New Frontier: Chapter Seven: The Journey Begins

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New Frontier

Chapter Seven: The Journey Begins

“Is she coming,” Elsa asked as she and their friends, plus Merida, Serena, and Melanie was in Annabeth’s and Cazi’s dorm.

“Oh Thor what if she got caught,” Serena said as she was biting her nails.

“If she was caught Serena there would be terrible terrors would be screaming right about now,” Asvord said as she kept looking out the window for Annabeth.

“Okay captain obvious you don’t have to get defensive,” Jarl said as Asvord held up a fist.

“Okay, okay you win,” Jarl laughed slightly.

After about an hour or so they all started to get worried for Annabeth and Anora.

“Uggh I knew I should’ve gone with her,” Cazi shouted as she banged her hand on the wall.

“And what do you think that was going…” Jarl started as they heard rustling in the bushes.

“Is that her,” Elsa asked as they looked at the bushes.

“I don’t know wait for her signal,” Asvord said as she looked at the bushes.

Just then they saw it two flashes of Anora’s fireballs.

“It’s her,” Merida smiled as Maxine roared happily.

“Okay, Electic two bolts,” Cazi said as Electic held his lightning bolts like a flashlight signaling that the coast was clear.

Just then Annabeth ran inside the dorms and into the room.

“Hey, did you find anything?” Asvord asked her as Annabeth caught her breath.

“Yeah, she’s called a razorwhip,” Annabeth explained as Anora started playing with the other dragons.

“What else did you find…?” Cazi asked her.

Annabeth then recounted what she had seen in the Great Hall of Viking History.

“Whoa, what did they want?” Jarl asked her as he came over to her.

“I don’t know, but guys I think there’s something big coming around the horizon, I can just feel it,” Annabeth said, “And all of us need to be ready for it.”

“Yeah, but how are you going to get to that island full of sea slugs,” Elsa asked as her gronckle lied beside her.

“Anora and I are going first thing in the morning on a boat,” Annabeth replied as she got to her closet and put her black cape into her bag and food.

“I’ll go with you,” Asvord said “There might be a load of dragons there and it’s not just going to be babies.”

“No Asvord you need to stay here and stall for me,” Annabeth said “It’s only ten minutes so all I need to do is scoop up enough slime so I can put it in a bucket and heat it up.”

“Alright let’s go before they come searching for Vikings that are up past curfew,” Jarl said as he opened the door quietly.

“Hey,” Annabeth said to Merida, Serena, and Melanie.

“Yes,” they asked as they were almost out.

“Thanks I don’t know how to ever repay you but thank you it means a lot to me…*Growls* us I mean,” Annabeth thanked them.

“Don’t worry about it, it was the least we could do and I’m sure you would have done the same for us,” Merida said as Maxine pinned Sharpshooter down.

“Yeah, and Annabeth,” Melanie said as she looked at her.

“You better hurry back so we can see her,” Serena said.

“You betcha,” Annabeth smiled and went to her bed.

Early the next morning…

“Alright the coast is clear, go!” Cazi said as Annabeth and Anora climbed down and ran to the docks.

“Thor’s speed Annabeth,” Cazi said as Annabeth was out of sight.

“Okay, where oh where is a boat that I can get on...” Annabeth asked Anora then pointed to a boat with a lot of things on it.

“Johann, perfect!” Annabeth said as she made her way down towards him.

Trader Johann was unloading things until he saw a young girl in front of him.

“Ahh young Annabeth how are you this fine morning,” Johann asked her.

“Good, I need a favor, could you drop me off on this island,” Annabeth asked as Anora was curling up for a nap.

“Oh that’s a dangerous island it’s full of…” Johann started as Annabeth shushed him.

“I know can you just take me there,” Annabeth interrupted.

“Sure get in,” Johann said as she got in and he pulled off the harbor.

…In Sharp Class…

“Where is Annabeth?” Astrid asked as she didn’t see her arrive with Asvord in the class.

“Umm…she’s under the weather but she told me she would be stronger to come this afternoon,” Asvord answered to Astrid.

“Ok…are you ready for the Dragon Hearth,” Astrid said as the rest of the class entered the class.

