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It has been how many years now, and we still have the same old hairstyles.


We request new hair styles developers!!!. It's been too long!!! :(



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Great Idea

Yeah, I'm totally with you on that. I would like to see more hairstyle selections. One's that looke cooler, maybe a Ruffnut hair-do? But yeah, more hair-styles please.


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         My name is Taylor Beth, I'm independent but mostly rely on my dragons. I would rather throw my axe at my enemies then ask questions later. Unlike most vikings, I have short white hair and live mostly in the wild but make frequent visits to Berk for supplies and other things. I'm armed with an axe I made myself and several daggers.

   Hate: other people (mostly cause they tease me cause of my looks)

  Love: Dragons- they're my only friends except for Hiccup

  Talents: Axe throwing, dragon taming, dagger throwing

  Need to work on: social skills, fitting in (though I'm just too cool to change myself)



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   Fan Fictions:  Timberheart: Story of a Timberjack

                         Ghostwing: Story of a White Nadder

                          Amber-song the Death Song

                         Gold Flame of the Monstrous Nightmares

                          Fight of the School of Dragons

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My dragons


     Ghostwing: Species: male Nadder  Was my first dragon that I got when I hatched him, has white scales, has a daughter that he cares and worries a lot about her daughter after his mate died in a battle.

     Ghostfly: Species: female Nadder   Ghostwing's daughter, has purple with tints of blue, just like her mother, and white like her father. She's headstrong and stubborn, wonders if her father will ever let her go. 


      Pebbles: Species: female Gronckle   Loves all dragons and vikings, has a purple color with blue speckled spots, she cares for the young dragons.

      Sandstone: Species: male Gronckle   Loves to race, has a sandstone color, loves his mate Pebbles and his daughter.

     Hope: Species: female Gronckle   Has the love of other dragons and vikings like her mother, has a sandstone color mixed with purple, helps her mother take care of the hatchlings, has one wing that is shorter than the other and is working on flying.


     Sparker and Gaser: Species: male Zippleback    Likes to explode things, cause havok, and fight eachother in the islands I travel to, has a green and lime green color, it is not true with the expression "two heads are better then one" with this Zippleback.

     Bolderstrike: Species: female Whispering Death     Used to be a wild dragon until I taimed her, has a dark color of purple and red, is mated to Screamstone and sometimes can get rambuctious.


     Silverstrike: Species: male Skrill     Is the alpha of his Skrill clan, has a silver color, wise but always looks for a challenge, has a mate named Ultra Light.

   Ultra Light: Species: female Skrill    Is the Alpha Female of Silverstrike's clan, is black colored with dark purple color, usually makes Silverstrike see reason but still loves him. 


     Gold Flame: Species: male Monstrous Nightmare    Male, hardheaded and hates saddles, has a gold color, used to live in the wild.

     Midnight Flame: Species: female Monstrous Nightmare     Sweet, mate to Gold Flame, has a black color with blue designs, was born in captivity.

     Midnight Gold: Species: female Monstrous Nightmare     Free spirited and stubborn like her father, has the color of night like her mother, likes to have adventure and very headstrong, loves a good hard challenge anyday.

    Boomshocker: Species: male Thunderdrum    Very loud, like to speak out to everybody, has a blue-green color with light blue.

    Ocean Wave: Species: female Thunderdrum    Best friend to Boomshocker, has purple with sky blue designs, has a cripple wing so she can't fly, still a mystery on how she crippled it.


    Night Wraith: Species: male Woolly Howl    Loves to race with other dragons and competetive, black coloring with white mane.


     Shiverfrost: Species: female Shivertooth     Kind and loving, blue with light blue and white, helps Pebbles look after the hatchlings.

     Neolion: Species: male Hobblegrunt    Expressive and shy, but likes to see hatchlings smile, Golden color with a blue frill and purple spots.


     Electra Shock: Species: female Shock Jaw    Likes to "shock" the audience (if any) with her tricks, Golden color with blue fins and white tips on her wings, is full of grace and loves the sunset.


     Razor Sting: Species: male Speed Stinger    Loves to run and try to win races where he runs on the ground while the other dragons fly, green with pale purple underbelly and bright red fin on his head.


     Little Sting: Species: female Speed Stinger    A little smaller than the rest of the pack of Stingers. Has a pinkish-purple coloring with blue fin and red stinger. Loves to race Razor Sting.


