NEW Expansion with 1.17 Update - The Battle for the Edge is ON!

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zero the ruthless
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All that does is allows you

All that does is allows you to move on one stage, then your back to square one because you have to shoot the snow wraith with the prickleboggle 

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There's a bug where you get

There's a bug where you get teleported back to Dragon's Edge without the Prickleboggle, so I'm afraid you can't shoot the snow wraith.

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We're working on it!

We are still working to resolve the errors with this quest - stay tuned! Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused on our dragon training adventure.

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Still working on it?

I just wanted to ensure that this issue has not been forgotten. It was "being worked on" in December and it is still not fixed. I am still running into an invisible wall, I still cannot release the dragons and I still cannot finish this expansion. I'd like to finish this story so I can move onto the new one but here I am with nothing to do...


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i tryed

i tryed browser and its updated on there took forever to update but im now highly disspointed because when i was loading hobblegrunt island my game crashed on brower it angers me i used internet explorer i waited long for update in broser for nothing! Then i went back to app it wont load and server called out.

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I also can't wait to complete the quests. But won't happen to load bug fix and update complete on windows app.

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Golden Scarlet
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"However, the key here for rewards and treasures untold is STATEGY - which winged companion from your team of dragons will be able to perform best?"


Is it supposed to say stategy or strategy?



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Good eye!

How embarrassing! You've got a good eye there, Golden Scarlet. Hope you're using that excellent observation skill to STRATEGIZE your team of dragons right for the Timed Stable Missions!

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Phoenix Pyre
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Super Super excited to embark on these new adventures!! :D

The new expansion pack was definitely an awesome surprise to come home to. ^-^


***EDIT*** Unfortunately I am not able to travel to Hobblegrunt Island :( Headmaster gave me the quest to go, but the option does not exist on the Taxi or on the member's map even. I turned on the quest arrow, but it doesn't even show or point me in the direction I need to go.


Please please help? I am chomping on the bit to go explore, but cannot for now. :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ^-^


I am using the downloaded verision on my computer (Windows 10); I am going to try and unistall then re-install to see if it helps....


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Phoenix Pyre
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Success! Uninstalling and Re-Installing the game was what I needed. :)

I still had version 1.16 but needed 1.17 to access the new areas. My game is back up and running and I can now see the new areas on the Taxi options. 


Going to go explore. ^-^

So excited for the customizable secret hideouts I've been wanting something like them for a long time!

Thanks for the awesome update. :)

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I got the same problem and im playing on the pc download version.

Can you let me know if the reinstall worked?.



Never mind just saw your repost XD

Thanks for the update, going to do thge same for mine now, hope it works.


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black saphir
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It's totally amazing!

I love it so much!The missions are very nice!But I've got a problem with the one with the Snow Wraith.I need to mount the Prickleboogle and to shot the Snow Wraith.But it doesn't appear,so I can't mount him.The Dragon Hunter ships are awesome!It is very nice to fight sometimes!
Thank you for fixing the Reward for the Battle Event too! :D
And I would like to ask...I lost my account three months ago and I never see something changed.I can't access my old account.I just miss it and I hate to know that +40 dragons,all the things,trophies and my viking were taken by somebody else.It is not fair.Can you help me with my account too?



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Go back to Dark Deep, mount

Go back to Dark Deep, mount Prickleboggle, fly the opposite direction of quest arrow, click on Glacier Island, fly to where Snow Wraith is, that's how I got past the bug

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More information coming soon...

So sorry about this! It looks like there is a bug in that quest that is blocking players from completing the tasks. We already have our team working to resolves this issue as we have seen a few reports come in as it is, so you can expect an update from us as soon as we get more information. Stay tuned!

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Help Please

Help, I have a glicth where I can see the Prickleboggle on Glacier Island, but I can't click on him. I've tried refreshing the page and changing my password, and I still can't click on him. How do I fix this? Thanks.



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My Fireworm ate my subject.

 On the first new quest, I can't click on the second baby Hobblegrunt.


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I'm a girl who loves cats, dragons, birds, wolves, SNOW LEOPARDS WOO HOO KATZ R KOOL, reading(there are at least four book references in the dragon names), writing "short" stories(my idea of short and your idea of short might not be the same), etc.

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Phoenix Pyre
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Yes I am having the same issue now... :-/

Has anyone found a fix to this bug yet???

The little guy just keeps running back and forth and you cannot lock onto him or click him whatsoever.

The first one (white Hobblegrunt) worked just fine, but now I'm stuck.

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Phoenix Pyre
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Reborn from the Ashes~


Try and restart your game...this worked for me and I was able to click the two (of three) remaining Hobblegrunts.

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Thanks for reporting this...

We were just about to suggest that! While we work on a more permanent fix for this, refreshing your game will work to get your around the bug. Thanks for reporting this!

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I only saw two baby Hobblegrunts and wasn't able to click either of them :/


Toothless is an Axolotl in real life! :D

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Let us know what you think!

