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This a OC Dragon competition. See how your fan - created dragon compares to others'.

How it works:
You post your Dragon species and tell every one about it, and then we will vote on how they compare in regard to originality, realism, and awesomeness.

It goes like this:

1. Show a picture of or describe your dragon species.

2. Give a synopsis describing you dragon species


That's it.

After someone posts their species, reply to it rating it on a scale from 1-10 (1 lowest through 10 highest) in each of these catergories: Originality, realism, overall awesomness.

Also give your comments on it. :-)


Hope you enjoy it!




I go by RC or Roam in game.

My Fanfiction:

The School of Dragons -

My character:

The Roaming Chicken

Nicknames: RC, Roam.

Gender: Male (main character)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 112 pounds

Height: 5 ft. 11 inches.

Age: 15

From: The Ring Isles (Southwest of Berk by many miles)

Clan: Turgor Tribe, Kulman Clan.

Favorite Food: Apple Pie

Least Favorite Food: Sardines

Favorite Dragon: Moldruffle

Least Favorite Dragon: Whispering Death

Clothing: He usually wears plain wool vests, dirty brown pants, and brown leather boots. He owns two ceremonial fur bracelets. He also wears a patch of Kulman Clan crest on his belt.

Dragons: Hailstorm (Female Gronkle) Growlhunter (Male Moldruffle) Wavespeed (Sliquifier)

Property: Winslow Farm (near the lookout) Kulman's Mountain (on the Ring Isles) Stables under the school.

Favorite Island: Dragon's Edge Island

Animals: seven brown chickens, two white sheep and a black one (Herbert the Indestructable) one friendly albatross who comes by from time to time, one yak.

Occupation: Farmer and Trader (He grows specialized crops like dragon nip and beans and then sells them at the school)

Worst fear: That he would fail to finish school and help his family.

Backstory: Born Fred Kulson Junior to the Turgor Tribe, his clan was the Kulsons, nicknamed "chickens" by the other clans. (Decades ago the clans of the Turgor tribe were divided by arguments over leadership. The Kulsons refused to fight, earning the disdain of the other clans because of their so called cowardice. When the tribes split, the Kulsons were forced to live in the mountains of their island, with no access to the sea. They became farmers. Without ships, they stayed on their island living peacefully, trading with the other clans, who treated them lower. )

His parents were Fred Kulson, a farmer, and Freji Kulson. He has a younger brother named Gunner and a younger sister named Ralfa. He has a uncle and aunt named Shad and Malahara. He has a cousin named Bow (Bower) who is younger than him.

The Roaming Chicken's parents desired their firstborn to have a better life than their basic farming job. On a visit to the sea village, news was brought by Trader Johan that Hiccup, Chief of Berk and master of dragons, had created a school of dragons and was inviting people all over to join. The family decided to pay for a wealthy warrior who was sailing to Berk with some elders to establish peaceful relations with Hiccup to bring RC. No one thought the warrior would accept the offer, but then Fred Kulson produced a silver-bladed dagger that had been a treasured possession of the Kulsons for years. The warrior accepted and the Roaming Chicken departed on his boat. The whole town was amazed that a "chicken" could be headed to a powerful village on a ship with a mighty warrior. This is how he earned the name,"Roaming Chicken".

When they arrived, RC began looking for a trade he might be interested in learning. He was fascinated by the dragons and watched the Berk Academy train. He realized that if he could get into the school of dragons and take his dragon home he would be able to help his people.

To find out the school fee he asked the representative for the school, Fishlegs, and found out he had not enough tradable items his family gave him to get in. Since three other boys from the Turgor tribe were enrolling in the school, he asked the warrior to lend him some tradables so he could get in. When the warrior refused, RC was down hearted until a Berkian man named Mr. Ack decided to loan him. He sent a message back to his family.

When the next spring rolled around (he stayed at the Ack's with other similar boys doing work for them.) he was ferried to the island and began his schooling. To pay off his debt to Mr. Ack, he began farming and selling the produce to the students. His goal was to finish his schooling and return to his family. He felt very pressured and wanted to make his family proud. His family told him that they were glad and surprised that he was able to start school. He sent them letters when the boats departed for his island.

He was good friends with Bower and missed him and parents and siblings a lot, and is sometimes sad that they are not there.

He struggles with feeling like he has worth when he first joined the school because of the prejudice against his clan. Later he gets over it because he is treated well by the Berkians.

Throughout the story he struggles with proving himself and making his family proud. He feels like he is failing sometimes. He has malice toward the oppressors. 

He is generally open and friendly to most people, reserved with other clans from the Turgor tribe, and sensitive to his clanmates.

Although he wants to see his family again, he is ok taking his time in schooling and enjoying the indiscrimination at the school.

He can think up stories or bluff really well if he is in a tight spot.

He is really good at remembering past things that helped him.

He is strong from farming, and although he has never had a weapon save a small knife he wears in his boot, he can use a stick to pummel his opponents pretty well.

Negatives: He can't control his anger against oppressive people, which causes him to act rashly.

He trusts enemies to keep their word.

He doesn't do battle strategy too well.

He can't read the nordic language (none of the Kulmans were ever taught how)

Quirks: He is squeamish about hunting and skinning animals.

He is okay with his farm being disorganized and messy, but he keeps his house clean.

He actually likes people to call him by his nickname, the Roaming Chicken.

He has a fabric of the Kulson Crest sown into his wool jacket.

He never had any money, only tradable goods like wool and wheat.

His family expects him to marry into the Kulson clan.

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Going to need to draw a picture of mine.... its this coolio ice dragon called a FrostBite though ^^


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Awesome, can't wait to see it!

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- The FrostBite -

Strike Class

The Frostbite is an ice spitter, it quick on its feet and can run full sprint on slippery ice. The dragon has large paws, they functioning similar to snowshoes so the dragon can easily walk on top of snow. It primarily hunts seals, swallowing them whole like a snake, though will eat pretty much anything it can find in the unforgiving snow fields it calls home. 

Its head and tail are crested with fur, though it coats the fur with ice to form sharp icicles on the back of its head and the tip its tail. A good whack from the frostbite's sharp tail tip could kill a viking with relative ease.  The dragon is fairly small, roughly the size and weight of a Razor Whip. A blast from the beast's icy breath can freeze a viking and even some dragons firmly in place, only for the dragon to deliver it's killing blow with a bite to the neck, hence the origin of it's name.

The dragon is a master in flight, its large flexible wings used to make sharp twists and turns in the air, and it's streamlined form able to cut through the air with ease. It has to tuck it's wings very close to its body to avoid winds from snow storms to open them and carry the dragon upwards, though the dragon will sometimes use these winds gusts to it's advantage. The dragon is a divebomber like a falcon, searching for it's prey from high above, before swooping down and freezing them in place.

