NEW Expansion with 1.17 Update - The Battle for the Edge is ON!

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Yeah, it seems to be random. The two slots that are fron for me are the first and second ones on the first line, with different missions than are in yours; off the top of my head I remember that the first was 'Muddy Water' and I think the second was 'Dazed and Stunned'. I have comleted 'Construction Zone like three times because I just kept getting it, so it's not the quest itself. The first slot to freeze was the middle one.

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I love it !

The Time Stable MIssions

The Expansion

The Armor Wing




-Time Stable Missions just load and load...

-When I became my Armor Wing he had a stopping animation and also a diving one ! But when I logged in again they were gone ? And also in a video from SilverWeed he has no animations for these two ?


And thanks for :


-9 New Lands ! ( I found 8 without the house on Dragons Edge / Can we get to the Dragon Hunters also after we completed the mission ? )

-Customizable Houses !

-That the Dragon Trainers finally fly around in quests / like this with the Skrill on Scutleclaw Island ! It was one of my favourite quest !

-A new dragon

-A sweet Terrible Terror sitting on Haralds Shoulders ( When you will add them ? They have every animation, sitting, walking, flying, sitting on your shouder...xD )

-A new way to level up your dragons

This is all wonderful. Great work !







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I'm too lazy to do some backtracking and see whether there's people with similar issues..


But the stable quests. They become unresponsive when I try to turn them in. Does anyone else have this issue?

It happens to me in firefox. I'd try another option if I could ;_;

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New Update! But an Issue...



I just wanted to say I love this new update! Brings more immersion in with the tv shows and second movie. Which I am super stoked about!


However, I have run into an issue. I re-did my membership to get the dragons and the hut and such, but when I went to buy a table with coins all my 500 gems I got with the membership just vanished. I have restarted the game a few times and they are still gone. I literally just bought the subscription, got ported into my hut and bought a table with coins and the gems poofed. I don't know if it is a glitch or what. Or if it even has anything to do with the new hut systems.


I just thought I would mention it. ^-^ Hasn't happened to me before. Haha


But, Thank you guys for all your hard work! <3


Edit- 5th restart and gems are back. ^-^ I Will add to this post with anything else I find, and of course allll the great things!



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Just to clarify...

Just to clarify, the update brought on the stable missions right? How about Dragon's edge and Hobblegrunt Island? Is that included too or will you have to buy the expansion pack for that? ... or is it the expansion pack brings in the new quests and islands for that's only available in Dragon's edge island? I'm slightly confused @_@


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He was a son of their clan's cheiftain and had two brothers before him. And as a son of a chieftain, they were required to contribute and help manage the people of their clan, including leading the fight to kill dragons whenever they 'attacked'. But for some reason, despite having blood relations to their most fearsome viking warriors of their clan, Ansim did not like killing dragons nor fighting in general and after having said so, he was often ignored by his clan and his family (though there are those times that his father and occasionally his brothers' talk).


Having been ignored, he used his free time (whenever he can skip warrior training class) to explore the wilderness outside his father's territory which became a favorite past time of his and eventually found a wounded Deadly Nadder hiding in a cave (which he figured was injured during the last 'attack').


Of course, at first he was startled and scared, but after hiding behind a rock and not moving for minutes (he thought as hours), he noticed that the wounded dragon had no intention of eating him nor acknowledge him at all as it was only focused on the injured wing. Ansim, being the caring sort for wounded animals and thus having experience, couldn't just leave the dragon alone, so for weeks, he used his free time to nurse the dragon until it's wing was in working order.


He started slow at first, bringing food to the dragon and just watching the dragon eat and sleep from up on a branch of a tree he'd climb on. He stood guard for the dragon, shooing away any possible threats that might come to harm the healing dragon; wether from other dragons (which ended up as him being scared sh*tless but thankful for surviving) and humans that might find the wounded dragon. Eventually after weeks, he came to find himself lying down next to the dragon as they both relaxed in the cave.


Though it seemed peaceful, in the end, the dragon he was so carefully hiding got found by his second older brother while he was in class (which he couldn't skip less his father ground him). He raced towards the cave using a shortcut and tried to get the dragon to fly away with his fully healed wing. But for some reason, the dragon was stubborn to leave him and was eventually caught by his father and clan's men. In a moment of shocked silence and adrenaline, he jumped on the dragon's back and together flew away from his homeland.


