New Frontier: Chapter 10: The Storm that came from nowhere, Strange Dragons, and Disappearances

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New Frontier
Chapter 10: The Storm that came from nowhere, Strange Dragons, and Disappearances 
As the young dragon riders took to the sky Annabeth asked the question “Why are we going to your island did you forget something?” 
“No, I just need you guys to come with me so I can show you guys something and it’s better to do it when we’re all together so I don’t have to explain the whole thing over again.” Isabella answered as she kept looking forward.
Annabeth just sighed as Anora was still flying until she growled uneasily again.
“What’s wrong,” Annabeth said as she started rubbing her head to calm her down but then she heard a rumbling sound.
“Is that…” Izzy started as she turned around and saw a huge cloud with sudden flashes coming towards them.
“Oh Thor almighty,” Jarl and Asvord said together “Keep flying!” 
Everyone was trying to get out of the storms way until a huge wave split them up everyone was knocked out and were falling to the bottom.
At about Midnight,
*Growls* Anora stretched her wings and body and looked on her back.  She didn’t see Annabeth near her.
Anora started panicking and tried tracking her down until she bumped into another dragon rider it was Asvord.
“Anora thank Thor, Annabeth I found her!” Asvord said as she rubbed Anora’s head.
“Anora thank Thor you are alright we were worried about you,” Annabeth said as Anora ran to her rider and nuzzled her and saw that everyone was there.
Electic playfully growled as they rubbed their heads together.
“Alright since we are on the island, I wanted to show you guys what I was talking about,” Isabella stated.
Before anyone could say anything Izzy made different dragon calls that were all strange to them.
Annabeth and the others then heard the same dragon sounds from different parts of the island.
Then a whole lot of dragons came out of their places: There was a bulky one with horns on its head, another one that was camouflaged into a tree came out with a huge frill on top of its head, four small dragons that wasn’t terrible terrors came out of a dark cave and started wrecking the place, then a two-headed dragon came out of the water making electric shocks like Electic did, and a dragon that was camouflaged in the sand came out as well.
Izzy seemed calm while they came out but the others were nervous as their dragons started to get defensive as they let out a warning growl letting them know they weren’t afraid.
“It’s alright these are my dragons they won’t hurt you,” Izzy said as she calmed their dragons down.
“Dragons and Fellow Vikings I would like to introduce my family,” Izzy stated “This one here is called Hammer he is a Rumblehorn he’s really friendly isn’t that right Hammer, this one…*Sighs*” 
Izzy then held out a Brown Trout, suddenly big footprints were seen as a dragon was walking up to her it then revealed itself again.
“That’s a Hobblegrunt I read it in that book,” Annabeth stated as Anora was looking at all the new and soon to be friend dragons.
“You are correct, her name is Spots she is really mild mannered as she likes to disappear most of the time,” Izzy explained “This sandy creature is called a Sand Wraith her name is Aquamarine she loves adventures.”
Just then Anora roared as something bit her tail and lifted her tail up and a strange small dragon was chomping on her tail.
“Smoke stop terrorizing her dragon,” Izzy said but the small dragon stayed there “*Sigh* these four are trouble makers and they never listen to anyone that one is smoke, the one on Jessica’s head is Shirk…”
“Wait what *Looks up* Aaaah!” Jessica screamed as she swatted him away.
“They’re Night Terrors, the one beside Hammer is Shink and the one next to Electic is Shank,” Izzy said as Shank was about to chomp Electic’s tail until he growled and walked away “These two girls in the water is Thunder and Storm…” 
Just then Fredrick jumped in the water acting all playful as all Thunderdrums love to go back in the water one time or another.
“Still the same stubborn Thunderdrum,” Asvord chuckled as she rubbed Spiker’s head.
“Anyways, they are a Sea shocker.” Isabella said as the two heads rubbed her insolated boots.
“Is this the reason why you have all those scars,” Elsa asked as Meatballs chased after the Night Terrors.
“Yeah training unknown dragons is really hard and it usually comes with scars or bruises or both,” Isabella said as she then came over to the group.
Just then all the dragons got defensive as they heard something and thought it was a threat.
The young Vikings then heard voices that was struggling to do something.
“Who or what is that,” Asvord asked as Spiker’s spikes were turning red.
“Only one way to find out…” Annabeth started as they heard another sound coming into the mix
*Screech* it was a dragons roar.
And it sounded hurt.