We cant wait for you to check it out! Be sure to come back to let us know what you think :)

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Cool! The Armorwing kind of

Cool! The Armorwing kind of looks like a steampunk Boneknapper x3

  And my birthday passed a month ago, I have 75 bucks saved up. And Christmas is right ariund the corner.



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What class is the Armorwing?

What class is the Armorwing? Mystery perhaps?

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I have not tried it yet but will be soon. It does looks great! Thank you for responding to all the issues other Vikings are having XD I will know what to do if I run into the same problems.


One question though- How did you guys keep this a secret? 


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-inhales deeply-


This is amazing! I can't believe you were able to make this in such a short time! IT'S A MIRACLE!

just... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it's so cool! I also love how you can give people the option to buy the house if they don't have enough gems to buy the full expansion! ;D

just.... WOWZERS this is great! I hope everyone who is having problems with it get their issues resolved quickly.

Ya' done good devs/admins/whomever else, ya' done good ;)


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I love Doctor Who, Merlin, Chuck, Physch, Harry Potter, The Kane Chronicles, and other nerd-y things.

My favorite Httyd dragons whose names start with the letter s are Screaming Deaths, Shivertooths, Skrills, Scauldrons, Smothering Smokebreaths, Snafflefangs, Shovelhelms, Sword Stealers, Snifflehunches (+Sneezelhunches) and Seashockers! (that's alot!)

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Odin: I do not have time to mess around with strange objects.

Jayfeather: Look, just hold still.

-Seawings makes sure to not be in the shot of the camera-


Jayfeather: Aha! Got it. Ahh fish paste, my wing was in it..

Odin: Hand that over this minute! I... want to see if you got my good side..

Jayfeather: HA!

Seawings: G-guys lets just bring this thing to Ice, o-okay?




-Jayfeather flew off chuckling-

-Odin roared after him-

-Seawings whimpers and decides to follow-

(Funny picture of Odin and Jayfeather by Wutend Bonfire!)












Ha! Got ya >:D

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2 Hobbles Noping and Stable Quest Problems

Can't click either Hobblegrunt baby on first quest. And the gears keep turning when I try to click on my first completed stable quest... nothing ever loads and I have to ctrl+alt_delete out of the game. This is on my newly reinstalled PC version (On Win 7)

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This is just Awesome!

I'm serious here! To everyone that plays a part in making this game I say:


THANK YOU SO VERY FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Battle for the Edge is the expansion that delivers some of the most suggested ideas on the new content category! Although I'll have to bide my time to get this expansion, I'm thrilled with the future unlocking of one of our most asked missions: Dragon rescue (as for what I have seen in comments), the addition of our own huts being build in Dragon's Edge is perfect fusion of our request for our own house in game and the new chapter of the HTTYD franchise (race to the Edge).


But so far my greatest joy are the Stable Missions, I'm currently waiting for one of these to finish since I risked using for of my baby dragons for it.


Another thing that I really appreciated, was the all the little fixes to our dragons list in our journal profile, the new display for the menus and thank you so much for answering a suggestion I made the other day about the Screaming Death (although I realize that other people would have talked to you guys about it's shot limit by now).


Someone earlier suggested that new animations for the four first dragon species should be made and I'm joining my own voice on this and please: remember that Flightmares and Raincutters are still missing a diving animation (also would it be possible in the future to revert the Stormcutter flying animation where the two sets of wings would fit perfectly into each other when flying at cruising speed?)


Just two questions, will you guys give as a description of each new ability that our dragons have for Stable Missions and will we ever have the Book of Dragons available with the HTTYD lore on dragons on it in game?


Thank you once again! (and sorry for the length of this post but this Expansion deserves it!)


Welcome to my Siggy!!!

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Hello I'm Meta4, Zinax in game,
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expected to and SoD became quite a passion for me when I came across it.
I'm kind of shy and don't have much confidence in my self to start a conversation,
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See you around! :)
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(female - 20/01/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 25/01/2015 - lvl 20)


Sand Spitter

(male - 03/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 09/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(male - 16/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 16/03/2015 - lvl 20)


Worm Slurper

(male - 17/03/2015 - lvl 20)


White Fang

(male - 29/03/2015 - lvl 20)


Frozen Claw

(male - 29/03/2015)



(female - 30/03/2015)


Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(male - 31/03/2015)


Puff & Whiff

(female - 01/04/2015)



(male - 23/04/2015)


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YAY, i completed the whole fight for the dge yay:)

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somebody kill me     SOOOO,

somebody kill me



SOOOO, wanting to get on, using the downloaded thingy, and it says "ya hafta update it in the appstore because you are currently screwed"   But looking in the appstore, it's not there.

