley [no picture available at this time]

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Done! Check your pms! 

Done! Check your pms! 

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HI!! if you dont mind, im

HI!! if you dont mind, im just going to use the originals, i dont have either kind yet, so i can make a "COMING SOON" thing. THANKS!!

(I always give credit, dont worry)



Playing FNAF...

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That's fine :3 Thanks for

That's fine :3

Thanks for crediting me

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I may have done some things I regret here on this forum.

Only using this account for the release of Timberjacks.

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Great news! My clan has moved

Great news! My clan has moved on to the second round of the clan tournament!!


But here's the bad news! It's going to take me more time to get all of these done 

But don't worry! I will do every single request I get! Just please be patient with me :3

Thank you for waiting!

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can you make mine :)

can you make mine :) ? 

edited : heres the picture :)






 made by ChaKuu




edited by  Kelcyk123

amazing nightfury bouncie made by Defy


Amethi the nightfury 


Toxicstrike the Skrill                                  Icarus the Spinewist


Mint the Terrible Terror                                         SwirlStorm the NightFury

*Credits* ( in order)

potatofury made by Reiraku

Nadder picture is made by Chocolate24

Skrill bouncie is made by Reiraku

Stormcutter banner made by LoCeeForEver


NightFury adoptable made by chocolate24

Skrill adoptable made by Reiraku

Spinewist adoptable made by TildenWolfGirl

Terrible Terrorr aboptaboe mady by Kelcykl

NightFury adoptable made by MidnightMare

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Done! Check your pms!

Done! Check your pms!

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Are you still making

Are you still making Scauldrons? If you could, can you please make one for mine? :) he´s in my signature


Welcome to my siggy!   


Once a Leopard, always a Leopard...


My buddies :)



Adoptables :)





My OCs :)         

Original lineart here:

It was a rainy night. Me and my Stormcutter were searching for a strange looking ship which was reported to be seen by Hiccup way too close to Berk. Without knowing whether it´s an enemy or not, I volunteered to explore it from a shorter distance . But the ship was nowhere to be found and the weather went really bad.

As it was harder and harder to see due to the heavy rain, we found a smaller cave. "Nice!" I said to my Stormcutter. "We can stay here for a while, at least until the heavy rain will stop."

We entered the cave. But as soon as we did, I realized there was something wrong there. The cave was glowing a little! Without any fear, I started to come closer and closer, deeper and deeper into the cave, to find the source of the neon light. I was so surprised when I found it was the Neon Furry! She was badly injured on her wing. Without any hesitation, I decided to help her. I tossed her some fish I had left. She gladly accepted it. I reached out my hand to pet her. She was a little hesitant, but eventually, we became buddies. Later, I discovered she was all alone in the cave. For some reason, her parents abandoned her and never came back for her. Up until now, no one knows what happend - wheather they were killed, or something else happend to them.

Lineart and colourng were all made by me :)


     Recently, there´s been a new trend here in Berk. Everyone owns a Terrible Terrors. Everywhere I go, I can see those small little guys. I was curious what´s this comotion about, so I asked Hiccup. He answered that they are great for training and that their purpose is to use them as an air mail! Now I started to be even more curious, and also wanted to have my own little Terror. SO, the first thing I did was mount my Sand Wraith Pluto and went to the search for Terrors. It wasn´t that hard to find them, but the question was, how to choose from that amount of differently coloured Terrors.

     I didn´t know what to do. They were all so adorable I couldn´t chose just one! I gave up on this idea and returned to Berk. But the thoughts about those Terrors didn´t leave me.

The next day, I decided to go with Pluto for some fresh air. We were just flying freely in the clouds, but Pluto started to be thirsty, so we landed near a river. ,,Take your time Pluto, we´ll have a little break, so you can catch some fresh fish if you´re hungry." In the meantime, I took a walk past the river. Suddenly, I found an abandoned egg! I hurried to save the egg, because it looked like it´ll be drowned in the river if I don´t catch it! ,,Oh my, I´m glad I found you! It would have ended badly for you if you´d rolled all the way down to the river! Why are you here? And all alone?! I´ll take care of you from now on...But wait, I need to show you to Hiccup! I´m not sure, your color is a bit strange, but..can you be...?" I whistled to Pluto and we returned to Berk. I found Hiccup and showed him the egg. It really was a Terrible Terror egg! I couldn´t believe it. I decided to raise him. I had some struggles with it, but Hiccup helped me.

