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Hi I have some ideas for the next update.Ok let's begin.1.Give gamer possibility to explore forests,new islands where are hiding treasures(things stolen by the wild dragons) and fhight whith them whith super weapons and armours.2.When you leveling up increase strenght,speed,endurance and more.3.I saw an similary game Dreamworks Dragons WildsSkies you can inspire from thath game,please take a look, whath i liked in this game is the graphics of dragons theyre awesome.Whith thath graphics and a new gameplay this can be the best game.


4.When you have a clan have possibility to bulid a vilage with houses and more clan formate a tribe.


5.More dragons like Scauldron and Changewing.Whispringdeath,Skrill and Thunderdrum these dragons can be free for all players not only for members.Each dragons have his advantajes and weaknes points and his skills.


6.Dragons Skills:Monstrous Nightmare When he takes fire boost speed and atack

                                                            Firebreath,Bite,tail atack and charge


                          Gronkle: Thow lava on enemyes,when he is atacked by catapult  can it the stone ,tail atack ,bite.


                           And please all dragons have a diferent firebal.



              And a litle think in tv shows Snoutlout stay on Hookfang Neck.


              Don't forget to inspire from Dreamworks Dragons WildSkies


           Let coments please

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"Let comment please" oh.

"Let comment please" 



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