Here is what we searched


1) school of dragons

2) how to train your dragon


4) dreamworks






In the SOD world, Im an elf that tames dragons a lot.


in the RPG/Forum world, I am a dragon. as seen in avatar


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help me

somebody kill me



SOOOO, wanting to get on, using the downloaded thingy, and it says "ya hafta update it in the appstore because you are currently screwed"   But looking in the appstore, it's not there.

Here is what we searched


1) school of dragons

2) how to train your dragon


4) dreamworks





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One of the options could be

One of the options could be reinstalling.


What happened for me was that I left it for a few minutes and it updated automatically.


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Enjoy! :)

Yeah...I definatley like the show, but don't watch it constantly.  

Now, unto my next one...

And now it's time for some...DRONE FLYING FAILS!


Mosaic made by catiedragons


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Have a Happy Snoggletog!






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I got to the part where it says, "Pull the arrows out of the Quaken," or something along those lines. The game wasn't reacting when I clicked (continuously) on the Quaken, so I exited the game and re-entered it. I went back to the Dragon Hunter place, but when I tried to go back to where the Quaken was, there was an invisible wall preventing me from progressing. The invisible wall was located where you had to get past the dragon hunters unseen; in the second tunnel to proceed, it was blocked as well as behind the dragon hunter just standing at the end of the main tunnel- I brought out my Monstrous Nightmare via journal to try and go past him, to no avail. Is there a way to fix this?

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I have the exact same problem

I have the exact same problem, only I have tried to also clear my cache, and switch between playing on safari and Steam. This invisible wall seems to stay no matter what I try. 

So right now, I think we are going to have to just wait for them to impliment a fix.


Sorry that I don't know anything more :(


Hope an admin reads our posts soon! :)


Last update on November 3rd, 2015


Main account dragons (gradually updating):







Bouncies! Bouncie of Tundra the Stormcutter made by Defy!

Bouncie of Tundra the Stormcutter by Defyand a banner below!

Banner of Tundra the Stormcutter also made by Defy.


Hurricane the Tide Glider and FloralReef the Tideglider made by Channey/theMasterPlan47


And a Night fury just for fun :3


Funny stuff!:


Clan stuff:























My Pokemon Go Team



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I am having this issue as well. I quit this game for several months (because I became busy irl) but then I came back to it. I started to continue my dragon adventure only to be met by an invisible wall and then I found out this is a bug that has not been fixed but has been known since December?!

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Is this available for

Is this available for non-members as well?








Name- Jadeana West


Age    - 15


Member of the  Clan  Phantom Shadows!!!!


Bio-- You may not believe this but this is me XD

I am the cousin of Hiccup Haddock the third... Our mothers are sisters...

Just before Hiccup was born , father and mother moved away from Berk,  there was something going on  between our fathers ( which is what Mum says anyway). Anyways, they moved to an Village called Kalda. Then three years later I was well, brought into this world.. We too were friendly with the dragons. I loved it there. To us the dragons were sacred animals, and riding them was my passion, which I guess  hides in the mothers genes ;D... However when I was fifthteen an unknown army destroyed our home  taking my father who was chief , my mother and the dragons captive. However I escaped and found the map of Berk. By boat I sailed for Berk where I thought would be safe.

Wasn't till I realised that I had been there before three years ago when my aunt was I guess missing with my mother for some emergency. I don't remember much but all I could remember is that my cousin rode the amazing nightfury. As I pulled up on the docks, Hicccup and my Aunt came to us. Somehow my aunt recognised me instantly and I lived with Hiccup and her since. But hiccup was mostly lived on outpost island so I took his room. I guess I appear as a "nagging little sister" to Hiccup which in my defence I am eager not nagging.... So yeah, five years younger the cousin of the chief of berk!

  Overall nice to meet you and can't wait to fly or battle beside you !!!!

Best friend is Nathan Asvard who also managed to come to Berk from Kalda. He says he always seems to keep saving me from troublsome situations I get us in however we are always even in those things XD





Shadow- Nadder

Hailstorm- Gronkle

Impulse- Dervish

Mystique- Thunderdrum

Quill- Whispering death

Totoro- Hotburple

BlueMoon- Flightmare

Terra- Snafflefang

Peter and Parker- Zippleback

Pyro- Nightmare

BlockBuster- Gronkle

Astra- Wooly Howl

Blizzard- Gronicle

Song Bird- Deathsong

Quicksilver- Razorwhip


Static- Skrill







Plagg- Nadder

Poseidon- Thunderdrum

Canary- Deathsong


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So I completed all the quests

So I completed all the quests and here's my review. 