     At last, the egg hatched. But it wasn´t him - it was her! Her colors were just like the egg - orange and pink. I named her Ribbon. She´s a little sweet angel. I feel like our encounter was kind of like a fate. I could feel the bond between us. ,,Come on Ribbon! Let´s begin our training! :)"


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Yes! I'm very behind though.

Yes! I'm very behind though. But I will get to everyone's request! :3

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Oh that´s good to know! :3

Oh that´s good to know! :3 I´ll be waiting :))

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Finished! Check your pms!

Finished! Check your pms!

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Could I order one too? And

Could I order one too? And could you make it like my scauldron, Queen Lily? She's in my signature, but if you want me to post a picture I will. Thanks!!!! 


~When I return we will meet again~

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I absolutely! It looks so

I absolutely! It looks so beautiful! 

Can I use this bounce? It looks like one of my oc dragons from a stroy I'm working on.

And if it's not so much can I ask one for my other four scauldorn oc's as well? (yeah, I love this dragon :D)



Body/ belly/ spikes: white

Marking: #211C8A 



Body: #0E06A1

Belly/spikes: white

Marking: -top of the wing: #D40D10

             -rest: white




Belly: white

Spikes: #8A8787

Marking: #75AB63



Body :#AB4918

Belly: #D97645

Spikes: black

Marking: #B08307


Wow, I didn't even realized how many oc's I have OWO;. This will be quiet a work, eh?

Thank you very much in advance :D








- Rae Didgeridoo (Deadly Nadder bouncies)

- Sleepyraccoon (Grapple Grounder, Sand Wraith, Hackatoos)

- Reiraku (Night Wraith, Night Speed, Ferocious Riverfang)

- chocolate24 (Typhoomarang)  

- timilucy (Titan Scauldron)

- Ellie (Stromcutter with war paint)

- amberleaf7 & NightmareRebuff (Banded Featherlure)

- chameishida (Gluespit,Screeching Hunchback)                          


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Can you make one for my scauldron his color is skin:light blue patterns:white and details:white


Viking Name:Yoshi pogi

Friend Code:?

Clan:The Phantom Lords

Dragons and Dragons Name:






Whispering Death/Spike




Whispering Death/Atom





Deadly Nadder/Spikey


Hideous Zippleback/Hard and Soft

Monstrous Nightmare/Fanghook

My Second Viking

Viking Name:YOSHI II

Clan:The Phantom Shadows

Friend Code:?

Dragons and Name:

Monstorous Nightmare/Fanghook


Hideous zippleback/Barp and Blech





Smothering Smokebreath/Smoking


Typhoomerang/Still Egg





Toothless zpsbfd47baeStorm Cutter zps2c0437bfBoneknapper zps5892c89eRain Cutter zps566a79b1Scauldron zps5ae12a63Seashocker zps6afdead7

Bewilderbeast zps15255901Typhoomerang zpsbf3550d4Fireworm zps560b1547

Gronckle zpsa48d4d45Hotburple zps35d51cc8Zippleback zpsf2738dd1Skrill zps4bf7be7WD zpsd14717d8Hobblegrunt efdcdNadder zpsc1cf19edTT zps6fa4e7dThunder Drum zps924899d1Timberjack zps1bea8d4Nightmare zpsb8c1420SS zps46c2d13dSD zps8fb5e590Rumble Horn zps4f68b7d5SmS zps9f9ee831Snafflefang zpsbd6a8179Snaptrapper zpscf942d55RedDeath zpsf392ef5Changewing zps8ba96771





 Thunderdrum Bouncie made by:Defy

Typhoomerang Bouncie made by:Hattori

Smothering smokebreath bouncie made by:Hattori

Monstorous nightmare bouncier made by:Hattori

Raincutter bouncie made by:bubbles5498

Whispering death bouncie made by:hattori

Hobblegrunt Bouncie Made by:bubbles5498

Flightmare Bouncie Made by:Defy

Boneknapper Bouncie Made by:Defy

Me and smokey Drawed by:defy


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Can you make one for my scauldron his color is skin:light blue patterns:white and details:white

yoshipogi123's picture
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Can you make one for my scauldron his color is skin:light blue patterns:white and details:white

yoshipogi123's picture
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Can you make one for my scauldron his color is skin:light blue patterns:white and details:white

