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I am not sure how many of you are fans of Tower Defense Games, but hear me out: I have an idea for a new game.


The game takes place in Dragon's Edge, well, at the dock of Dragon's Edge. Dragon Hunters, or Raiders, are coming to the Edge wave after wave, and they are after the dragons that are in the Stables. As you progress, you place down dragons who would attack the raiders. Since this is a family-friendly game, they won't die, but they could be spooked and jump into the ocean. And when the final wave has come, the game will move to a different location. Maybe in the places introduced in Battle For The Edge, or even Icestorm Island!


Alternatively, this can serve as a new version of Battle Event, where raiders are climbing up the docks and it is up to us to chase them off. Perhaps with this event, all sides of Dragon's Edge are being approached by the Raiders to reach the center, and it is up to us to defend the Edge!


So what do you think? If you like it, I urge you to leave a post, or message. If this gets popular, the Dev team may consider adding it to the game!



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All ideas are good ideas


Of course I like your idea! Just make the team interested to.
From the dark side I suppose that it is difficult to do that.



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Way cool!

That's how it works in Rise of Berk, the other dragons game we can play. You fight off several ships at once. Attacking supply ships for more energy and the main goal is to sink the flagship. It would be way cool if they did that here too!


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