  • This is my favorite expansion pack because of the quests and all the areas. I liked that the quests showed that Ruff and Tuff can be really smart, I liked the humor in the dialogue (especially with Snotlout) and I liked how Astrid and Heather would talk to you in the middle the quests! 
  • I really enjoyed the cutscenes. There were a few in COTDS but not as long. 
  • The new NPC I enjoyed and I liked they involved the Archaeologist again (Him and Mud hidewas cute). 
  • They improved the quest mechanics, especially the one where you had to follow/lead someone and stay in the circle. 
  • My favorite areas: Dragon's Edge, Hobblegrunt Island (the atmosphere and sounds especially), Glacier Island (one of the bigger areas). I like Scuttleclaw Island too but the no sky texture needs to be fixed. I like how each area has a different setting and the islands are varied in size and shape. I think Glacier Island might be the biggest. But I don't think none of them are too small. 
  • Only thing I really don't like is that you do get a hatched armor wing and not an egg. I'm not a fan of the dragon so I would rather not own one on my main viking. It being a Boneknapper/Monstrous Nightmare hybrid is not my main problem with it. My problem is that their lower jaw is longer than their upper jaw which doesn't look right. Yes the boneknapper has it too but it's not as noticeable due to their bone armor. But if I want to do all the quests on my main viking then I will have to have one (probably just use them for the stable jobs). 
  • The terrible terror was cute and I'm happy they're being incorporated more in the game. I just wish we could have our own. And if we had gotten a free terrible terro r instead of the armor wing then I would be happy!
  • Also the mysterious object in the hunter's camp: I'm guessing that will be used in a future expansion/quest? Icestorm Island had the dragon lens back before we knew about the Dragon Eye! And then they used it in COTDS. 
  • And I get the feeling that the game is slowly heading towards a questline involving Drago. Especially this expansion since we had to deal with dragon hunters. Maybe the next expansion or a future expansion will involve Valka and Drago and have a plot similar to HTTYD 2. 
  • One question I have is: In the advertisment it says there are 9 new lands. But I can only count these 8:
    1. Dragon's Edge
    2. Hobblegrunt Island
    3. Zippleback Island
    4. Mudraker Island
    5. Armor Wing Island
    6. Scuttleclaw Island
    7. The Dark Deep
    8. Glacier Island 
  • Is our hut the 9th area? Or the hunter's camp? If it is the hunter's camp, how do we get back to it after finishing the quests? And can we go back? 
  • I only had one glitch and that was the prickleboggle in Glacier Island. But they've fixed that and I didn't have any other problems completing the quests. 




t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK



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I still haven't completed the Death Song quests, because the Dragon Lens is still missing from my inventory. D:


Username: SwampertGirl

Viking: SwampertGirl


My Dragons

Freefall - Male - Deadly Nadder

Deadeye - Male - Whispering Death

Wind Scar - Male - Typhoomerang

Hurricane - Male - Stormcutter

Rampage - Male - Rumblehorn

Cannon - Male - Gronkle

Chaos Blitz - Male - Skrill

Tidal Wave - Female - Scaldron

Mystic Dream - Female - Flightmare

Illusion Burst - Male - Changewing

Virtue and Vice - Male - Hideous Zippleback

Demoros - Male - Snafflefang

Angel Orchid - Female - Fireworm Queen

Volcanic Eruption - Male - Monsterous Nightmare

Sea Rider - Female - Tide Glider

Misako - Female - Sand Wraith

Fey - Female - Hobblegrunt

Glacious - Male - Wooly Howl

Frostbite - Male - Groncicle

Slither  - Male - Grapple Grounder

Inferno - Male - Moldruffle

Diablo - Male - Devilish Dervish

Renko - Female - Sliquifier

Ironside - Male - Razorwhip

Kinzoku - Female - Razorwhip

Nacht - Male - Whispering Death

Skull - Male - Boneknapper

Abbadon - Male - Grapple Grounder

Tarot - Male - Moldruffle

Purity - Female - Flightmare

Grim - Male - Boneknapper

Peach - Female - Deadly Nadder

Kotori - Female - Smothering Smokebreath

Gemini - Male - Hideous Zippleback

Raptor - Male - Speed Stinger

Vex - Male - Whispering Death

Asgard - Male - Screaming Death

Anchor - Male- Thunderdrum

Soren - Male - Timberjack

Venus - Female - Snaptrapper

Zentazo - Male - Raincutter

Echo - Female - Thunderdrum

Blue Blaze - Male - Monsterous Nightmare

Sage - Female - Grapple Grounder

Geo - Male - Gronkle

Amaya - Female - Grapple Grounder

Omen - Male - Screaming Death

Lockjaw - Male - Gronkle

Hiroshi - Male - Prickleboggle

Jade - Female - Speed Stinger

Sejiro - Male - Snafflefang

Kipper - Male - Mudraker

Twilight - Female - Slithersong

Sonicboom - Male - Thunderdrum

Bubbles - Female - Mudraker

Tremor - Male - Quaken

Sherbet - Female - Deadly Nadder

Brynhildr - Female - Monsterous Nightmare

Blizzard - Male - Shivertooth

Dahrr - Male - Sweet Death

Auraelus - Female - Stormcutter

Apricot - Female - Scuttleclaw

Razorback - Male - Deadly Nadder

Lazy Bones - Male - Hotburple

Cosmin - Male - Shockjaw

Xavatos - Male - Screaming Death

Delta - Female - Speed Stinger

Elisa - Female - Snow Wraith

Excalibur - Male - Armorwing

Sunset - Female - Death Song

Forest Fire - Male - Monsterous Nightmare

Zephyr - Male - Wooly Howl

Taijas - Male - Shovelhelm

Sunrise- Female - Death Song

Valentina - Female - Fireworm Queen

Samson - Male - Thunderpede

Topaz - Female - Deadly Nadder

Shadow - Female - Night Terror

Slowpoke - Male - Hotburple

Freeze - Male - Groncicle

Menagerie - Female - Moldruffle

Wolverine - Male - Armorwing

Yuki - Female - Wooly Howl

Iceburg - Male - Groncicle

Hiraku - Female - Armorwing

Mayhem - Female - Rumblehorn

Ossa - Female - Boneknapper

Honey - Female - Sweet Death

Sea Jewel - Female - Scaldron

Mizu - Female - Sliquifier

Nami - Female - Scaldron

Kivara - Female - Shockjaw

Cloud - Male - Monsterous Nightmare

Toothy - Male - Devilish Dervish

Vahrae - Female - Snafflefang

Solace - Male - Singetail

Rhyo - Male - Eruptodon

Starfire - Female - Typhoomerang

Sekova - Female - Raincutter

Riot - Male - Rumblehorn

Cirrus - Male - Windwalker

Polar - Male - Shivertooth

Python - Male - Grapple Grounder

Ebba - Female - Thunderdrum

Daisy - Female - Hotburple

Void - Male - Night Terror

Kelp - Male - Sliquifier

Skye - Female - Death Song

Akeno - Male - Raincutter

Sotoka - Female - Smothering Smokebreath

Amethyst - Female - Sand Wraith

Chicory - Female - Scuttleclaw

Lucifer - Male - Screaming Death

Lemon and Lime - Male - Hideous Zippleback

Grypp - Male - Shovelhelm

Stardust - Female - Timberjack

Mirage - Female - Changewing

Avalanche - Male - Shivertooth

Orca - Female - Scauldron

Kinnara - Female - Flightmare

Sunray - Female - Typhoomerang

Ember - Female - Terrible Terror

Bandit - Male - Changewing

Victoria - Female - Fireworm Queen

Sophie - Female - Prickleboggle

Paprika - Female - Scuttleclaw

Barnabas - Male - Boneknapper

Tariq - Male - Boneknapper

Stratos - Male - Windwalker

Surtr - Male - Typhoomerang

Kikina - Female - Hobblegrunt

Midnight - Male - Deathsong

Nightshade - Male - Deathsong

Bastion - Male - Buffolord

Xiphos - Male - Razorwhip

Chiyu - Female - Prickleboggle

Raziel - Male - Snafflefang

Shinpi - Female - Flightmare

Havoc - Male - Rumblehorn

Wendigo - Male - Snow Wraith

Kilauea - Female - Typhoomerang

Boreas - Male - Wooly Howl

Chione - Female - Wooly Howl

Claymore - Male - Razorwhip

Iyashi - Male - Prickleboggle

Caribbean - Male - Sliquifer

Krakatoa - Male - Moldruffle

Whiplash - Male - Hobblegrunt

Eira - Female - Shivertooth

Crush - Male - Quaken

Gexxy - Female - Flame Whipper

Alpine - Male - Wooly Howl

Akai Yoake - Female - Deathsong

Shamrock - Male - Deadly Nadder

Venom - Male - Grapple Grounder

Jamaica - Female - Sliquifer

Thar - Male - Sand Wraith

Hyrrokin - Male - Smothering Smokebreath

Jawbreaker - Male - Sweet Death

Sinbad - Male - Raincutter

Sora - Male - Stormcutter

Sparky - Male - Shockjaw

Scortch - Male - Typhoomerang

Tambora - Female - Moldruffle

Mercy - Female - Prickleboggle

Nozomi - Female - Raincutter

Okiku - Female - Boneknapper

Splash - Female - Tide Glider