“Yes Astrid,” the class said as they sat down.

“Ok then make your way to the Hatchery,” Astrid responded as she asked Asvord to come talk to her.

“Asvord I know that Annabeth found out what Anora is,” Astrid said as she let the class go ahead.

“What…okay yes but it’s…” Asvord started as Astrid stopped her.

“I know it’s alright I would have done the same thing…but I just want to know what island she went to get the slime…” Astrid asked as they stopped.

“*Sigh* she went to…”

“Alright here you are Miss Anna,” Johann said as he stopped the boat.

“Thank you,” Annabeth thanked as Anora growled as she tugged on her leg.

“You’re very welcome,” he said as he pulled out.

 *Growl* Anora growled as she knew that scent.

“Okay, yes Anora we are on an island with Whispering Deaths,” Annabeth answered as she walked in the rocks “I know you hate them but we need to get this slime.”

*Coos* Anora nodded as she followed her.

“…it should be aha, there!” Annabeth said as she took out her bucket.

Annabeth scooped up the slime until they heard rumbling noises.

“Okay Anora we just need a little bit more…” Annabeth started as a Whispering Death came from the ground.

*Growl* Anora growled at it and fired at it.

The Whispering Death dodged it and was about to throw spikes until…

“Spike, there you are!” a female voice said as she was coming in for a landing.

“Okay is it just me or is she flying and what type of clothing is that?” Annabeth asked herself.

“I’m sorry he scared you he’s really a shy one,” the girl said as she rubbed the Whispering Death.

Annabeth and Anora was still looking at the girl awkwardly.

“Oh I’m sorry, I know I look silly with this on…anyways I’m Isabella, Isabella Rossellini,” Isabella introduced herself and lifted up her mask.

“Annabeth, Annabeth Everdeen, and this is Anora,” Annabeth introduced her and her dragon.

“Nice to meet you two,” Isabella greeted as Anora was growling at Spike.

“I’m sorry, she doesn’t like Whispers that much, she was struck by one a few months ago,” Annabeth stated as she pick Anora up.

“He’s not like other Whispers he’s not mean and doesn’t attack much unless he has to,” Isabella stated “He’s really shy and quiet, here why don’t you let her sniff him.”

“Umm sure, Anora no growling,” Annabeth instructed as she let her down.

Anora sniffed Spike and Spike actually backed away towards Isabella.

Anora then licked him and went back to Annabeth.

“Wow you weren’t kidding when you said he was shy,” Annabeth said as she tried to rub him.

“Yeah he is,” Isabella answered as she rubbed his spikes.

“I do have a question,” Annabeth asked “I thought Whispering Deaths didn’t like the sun?”

“Well this one here is different, he actually has a half of Screaming Death in him, his mother was a normal one but his father was a Screaming Death so that’s why he loves the sun,” Isabella answered as Anora rubbed against her.

“Well aren’t you a cutie-pie, what type is she?” Isabella asked.

“She’s a Razorwhip, I was just getting some sea slug slime to grow her,” Annabeth answered as Anora climbed up on her.

“Oh so where are you headed,” Isabella asked as she looked at her.

“Back to the School of Dragons, Annabeth answered.

“Oh wow I was just heading there I would have been there earlier but this guy decided to play hide and seek, yes I’m talking to you,” Isabella said as Spike looked away.

“Hop on we’ll give you a ride back,” Isabella said as she got on Spike.

“Ok, hold on Anora,” Annabeth said


Astrid and her class were waiting at the docks for Annabeth with their full grown dragons.

After about an hour they saw a dragon coming towards them.

Once it landed they saw that it was a Whispering Death.

The rider dismounted and said “Hi I am Isabella Rossellini.”

“Oh yeah Isabella, you are to meet the Headmaster in the Great Hall so that he can get you enrolled,” Astrid said as she remembered that the Headmaster told her to be on a look out for her.

Annabeth then got off the Whispering Death along with Anora and walked to Astrid and started “Astrid I am sorry I just di-“

“Don’t worry I know you went to the Great Hall of History,” Astrid said as Anora looked at Spiker.