The frostbite unfortunatly does not do well in heat, and will simply lie down panting till it gets cooler. It doesn't like to engage with furious firebreathers, knowing very well it most likely has the disadvantage, and will flee. The dragon is a solitary species, and normally travels alone, normally with the exception of it's hatchlings.


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Awesome dragons!



Originality: 7

Realism: 8

Overall Awesomeness: 6



Although a reptile cannot really grow fur, i thought the idea of the frozen fur spikes was very original.  I also liked how you gave it a huge weakness: Heat.  I also liked that you stuck to the design of the strike class dragons having strong jaws. That thing looks like it could crush a boulder!


Overall, great  dragon!

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In a world where flying

In a world where flying lizards breathe lightning and dragons glow because of the algae they eat, a dragon growing fur is honestly tame compared to other things in the series.

It is, after all, possible.

So in all honesty, I think that 'realism' is a pretty weak factor to critique fandragons on. Just saying.


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SweetTooth the whispering death: lvl 14

SeaFoam the shockjaw: lvl 14

Stokerface the singetail: lvl 11

StomacheAche the eruptodon: lvl 11

RedScales the razorwhip: lvl 7

Lyrical the death song: lvl 7

RockEater the gronckle: lvl 4

Trial and Error the zippleback: lvl 12

FrostTooth the groncicle: lvl 5

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I'm not even sure if dragons can be considered reptiles- they're not real so they could also be birds or mammals- whatever one's imagination allows!


Neo / likes to draw things sometimes

Questions? I have a FAQ!

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Definitely reptiles

Pretty sure the HTTYD series dragons are considered reptiles though - a lot of their design aspects are incredibly reptilian, and I'm not just talking about them having scales.



That isn't to say, however, that hair-like filaments would be entirely impossible - especially for what is essentially a fantasy creature.


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I was talking about dragons in general, but you're right when it comes to HTTYD; most dragons in the franchise look very reptile-y, indeed. The book dragons do as well, even more so than the film dragons at times. I think that it's done on purpose so whole thing won't become too broad and confusing for people. 


Yeah I don't see why hair or something similar to it wouldn't be possible. Look at the woolly howl- it's pretty furry! I've heard of amphibians that have hair-like horn stuff, terror frogs, I think? I bet that it'd be possible for reptiles as well, in some way. It would definitely be possible for dragons.

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True, though most dragons in

True, though most dragons in folklore are still most definitely reptilian in appearance - it's mostly modern interpretations where they've become increasingly mammilian/avian/whatever inspired. What I love about this franchise's dragons is the folkloric feel they have. They really do look like something straight out of mythology. Same thing can be said for the book's dragons. Basically, folklore is why dragons are considered mainly reptiles/reptilian.




Indeed - the adhesive pads on a gecko's feet consist of incredibly tiny hairs, too. There's also the extinct Longisquama, which has strange, most likely scale-derived structured on its back. I'm sure there are more examples out there but I am currently too tired to think of any more. So it would not be too much of a stretch for hairy/feathery filaments on a dragon to be a scale derivative that took on the appearance of something fluffier.

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And that's intellectually with 4 Ls...yes

I like it, but I'm gonna knock off a few points in the originality factor.  There already is two ice dragons in the strike class.  ((Tell me if this was made before the Woolly howl, or at least teh snow wraith.  If so, I will give points back))


I like how you did keep to the form of strike class dragons having strong jaws and being quick flyers, while not making it OP, good job ^-^


I'm not gonna knock off anything for fur.  Considering this is a world with plasma dragons and dragons with a somehow unlimited amout of spikes on its tail, I don't think fur is really that big of a deal XD.


The chicken is not amused.



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Long before the wooly howl

Long before the wooly howl and snow wraith, and even the bewilderbeast... I made this after the first movie... course with some tweaks from then XD

I do my best to avoid overpowered things while still keeping them powerful ^3^

And that's what I was thinking... and you know... the wooly howl is a thing... its clearly covered in fur XD

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And if he were MY godchild, I would let him wear LONG shorts!!!!

Ohhhhhhh....OK XD.  You can have those originality points back, then XD.

I like people like that.  Powerful but not to powerful ^-^

Well the woolly howl technically doesn't have fur (they are spines), but I get the point :3.

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Goodness, this is such a

Goodness, this is such a pretty dragon. Loving the colour choices, and you've balanced its abilities nicely.

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Going to update this eventually,

in the meantime, you can also find me on: 




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Asheous Mares

(Also known as Phoenix Furies by vikings in far off lands)



Several million years, before the dinosaurs went extinct from the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, an unknown species of dragon suffered a massive volcano eruption that covered the dragon’s land in lava and ash. The dragons hid their eggs deep within caves that were scattered around their land in an attempt to save them. The dragons were unable to survive in the high toxicity and, one by one, they vanished. The caves were covered by the toxic ash, and the dragon eggs were buried.

     After a couple of million years, the movement of land formation caused by massive earth quakes caused several caves to crack open. One cave, out of hundreds that held eggs, had the right conditions and environment to preserve the eggs and halt their growth. As the toxic air within the cave escaped through the cracks, and oxygen entered the cave, the eggs began to grow and baby dragons hatched into this new world. The toxicity weakened the dragon’s scales and whenever the dragons blew fire, parts of their body would glow red from having thin skin, and their bodies would heat up. These baby dragons didn’t have their parents to teach them how to fly or hunt, so they resorted to bugs and lizards within the cave to keep themselves alive. These dragons stayed within the caves because they feared what could be lurking outside of the cave walls.

     Over time and through thousands of generations, mutations transformed them into a dragon with shorter wings, and whiskers began to form to help them feel around in the dark caves. These dragons soon grew curious to what may be outside, so they began to wander into a world they have never seen or imagined. While outside, these dragons began to hunt larger prey. Over time they became excellent runners and hunters of the forest. They became the fastest land running dragon (with wings) to ever exist. Over even more time, these dragons learned how to glide and fly to aid them in their hunting.

     Today, these dragons prefer to hunt and do most of their travelling on the ground, but they do enjoy flying. They are slow flyers because their wings are small compared to other dragons, and they also have long fur-like spines on the tips of their wings, their tails, and their backs. If another dragon is chasing them while they are flying, a defense mechanism that they have is to heat up their bodies and cause just enough heat to force the spines to burst into flame and turn to ash, which will flow into the eyes of the predator chasing them. The loss of these fur like spines gives the dragon a small boost in speed (since there is less wind resistance without the spines) and they can then quickly disappear from the temporarily blinded predator. The Spines burst in flame, but the entire body does not, so do not mistake them to be like a Monstrous Nightmare. The spines grow back in about a week of losing them. 