Crisis - Female - Rumblehorn

Boomjolt - Male - Skrill

Aquaria - Female - Tide Glider

Shibo - Male - Boneknapper

Surge - Male - Skrill

Yasashi - Male - Prickleboggle

Miko - Female - Prickleboggle

Kiri - Female - Smothering Smokebreath

Mayon - Male - Moldruffle

Bijou - Female - Prickleboggle

Candy - Female - Sweet Death

Toru - Male - Tide Glider

Taal - Male - Moldruffle

Aruba - Female - Sliquifier

Kyushu - Female - Typhoomerang

Jingu - Female - Fireworm Queen

Rakurai - Male - Skrill

Bayou - Male - Mudraker

Kaspar - Male - Tide Glider

Budzo - Male - Flame Whipper

Uloe - Female - Skrill

Amatheia - Female - Tide Glider

Ishtar - Female - Stormcutter

Zale - Male - Scauldron

Sachiel - Male - Tide Glider

Esmerelda - Female - Fireworm Queen

Shroud - Male - Smothering Smokebreath

Mamba - Male - Grapple Grounder

Zatoichi - Female - Razorwhip

Tianyang - Male - Typhoomerang

Calamity - Male - Rumblehorn

Solanna - Female - Fireworm Queen

Theodora - Female - Fireworm Queen

Delfina - Female - Tide Glider

Merapi - Female - Moldruffle

Daybreak - Female - Stormcutter

Keone - Male - Prickleboggle

Mauna Kea - Female - Typhoomerang

Scorpio - Male - Triple Stryke

Sasori - Female - Triple Stryke

Galia - Female - Tide Glider

Orage - Male - Skrill

Tsuki - Female - Hobblegrunt

Bane - Male - Triple Stryke

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So big update with interesting quests!!! amazing quests!!!It is perfect!!!






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Welcome to msssssignature

to very long one XD

(actually it isnt very long yet-_-)

lets bet that you wont be able to read it to the end XD


My viking: 

  • Name:Astra
  • Age:14
  • Gender: Female
  • Clan: Swift Champions
  • Main dragonChangewing ARTHAS
  • Trophies: 2600+
  • Dragon training Level:35 
  • Fishing Level: 30
  • Farming Level: 18
  • UDT: 1 gold star (13000+)

​My Facebook: Astra Changewing

My Google+: Astra Changewing

My YouTube: Astra Changewing

My forum name:KrasivaAstra

My in-game name: KrasivaAstra

My OC`s name: Astra Swiftson

My Chatzy name: Ch@ngeAstr@ da LOVE CHAMPION3


1. Monstrous Nightmare RIFE male adult

2. Whispering Deah MOLEY female adult

3. Stormcutter CALCEFER male adult

4. Whispering Death BLIDAPOGANKA female baby

5. Changewing ARTHAS male adult

6. Groncicle AURORA female adult

7. Sand Wraith ZAMIS male adult

8. Scuttleclaw OPHELIA female adult

9. Smoking Smokebreath SIRKO male adult

10. Razorwhip  SILVERMOON female adult

11. Typhoomerang FERRARI female adult

12.Fireworm Queen CHRYSAN the MUM female adult

13. Rumblehorn MR CHAFER adult

14. Speed Stinger BLUE teen

15. Tide Glider PEARL female adult

16.   Flightmare VEGA female adult

17. Screaming Death GENOQUEEN female teen

18. Shockjaw SPARKY male baby

19.Singetail CAMILA female adult

How many female dragons >.< xD)
















Astra Swiftson - my main oc viking. I will add her photo later.

She lives on Berk with her family. Father - Olex

ander TheBravest (his surname was Windson but vikings named him TheBravest for his bravery in the battles) and mother Leanore Windson. Their farm is very interesting and unusual. Because it is a Fireworm Farm! They make honey for themselves or sell it.

Astra was born when hiccup was at the age of 5. Astra reached this age when Hiccup trained Toothless and now when Hiccup is at the age of 20, Astra has 15 years)))))

Astra loves speed and extreme, adventures and dangerous journeys. Her hobby is traveling but it isnt the only thing she goes in for. Her life is very various and interesting, i think. After her training a changewing her favourite thing became racing. Oh, it is the best thing ever! Flight, wind, sky, speed, clouds...

That was general information which is still under a construction)))...

And now a story of training Artas - Astra`s dragon!

If you want to have dragon you have to pass an exame about dragons and only after it you will get a permission to train a dragon.

Astra wanted a night fury, of course, but noone knows where they live. One boy, Clawet to be exact, hasnt passed the exam but Astra has. He met Astra near her house and said:

- Astra, Im glad that you have won!

- Oh, thank you, Clawet! You had good results, too...

- I have a very interesting deal for you. It is about night furies...

- Really?

- I was walking around Hiccup's house and...Well, I have stolen THIS.

- Looks like a map. You have STOLEN it!!!

- I want to train a night fury but I havent passed the test! And I hoped that you would help me...

- Ok, What do you mean?

- I will give you a map and you will train the night fury...

- !!!

- ...and than you will take me with you and I`ll train my one ,too.

- It`s great but how can I even find night furies...

- You have a map of the Night Isle! It is in your hands now.Ok,I have to go! Goood bye, good luck!

Astra got up very early. She took a map, a rope, a little copy of the book of dragons and one fireworm...Astra became a bit worried and a bit afraid.

Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Snotlout came and said to go to the arena. "It starts in 30 mins" - they said. Astra nodded and took her bag. It was scary to leave her home... Maybe it is the last time she is here, in her house.