They traveled together, flying from land to land with Ansim never looking back but knowing that his guilty conscience of up and leaving without a word will forever be on his mind, and with that, Cross (the name he gave the dragon) landed on an island he never thought was possible. An island filled with dragons and humans RIDING on their backs. (He almost fainted that day).


On that island which he learned was named Berk, he was greeted by Hiccup and his team of dragon riders and also learned of the academy they had (they had a whole island for it!). He joined and learned a whole bunch from the dragon riders and their dragons. It was then that he also heard of Hiccup being a son of a cheiftain like him.


With the guilt still riding deep in his heart Ansim told hiccup of his story (a bit relunctantly) with a promise to never tell another soul but Hiccup being himself decided that Ansim needed to go back to his clan and thus told his father, chieftain of Berk. Of course Ansim was mad but hesitantly agreed with Stoik to go back to his island to explain the situation and maybe change their views of dragons with the help of the academy's students.


It wasn't easy at first, changing the view of vikings, but like how Ansim bonded with his dragon, the change went slow. Hiccup and the other students stayed on their island and helped drive back the dragons 'attacking' their village with their dragons and figured out the reason for this. It took a while but the people started coming around to their ways and Ansim, with the help of Stoik gained back his Father's and brother's love and respect for him.


Ansim's clan hasn't changed much, but with the help of Berk, the 'attacks' started to lessen and people weren't anymore hostile of Cross as they were before. Now Ansim goes back and forth (with a representative of Berk) to and from the academy to learn more about dragons and help maintain the peace as a job of a cheiftain's son would.



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Not able to claim UDT

I can't claim any of my UDT reward for sending my dragons out on missions. 

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Similar issues

Hi I'm having a similar issue. I currently have a few missions that I can't claim but can claim others as long as it completes when I'm logged in. The ones that I can't claim completed when I was logged off. When trying to claim these I get the infinite gears. I am using the pc downlodable on windows 10.


These unclaimed missions are blocking half of the spots on my board.

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Hi there, I just purchased a

Hi there, I just purchased a 1-month membership for the Battle for the Edge expansion and when I started off there, I was told via Quest Arrow to go to the school Headmaster to begin the Battle for the Edge quest. But my screen dimmed and went idle before I could do so, and when I logged back into my phone, the game always reloads, and the prompt had disappeared.

I've now spent two hours flying to and fro on both the iphone app and on my Windows computer trying to "kick" the prompt back into showing up, either through restarting the game, logging in and out, making use of my new Viking slot in my login screen, moving from map to map and back again, and still - nothing. I can not get the Headmaster to activate his quest prompt. There is no exclamation point above his head, no nothing. There's no quest listed in my Log Book, besides the everlasting Sentry Point which is just annoying beyond belief now, and I'm getting extremely frustrated. Having run out of quests to play, I purchased the membership for the sole reason of playing the Race for the Edge expansion, and now for osme reason I can't even do that. This was released over two years ago, and for such a major glitch to persist after all this time, I find more than a little unnacceptable. 

Can you PLEASE do anything about resolving this? If not, at least give my money back. If that means reversing my purchases in game I already made with gems, go ahead. I either want the expansion to work, or a refund, please.


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its really cool

you best

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Unable to finish Dragon Rescue Misson

In the quest where you grab onto the Armorwing to escape the Dragon Hunter isle, I was in unable to complete it due to the Armorwing not even being at the base, so I thought restarting the app would spawn the Armorwing, but it was a huge mistake. Each time I try to enter the island again, my game just loads.. and loads.. and loads infinitely. I use both Android app and Windows 7 application, and neither can load the mission. 


I'm also not sure if this is the correct thread either to post this, but I can't enter the cavern into Dragon Island or tap Harald into the cave either. When I do enter the cave, my game loads infinitely. Sound familiar? Neither of the quests function properly. I was wondering if I could reset my quests for these two to see if that would work.


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(off the subject) Each update u do into to the game = the game gets more lag. Sometimes the chat even crashes. 


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