     Baby Asheous Mares hatch with thin, smooth skin, but as they grow, parts of their skin get thicker. As adults, their scales look like a burnt log (exactly like the image below that I found on the internet). When they start to blow fire, and it is just in the back of their throats, the cracks within their scales will glow red due to the skin being thin. The appearence of the flame is much like watching the light of a fire flickering brighter and dimmer. As the Asheous mares breath in, the glow strengthens, and as they breath out, the glow grows dim. Their flame has a high toxicity level and is always red/orange in coloration.


     Asheous Mares have behavior similar to that of Night Furies, but there are differences :) Asheous mares have cat and dog behavior, but what makes them unique is their most prominant behavior... that of a mouse! They will often stick their heads up and sniff the air or look around for larger dragons. Asheous mares are slightly smaller than Night Furies, but a full grown viking can still easily fly them. Only one person (or two small people) should ride these dragons due to them being smaller and having weaker wings than many other species.


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An Asheous Mare ashed my subject

Nice Dragon!


Originality: 8

Realism: 9

Overall Awesomeness: 5

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My Dragons!



(You should read the info underneath each one, it's interesting!)


1st dragon: Sherbert, Female, Deady Nadder

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2nd dragon: Black Cloud, Male, Skrill

Black Cloud is determined to the end. Ever since Yohann started selling skrills, I knew I wanted one, and after I saved for a LONG time, I knew that was the right choice. He's my most powerful and trusted of the team. He was also turning into a promised racer, until a recent search-and-rescue accident, where he lost his tail to one of Drago's forgotten traps. He's recovering, but he may never be able to fly again. 


3rd dragon: Pebble Tooth, Male, Whispering Death

Pebble Tooth is a good friend. He's a weird little dude, and he spends most of his time, that's right, in the water. For some reason, my dragon only is in the dirt when he has to be and the rest of the time he's getting the dirt off. He's the nutball of the group, and he thinks it's so funny to tunnel underground then pop up and scare my other dragons. Now I have to teach him to mind...


4th dragon: Bean, Male, Gronckle

Now, Gronckles aren't my favorite. I really only got him to complete the dumb quest. (don't tell him that). But I've actually come to love his undying loyalty and his constant need to either snuggle, eat, or take a nap. He reminds me a lot of myself. Natually, he's the glue of the crew, his love and caring for others only getting stronger as days go by. 


5th dragon: Kaya, Female, Sand Wraith 

Kaya is the newest recruit. She is quite the character! I didn't know what to expect when I bought her, Sand Wraith's are so rare. But she has grown to love my other dragons as they have grown to love her. She is known as the baby of the team, but she is quickly losing her softness, and she is determined to lose the title of baby. She's determined, and my best racer. She's still young, and has a lot to learn, but she really looks up to Sherbert. I know with Shebert as her mentor, Kaya will be a great dragon!


She will probably be my last dragon, unless an amazing species comes out. I'd personally rather have a small team of great dragons than train so many dragons I don't remember their names! 

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Personality: Shy

Bio: Out pops this cute little girl! She isn't quite sure of her position with you, and fires her

icey cold water all over you, making you laugh. She then edges closer to you making sure

that you aren't going to harm her. She jumps right into your arms and finds a comfortable

spot sleeping in your hands.

Bio and Dragon by Scoubidous. 


Meet Santa:      

And Christmas:  

Credit goes to toothless572


Read below it's very interesting! 

Santa (male) and Christmas (female) are brother and sister, and I adopted them from 

Sirenemoon. They are both super sweet, and I decided they should put their amazing personalities to good use! 

Santa is a really steady flyer and is amazing with kids, adults, teenagers, and every other

form of viking you can find. So I talked to Hiccup, and now Santa's job is to teach new

members of the school how to fly a dragon! (He loves his new job and is very good at it!) 

Christmas is so compassionate and loving! You can never catch her in a bad mood, and she

has a talent of overlooking the differences we have and finding the good in all of us. So, I

decided she would best serve our injured vikings as one of the very first therapy dragons!

She spends her time in the infirmary, whether she is playing catch, chasing lights, or

curling up and snoozing.

(She is very good at her job too!) 

This is Acid, my Arizontia. 

creds to Golden Scarlet


My terrible terror, Nicholas! Creds to SadoMazoCat


This is adopted Nighty Fury, Eden. 

creds to Slyler Smile


My Celestial Soul, a new dragon species created by kimbenoso . Thanks!




And this is Spice! He's my special little Terrible Terror. Allthough he is blind, my other

dragons treat him just the same. 

creds to skyleaf


And this is Bluestar! She is a little nervous around other vikings because her family was killed

in the dark ages. But I beleive, with a proper reintroduction to vikings, she won't be very

skiddish anymore. Once you get to know her, she is fun and playful.


^This is Cobra, my adopted wolf by MidnightMare. He is a strong-hearted, strong-willed,

and strong-souled wolf, which completely contradicts the other side of his personality which is

that he is go-lucky and care-free. He's quite the character.  





^Both made by Sleepyraccoon. Thank You!

^This is my amazing legendary Night Fury named Olleander. I won't bore you with the very

long story it took to get her, but she's amazingly fast, dangerous, and commands respect

from all who meet her. Creds to kimbenoso, for the amazing work on her. Her special

talent is this venom-like acid she can inject into her victims like a snake! But she is loyal,

and she will remain that way.


And this Nightinggale, a Night Flurence adopted from Wutend Bonfire. Some backround information, they are very happy and over-trusting creatures. They are nocturnal scavengers,

but they are very graceful and are always there when you need them to be. 





^This awesome Fluddlebeak was make by GreenCheekedGroot. His name is Bark, mostly

because these things are going fast and I had to thing of a name fast cause I really

wanted him!




Meet Maja, my Night Fury. 

If you are coloring Maja for me, reference below:


^ The Officail Maja!!!!! ^

Lineart by SongOfTheHorse, Coloring by me!!!


This is the original Maja. I owe this work to Treesbane, for creating her. Thank you!

Creds to SkyLeaf


Creds to Scoubidous
creds to mesaprncss
^creds to Autumn5467

^Creds to Duckei


 requested by NadderForever by Skypeoplephoenix732


Creds to Skypeoplephoenix732



This, no offence to the other works, has to be my favorite so far. LOOK IT HOW CUTE!!!

*cough* ok I'm done spazzing creds to the amazing and talented Skrilltheskrill






    By the talented Shedinn. Thanks!

    Gifs of my Fav Disney Character, Stitch!








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    The Hypnowing

    Class: Tidal Class


    The Hypnowing is a dragon very rarely sighted around Berk, as it typically inhabits much warmer, tropical waters. However, it has been known to occasionally stray into colder waters if prey in its usual territories is scarce, or if having unintentionally strayed from its seasonal migration path. Unlike many other aquatic dragons, these dragons live solitary lives, only coming together in groups when migrating or to breed.

