New at both forum and game, so feel free to teach me the right ways to do stuff :)

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 Any help is appreciated! <3



                  Hello and welcome to my siggy! 





                     Main Viking: EverestPlays



   Main Dragon: LunaMidnight (All Dragons Listed Below)




                               All My Dragons:


                    Pearls - Adult Female Shockjaw


               Tropicia - Adult Female Deadly Nadder


              Night Glade - Adult Male Deathgripper


                   Waves - Adult Male Scauldron


                Toothless - Adult Male Night Fury


                  Luna - Adult Female Light Fury


               Lavender - Adult Female Hobgobbler


                   Shield - Baby Male Razorwhip


               Midnight - Adult Female Death Song


        Water and Melon - Baby Male Hideous Zippleback


             Cobblestone - Adult Male Elder Sentinel


                Coral - Baby Female Thunderdrum


       Plasma and Burst - Adult Female Hideous Zippleback


                  Snowstorm - Teen Male Groncicle


                    Cotton - Teen Flame Whipper


           Emerald - Adult Female Monstrous Nightmare


          Sapphire - Baby Female Monstrous Nightmare 


                Raspberry - Adult Female Singetail









                I'm not really creative when it comes to

                   names, so feel free to suggest some! 


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Creative subject not found

Welcome! :D


I left. And I logged in only to write this in my siggy. Yup. Bye I guess? 20190322-153103 Untitled5_20180804121918







(profile picture by me)........................... In-game I'm known as XxXPurpleHolkingXxX. I'm not as active in SoD as I used to be. You will see me exploring island on the back of my beloved Night Terror, Middy (see pictures of her below) or on the newest addition of my dragon family, Vision. Lower in my siggy there's a link to my deviantArt. I rarely use it, but as I have to upload some art that I've gotten you may see me there during the summer. Back to SoD... Now some of my best screenies: IMG_20180808_181638WATERRRR! Screenshot_20180808-054923The Psyho Boneknapper is real! OvO IMG_20180808_183805 Those memories! IMG_20180809_083130 Flying in Berk with the Psyho Boneknapper. °v° IMG_20180813_125652 What's more fun than standing on Krayfin with your main dragon? IMG_20180814_111348 A rare picture of Milly singing in the shower. IMG_20180813_131753 The power of the mighty Sárki. IMG_20180813_133721IMG_20180813_133704 Just two casual, waiting for battle pictures with Skywalker (I wasn't allowed to name her Leia Skywalker... XD). IMG_20180813_133623 "Narwhals, narwhals swimming in the ocean..." IMG_20180814_111409 Just a peaceful flight... IMG_20180813_133644 Protecting Icestorm Island with Mid. Screenshot_20180815-054749 Hatching Mid's sis, Noche. IMG_20180815_061635 Mid and Noche meeting for the first time.



// dA
// Art and edits for me
// Story of my ex-friend - the reason why I started hating hacking more than any time before
20190720-111530 Stop hating on these adorable babies! :'( That's all for now! Bye! (Can you believe that my siggy is 100% made on mobile?) IMG_20180809_093422 The Psyho Boneknapper is watching you! Psyho_Boneknapper_banner 2fmeo8 It's time to disapear! (Look, Buff Buff is better than the Light Fury!)

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Thank you!

Glad to be welcomed by such nice people! <3

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Welcome and have fun!!!

Welcome and have fun!!!