There were very many people, the whole village, maybe. Astra sat on Toothles with Hiccup and they flew to theDragon Isle. Hiccup told me the rules:

- We will land on the Dragon Isle. Astrid and I will fly over and around the island. If something happends to you call us. You can spend here at much a week. You can go fishing or hunting. Be very careful because you will be among WILD dragons. You can took your weapons but it isnt allowed to shot at dragons without a reason. Only for a protection, OK?


It was really great feeling that you will soon have your own night fury...

- Dont be afraid, I believe that you will manage! - said Astrid when she landed after Toothless.

Astra nodded and run to the forest. There were so many different scary sounds! Astra became really afraid...She had a plan (the plan is to train a random dragon and then to fly to the night isle) and she had to catch some fish. After that Astra climed a tree and saw a deadly nadder not far from her. Astra got down and run to the place where she saw that nadder.

...Nadder attacked by jumping on Astra but the girl rowed and found herself near a large pine-tree. She climed but the nadder fired the tree and it was about to fall. 

- It is my chance!

Astra jumped from the pine on nadder`s back. Deadly Nadder was suprised and disappointed. Astra gave the nadder a fish and "trained it with her hand".

Hiccup landed to congratulate Astra but she was GONE!!!

Astra flew on her first trained dragon to the Night Isle. She hoped to train a night fury besides she had some expeirence after a nadder))). 

- Come on, Poppy ( she named her nadder this way)! I think that's it, I think.

And really there was an island on the sea line. Suddenly the little smokebreath appeared. There were a lot of different weapons in his jaw. It flew above Astra when one of its axes fell down and hit Poppy's head. She fell uncouncious and stoped flying.

- Oh,Thor...POPPY!!!!!!!!

...First thing she could saw after her falling was a blue-blue sky. "Im probably dead" - thought Astra. But then she could see some pines, stones. She realized thet her arms, legs and practically the whole body had hurt very much.

- Ehm...Well, Im not dead if I still fell pain but where am I? Is it the Night Isle?

Astra made a fire and took some fish from her bag (it is impssible but after the falling it remaind near Astra XD >.<). Fried salmon without salt, sauces and etc wasnt very tasty but there was nothing else. Astra hasnt seen any night furies, she has heard only some scary sounds like "Shooh-shooh-shooh". It was getting dark and Astra fell asleep under a large pine-tree...

...Warm sunlight woke up her. Astra felt great! She looked around and realized that she had found herself in a stone cave. She came to the enter of the cave and looked out. The cave was situated very high on the mountain and pine-trees were so small down on the ground. Suddenly she heard a swish. Something invinsible (try to guess what it is)))) landed. Astra closed her eyes becouse of fright and was ready to meet her death...

But nothing happended. She opened one eye and saw THE CHANGEWING looking at her.

- Oh, my Thor! - whispered Astra, - Arent you going to kill me?

The changewing looked quite kind and Astra tried to train it. And what do you think? The whole her arm remained and the changewing wasnt going to attack.


Im very lazy XD XD 

What story do you want next? 





I cant believe but you have read it all! And as a reward here are some gifs!









by NarixuZen

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Umm... About the hideout

Yeah, uh, question! Where is the hideout? Is it in Dragon's Edge? Berk? The Lookout? Because if it's in Dragon's Edge... Like, what if I bought the hideout but not the expansion pack? How will I get to my room?













So I'm back after being gone for like, a year. I'm going to try and play SoD as often as I can but I might put my account on hold again when my summer vacation ends this early June. You know what high school is like ;)


"For we have been forgotten in this world and thought of as hopeless, but as we fly toward tommorrow, we shall become legends and prove them wrong"


Rank (Last time checked): Rank 16


Clan Leader: Rain Winddancer


Position: Elder






Ester Hawkhood


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Hi, my name is Ester Hawkhood. I'm an "Expert Dragon Flyer" and a proud and active member of the Forgotten Racers clan. I'm always racing, exploring for new quests, and always looking forward to meet new people :)


 Gender: Female

 Dragons: 9

 Clan: Forgotten Racers

Trophies: 4000+

 Friend Code: Just PM me, dude




  Your image is loading...

Day of Adoption: October 12, 2014

Gender: Female

Species: Deadly Nadder

Dragon Class: Tracker Class

Skin Color: White and light blue, wearing the Stormfly Look

Level: 20

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        Your image is loading...

               Day of Adoption: October 23, 2014

               Gender: Female

               Species: Whispering Death

               Dragon Class: Boulder Class

               Skin Color: Black and orange, wearing the Groundsplitter look

               Level: 13

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     Your image is loading...

               Day of Adoption: March 26, 2015

               Gender: Male

               Species: Gronkle

               Dragon Class: Boulder Class

               Skin Color: Blue, light blue and green

               Level: 12

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        Your image is loading...

                     Day of Adoption: July 19, 2015

                     Gender: Female

                     Species: Skrill

                     Dragon Class: Strike Class

                     Skin Color: Black, white and purple

                     Level: 20

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    Your image is loading...