    These dragons earned their name from their unusual, but effective, hunting technique. They are capable of not only changing the colour of their wings in an instant, but they can make the patterns upon them change, pulsate and swirl, much like cephalopods (such as cuttlefish); when they spot prey, they will fan out their six fin-like wings and pulsate the patterns upon them, lulling their victim into a hypnotic trance, drawing them closer and closer until they're close enough that they can be quickly finished off.

    If the victim manages to slip away, then the Hypnowing will employ its alternative to fire breath, that being a unique slime that it forcefully fires from its mouth. On land, the slime is extremely slippery and very foul-smelling, but in water the slime rapidly thickens into a gooey gel that stubbornly sticks to the target, slowing them down. Hypnowings will also use this slime to distract larger predatory dragons, such as Scauldrons, and make a quick getaway - they try to avoid fighting other dragons, because their skin and wings are notably thin and delicate; thus, whilst they are very specialised, intelligent hunters and quick in the water, their defences are rather low.

    Dragons such as the Red Death and Bewilderbeast are immune to the Hypnowing's wing-pattern pulsation, as are dragons with poorer eyesight, or whom are colourblind. Victims can be snapped out of the induced trance, though it seems the only way to do this is to expose them to an especially foul smell, such as eel stench, or Zippleback gas. Humans are also susceptible to the Hypnowing, unless they too are colourblind, or manage to close their eyes in time. For this reason, training a Hypnowing is extremely difficult. However, there are two things that one could use to help in that regard. First of all, Hypnowings are intrigued by bright light and colour, so lit torches and fires will peak their curiosity. Then their second 'weakness' can be employed; due to their lack of fire breath their diet usually consists of 100% raw food. As such, they have a strong fondness for cooked food.

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    Another Awesome Dragon

    A tidal class dragon! I was hoping to see one of those.


    Here's my rating:

    Originality: 5

    Realism: 6

    Overall Awesomeness: 6


    Comments: The three wings/fins are cool. Also the cuttlefish-like coloration and behaviour is also interesting. Im curious, though, about it's head antennas. What do they do?

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    Tracking  ^_^



    Ok, then. This is the Spike Roller!


    The one above is one of my own Rollers, Crasher. Credit goes to NightmareRebuff for the revamp and lineart of these :)


    Class: Boulder

    Shot limit: 5


    The Spike Roller dragon has existed since ancient times, and as such has a prehistoric appearance. As the name suggests, its sharp spikes are one of its most dangerous weapons, along with its size and incredible strength. Spike Rollers are also capable of curling themselves into a tight ball and rolling at high speeds. They do this mainly to attack their opponents, but it can also be used for travelling over difficult terrain. This can have a devastating effect on anything around them, as the powerful spikes on its back can gradually break up the ground and anthing else in their environment. Because of this, it is easy to tell when you're in one's territory, which is a usually large rocky area.

    This Boulder Class dragon has thick, armour-like scales on its back to protect it from harm inflicted by rolling, or even from other dragons. The scales on its belly and legs though, are much softer and vulnerable to attacks. While it breathes fire, its flame is somewhat weaker than that of other dragons, and usually comes in only short bursts. As a result, it relies heavily on its tail as a weapon in close-range combat, where it is unable to roll. They are bulky and clumsy dragons, and definitely do not excel in situations where agility is needed.

    Their habitat is usually somewhere rocky, and they prefer to spend their time in a mountain terrain, or in large, open areas. However, they will often temporarily wander into forests or grasslands in search of food. Their diet consists of mainly berries and plants, but they have been known to eat meat occasionally. Those who live near rivers may try to catch fish if they are hungry enough, but they much prefer other food sources.

    Spike Rollers are very territorial, and can be very aggressive towards strangers. They are extremely dangerous to approach, and are very difficult to train. Some are more stubborn than others, and how they behave once trained varies between dragons.


    Winged Rollers-

    Every now and then, a Spike Roller that has wings is hatched. These are considered very rare among the species, and only a small amount of winged ones have been recorded.

    This is my other Spike Roller, Rumblerock.


    Winged Rollers are clumsy flyers, and can only travel short distances at a time. They roll at a reduced speed to a normal Roller, because their wings make rolling more difficult. Because of this, the wings are generally considered a bad trait for the dragon to have. Dragon hunters though, are particulaly interested in the winged variant, because they are extremely difficult to find.


    Happy Dreadfall, from Mirage and I! 

    (Awesome Halloween picture by TosiLohi!)


    Viking license by AllyNadderRider!                                                                      Trophy by Silence!


    Sig last updated:  6th November, 2016

    Clan banner by Stiger23 * Clan crests by Maijic








    Mirage and Sparky's licenses by AllyNadderRider




    Mirage gif by Nessie.  Panther and Sparky sprites by Blackwolfen.




    Wonderful drawing of Panther, Mirage and Sparky, by Hiccup Haddock.

    Check out her website, >Draw4Life<   You won't be disappointed!


    Lord Voldemort on a Screaming Death, by the talented Varku.

    (Above banner by Silence)

    (Above banner by zero the ruthless)


    (Picture by victoriae350)                                                                  (Gif by Pedz)

    (Banner by Stiger23)

    (Banner by httyyd)


                                        (Asheous Mare Banners by Stiger23  *Swift Champion slogan by victoriae350)   

    (Banner by Stiger23)

    Derpy picture by -Pyrelyth-



    Lyric banners by AllyNadderRider



    Panther by MistyNight

    Poem by WolfLight
    Mirage picture above by Kimbenoso


    The awesome Mirage bouncie was a gift from Spy. Thank you!

    The whole team, by NadderForever



    Panther's sword (Cobalt), and her sheild. Both by DragonLover43


    (from "Another day" onwards are the words to a Pokemon theme song. Just so you know XD )



    Panther and Firestorm, by DuskDaybreak.



    Banner by Owlsbane


    Banner by Owlsbane, and Shadow





    Mirage by Colress












    Member of the Sisterhood of Clams!

    Want to join our forum clan? PM our leader, Sky and Ocean. Or one of the elders, Icee Glacier and myself.

    There's an in-game version of the Clams too, if you're interested!

    *You must be female to join*


    ~Elder/leader banner of Birdy, Zuski and I~



    ~Banner of (most of) the clan members~


        This is our mascot, Clament the Pan Puffle!


    All banners, and Clament, by Sky and Ocean!


    My Total Dragon Count


    Adopted from others: 45      In-game only: 16      My other OCs: 32


    Total: 93


    *Okay, so the numbers above do include a couple of non-dragon creatures (like Sparky, for example). But the vast majority of them are still actually dragons! XD


    Want to take a look at my dragon OCs?

    Click  >here<

    Or click on any of my dragons below :)

    (I have a ton of other dragons, too. This is only a handful of them!)