“I know that screech it’s a Razorwhip that also lives here, but I can never get close to it to even try to train or touch it,” Izzy stated “Wait how did you train Anora?” she asked Annabeth.
“She was injured as a hatchling by Whispering Deaths and me and Cazi saved her, why,” Annabeth asked as Anora was looking at her angrily.
“Because I’m going to need your help training him,” Isabella said as she ran towards the sounds.
“Izzy wait,” the others said as they took after her.
When they arrived sure enough there was a Razorwhip trapped in a Berserkers net and the Berserkers were trying to pull it in but the Razorwhip kept throwing spikes.
“We need to get him out of there,” Jarl stated as Fredrick wanted to attack the Berserkers but stayed to defend Jarl “Any suggestions?” 
Anora looked at the Razorwhip and then to Annabeth as she wanted to help the only Razorwhip that she has seen since Razorwhips are rarely seen out in the open like this.
“I have an idea just stay here until I signal for you,” Annabeth said as she made the hand signal that meant stay to Anora.
Anora was uneasy about letting her rider go without her but stayed and never keeping her glare on the Berserkers.
“We almost got e’m keep pulling men!” one hairy Berserker ordered.
“Hey, what are you guys doing to that dragon let him go,” Annabeth said as she got closer to them.
“Uh-oh, look what we have here a little Viking girl that thinks she can take all of us alone,” the hairy Viking laughed as he kept pulling the Razorwhip to the cage.
“Don’t tempt me, now let the dragon go or face my dragon’s wrath,” Annabeth said as the other soldiers laughed at her.
“Well that is going to be a problem for you isn't it because your dragon is occupied at the moment or trapped I should say," the hairy Viking said as he told the others to keep pulling "Now I'm going to give you five seconds to get going before I chop your head off." As he took out his sword.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you, bucko," Annabeth said as she reached for her sword "You wouldn't like where this will lead so I suggest you free that Razorwhip and sail away." 
Annabeth then saw that he was going to strike but she made the hand signal for Anora to fire, once Anora saw that she started to charge up and waited for Annabeth's next signal.
"This is your last chance free that dragon or face my wrath," Annabeth said as she hit the switch that held the axe and aimed at the net, as Anora was ready to fire.
"I told you no that dragon is rightfully mine, now go!" the Viking roared as he brought his sword down.
At the last second Annabeth pointed her finger downwards that meant to fire and moved out of the way as she threw her axe at the net as it was cut to shreds.
"What the-" the Viking started as Anora fired in front of him and he moved out of the way.
The wild Razorwhip then started to fire at the Vikings as he limped away from the scene.
"Why you little...GRAB HER!" the Viking said as he pointed towards Annabeth.
*Whistle* Annabeth whistled to her dragon as the Berserkers were closing in on her trying to keep her still.
"Gotcha now munchkin," the hairy Viking said as he came closer towards her.
"That's what you think *Arrawark*" Annabeth said as the Berserkers felt a gust of wind over their heads and saw Anora grabbed Annabeth out of their reach by extending her claw and kept flying.
"What! Another Razorwhip impossible," the Berserker shouted.
"That's what you think *shoots*" Annabeth started as she saw nets and chains coming towards them "Okay guys anytime now!"
Back with the teens they heard Annabeth call for them and wondered if that was their signal.
"Okay I can really use your help right about now!" Annabeth shouted as Anora burned a net to a crisp.
"That's our cue," Jessica said as she mounted Sapphire and all of the other dragon riders came out of their resting spots and joined in the fight.
"Hey bub," Jarl said as Fredrick was hovering in front of one of the net shooters.
"What," the shooter said as he aimed at him and Fredrick.
"What will you get if you mess with one of our friends dragons?" Jarl questioned the shooter.
The shooter then stopped to ponder the question he then answered "I don't know what?"
"Burnt to a crisp!" Asvord said as the Shooter turned around and saw that Spiker was about to fire "NOW Spiker!"
Spiker shot and the shooter jumped into the water avoiding the blast.
"Nice Shot Asvord," Jarl complemented his sister.
"Nice joke Jarl," Asvord said.
"Really," Jarl said as Fredrick blasted a ship's caboose.
"No," Asvord said as she smirked and flew off driving the others away.
Then all of the Berserkers were retreating except for one Viking that swam to shore was getting closer to the injured Razorwhip that was trying to rest.
"Come to Papa litte dragon," he said as he pulled out a tube that held a dart.
Isabella then turned and saw the Berserker as she and Spike were closer to him.
"Spike it's time to play hide-and-seek," Isabella said as Spike dove into the ground.
