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This is astridstormflyo
Just had to make a new form name because of phone issues I had this past weekend. Hence the no signature :'( , have to switch stuff over to this one which is a lot of work and takes time.
If anyone has sent me messages I can't read them. Kindly resend here. I lost my main email. Pretty much everything I have is saved on that account.
But I will rebuild like I always.
Ok that's all

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Sorry :(

That's so frustrating. I have two phones and three computers because I'm paranoid one of them will break down. I do a lot of work on my laptops and that would be really bad to be without one D:


Glad your back though! ^^



I'm Lissa, a follower of Jesus ^^ I've been part of SoD for around 3 years; the forum for 2.

My hobbies include: 

Watching Movies

Arting, and Admiring other people's art :D

Using emoticons in every sentence xD

Writing historical fiction, Children's, and Fantasy




By Ecliptic Eight Thx she is so cute!



Pround memeber Of





Ebony in her usual state of mind- confused xD

By Hookless thanks so much!

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Lucky you made this forum account a while back then, so that's good!


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Duplicate post.

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I just made it, but guess what!! I finally got this one back on.. finally remembered my password



                                 Welcome to my Siggy

      Warning I love to edit photos so my info is in the

    middle of this craziness. Enjoy!                                     

.                        Made by myself


           We Soar Without Limits for Autism

              Awareness & Acceptance is

                            Clan banner done by EmeraldHuntress55






                            (Viking by Abcguy)                                                                            

         Just call me War, I've been playing SoD since December of 2014. Ive loved dragons my whole life. (Even have a dragons eye tattoo:druidic symbol)  I'm a very laid back person, love to race in TRR. I like making new friends and just hanging out with friends on game. I'm either playing tactics, racing or messing around on my farms. 


    ´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞  links soon to come



Im a proud member of Ecliptic Embers.      Leader of Without Limits.

Feel free to pm me here or ask for my discord name


                             Photos above made by Strykana


                                  2019 participant 




                                                                                                                                  Drawn by byrnnebyronne           My dragon and I fly as one


        My Sand Wraith Secretariat done by the talented Roaring Origins


.      Artwork done by Flitt    My daughter and me riding toothless


         My little sistas ( family isn't always blood)


     Valka is the one viking I'm like, a mother calm,caring,Strong, wise and determined

  My Artwork/Edits

          My tattoo ( dragons added for look)

                           Second tattoo


                        My first flightmare Beowulf drawn by myself


                                       Quickfire by me


                               My razorwhip done by myself



                              Artwork done by Zitka



                          I attack my enemies with

                              the swiftness of a fox


                          (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Rowena is my Idol




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Oh weird, it shows a join date of 5/23/19  o.O


Glad you remembered your password!