    Credits: Myst and Mayhem, drawn by Ender. Evergreen chibi made by NightmareRebuff. Sunvaar Kulaan drawn by themasterplan47. Stoker bouncie made by Twistedclaw. Firestorm drawn by Ender.



    Want to see all the dragons I've adopted?

    Click  >here<

    Or click on any of my adopted dragons below :)


    (Again, I have adopted a ton of others too. This is only a few!)

    Credits: Baymax the Stream Slider, a birthday gift from Catsrock (lineart by Spy). Lyra the Amitous Harvestdrake, a Divergent dragon by NightmareRebuff (Faction: Amity). Stormclaw the Thundereaver, another gift from Catsrock (lineart by Spy). Flarefang the Frilled Acidspitter, by Spy. Shaman the Barbados (Witch Doctor) Fury, by NightmareRebuff.


    This section is for all of my beautiful Aquas! Credit goes to Spy and Kcrockett for these guys ^_^




    Seastar, my first Aqua.  Blazing River, son of Seastar and Spy's Bright Flame.  Sprite, daughter of Spy's Pastel and Orangeade.


    Midnight Abyss, Jetstorm's mate.  Atlanta and Moonlit Pearl, daughters of Midnight Abyss and Jetstorm.


    Jetstorm, son of KC's Zyock and Naiya.  Kylo, son of Jetstorm and KC's Crescent.  Gold Coast, a.k.a Cheese Puff.


    Marshall, brother of Melody.   Melody, sister of Marshall.

    Tsunami, brought to me by the Easter Dragon.  Dewdrop, daughter of Tsunami and KC's Askor.  Asgard, brother of Kcrockett's Odin.


    Mud Splash, received from a contest, along with Cheese Puff.  Optimus, a fearless leader.

    Crasher and Rumblerock, my Spike Rollers. Spike Rollers are my own fan-species. Thank you to NightmareRebuff for the awesome revamp!


    One of my Night Furies, Blue Ivy, by the talented Nessie!        Awesome picture of Sunvaar Kulaan by TosiLohi!


    The Furjointed Jowlprance, an epic Mystery Class dragon by goldenfury360.  And my beautiful Dwarf Talonstrike, Autumn Breeze, adopted from Spy.





    Skybolt the Asheous Mare, by Stiger23

    Asheous Mares are the clan dragons of Swift Champions. This is my dragon, Skybolt. He loves to play, and make new friends. And he's incredibly cute, too!



    Battle Bond Pokemon, by shataikislayer. The first is what Sparky's Battle Bond form would look like if he had one. The second is Gallade's. The third one is my Infernape, Blaze's.



    *All stamps were found at various places around DeviantArt. Click on any stamp to visit the page I got it from, and see who made it. If any of these belong to you, and you want me to remove it from my signature, just shoot me a PM telling me so and I'll be sure to take it out.

       Peace out   (Thanks for looking at my sig!)

    ((Sparky gif by NarixuZen!!))

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    A Spike Roller rolled over my subject

    Kinda like a Quaken. Did you make it before they came out?

    Originality: 4

    Realism: 5

    Overall Awesomeness: 5

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    I was afraid you'd say that.

    I haven't seen any of RTTE yet, so I was completely unaware of the Quaken's existence when I made the Rollers. I don't even know which one was first, to be honest XD  At least they're not exactly the same, though. Spike Rollers are based on the ankylosaurus, which is one of my favourite dinosaurs. Quakens don't quite seem to have that same body type.

    Still, I was actually pretty disappointed when I first heard about the Quaken. They kinda take the shine off my little babies, don't they?  ;_;


    Thank you for commenting :)

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    Fret not, for I stalked the

    Fret not, for I stalked the forums long before I signed up. =D You're Spike Rollers originated a good half a year or more before leaks for RTTE dragons showed up.


    I can do it all night, baby by BreathOfNightmare

    Jashin, the Chiropan. Want one of your own?

    Dart2 by BreathOfNightmare

    An example of my other species, the Do-Ka'ael. Want one? Adopt/Request/Create



    May 5, 2006 - Febuary 20, 2017

    Kira by BreathOfNightmare

    I will love you always, my beautiful pup.


    Vector, my Lasersight Vesperwing. (fan species revamped from the Buzzkill for goldenfury)

    Silverswift and Terrorscale, my Greater Banded Geckus. Created by themasterplan47. Adopt one HERE.



    Fei Lan and Feng Shen

    A lovely lineless portrait of my Heartless Fury, Elos, made by DuskDaybreak.



    Imperial and Iseul, my OCs, revamped versions of Amberleaf's Banded Featherlure. Concept belongs to amberleaf7, revamp itself done by request.


    Seagrass, the chibi Seashocker, adopted from Nova.


    *         *          *         *

    This is Shivless =D

    He's my current satirical icon.

    I just wanted to draw something derpy, so I went at it with just my mouse and phoroshop's brush. Thus, Shivless came to be. He is Shivless because my friend told me he looked like he would shiv us in our sleep. Must be something about the vacant eyes.


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    Did they? In that case, I don't feel quite so bad about it. Thank you for clearing that up, I appreciate it  ^_^

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    personally, I'm against the idea that any dragon not from the httyd movies and shows to EXIST in this game, I even call them the unreal or made-up there it is : i'm against made-up dragons.. 

              FIRST TOON ID
                TOON PLOT
    (one year ago /year 2024/ and after a failed time-machine experiment to travel to the future, we me and friends were teleported in different time lapses,it started by teleporting us a couple of decades back in time and then scattered us apart into different times and places,in my case I was kicked 11 centuries back into the past and found myself in scandinavia still stuck the way I was after the first random teleportation, so the 9-year-old me landed there, and after a year of being called crazy (a child in shock of tragically losing his family somewhere) for telling my crazy time machine story to midieval viking people, I gave up and decided to move on and accept my new life as the young servant for an aristocratic viking family known as the Hoffersons in a norse village called Berk)
    hello all ,been too lazy to edit my signature..I'm Lee (the extra ee s are due to username rejection grrrr)..I'm not exactly a fan of dragons but I soon became a fan of the HTTYD show which it's also new to me, this was my first introduction post on SoD forum:
    my favorite parts of HTTYD: The First Movie and The Riders of berk Series (lol aside from the prettier Astrid ,I didnt like Race To The edge as much as these) 
    I'm Mainly a Deadly Nadder Rider..I really admire this dragon especially for SoD ,if we can get stormfly that exists in the flight club with the 8 speed, I wouldnt want another dragon..
    to me:
    HTTYD star of the show : Toothless
    HTTYD Role Model: (Hiccup+Snotlout)/2
    HTTYD best person: Astrid (also she's my SoD role-play Nadder Trainer as a young student of hers)
    HTTYD Funniest person :ALL OF THEM
    HTTYD Secondary impressive dragons :The Skrill, ,Scauldron, The Flightmare, Razor Whip and Death Song (you dont want these dragons on SoD if you havent seen the show) 
    HTTYD Crush :Heather
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    These dragons won't be in the

    These dragons won't be in the game and never will be. It's just a fun contest to show off your creativity.