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Katie the Shark
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Scauldron Please


Caution long banner! ;)

ThorneCloude Baby Bouncie by Autumn

 My adopted friends

Jelly Belly (thanks typhoomerangmaster)

Orange Juice (thanks Wutend Bonfire)

Lavender (thanks toothless572)

[Bouncie by MidnightMare(same with all the other NF bouncies)]

Silver (thanks toothless572)

Starstruck (thanks toothless572)

Cow (thanks BestTrainer)

Awesome picture of my Night Furys by The Dragon Trainer

Stitch (thanks toothless572)

Ice Reflection (thanks Spy)

Angel (thanks dragonessgem)

Kelp (thanks Fleiri)

RainDrop (thanks for the pic Sephira)

SharkAttack (thanks Cuttongue)

Plum (thanks chocolate24)

ChristmasOcean (thanks Rei)

MajesticHeart (thanks Spottedbreeze)

LittleSausage (thanks  Ellie)

Jamberry (thanks Rei)

Lime (Thanks Rei)

Robin (thanks

BloodNight (thanks Defy)

Tsunami (thanks NeralPar)

Amethyst (thanks  Stella Monologue)

SoleilPluiearc (thanks Autumn5467)

HiddenCoral (thanks Maijic)

Another Awesome Clan Banner (a collaboration, thanks Dragon Drawer and Treesbane)


I knew Miley Crus was a Screaming Death

And me and my very best friend in the whole world (edited by the very amazing Majora)

Wolves of Yura Role Play Banner

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If I could get one too that

If I could get one too that would be so awesome

its base color is black the horn on the head is pink and the belly and ppattern on the wings are white

sorry I didn't have a picture but I hope this makes sense


Welcome to my signature

all my dragons and art will be shown here! :D


All my dragons:

Grovyle the Monstrous Nightmare


Satoshi the Rumblehorn


Atheena the Typhoomerang


Cateniss the Changewing


Eclipse the Fire worm queen


Eiko the Boneknapper


Fireheart the Gronckle


Hawkfrost the Stormcutter


Kizumi the Whispering death


Mangle the Scauldron


Misao the Flightmare


Moony the Smothering Smokebreath


Morishige the Hobblegrunt


Raven the Raincutter


Slowpoke the Hotburple


Warmint the War painted Thunderdrum


Wyverx the Skrill



Now that you have seen these guys, check out some awesome art ^w^ here:


All of these three are made by the awesome Sleepyracoon


These two are made by Chocolate24, and thy're awesome


The Speedstinger was made by Timilucy, thanks ^^

The adorable Scauldron (Mangle) was made by Cottongue


That's it for now, I will update it when I get more art or dragons ^^

Thanks for checking my signature out ^w^

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error 404 - no subject found

Can I have One of Lee? He has a blue body, a bright green belly, and yellow wing details and horns! Thank you! There is a picture of him in my signature. Just scroll a bit down. If you can't see it that well I have some art and bouncies of him! Thanks again!


Viking name: Siea                          Warning!:really long Siggy

Adventurer level: 20

Dragon bonding level: 10

Fishing level: 12

Farming level: 11

Total Dragons: 5


how to cheer yourself up:

look at the gif below and listen to this music:


Dragon type: Deadly nadder

Class: Tracker/Sharp

Name: Karly

Date adopted: 12/01/2013


Dragon Type: Whispering death

Class: Boulder

Name: Kody

Date adopted: 10/17/2014



Dragon Type: Stormcutter

Class: Sharp

Name: Alice

Date adopted: 11/9/2014


Dragon Type: Scauldron

Class: Tidal

Name: Lee

Date adopted: -unknown for now-



Dragon Type: BoneKnapper

Class: Mystery

Name: Jone

Date adopted: -unknown for now-


Bouncies, Art, Banners, and/or GIFs!!!!



      Kody [by Chakuu]                                         Alice [by Fairy]





                               Karly[by Fairy]



                       Kody[ by Hattori]                          


   Karly[by Rae Didgeridoo]                                     Lee picture[ by me! Go here to order your own!]                               