   Frozenwing: Species: male Groncicle    Loves fetch as long as it's in cold weather, blue with white fins, he is very alergic to warm weather and prefers freezing cold winter.

    Cold Fire: Species: female Groncicle    A good friend to Frozenwing, light blue with dark blue coloring.


     Stormcutter: Species: female Stormcutter   Loves flying in racing and always stays beside my side, purple body with blue and grey.


     Screamstone: Species: male Screaming Death    Alpha of the Whispering Death's and ruler of kingdom of tunnels, white with black spikes, mate with Bolderstrike.


     Snow Flame: Species: male Snow Wraith    Loves to visit Icestorm Island and likes to race with the other dragons, white with blue spots and purple frozen spikes.


     Nightstar: Species: female Rumblehorn    Loves to fly and have adventures, like the sunrise and sunset, black, purple, and silver white coloring, she sticks by my side always because I rescued her when she was a hatchling. Her nest was destroyed by other dragons, she was the only survivor.


     Thorntail: Species: male Prickleboggle    Heals any ingured of sick dragons, light blue with white spots, he heals mostly the dragons who get into more trouble (Sparker and Gaser).

     Sweet Tooth: Species: female Sweet Death     Is really bonded with me, has a gold color, loves flying with me and is very sensitive because people call her an "ugly dragon" but she's really the best dragon and is part of our family.


     Super Sonic: Species: male Sliquifer    Loved to race other sea dragons in the water, has a Dark blue body with regular blue wings, people misjudge his size for strength and speed.


     Sharpstar: Species: female Razorwhip    Loves to race and protect me from other dangers, is a silver color with blue green (but you can hardly see it through the silver color).


     Leaf, Fall, Green, Snake: Species: male Snappertrapper    Hydra is their other name they can be called, fights, like any other mutiple headed dragon but is good at working together if choose too. Has a neon green color with blue spots.


     Amber Song: Species: female Death Song    She's really nice and doesn't like to eat dragons for she is good souled. White body with light blue spikes and dark purple fins.


    Rumble Quake: Species: male Catastrophic Quaken    Very grumpy and eats a regular diet of fish rock sandwhiches, black with dark green spots and white and black wings. 


    Timber Heart: Species: female Timberjack   Usually left out because of her size and gets bullied. Has a big heart and filled with kindness. A dull strawberry color with silver horns and silver tips on wings.




A big fan of Pokémon too




XYPokémon theme song (lyric translations and vocals by Mark de Groot)




Hey, just like a morning sun that's shining brightly over Kalos

(Our burning hearts are hotter than a flame charge)

Yeah, we're all prepared so you'll never see us run from chaos

(Breaking the mold will let our passion discharge)

All of our feelings overlap, yeah we are always synchronized

Because we have formed a bond that will never disappear

And I know that I will never shed a tear

As long as you are here


So let'z go! We're growing as the battle's raging on

And you know! That defeat's an opportunity

To grow! We're never giving up

Our determination is what makes us strong

Yeah, determination is what makes us strong


Hey, there will be times where we'll be forced to blaze through our opponents

(If there's a roadblock stopping us, we'll tear it down)

Look! The victory star is right ahead so take a sprint and grab it

(Our steadfast hearts will lead us to our glory now!)

Sometimes I wonder how much time there's left where we're a unity

And the fear of being alone may sometimes knock me down

But I get the strength to get back up again

When you reach for my hand


Now let'z go! Strong rivals will be waiting up ahead

And we'll show! We knock them down with just one hit 

So I know! There's no way I can lose

Cause my heart and dreams are always here with me

And I know that you'll always be with me, yeah!


Let'z go! If there's a fight that we can't seem to win

Yeah, let'z go! I know that you will be there for me

So let'z go! You'll always have my back

With our strength combined we'll deal the last attack


So let'z go! We're growing as the battle's raging on

And you know! That defeat's an opportunity

To grow! We're never giving up

Our determination is what makes us strong


Now let'z go! We will fulfill this dream with all we have

So let'z go! And we'll prove that we can catch 'em all

Let'z go! Keep fighting with your heart

And you're certain that your future will be bright

When you see yourself transcend to unknown heights, yeah!


So! Let'z turn it up now

(Shock them like a thunderbolt)

Go! Keep standing tall and if we're fighting as a team

Stronger than a hyperbeam

We will be surpassing our dreams!


(Now hear his voice for yourself, check him out on YouTube along with more of his great covers)







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