    This account is ded

    I'm not acitve here any more, but you can find me on dA (nochtliproductions) and Discord (tomaytotomahto#8945). If you see me online it's a fluke.

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    (No subject)

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    o k

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    Eira day
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    Hi! Eira Day here, I don't really play the game anymore, but I try to be active on the forums. I enjoy drawing, so feel free to PM me about art requests. 

    I'm a fangirl, and my fandoms include; Marvel, Justice League cartoons, the Flash, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Wings of Fire, Rick Riordan's books, H2O: Just Add Water/Mako Mermaids, and more.

    Feel free to PM me to talk about any of these fandoms!

    I enjoy reading, writing, roleplaying, drawing, singing, dancing, and listening to music.


    I can also be found on DeviantArt:


    And Wattpad:






                 I am a part of this forum clan as Sunset the light-bending Stormcutter   


    ~~Drawings and adoptions~~

    Sunset the light-bending Stormcutter, thanks Autumn!

    Me, Eira Day by totally awesome Pixel!

    Me and Firefly by the wonderful Aeral!

    Another awesome drawing by awesome Aeral!


    Baby Firefly. Thanks Garth!


    Thank you Rasvim123 for this great drawing of Isobel and Skyfire!


    Seapool the Gemfinned Seasculpter by me


    Royalty the Grapple Grounder by Sleepyraccoon


    Royalty the Grapple Grounder hatchling by stiger23


    Swiftheart the Gluespit by Chameishida

    Starscreecher the Screeching Humpback by Chameishida


    Ambjorg the Banded Featherlure, concept by Amberleaf7, base by NightmareRebuff


    Glori the Banded Featherlure, concept by Amberleaf7, base by NightmareRebuff


    Aslea the Ice Wyvern, adopted from and made by ThunderRider19


    Luminescence the Night Flurence by Wutend Bonfire


    Wanda Maximoff as a Night Fury, or... The Scarlet Fury. Thank you DuskDaybreak


    Cobra the SandWing by StellaMontegue


    Hibiscus the RainWing by Dracoeyes


    Raven the Night Fury by Kelcyk123



    Raven the Night Fury by Arkeyla


    Raven necklace by TildenWolfGirl


    Redflame the Night Fury by Arkeyla


    Stormwing the Changecutter banner by Dragon Drawer


    Stormwing the Changecutter and Redflame the Night Fury by me


    Firefly the Deadly Nadder by me


    Tempest the Skrill by me

    Raven the Night Fury by me




    ~Made by Rae Didgeridoo             ~Made by Hattori                                            ~Made by Rae Didgeridoo

      ~Made by Defy                                                                               ~Made by Defy


    ~~Some gifs~~










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    Hi! :)

    Tracking! Hmmm I'll have to do the Cycloneblast. Anyone remember that one way back when? :)




     Credit to Clarebear and jada and this beautiful drawing of Bandit by Witcherforever

    Credit to themasterplan47



    Image result for light fury httyd fanart




    ENFP~ Aquarius~ Ravenclaw~Thunderbird~ Otter Patronus~ Maple wood Phoenix Feather 9 3/4 in


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    Oh my, I remember when you first introduced those lil' things. They were so cute.


    Dm for inquiries 

    * * * * *

    Yo, I'm Spy! I'm a 16 y/o girl from California! I speak English and basic French, and draw a bit. My pms, dms, whatever are always open so why not send me a message? I love talking to people! ^-^ Go have a freaking amazing day you fabulous people! <3~

    * * * * *

    Artwork of Spike~

    Traditional drawings by the incredible grumpyforlife2, redesign sheet by myself

    * * * * *


    Burnt Mist my Gill Grunter. Species made by the awesome Infinity12356! You can get your own HERE!

    Pearl and Orchid my Scale Wings. Species by the exciting Flowercrystal! You can get your own HERE!

    Cooled Ash my Long-Nosed Fintail. Species by the great Georginia47! You can get your own HERE!

    Tree's Whisper my Cave Runner. Species by the marvelous Selethesis! You can get your own HERE!

    Coal my Sawback. Species by the bright Buddyfan1! You can get your own HERE!

    Chip my Ridgetooth. Species by the superb Sand Wraith Girl! You can get your own HERE!

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    Hi! :)

    Thanks! I had to re-vamp them since I lost all the info about them but they are still cute. :)

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    The Cycloneblast is adorable :3  I still have mine, Bluebolt, displayed on my adopted dragons thread ^_^

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    Species for Contest ^^

    The Greater Banded Geckus

    This one is my personal dragon named Toxicstripe ^_^ These were lined by NightmareRebuff*


    Class: Tidal

     Attack: 10

    Ground Speed: 17

    Flight Speed: 8

      Armor: 3

    Firepower: 0

     Shot Limit: 5

     Venom: 15

     Jaw Strength: 12

     Stealth: 6


    These brightly colored dragons are highly poisonous and use their bright colors and many frills to warn away any creature bold enough to challenge them. The two protrusions from their jaw are not actually teeth, they are meant to help them clamp onto their pray so that they can inject their poison. They can release their venom through one of two ways: by biting their pray with their two snake-like fangs (their only teeth) or by spitting a pressurized jet of venom up to ten feet away. In the best case their venom can leave a victim blind and in high enough doses can kill. It takes a while for them to produce venom so they are wise on how they use it (and this is also why they have a lower shot limit). Without their venom they are essentially defenseless because their claws are blunted for climbing, the only teeth they have are their fangs, and their skin is thinner from the warm temperatures.


    These dragons are not the strongest of flyers due to their small wings and can only fly short distances at a time. They have adapted to take advantage of this by using their powerful legs and small wings together to launch themselves from tree to tree at blinding speeds. This has made them a master at close combat. They are also incredibly fast on the ground and their athletic, aerodynamic build makes them the second fastest dragon on land.


    The few Vikings who have attempted to train this dragon often think them dull because they are difficult to train. The reality is that they are actually quite clever but work poorly with humans because they are more attuned to their instincts than most dragons. The highly competitive nature of the jungles they call home has made them quite ruthless, so only the best of Viking can tame one of these beasts.

    (Fun fact: there was originally supposed to be a subspecies of these called a Lesser Spotted Geckus that would be much smaller than their striped cousins but I never got around to making em.)


