New expansion idea part 1 Fireworm Island

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 I got ideas for a next expansion. The first quest that Headmaster gives, takes us to the free part of the Hidden World, attacked by the Cavern Crasher. After our dragon shoots, he runs away into a small cave. But, we cannot go there, until we buy the expansion or membership. When the player passes into the cave, he enters the Fireworm island location.
 After arriving at the island, we learn that someone else attacked the fireworms. Meanwhile, the Cavern Crasher crawled into their hive. Further, our character, along with his dragon, Hiccup and the Fireworm Queen will need to fight him, in a new level of Dragon Tactics.
 It turns out that Stormheart found a map on the Impossible Island, on which a huge grotto was drawn under the island of Fireworms. And Nikora's Heirloom is the key to treasures and new information about dragons.
Therefore, we fly to Tempest to find an artifact.
 But the pirates find the player, and he loses Nikora's Heirloom, which falls into the ocean. Dragon riders save our character, and he tells about the lost artifact. And the Queen of the Pirates turned out to have another robot, especially for immersion underwater. 
 When we dive into the ocean to defeat the robot, we find ourselves in a location reminiscent of the Twisty Bridges from Subnautica Below Zero. In order to go down to the artifact, the player needs to look for sources of oxygen, and beware of underwater dragons. There are two ways to implement a battle with a robot, the first is a small cutscene, and the second is an underwater level of Dragon Tactics.
 We pick up Nikora's Heirloom, and our character sees the entrance to an unusual cave. But he cannot swim there due to lack of oxygen. The player tells the dragon riders about the cave. Hiccup tells that together with the Tidal class dragons, it is possible to get there.
And Fishlegs recalls seeing several wild Sea Shockers near New Berk. To tame one of them, we must feed him with fish. Since the Sea Shocker is a swimming dragon, we can only summon it in water or underwater locations (for example, the Ship Graveyard).
 At this point, I would like to finish the first part of the idea (there will be two parts in total). Write if you like my idea, and then I will write a sequel!

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You are a Bold one






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    Eclipse and Supernova (Triple Strikes) Igneous(Gronkle)  
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MeMeS :D
Post them I do...
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I also enjoy fanmade comics XD
Credit to whoever made this XD
I just wanna say guys, thank you so much for these its really cool that you have such amazing skills and would take the time to use them to create these amazing images!  :D
perhaps someday I will do an art thread......
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My Ire Ingeous: Nyxia By the amazing Buebel2014!
Thank you so much :D (First art request)
Spyro,  the Luxurous potato stormcutter By  The fabulous Kasanelover!
Hurricane the Windwalker! By The Talented Sohki!
JediMasterFury By the wonderful AndreaEaston!
Amazing!! :D
Hobgripper By the Stupendous Chameishida!
Anakin Skywalker the Blight Fury By the Marvalous ZestyDragonWing
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censored, I love this idea Seeing

Damn, I love this idea

Seeing it in game would be nice


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BEST. IDEA. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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This is such a GREAT idea! I'd love to see it in the game ^^




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Swirlfire burned my subject again....

Whoa. A well-planned, amazing idea!

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