“Huh, Astrid I can explain,” Annabeth started as Astrid held up her hand.

“Hey guys’ class is dismissed, Annabeth I gave Merida that key,” Astrid said as they were alone.

“Huh? Why did you do that isn’t that against the rules,” Annabeth asked her as Anora started playing with Stormfly.

“Yes but you are one of my best students and I knew that you were going to fight to earn your keep this was one of our tests,” Astrid said as she nodded.

“Wait, our?” Annabeth asked.

“Yeah, guys come on out,” Astrid said as Hiccup and the rest of the gang came out.

“You really are an exceptional Viking Annabeth,” Hiccup said as he came up to them “You and you’re friends, and the in between ones.”

“Now why don’t we go grow your dragon…?” Astrid started as a scream was heard.

Every Viking that was within ear shot ran towards the scream.

When they arrived they saw a skeleton with a note on it saying:

“Give me the Stone o’ Fortune or you will pay a great fortune, for the time of your misdoings has come to an end~JRE”

“What did it mean when it said you will pay a great fortune?” a Viking boy asked as he was shaking.

“Stand back, let me through!” the Headmaster instructed “Everyone go back to your dorms, dinner will be delivered to your doorsteps.”

 “What do you think it meant by the Stone O’ Fortune,” Cazi asked as she hopped on her Skrill.

“Hey, Annabeth do you still want to grow Anora today,” Hiccup asked her as they started to the dorms.

“Sure,” Annabeth answered as she made her way with the sea slug slime.

“Can we come,” Cazi asked them as they stopped.

“Cazi, we can’t go I mean we don’t know how Anora would react,” Jarl sighed as he rubbed his head with his hand.

“Sure you guys can come along,” Hiccup answered as he called them over.

“And you were saying little bro,” Asvord said as she noogied his head.

“Hey Annabeth,” Isabella called towards them.

“Oh I forgot, Isabella this is Jarl, Cazi, Asvord, and Elsa,” Annabeth introduced them.

They nodded their greetings.

“Headmaster the box of Frozen Fires is gone,” a Viking with a red beard said as he was catching his breath.

“What is the box of Frozen Fires?” Elsa asked as they were making their way to the Dragon Hearth.

“It’s a box full of Dark Secrets and if they find the key the world we know will be Frozen for eternity and the one who has it controls the world,” Fishlegs answered nervously.

“Well here we are the Dragon Hearth,” Astrid said as she took the Slime and put it in a bucket and told Stormfly to heat it up.

After ten minutes the slime was boiling hot.

“Okay Annabeth time to put her in,” Astrid said as Stormfly stopped heating it.

“Alright let’s see what she grows into, hurry up already,” Snotlout said excitedly.

“I bet it’s going to be awesome, but scary, no spooky but awesome, no…Aaah!” Tuffnut screamed as Anora threw a spike at him “Or just another dragon in general.”

“I like her,” Astrid said as she smiled.

“Alright Anora this is it,” Annabeth said as she placed her in the Slime.

After three minutes Anora’s feet started to grow, her body became longer, her horn grew higher, and her spikes on her barbed tail extended.

After five minutes Anora was a full grown Razorwhip.

“Whoa,” Astrid said as she saw how big she was.

“Whoa is right I mean looking at these wings and the tail the details of her scales her claws not like the Nadders,” Fishlegs marveled at Anora’s features.

“Ok, Fishlegs we all know how she looks what we don’t know is what she does,” Snotlout said “Let’s see how she can compete with this, Hookfang flame up!”

Hookfang lit himself on fire.

Everyone looked at Snotlout not amused.

“Seriously, that is like yesterday’s yak soup,” Cazi said as she folded her arms.

“Well let’s see if she can do anything better,” Snotlout said.

“Sure, Anora surprise us,” Annabeth ordered her.

*Arwark* Anora roared as she extended her spikes and chopped the wood that was under him.

“Ha, is that the best you…Aaah,” Snotlout screamed as he fell.

Everyone looked at him from up top.

“We’ll call it a draw,” Snotlout said as he was trying to get up.

“You mean a ‘drop’” Cazi said as she leaned back up.

“What else can she do, what else,” Tuffnut asked like a little puppy.