                   Day of Adoption: August 19, 2015

                   Gender: Female

                   Species: Hideous Zippleback

                   Dragon Class: Mystery

                   Skin Color: Yellow-ish green, green and white

                   Level: 15

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                      Day of Adoption: August 23, 2015

                      Gender: Male

                      Species: Devilish Dervish

                      Dragon Class: Sharp Class

                      Skin Color: Brown, red and blue

                      Level: 20

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   Your image is loading...

                     Day of Adoption: December 16, 2015

                     Gender: Female

                     Species: Stormcutter

                     Dragon Class: Sharp Class

                     Skin Color: White and sky blue

                     Level: 18

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                   Day of Adoption: December 24, 2015

                   Gender: Female

                   Species: Changewing

                   Dragon Class: Mystery Class

                   Skin Color: Red, yellow-ish white and pink

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   Your image is loading...

                   Day of Adoption: January 2, 2016

                   Gender: Female

                   Species: Sand Wraith

                   Dragon Class: Boulder

                   Skin Color: Black with white and blue spots

All banners were made by me


Future Dragons:


Toothless -  Night Fury

NightHawk - Sand Wraith

Summer - Woolly Howl

FireCrystal - Flightmare

WaterFlower - Tide Glider

Emerald - Prickleboggle



HTTYD fanart by me

All my art can be found in my DeviantArt account (DragonArtist12)



(by me)


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Phoenix Pyre
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Reborn from the Ashes~

Its in the Dragon's Edge area sort of near the Taxi....

I have not seen any other access to it other than there.

Do they even offer the hideout as an option to purchase apart from the expansion?

(heres an image btw of the exterior ^-^)

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You CAN just by the Hideout on it's own for 200 gems.


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Phoenix Pyre
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 02/08/2015
Reborn from the Ashes~

Huh...Odd, didn't see the option till now.

(I can get it though for 180 gems)

So non-members must have to pay for a hideout then?

For me, I just waltzed right into mine without paying or anything, but I am a member though.

(maybe its included to members?)

Golden Scarlet's picture
Golden Scarlet
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Joined: 07/20/2014

It's included for members, just non-members need to pay.

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Joined: 05/10/2015

Yo. Reporting a few glitches as well, and I don't think I'm the only one having them. (I play online, just for reference.) The new stable missions are only partially working. I've completed several and had to trash several; the new quest thing works fine, but sometimes, the quest you finished will get 'stuck' on the complete icon. You click on it, it loads forever, nothing happens. You cant get in to claim the reward and no new quest pops up. So far, two slots are stuck that way in my stable. In addition, this is censored up my FARM quests. I completed a bunch, trashed one at the beginning, now suddenly it's just a blank slate with only one window, and that the little time stamp on it like after you trash it, but it doesnt bring up a new quest. Eventually I got frustrated with that and paid a gem to try and get a quest there, but it didnt work. It still was just that one quest sqare with nothing on it. Tried again, same result. So I can't do stable quests, I can't do farm quests. And just from the nature of the bug, I don't think I'm the only one having that problem. :/

Phoenix Pyre's picture
Phoenix Pyre
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 02/08/2015
Reborn from the Ashes~

Yes I am having the same issue as well with the stable missions.

Three are also "frozen" in place, and trying to complete them results in the forever spinning gears.

Here is an image of the missions stuck for me, let me know if these are the same ones.

(circled in red)

It might be the actual slots that are glitched...


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Joined: 05/03/2015
Fa la la la la la! HAPPY SNOGGLETOG!

It's a really good update but there's a problem with the Time Stable Missions.

 A few of my beloved Dragons went out for some Missions called 'Blast Chiller' and 'Sounds of Thunder', they completed the Missions and when I click 'Complete' it doesn't load and I can't claim my rewards. Could you please fix this glitch? I want my dragons to come back home!

Phoenix Pyre's picture
Phoenix Pyre
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 02/08/2015
Reborn from the Ashes~

Yes others are having the same issue as well. :-/

Take a look at my previous post, I included an image of the slots "stuck" for me, are they the same ones?

I'm curious to see if it is the actual slots that are glitched or certain missions.


Either way I do want to mention that if your dragons completed a mission, they should have returned to your stable and should be usable (able to make active) again. My Smothering Smokebreath is one of the dragons that went on a glitched quest/slot and I am able to use him again now that the quest has been completed, even though I have not claimed the prizes/rewards yet.


The glitch should only be barring you from not being able to refresh and go back out on a mission in that slot.

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Joined: 08/29/2014
Same Problem Here!

I'm having the same problem with my bottom left mission slot, the name of that mission is "Construction Zone, but I'm happy to confirm your statement about the dragons that participated on those glitched missions being available to play.


I just hope I don't get any more of those glitches, I'm trashing the quests I see mentioned here that present that kind of glitch and I'll advise everyone to do the same.


Edit: Just realized that I was able to complete and claim the mission called " Shock and Awe", maybe this problem is totally random?