    Warning, long signature

    Dragon Cave! Click the Vampire to see my scroll


    Beautiful Dreadfall Image of Behemoth by Arrowalker, thank you so much ^^



    Profile pic by me, Happy Dreadfall Icon by me, board by Silence, spinning clan crests by Nyet. Vamps by me


    Proud Member of Swift Champions

    ~credit to Silence(top) Pedz(left) and Stiger23(right)~

    Hey! Swift Champions is recruiting! If you are an active player, have at least 750 trophies, and a looking for a fun, family-oriented clan then apply here. Questions? Feel free to PM our leader Maijic, our head elder Rebicar, or any of the other Swift Champions leadership including myself and Stiger23.


    My main OC Behemoth the Timberjack :) Finally together in-game!

    Top by Tyrannosaur66, bottom drawn by me, Timberjack bouncies are by Scoubidous.


    Another of Behemoth, this time drawn by the talented Kimbenoso

    Gif and edit of Behemoth by Candyblast :)

    And here's a lovely edit done by Peymae! Headshot by me!

    Card by Zero the Ruthless


    Hand drawn Behemoth by RedWind the Blue! Holida Behemoth by 1flower, Bouncies same as above.


     Viking Name: Channey

    My Dragons:


    Drake-Montrous Nightmare (male) Flightburn-Sand Wraith (male) Frostfire-Wooly Howl (female) Wyrm-Whispering Death (male) Icky Thump-Gronckle (female) Wintertooth-Groncicle (male) *MIA Ragefire-Monstrous Nightmare (male) Lazybones-Snafflefang (female) DuskHeart-Grapple Grounder (female) Theologian-Stormcutter (male) Ricochet-Skrill (female) Midsummers Eve-Prickleboggle (female) Pieholden-Hotburple (male) Sgt Pepper-Snow Wraith (male) Cherry Ghost- Deathsong (female) Lazaretto- Razorwhip (male) Metarie-Suttleclaw (female) More Like The Moon-Snaptrapper (female) Gnik Nus-Shockjaw (male) Sonny Feeling-Hobblegrunt (male) Vagabond-Armor Wing (male) Behemoth-Timberjack (male) Chickadee-Deadly Nadder (female) Wonderwall-Slither Song (male) Scrap-Stormcutter (male) Bronn-Shovelhelm (male) Heavy Soul-Scauldron (male) Desertbell-Speedstinger (female) Scrimshaw-Windwalker (male)) Firebelly-Singetail (female) Grimbelly-Eruptadon (male) Blodgram-Terrible Terror (male) Valkyrie-Silver Phantom (femaleSummerteeth-Flame Whipper (female) Jotun-Triple Stryke (male)


    Cyrus the Naga with his Fallenstar pal Thorpe to take care of my dragons when I can't!

    Flightburn Pixel by BlueCrisis, Dragon bouncies and gifs by DuskDaybreak! Pokemon Sprites by Blackwolfen! Clan Crest by Carmine and Cyrus and his dragon Thorpe by Maijic!

    This is The Dark Horse (male), the beautiful Sidereal Sentinel made my the extremely talented Varku! Thank You!


    NightmareRebuff Art and Adoptables! Thank you!

    Newest NightmareRebuff creations: Chiropans! These three are Blitzen, Blodgram, and Asriel

    This is Scatter, a Kigurumi or plush thing brought to life

    Names (in order): Chiropans, Kigu(Scatter), Amos(both), Staccato, Scrap, Amos, Falsetto, Beat, Rhythm, Samhain, Sakura, Lycaos, Duskbiter, Vida, Ivory, Wanqueng Liu, Orama, Ebner, Hemlock, Summerdance, Boog(both), Gravedigger, and Charmagne


    DuskDaybreak Art and Adoptables! Thank you!

    Names: Frostfire. Hazel. Petals. Leif. Nightwatch, Flightburn, Bristlecone, Spiritwalker, Eerie, Riptide, Hawkeye, Loki. Frostfire. and Rocochet


    Art and Adoptables by Stiger23! Thank you!

    Names: Duskheart, Ophelia, Cherry Ghost, and Cedar Waxwing


    Art and Adoptables by Chameishida! Thank You!

    Names: Nightripper, Lapalco, Tinderwing, Arrowhead, Eileen, Summernoon, Blodfang, Redwing, and Lazaretto.


    Art and Adoptables by Kimbenosos! Thank you!

    Names: Wyldlyfe, Kidsmoke, Ahonui, Amos, and Frostfire


    Art and Adoptables by Gigimon! *Currently Not Shown*


    Names: Theologian, Wildeclaw (Sightless Snatcher), Amos, and Samhain


    Other Art and Adoptables! Thank you!

    Autumn Shade by Amberleaf, and Eve by Maijic, Dustdevil by Wuted Bonfire, Glimmer by Tyrannosaur66 and Ricochet my skrill by Natalie Stormweaver!

    Luna Bean and Black Moon by Geekdomalways, Tear and Vinne by Cerebellum!

    Cosmo by KrazyKira24 and Fae by Muselyn!


    My Art and Adoptables!


    Hall of my Viking: (pic total 3)


    Channey (top) by the talented DuskDaybreak (left) by the talented Pixel, (right) by the talented MistyNight! Thank You!


    The End!

    Pic by Stiger23! Crest Gifs by Nyet!


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    My gronckle ate my subject

    I can't believe it! 

    I made a similar dragon called the Slithering Sharptooth that is amazingly similar to the Greater Banded Geckus! I was going to post it today, but got sidetracked. 


    Anyways, here are my thoughts:

    Originality: 3

    Realism: 8

    Overall Awesomeness: 7


    Comments: I really like the upside down fangs. Also the legs muscles really make me believe it is fast!

    I have a few questions though that you didnt cover:

    Why is it a Tidal Class Dragon if it lives in the jungle?

    What does it eat?

    Is it a loner or does it travel with others?

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    Wow! Everyone's fandragons

    Wow! Everyone's fandragons look great so far!



    This is the Honeybumble. To post the entire description of the species would be to long to read here and would only take up space.


    I've already created an adoption thread for it here:



    There we go! Go check it out. I would also appreciate if you could adopt some of those little buggers ^^

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    A swarm of angry Honeybumbles ate my Subject

    Nice dragon! I especially love medium-small sized dragons!


    My ratings:

    Originality: 3

    Realistic: 7

    Overall Awesomness: 6


    Comments: My one negative comment is that they are very similar to Fireworms. (albeit smaller).  Thats why I took the originality down a few noches. Other than that, an awesome little dragon! I usually don't do adoptables, but i'll check it out!

    Joined: 08/12/2014




    A medium sized Tidal class dragon with a thick body and a short neck. The front legs are slightly shorter and skinnier than the back legs similar to a rabbit. They have a beak like snout, horn on their chin, barbels along their cheeks, and long thin spines that go from their head to halfway down the tail. The wings have tiny tears in them with a long strand on the end, the purpose for this is still unknown. The ends of the tail has a hand like fin that has been shown to grab objects and people.