Anora extended her spikes and threw a spike.

“I likey,” Ruffnut answered as she punched her brother.

“And look at these spikes, lighter but sharper spikes,” Fishlegs started as Snotlout said “A little help here.”

“Anora,” Annabeth said.

Anora put her tail in front of him and then extended her spikes in front of him.

“Aaah…huh,” Snotlout said as Anora caught him with her tail and lifted him up.

*rarara* all the dragons laughed.

“Well we’ll see you guys in the morning,” Astrid said as they disbanded.

When they got to the dorms Isabella asked the question.

“So do you think the Dragon Rider’s going to do about the box of Frozen Fires?”

“I don’t think that they can solve this,” Annabeth said as she rubbed Anora’s horn.

“What?!” everyone exclaimed.

“Without help,” Annabeth said “Look I know that this is going to be a long journey but we can do this, if you don’t want to speak now.”

Cazi walked up to her and said “Anna, you know I got your back so I’m in!”

“Us too,” the Mollerson’s said afterwards.

“I’m in too,” Isabella said as well.

“Well, there’s no going back now,” Annabeth said “Let’s do this!”

After ten minutes they all fell asleep, wondering what tomorrow would bring them.

What will tomorrow bring for these nine young Vikings but what they all know is that they would have everyone’s back and their dragon’s back and the dragon’s will have their riders back until the end of time.

They also know that this is the beginning of a New Frontier.
























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Very well done, Dragons.  (Or do you want to be called Annabeth from your character?  Didn't know which you'd prefer).  Your best chapter thus far.


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Dragons is fine

Dragons is fine

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​Motioning for it to seperate from my legs, it finnaly got the jist of the situation. It seperated from my legs, frilling it's spine all the while. Fealing sorry for it, I decided to bring it with me. After all, was this a new species? Believe so. After waking my dragons, who groweled at the newcomer(except Undyne. She probibly though, ​'Mud + Dragon = Tidal Class dragon'​), we took the Muddicry with us, and reported the situation to Hiccup, including the Muddicry. He allowed the dragon with us, because we had a Tidal Class dragon with us. I named it Starslip, after it's coloring, and trained the Muddicry.


Name: Kaito

Species: Solarflare Skrill(made by Wutend Bonfire)

How We Met:

Me(Skylar) and three of my dragons, Blac Star the Screaming Death, LuCiel the Sliquifier, and my new companion, Starslip the Muddicry, were on a fishing trip sent from the School. We had to bring back a boatload of fish in a few days for all the new baby dragons that were hatching, which is a lot.

I was riding on LuCiel, with Blac Star and Starslip following behind, through the Ship Graveyard, when LuCiel suddenly roared. Silence followed, and Starslip suddenly dove, spitting hot mud on a oval-ish black shape. It was the dead of night, and dragons don't react this was for nothing, so I quickly landed LuCiel on a nearby seastack and approached the shape.

"Shhh, I won't hurt you, stay calm, ok?" I said, and while I got a closer look at it, I realized that he was a young male, of an unidentified species of dragon. The dragon was shaking his head, trying to clear the mud off, and looking promptly annoyed because it got dirty. Once he noticed me, I stopped walking to him, and got on one knee, showing that I ment no harm. The male was watching me as I slowly cupped both of my hands and filled them with water from the ocean, and I ever so slowly extended the water to the dragon, who looked at me with seemed to be a slight grin and splashed some of the water on me with his snout, to which I yelp with surprise.


After he splashed me, the dragon took off in the direction of the ships, and instinctively I tried to grab his tail, to which he turns around and tries to snap at me. We both are face-to-face, and looking a second more, we both start laughing. I knew that you don't pick the dragon, the dragon picks you, and that is what happened here. "Kaito is your name while i'm still living, ok?" I said to the new dragon in dragoneese, and he warbled a small yes. So, taking him back with me, we developed a strong bond(through shiny things and a lot of brushing).


