A new dinosaur building park!

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Hiya! Prehistoric kingdom is an upcoming game which gives you great control over how your park is going to look. You can edit almost everything so the park will look like no other. Also you can fill it with lots of extinct animals which look exactly like they could have looked in real life - they are scientifically accurate, also they behave like real animals (not running and screaming like movie monsters, not antropomorphised). 


The thing is the game needs our help. It started a kickstarter campaign a few days ago which means we can help fund it. They cant do this alone because they are a small team consisting of regular people just like me and some of you who are interested in paleontology and gaming. You can see the trailer and basically every game-related info here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1536990940/prehistoric-kingdom


You can play the FREE demo on their steam page if you want to experience what youre supporting before diving into it.


We already funded almost 2/3 of the goal but we have to mobilise. If you cant help them financially just share this, spread the word. Do it anyway :P


(there are rewards for supporting it financially)












                                                    ~~I am not animal owner. I am their caretaker~~



I try to give my dragons names with meanings :D


Monstrous Nightmare - Suzuki (my first dragon, named after my lovely cat :33)

Deadly Nadder - Kuuna (which means "marten")

Rumblehorn - Tavro (bull)

Stormcutter - Simba (lion)

Scauldron - Peixes (fish)


I also have some other dragons but don't count them because i got them through mystery box/quest/expansion etc.



                                                 ~~ Non-httyd stuff~~


                                                                                     That means more fandoms 38D


                                            This is Saurian - new awesome dinosaur game. Go check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1379624404/saurian-an-open-world-dinosaur-survival-experience/description




















                                                                           Yesdo lovHomestuc


                                                                                      so i guess i have to stop here

                                                                             here's my tumblr http://joanana.tumblr.com/

                                                                                              Have a nice day! ^u^  

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I.............................LOVE IT WIll it go to mobile or computer?


                                                     My siggy is a work in progress, so when you venture watch out for gas and spark


                       Hi I'm mcrour call me MC game 


Name Benjamin The Dragon


Rider. Enjoy the siggy




                                                                                 Made by AngNadder


                                              Warning I have and will use my death song if I catch you 

                               Stealing and if my protectors find you first your lucky





                                      Proud Leader Of

                       Dragon Tamers Of The Sky And Clouds

                                                                 Photo will be added soon                                                           

                                       (Btw alpha means leader of my dragons)



                                                                            Zipple and Wipple.                                

                                                                     Level (30).                                                               Widow

                                                                      Form (Alpha,Titan).                                               Little but tuff

                                                                   Species  (zipple back).                                      Species. Ferocity 

                                                               Personality (Loyal,playful,loving).                       Gender. Female            

                                                                    Gender  (Male).                                          Drawn by. Datonetrumpet

                                                  Hatched   (08/22/2015)

                                                               My thoughts    (Zipple and Wipple are my best friends what I would do if

                                                                                      They weren't with me is like asking what would I do with no    

                                                                                       Head I wanted a nightmare but from distance I stared at the

                                                                                       Zippleback egg it froze me I had to choose between 500 lbs

                                                                                       Of muscle and fire or my two headed friend,I knew I made

                                                                                        The right choice when I picked up that egg)  


                                                                              Made by the amazing, Neverendingsilverstorm.


                                                                        Level (30)

                                                                          Form (none)

                                                                      Species (Whispering death)

                                                                Personality  (aggressive,protective)

                                                                      Gender  (Male)

                                                                     Hatched  (09/02/2015

                                                                   My thoughts (Spooker my most protective dragon, he turned out to be a

                                                                                        Survivalist since he was a hatchling. Being hatched in the

                                                                                         Middle of the ocean really convinced him to protect every

                                                                                          Thing he had even his egg shell which he floated in. One

                                                                                           Day hiccup sent me on a patrol how boring it was because

                                                                                           Zipple and wipple were banned from flight after setting

                                                                                           The great hall on fire oops,spookers was going to be ran 

                                                                                            Over by are ship but I saw him and took care of him and

                                                                                              Gained trust,but now he thinks he needs to protect me

                                                                                              With his life)


                                                                           Level (19)

                                                                             Form (none)

                                                                        Species   (Whispering death)

                                                                    Personality  (playful)

                                                                           Gender (male)

                                                                       Hatched    (09/04/2015)

                                                                     My thoughts (ready for play time well spooks the dragon for the job and 

                                                                                          Never stops doing it spooks my most playful dragon ever

                                                                                           He's ready for non stop fun he is the exact opposite of his

                                                                                            Brother spooker.spooker keeps trying to teach spooks but

                                                                                             It's no use censored,is spooks no one can change that)

       I have way more dragons just waiting to have the time to list them

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im almost certain it wont go on mobile, but why dont you message them? i think theres their e-mail address somewhere on the KS site. Cant wait for this game, the demo was really cool :)