New ideas and the return of wild saddles.

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So dragon tactics is a great minigame. It's pretty fun and engaging but I do think it needs some tweaks to make it even better.


1. Weapons

In Dragon Tactics there are three types, Fire, Ice, and Poison. Fire beats ice, ice beats poison, and poison beats fire (Somehow). Each weapon corresponds to a different type.  So far your character has access to an ax and shield which has ice power.  

How it can be improved:

Now that weapons FINALLY exist, how about being able to purchase them in the shop for gems? New weapons could also be added such as swords, spears, and crossbows.  


2. Dragons

In the minigame, you are also able to fight alongside dragons, commanding them to attack or heal, etc. 

How it can be improved: 

So far only dragons belonging to other characters are used here, but where is your dragon? It virtually disappears during the fight. Surely it should be able to help and assist you in battle (It has it's own health bar and abilities after all). 


That's it really for dragon tactics. Good game overall but some things could be changed or improved.  These changes are what I suggest. 


Next is the wild saddles.  I think the developers should bring them back. They were really cool looking and each one was designed uniquely for each dragon. 



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I like these ideas. I would

I like these ideas. I would like Dragon Tactics to be improved, and I would love to see the Wild saddles for the Timberjack, Silver Phantom, Fireworm Queen, and Toothless.



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Definitely.   Dragon Tactics



Dragon Tactics really has the potential to be challenging and deep. 

One fight in the latest update actually took me a couple tries to beat.



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Another thing would be Dragon

Another thing would be Dragon Tactics PVP