Name: Arrow

Species: Sinistrous Woodreaper(Made by chameishida)

How We Met:

( Arrow's PoV )
I was resting in a high part of a pine tree, focusing my mind on where my pack had gone. They had left fot the south, and I was left behind, as usual, and I would catch up to them soon, if the winds were in my favor. I was still a young Woodreaper, a year or so out of adolecence to young adulthood, and we had to fend for ourselves now in the pack. Ruby and Augest were my siblings, Frost was my mother, and Redwind was my father, the leader of our pack. He controlled where our group went, and how the prey was divided among the clan's youngest and oldest. He was our leader, and the leader's word is law.

I slithered out of the tree I was in, being careful not to break any branches, and swiftly landed on the ground. Sniffing around, I picked up an...intresting smell, like molted stone and metal, sort of like a StoneHummer(Groncle in our terms)'s lava blast. I traced the smell back to a clearing, and saw a StingRunner(Speed Stinger in our terms), their leg caught in a toothy metal trap. The StingRunner was crying out, begging for the others of it's pack to come help, but I was the only dragon there. And so, I finished off it's life with a quick snap to the back of the neck, letting it lie on the smooth icy grass in a lifeless state.


Some time passed, and I had grown older. Maybe by a few months, but I had grown older, traveling between islands and such. My pack still hasen't come back for me yet, and they probibly never will, by this point.

I was walking with both my front and rear legs, slithering along the forest floor. My mouth was iluminated a bit, so that I can see where I was going, and I was currently sniffing out my prey, a small doe. I approched a large clearing with daisys, and slowly removed the ilumanation from my mouth as I walked across the clearing.

Suddenly, a sudden sharp pain like a bite or stab erupted in my back leg, and as I turned around to snap at the thing that bit or stabbed me, I saw blood. More speficialy, on the leg where the pain was comming from, and I saw a toothy, metal trap imbeaded into the limb, like the StingRunner from those months ago. My yellow eyes widened, and I enstincevly yelped in fear. Blood was running out of my leg, and staining the daisys a deep red. For a couple hours, which felt like an etirnety, I tried to get the trap off of my leg, and each time I did so, more blood gushed out, staining more daisys red. After all the atempts I could do, I curlled around my bleeding leg, whimpering and wishing my pack was here...


A couple days passed, and I was half-sarved to death. The trap was still imbeduded into my leg, but it wasen't bleeding anymore. I was gratefull about that for once. But the wimpering hasen't stopped, and I hope that someone, anyone could hear me.

A blurry sillouette was above me, flying through the deap blue cloudless sky. Suddenly it stopped, hovered in midair for a few seconds, and then driffted down to the edge of the clearing. I didn't really care what it was, I just kept wimpering in pain, and a smaller sillouette got off the bigger sillouette and slowly approched me.


As it got close, It pulled off somthing around it's mouth and set it aside, and I watched the small scavenger investigate me from a distance. The bigger sillouette slowly approched me too, behind the scavenger, and I could see that the bigger sillouette was a SharpTail(Razorwhip in our terms), and it was sniffing my body for any injuries. Soon, they found where the trap was, and the scavenger quicky grabbed the edges of the trap and pryed it apart untill a small click was heard.

"Stupid Dragon Hunters...setting up traps like this to catch dragons for their own profit..." I heard the scavenger say in Dragonesse, which was a small suprise on my part, as I didn't know that some scavengers could speak Dragonesse. But I was too tired to care right now, and I layed my head on the ground before I blacked out from exaustion.


Long story short, I woke up to me in a stable with multiple dragons around me and a bandaged leg. I followed the scavenger wherever they went while my leg was healing, and genually like the frendlyness of the scavengers and the dragons that took care of me. When my leg finally healed, I stuck around for a bit before moving to another one of the islands close to Berk, but I still kept my distance from the scavengers. I opened my heart to one, but none of the others after I left Berk, but I was curious about the scavenger that saved me. I believe her name was...Skylar?


​~Other Things~



-Fandom trash

-Watches anime and cries over beloved characters

-Is a total nerd

-Wishes that I could go into video games

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Hey I made your Whispering

Hey I made your Whispering Death Half Screaming Death because regular Whispers don't like the sun is that alright?

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I don't mind it at all!Spike

I don't mind it at all!Spike will be twice more awesome with in-bread genetics!