New egg changewing

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  • please put an egg in the game of changewing​​​

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I guess

I guess stormcutters will be added next but of course I am not sure. Since they added rumblehorns I think they will add now dragons from Httyd 2. But of course there is a high chance they will add changewings.



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rumblehorns were easier to rig/animate so they got added, easy to animate ones are going to most likely be added first. Stormcotters got 4 wings so animating them will take more time.


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I want a Changewing before I

I want a Changewing before I get a Stormcutter.







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I want Changewings for next dragon too! Chagewings were more requested before the movie, so I hope they started to work on them!



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-based on bubbles5498's "Galaxyfury" idea                                              -adopted by 3angels6225                                                                    -adopted by DayDuskbreak

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I want a stormcutter, prob

I want a stormcutter, prob name is owl eyes or something and changewings have been popular on the requesting board so it will prob come up soon



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<-by GiGimon

<-by Aeral

<-moonpool and thunderowl by The Dragon Trainer

<-created by Scoubidous<-by Defy 

<-created by Autumn5467, love ya girl ;)

<-also made by Autumn



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Nyeeh... I dont like

Nyeeh... I dont like Changewings :c


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I dislike the Changewings .... I also (fully) they strangers



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Ok,I don't like Changewings

Ok,I don't like Changewings so much but If they put them that could be nice(but I still want to be Stormcutter the next one)




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 funny  bouncy made by ray

made by me :)



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Members only

For when you choose your first egg in the hatchery some of the eggs are members only so the changewing egg needs be added to the members only eggs



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Active thread?

This thread is from four years ago...



By the incredible ToshiLoshi, thank you so much!

Wonderful edits of Tsunami and my Razorwhips by nathanviking!

Thanks to HummerTruck for taking these pics of me and Tsunami!


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~ My favourite dragons species (in no particular order) are Skrill, Scauldron, Stormcutter, Deadly Nadder, Deathsong, Slithersong, Razorwhip, Light Fury, Seashocker, Dramillion, Flightmare, Hobblegrunt, Razorwhip ~


Have some cute, baby dragons! :D


Viking stuff...


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Embala OceanHeart is a young, dragon loving viking, who currently resides in Berk. She also has a hideout on a small tropical island, where she often travels to study wild dragons. Embala taught herself the art of tracking and has quickly become become an advanced dragonologist. She bonded with her first dragon Tsunami after the scauldron rescued her from a huge tidal wave. Soon after travelling to Berk and defeating a rogue hunters ship, she rescued Volcanus. An adult male sand wraith whos sand fire had been used to fire up the hunter’s ship’s engine and make glass for the ships weapon hoard. Many more dragons were to join her team after, and more dragons are to come!



My dragons (Organised by class)

Blazewing - Male Monstrous nightmare (Brother to Duskflap)

Duskflap - Female Monstrous nightmare (Sister to Blazewing)

Embershot - Male Singetail


Geode - Male Gronckle

Amethyst - Female Gronckle

Groundsplitter - Male Whispering death

Brittlespine - Female Whispering death

Tunneltwister - Male Whispering Death

Snowberry - Female Groncicle

Lava Chaser - Male Eruptodon

Kilauea - Female Eruptodon


Lavender - Female Deadly nadder

Sharpthorns - Female Deadly nadder

Thistle - Female Deadly nadder

Rosebud - Female Deadly nadder

Porcupine - Female Deadly nadder


Fuchsia and Violet - Female Hideous zippleback

Rhythm - Female Deathsong


Tsunami - Female Scauldron (Best battle dragon)

Volcanus - Male Sand wraith (Best racing dragon)

Echo - Male Thunder drum

Lagoon - Female Thunderdrum


Skydancer - Female Razorwhip (Nickname Sky)

Sunburst - Female Stormcutter

Swordtail - Male Razorwhip


Nightshade - Female Triple stryke

Vespa - Female Triple stryke

Indigo - Female Skrill



Fanspecies/oc dragons (Not ingame)

Auklet - Female Scauldron (Daughter to Tsunami)

Prickle - Female Deathgripper

Jaguar - Female Night fury

Moonflower - Female Light fury


Heliconia - Female Plume tail (Fan species by me)

Butternut - Female Harvest hunter (Fan species by me)

Kumquat - Male Harvest hunter (Fan species by me)

Kingfisher - Male Storm tail (Fan species by Wild Vanity)

Cuckoo - Female Gluespit (Fan species by Chameishida)

Quartz - Female Crystalize (Fan species by ImDerpySheylaYT)

Tinsel - Female Cristmas wreath (Fan species by AndreaEaston)




Photobombed by a yodeling eruptodon XD

Exploring the forgotten dragon nest (spooky!)

Unlocking the secrets of the dragon eye...

Indigo exploring the majesty of the mountains

Baby Sunburst and Lavachaser (Idk what else to put lol)



Welcome to the Art Corner!

Big thanks to all the artists who made me the fantastic art below :D

Secret Santa gift by RedHoodJason, thanks so much and Merry Christmas!


My first ever dragon ingame, Volcanus, by LissaFish!


Tinsel the Christmas Wreath by AndreaEaston!


Awesome pic by RedHoodJason! (Just had to put this here again!)

This adorable derpy edit of Tsunami and Embala is by X Katerina Pettrova X

My nadders, Lavender and sharpthorns by the absolutely amazing Mistyshadowz!

Credit to Zikta for this beautiful portrayl of my viking Embala!

Kingfisher the Stormtail by Wildvanity!


Tsunami the Scauldron and Prickle the Deathgripper both done by ImDerpySheylaYT!

Thankyou to Chameishida for Cuckoo the Gluespit, in adult and titan form!


Jadetalon the Jewel Spinner by DyliehIdol1214! Thankyou so much!

Quartz the Crystalize by ImDerpySheylaYT! (Seriously, your art is awesome!)

It's Prickle again! Credit goes to Andrea Easton for this amazing drawing!

Sharpthorns by Purple Holking! (Aka The Blobfish Queen!)

Jaguar the Night fury by LisaFish!





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