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Joined: 03/01/2015

This clan is all about teamwork, bonding and following your heart to be who you want to be. We are a clean and honest clan in game and on the race tracks. Our clan members are our family, and family is always there for each other. Come and join us as our legacy is taken to the skies!

Here are just a few rules….
  1. If you are found creating trouble for/in the clan you will automatically be suspended (or banned depending on the severity) from the clan until further notice
  2. In racing we do not use backwards racing, fire at other players or use traps against our clan members and other clans that are our friends. This is the most crucial rule so if you don't follow you have three chances. The first a warning, the second a suspension until the issue stops and the third being banned from the clan.
  3. HAVE FUN! 
Requirements to be in the clan….
  1. Must be active three or more times a week
  2. You have at least 1,000 trophies (if not then you will have to convince me as to why I should let you join)
  3. Must be a fair and honest racer or person in general
How to become an elder…
  1. Must be a member of the clan for at least three months (earlier if you prove yourself)
  2. Be helpful and trustworthy to members of the clan, let us know you'll be there for us if we need you
  3. Be kind, simplicity in itself. Just be a nice and warm person to talk to :)
What do I need to know? (PM ONLY)
  1. Friend Code
  2. Current Clan and Past Clans (if any)
  3. Number of Trophies
  4. Why you would like to join Winged Legacy
Thank you all for reading, we have six members so far and are already ranked at 76 in the top clans! I know that together that number can get higher, but only with your help!


Help me create a journey of friendship and fun in this new clan!


Thank you for reading, Viking El