Karly in the christmas spirt![ by 1Flower]                 Watermelon the night nadder [ by Fairy]                                   





       Fireball the Grapple Grounder, ezio the sand wraith, and tsunami the hackatoo [ by sleepyraccoon]


     [nadders apparently love snoggletog(Christmas)]                                                Stormfly and Karly are both ready for christmas! [ by Chocolate24]

Here, have some yaknog! and some for me too!       Coming soon

                                                Yaknog [by NadderLover456]


 Alice in her awesome war paint! [ by Ellie]                          sleeping titan Lee[ by timilucy ]


               The Alpha of Christmas [ by Dragon drawer ]


                         Poison the Sharp shooter[ by me. go here to get your own ]

Karly {by Chocolate24]


My OCs



w/ wooden cast



without wooden cast



Black Death's backstory:


Black death and I were buddys for years now. We both love the wilderness and ocean at the school. Every few days we would visit gothis's hut. One day, we were flying across the ocean counting narwhals, when suddenly, A Screaming death flew up from the rocks below and snapped at black death. I thought that it missed but, it bit his leg off. We fell out of the sky. I cried for help. Soon, Hiccup arrived and took us back to berk. I rush to gobber to see what he could do but, he was somehow out of metal! Luckily, he had spare wood so he could fix it up. Although, he is not as good at painting. He missed some spots and got a few wrong hues but overall, i didn't care. As long as Black Death could walk and fly.




       Black Death [ by Skypeoplephoenix732 ]                                  Black Death [ by Fairy ]



     Black Death [ memb5790 ]                                                       Black Death [ by arkeyla ]                            

     Black Death "blinkie" [by bubbles5498 ]



Heaven's Knight's (aka Heaven's) Backstory:


For what felt like years after black death lost his leg, he got lonely. So we went to the hatchery to see if there was any particular dragon he wanted as a buddy. I showed him snafflefangs, hobblegrunts, raincutters, gronkles, monsterous nightmares, zipplebacks, I showed him more dragons than I could count! We finally asked someone else there if they had anything new or different. They didn't. Me and Black Death started walking out when a white egg with yellow spects came crasing through the roof. There was writing on it. It read," Dear savior of this egg, this is a precious dragon to your world and my world. She is the decendant of the guardian of the underworld. She is Heaven's most prized dragon and will grow up to be our most prized knight. Take good care of her, for she is now yours.  Sincerly, Stoick." I couldn't think straight then. " I got a letter from STOICK!!!!" I thought. My mind was racing. I looked at the egg, smiled and said," Welcome to my world. Welcome home" . I went to the incubater and hatched the egg. She already had her alpha glow! A piece of egg was stuck on her head. When she tried to shake it off a bright blinding light shone around the room and the egg shell that was previosly on her head became a bright halo above her head. Black Death now had someone to play with. He love playing fetch and tag with her. And, she was a night fury. We all started to bond when I named her." I'll call you Heaven's Knight, because you are heaven's knight, right?" She nodded her head." you are going to need a nickname though. How about... Heaven!" She started nodding her head furiosly and jumping around. "We will be friends forever."



                       Heaven [ by fairy]                                            Heaven [ by Skypeoplephoenix732]




Heaven [ by memb5790 ]                                                           Heaven [ by arkeyla ]    


   Heaven "blinkie" [by bubbles5498]                                                                    



       Starie's Backstory:

Coming soon!

For now, please enjoy the following bouces and art.                                                                                    


Color[ by me]   Artwork[ Credit to whoever did this XD]                  Recolor[by me]     picture [ found on google]

Starie "blinkie" [by bubbles5498]

                                             My adopties:


Name: Prim

speices: night fury

Adopted from: here

Her story:

uhhhhh too much writing. Coming Soon!



Bravery                                                                                               Bravery as an egg

Name:  Bravery ( bravey[ bra-a-v] for short ) 

Speices: Spinewist

Adopted from: here

Her story:

Come on! I can't write that much in a day! Coming Soon!

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Ahhh these are so cute!! <3

Ahhh these are so cute!! <3 Could I please have one if you're still doing these? 


I'd like one of Dewdrop if you have time. Check my signature and refer to the drawings of her, not the screenshots. 


Thank yooouuu <333


Friend code: CCG41F


deviantART | instagram | tumblr


Dragons in School of Dragons:

Mo & Jito (Hideous Zippleback)

Dewdrop (Scauldron)

Dewdrop as a Teen below! This is her older design!

(art by me!)

