new profile, quest and dragon issues

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I really enjoy playing school of dragons, but I have experienced a few bugs/tehcnical issues recentley.


Issue number 1:

Three days ago, I bought a new user profile (for 250 gems) for my account. The customization page did not pop up right away. I had to go into one of my other profiles then come back out again. The page then popped up to customize and name my person, but when I hit enter (once I as finished customizing), a notice popped up saying that I was logged out because someone logged into my account on aother device. I never got my new person back. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a way to fix it?


Issue number 2:

On the quests, Mulch's Sinking Adventure Part 2 and A New Dawn, I completed the objectives, but I have not recieved the rewards of completing the quest. I am assuming that this is a glitch in the system and was wondering how it can be fixed.


Issue number 3:

For one of my other accounts, I just began a new user profile. When I got my free dragon (a shockjaw) from the berk docks, it did not walk out of its cage, and I was not able to name it or customize it in any way. Therefore, I can not feed it to complete the quest so I cannot play on this profile.

Has anyone else had these problems or know how to resolve them?

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I would advise deleting the character and starting over again with a new character.


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Further Details...

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. Regarding the first issue, you purchased a viking slot but it no longer appears on your selection screen, correct? Is the viking slot locked again? Regarding the second issue, are you prompted to complete the quest whenever you log in? Finally, for the third issue,  are you unable to click on the dragon inside the cage? Do let us know, and please include your username and the names of the Vikings affected. Thank you!