    The Galedron is reclusive and solitary in nature, but gain one’s trust and you have a loyal companion for life. They aren’t naturally aggressive, but if threatened they can become one of the most temperamental dragons around. They are also incredibly vain of their beauty and love to show off their abilities. Like some dragon species they are very picky, their diet contains fish but also squid which is a rare treat for them. If you want to befriend one make sure you have one in hand. Some of these stubborn dragons have been known to refuse commands unless promised one.


    Abilities and Weaponry:

    Their best known form of attack is their “Blizzard” which can freeze enemies and prey in their tracks. They can also blow great gusts of cold wind that has knocked over large objects like wooden houses and their tails are able to pick up and throw a grown viking. They are quite comfortable in the air as much as the water similar to the Shockjaw. 



    Due to living in the dark caverns most of its life a Galedron’s eyes aren’t very good and reacts poorly to bright lights.


    Hello, fellow dragon trainers. 

    My name is Ash, and down below is my fan dragon called the Galedron. This one in particular is named Ari.


























    One interesting fact about these dragons is that their eggs match their skin tone.


    A medium sized Tidal class dragon with a thick body and a short neck. The front legs are slightly shorter and skinnier than the back legs similar to a rabbit. They have a beak like snout, horn on their chin, barbels along their cheeks, and long thin spines that go from their head to halfway down the tail. The wings have tiny tears in them with a long strand on the end. The ends of the tail has a hand like fin that is able to grab objects and prey.



    The Galedron is reclusive and solitary in nature, but gain one’s trust and you have a loyal companion for life. They aren’t naturally aggressive, but if threatened they can become one of the most temperamental dragons around. Like some dragon species they are very picky, their diet contains fish but also squid which is a rare treat for them. If you want to get one's attention make sure you have one in hand, and pray it doesn't take your hand with it.


    Abilities and Weaponry:

    Their best known form of attack is their “frosty blasts” which can freeze enemies and prey in their tracks. They can also blow great gusts of cold wind that are as powerful as a small tornado. Their attacks have knocked over large objects like wooden houses and their tails are able to pick up and throw a grown viking. Being a tidal class dragon it is also impossible for them to drown, and they are just as comfortable in the air as much as the water. 



    Due to living in the dark caverns most of its life a wild Galedron’s eyes aren’t very good and reacts poorly to bright lights. This has changed somewhat amongst those born and raised in Berk, so it's possible poor eyesight will be a thing of the past.

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    A Hypnowing slimed my subject

    Interesting design.

    My rating:
    Originality: 7
    Realism: 9
    Overall Awesomeness: 5

    Comments: I thought it was very unique for it to have a hand like tail. The overall look of the dragon was pretty realistic too.

    Note: Everyone, remember that this thread was made so that multiple people would say what they liked or didn't like about others dragons. So far I am the only one who has responded. Please reply too.

    Joined: 08/12/2014
    Oops forgot stats











    Shot Limit:




    Jaw Strength:





    Also shamelessly advertisting these guys are up for adoption. Just look for the Galedron (now includes titan wing) forum. The one in the picture is Trae, my Galedron.

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    Don't know which to chose from, either the Hornhopper or the Thunderous Featherwing, maybe even the Ruffletail, Scorch Flyer, Wave Sounder or Wave Shocker.

    Out of the 6 that I just mentioned which one should I do? (Anyone's decision on this besides mine.)


    I no longer play the game, if you are interested in speaking to me, add me on Discord!


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    A Galedon crushed my subject

    The Ruffle tail sounds cool. You can also do more than one.

    Joined: 08/12/2014

    What does a Ruffletail have to do with the Galedron?

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    Speed: 9

    Pitch Rate: 7

    Turn Rate: 8

    Acceleration: 9

    Armor: 7

    Firepower: 3

    Shot Limits: 5

    Attack: 8

    Stealth: 10

    Venom: 11

    Jaw Strength: 4

    Class: Tracker Class


    Hunched Back, Pointed Wings, Long Tail, Short Legs with Sharp Claws, Large Back Spikes, 4 Claws on Wings, Sharp Beak, Sharp Spikes, Circle-Like Green Patterns, Spikes on Tail and Sail Fins, Golden Eyes, Orange and Green Detail on Wings, Head and Beak, Rough Bumpy, Dark Olive Green Scales, and Bright Green Details.

    Size: Small as a Terrible Terror.

    Fire Type: Green Smoke, can be toxic, may cause health problems, but no dangerous burns or physical injuries.

    Information: The Ruffletail is the smallest of the Tracker Class Dragons, it can easily perch on your shoulder like a Terrible Terror. Terrible Terrors and other small dragons are known to live together in packs, or groups, but the Ruffletail doesn't, the Ruffletail is known to live on it's own. It may seem like an issue that a Ruffletail lives on it's own without protection, this dragon can easily be snacked on larger dragons, but size doesn't always matter to this dragon, the Ruffletail can shoot green smoke that is toxic and can cause health problems in dragons and other animals, but mostly dragons or anything that plans to eat a Ruffletail, this dragon targets the attacker in the mouth, the attacker will slowly suffocate in 5 days if it doesn't focus on the green smoke that is inside of them, the way to get rid of the green smoke is anything cold, but cold water works best. It's one of their defensive abilities, but they are likely to pick up a scent from a dragon from miles away before they have to use their deadly defense, and they can detect the scent and tell weather it's really close or really far away.

    Training Status: Easy to train and bond with.

    Habitat: Extinct volcanoes, Thick Foggy Forests, Caves surrounded with Pools of Boiled Water, anywhere that is toxic.

    Food: Small fish like Minnows, Perch, or Herring, love Dragon Nip!

    Fear Of Eels: Afraid of Eels.

    Here's more pictures, and my only Ruffletail I have, Spore.

    I just copied and pasted what I have about the Ruffletail, the Ruffletail was recently created, I hadn't made new dragon species in a while now.

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    Wow! I never saw them before

    Wow! I never saw them before and I really like the look of it! while its anatomy is simillar to Skrill but there's just something that....really make it fit into the lore of httyd, yeah I can see it! and the combination of markings and shape looks well put, I like the tropical lizard looks of it!

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    I did try to make it seem like it would fit in HTTYD, even when I thought of the name, it seemed like it could fit, I even imagined it that it was like a Skrill, but the spikes curve forward not back like the Skrill.

    I try to make all my fan-created dragons fit into HTTYD.

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    This is the only species I have so far. Here's the thread that contains all its info and whatnot haha. It's a bit long to c&p without it looking like a mess.

    It's more an aethetic dragon than a dragon that fits within the canon. I tried to stray from the mold a but by creating a dragon in my own style. It's an elegant space dragon. Aww yis.