Sleeping Scauldies by Me! Headshot by Ren Roar :)


Titan Dragons in Rise of Berk:

Toothless (lv 54)

Bluebell (Scauldron)

Spicewing (Timberjack)

Acidfang (Raincutter)

Starpulse (Hobblegrunt)

Toothpick (Whispering Death)

Gigabelly (Thunderdrum)

Prismacutter (Hackatoo)

(by sleepyracoon!)


Titans in progress:

Skrillex (Skrill)


Unique Dragons:

Stormfly (Deadly Nadder)

Torch (Typhoonmerang)

Groundsplitter (Whispering Death)

Sneaky (Terrible Terror)

Sharpshot (Terrible Terror)









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Dark blue

Make one dark blue, but the details on the wing are white. Just like my scauldron Deep.




*insert brain here*




Dagger. Species: deadly nadder. Gender: male. Personality: Protective, Stubborn. Habits: forcing other dragons to do things. likes: fighting, dragon tactics, being the leader of something. Dislikes: dragon hunters, mildew, agressive dragons, slacking off.


Icebreaker. Species: shockjaw. gender:male. personality: playful, obedient, childish, carefree. likes: arctic char, Stormfly, dolphins, friends, cold, tidal class dragons, racing, dragon tactics, any other SoD minigame.


Granite. species: gronckle. gender: female. personality: carefree, calm. likes: slacking off, eating, sleeping, interacting with meatlug. dislikes: Dagger, Dagur, Hookfang, snotlout, astrid.


Rockstar. species: groncicle. gender: male. personality: curious, careless, self centered. likes: darkness, water, burrowing dragons e.g whispering deaths. dislikes: light, fireworms, monstrous nightmares, flightmares, bioluminescent life.


Rose & Violet. species: zippleback. gender: female. personality: mood springs. likes: vegetation, death songs, snaptrappers, dramillions, flamewhippers, other colorful dragons, butterflies. dislikes: when death songs try to eat her, deforestation.


Wildstyle. species: monstrous nightmare. gender: female. personality: bold, energetic, careless. likes: fire, explosions, action. dislikes: being bored, sleeping.


Reaper. species: whispering death. gender: male. personality: unknown. likes: unknown. dislikes: unknown.


Bloodmoon. species: whispering death. gender: female. occupation: death.

Deep. species: scauldron. gender: male. personality: variable. likes: tidal class dragons, friends. dislikes: being alone, too much heat, fireworms.


Cash. species: doberman/boneknapper. personality: loyal, clever sometimes, usually acts stupid, excitable, cuddly, playful, needy. likes: food, playing, play-fighting, friends. dislikes: vaccumes, brooms, water.


Jett. species: doberman/armorwing. personality: same as cash but more playful and less stubborn and slightly more clever. likes: same things as cash. dislikes: same thing as cash


Inferno. species: typhoomerang. gender: male. personality: moody.


Mt. dew. species: tide glider. gender: male. personality: spirited, competetive. likes: games, competitions, winning. dislikes: doing nothing unless it is a slacking contest, losing.


Apples. species: deadly nadder. gender: male. personality: cheerful, enthusiastic. likes: apples, apple trees, apple seeds, apple blossoms. dislikes: termites, carpenter ants, wood wasps, bark beetles, other tree parasites.


EoR (short for eater of rocks obviously named after the eater of worlds from terraria). Species: whispering death. gender: asexual. personality: lacks a personality. likes: nothing. dislikes: nothing


Colossus. Species: eruptodon. gender: male. personality: stoick the vast but far more stubborn. likes: proctecting the ones he loves and cares about. dislikes: failing.


*insert everything else here* (seriously I do not know how to insert photos because I am new to the forum)

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Ok dude this is a five year

Ok dude this is a five year old post, don't comment on dead threads


Some stuff about me:

Name: Morgan

Age: 18

Fandoms: HTTYD, Supernatural, Sherlock, The Dragon Prince, A:TLA, A:LOK, Harry Potter, LOTR, Inheritance Cycle(Eragon), The Umbrella Academy

I'm learning to play the guitar.

Music I like: My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, twenty one pilots, celtic instrumentals

My DeviantArt:

Flight Rising:


My Dragons:

(most of these I don't remember right now, much less their names)

Titan Snow Wraith

Titan Monstrous Nightmare

Titan Boneknapper

Titan Triple Stryke

Titan Sand Wraith

Titan Woolly Howl

Titan Whispering Death