New dragons,Titans,new expansions,what's next?

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                           Hi.So I've seen in SOD that new dragons,titans,and new expansions are coming out.So whats next? I mean like whats the next expansion,next dragon,and next titan? The admins should already be thinking of whats going to be in the next expansion,thinking what the next titan and new dragon is.So I'm just wondering.Whats next?                           


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At the moment, no one knows for sure. It's quite recent since the last major update, and right now they're doing Titans. There seems to be a pattern with the Titans release, going one of the early dragons and then a popular dragon, an early, a popular, so-on-so-forth.


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Uh, where'd the topic go? Uh... Uh hold on... Lemme find it...

im pretty sure they will be realsing the triple stryke somtime.


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I lost my subject

           I hope so.That dragon looks cool.

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A wild post has appeared!!

It's a garentee that the  Triple Stryke will be released.  The fourm won't shut up about it. But it will take some time. Rigging that tail mutual be hard! 

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I was so hype for fridays release I was like "YEAH YEAH TRIPLE STRYKE, YEAH YEAH SAND WRAITH TITAN OR ARMOR!!" And I came home to nothing WHY SODDDDD!!!?! Anyway I think Triple Stryke is coming out but keep up the hype!!


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I was so hype for fridays release I was like "YEAH YEAH TRIPLE STRYKE, YEAH YEAH SAND WRAITH TITAN OR ARMOR!!" And I came home to nothing WHY SODDDDD!!!?! Anyway I think Triple Stryke is coming out but keep up the hype!!

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Triple Stryke

Triple Stryke! I want one soooo bad! But yeah, I really do think that they are coming because everyone seems to want one nowadays.








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I'd really love SoD get back to creating new animations for dragons again, plenty of dragons still need new animations!

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no thanks ... i think :/

idk about that bcs after the raincutter drag new animations , if any of them are like that , i would rather not ... , but if they are like the razor wip , ... then yes pls do more new animations :) ( and if sod , you are i woud start buy changing the raincutter animation .... hint :/ ) 


Dragon lover

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i think

i think will come the triple stryke (the main of event ) or  the dragon buffelord


and i hope add the map defender of the wing


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