"Come to daddy, you ignor-Aaah!" the Berserker screamed as he fell into the hole.
Spike then rose with Isabella on his back as she dismounted she went to the Razorwhip that was scraped on his leg.
"Alright they're gone," Miranda said as Timebomb landed with the others.
*Growls* the Razorwhip growled at the dragon riders and their dragons.
"Hey easy boy we're not going to hurt you, see," Izzy said as she held sea slug slime to him.
The dragon then calmed down as he let Isabella put the ointment on his leg.
"There," Isabella said as she closed the bottle and rised up.
The Razorwhip rose up and felt no pain, he then started to fly up and around the place. 
"I guess Razorwhips are dragons that have a lot of pride," Asvord said as Anora looked at her angrily "Hey it's true!"
The Razorwhip then landed and walked towards Isabella he then bent his head down.
"What is he doing," Isabella said as she backed away but never keeping her eyes off of the Razorwhip.
"He wants you to mount him," Annabeth said as Anora looked at the Razorwhip.
Isabella carefully climbed onto the Razorwhip and flew up with her in spirals and let out a happy roar.
"Wahoo!" Isabella screamed of joy.
Anora then lifted Annabeth on her back and flew after Isabella.
The others then followed after and they started having fun.
Fifteen minutes later they landed,
Isabella then said "I'm bringing him back with me."
"But Isabella you can only have one dragon at the School of Dragons," Merida said as Maxine started chasing Anora and Electic playing with a stick.
"I know and I've decided to leave Spike here to watch my other dragons," Isabella said as the Razorwhip curled around her "He needs to be well-cared for and watched, besides Spike is like the Alpha to my other dragons and he can get them to listen to him better than I can."
"Alright then...anyways what are you going to call him," Annabeth asked as Anora curled around her.
"I think Iron Tail is the best name for him since he sliced through one of the Berserkers armor," Isabella said as she said good-bye to Spike as he flew off to her other dragons.
"Hey I think we should be heading back," Asvord said as she mounted Spiker "Because we have a Weaponry Test tomorrow morning and I need to pass that thing."
"You're right let's go," Annabeth said as Anora bent down and they all  took off.
An hour later the Vikings arrived at their dorms,
"See you guys tomorrow morning," Cazi said as Electic gently pushed her into the room "Alright Mr. Grumpy pants you don't have to push me everytime you feel like it!"
Electic growled and jumped into his hut and went to sleep as well as Anora.
"Good night," Jessica said as she closed her door.
The next morning surprisingly all of the young Vikings had their full strength and made their way to the Dining Hall for their morning meal.
"Okay guys today we are going to meet at the Great Hall of History for lunch and not the Wilderness we need to get some more information on this box of Frozen Fires," Annabeth said as she was about to eat her eggs.
"Uh-uh you promised me your eggs this morning if I got up so fork'em over here," Cazi smirked at Annabeth that had a frown on her face but gave them to her "Thank you kindly."
Just then the Headmaster banged his hammer on the pedastle, the young Vikings stopped and looked at him.
"Young dragon trainers I have horrible news,  the Dragon Trainers Rebecca and Joshua Clearthorn has been reported missing this morning including their dragons if you have any information or knowledge please let me know, continue eating classes will be starting soon," the Headmaster announced as he exited the Hall and the young Vikings continued eating.
"Well that confirms what we saw last night," Jarl whispered to their group, "they're working for whoever stole the box of Frozen Fires."
"I knew they were'nt racing when they came to our orientation," Cazi said as Elecetic bumped her side of the table as the rest of Annabeth's eggs fell and he licked it all up, "Hey! That was mine you scoundrel!"
"Easy come Easy go," Asvord giggled as she had just finished studying her notes.
"But back to what Cazi was saying," Jessica said as she fed the rest of the anchovies to Sapphire, "How did you know they were'nt racing?"
"Because didn't Rebecca say that Inferno was a Titan Wing Nightmare," Cazi said as she dumped her tray out and sat back down.
"Yeah but what does that even mean to this mystery," Jessica questioned as Sapphire lied down.
"Everything, if I remember from my father's books on dragons from home it says that Titan Wing dragons are less maneuverable than regular sized dragons," Cazi said as the horn blew.
"So that means they had to be somewhere far away for Inferno to be able to get here fast enough," Annabeth concluded as she got up.
"Correct," Cazi said as she hopped on Electic and flew off towards Hiccup's class.
As did the others.




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