Welcome to my Signature


My Dragons


Storm-Adult Nadder

Stormfly-Titan Nadder

Thornado-Titan Thunderdrum

Whispy-Titan Whispering Death

Troyfa-Adult Whispering Death

Roar-Titan Skrill

Dagur's Skrill-Adult Skrill

Meatlug-Titan Gronckle

Koytsoylia-Adult Gronckle

Bone Phantom-Titan Boneknapper

Cloudy-Titan Stormcutter

Barf Belch-Titan Zippleback

Fangy-Titan Nightmare

Hooky-Adult Nightmare

Fireglow-Adult Fireworm

Heatblast-Baby Fireworm

Spark-Baby Fireworm

Screamy-Titan Screaming Death

Charivdi-Adult Screaming Death

Venom-Titan Flightmare

Sand Wraith-Titan Sand Wraith

Toothful-Adult Sand Wraith

Snoggletog Wraith-Titan Wooly Howl

Benny-Adult Wooly Howl

Shocky-Adult Shockjaw

Gronci-Adult Groncicle

Night Light-Adult Groncicle

Speedy-Adult Speed Stinger

Icebreaker-Adult Speed Stinger

Deathsong-Titan Deathsong

Butterfly-Adult Deathsong

Windshear-Titan Razorwhip

Lucifer-Adult Devilish Dervish

Taxi-Adult Timberjack

Lump-Adult Snafflefang

   Axewing-Adult Armorwing

 Fourwing-Adult Singetail

Avocado-Adult Eruptodon

Potato-Baby Eruptodon

 Snowy-Adult Snow Wraith

Maleficent-Adult Moldruffle

Mal-Adult Moldruffle

Thredtail-Adult Hobblegrunt*

Kapnaw-Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Crocodilino-Adult Windwalker

Smidvarg-Adult Night Terror

Skullcrasher-Adult Rumblehorn

Snake-Adult Grapple Grounder*

Grump-Adult Hotburple

Shiren-Adult Tide Glider

Candy-Sweet Death

Pitchers-Adult Snaptrapper

Venus Flytrap-Adult Snaptrapper

Mudstorm-Adult Mudtracker

Rainstorm-Adult Raincutter

Chinski-Adult Changewing

Scauldy-Adult Scauldron

Uma-Adult Scauldron

Sharpshot-Adult Terrible Terror

Toothless-Adult Night Fury

Tailchanger-Adult Flame Whipper

Sleuther-Adult Triple Stryke

Harry Hook-Adult Triple Stryke

Gladiator-Adult Elder Sentinel


I am trying to get two dragons of each species, one being a Titan and the other one an Adult


Some things about myself


I am a 16 year old boy. I am from Greece and I live in Athens. My favourite food is souvlaki. My hobbies are swimming and basketball. My favourite movies are How to train your dragon movies, Jurassic Park/World movies, Descendants movies and Marvel movies. My favourite series are HTTYD series, Victorious, Descendants and many more XD. I like any kind of music and I don't have a preferable singer.

My favourite characters from HTTYD are Hiccup, Astrid, Valka, Stoick, Toothless, Stormfly and the Light Fury


My adoptables


Owl by Wolflight


Shock and Bolt by dogloven


Toothless by ELSA II


Twilight by RoaringOrigins


Indoraptor by RedHoodJason



Σχετική εικόνα

And some fanart that I found through Pinterest and DeviantArt (these are not mine I just found them while scrolling)

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για toothless and hiccup httyd 3

Σχετική εικόνα


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Welcome! I hope you enjoy playing the game!

my tip for you is spend your gems wisely because they are hard to come across! ( do not speed anything up with gems, it isn’t worth it )

Have a wonderful day! :D


Hello there fellow reader!


Viking Name: ITillyI

Friend code: GA26DD

Clan: I Harbingerz I


Joined SoD: 25th April 2019 

Joined Forums: 19th May 2019 


My Dragons: 


Symbol- Female -Level 38


Montrous Nightmares:

Sky- Female -Level 40

Rosey- Female -Level 27

Leaf- Male -Level 11

Match- Male -Level 7

Snowball- Female -Level 4



Jadie- Female -Level 27


Fireworm Queens:

Emerald- Female -Level 26


Sand Wraiths:

Eclipse- Female -Max Level


Hideous Zipplebacks:

Amethyst- Female -Level 21

Dusty- Male -Level 8

Slushie- Male -Level 9

Desert- Male -Level 8

Plum- Female -Level 8

Bubblegum- Female -Level 8

Bee- Male -Level 7

Ivey- Female -Level 7

Spark- Male -Level 5

Thunder And Storm- Male -Level 5

Frosty- Male -Level 1


Sweet Deaths:

Smoulder- Male -Level 21



Royal- Female- Level 20


Whispering Deaths:

Reaper- Male -Level 21

Shade- Male -Level 21

Lavender- Female -Level 15

Lime- Male -Level 14

Morpho- Male -Level 13



Gabbie- Female -Level 28

Boulder- Male -Level 21

Tulip- Female -Level 11

Blizzard- Male -Level 9

Lemon- Female -Level 8

Lucky- Male- Level 7



Pompei- Male -Level 17


Deadly Nadders:

Lilac- Female -Level 24

Primrose- Female -Level 18

Wasp- Male -Level 11

Amino- Male -Level 9

Yaknog- Male -Level 5



Sunset- Female -Level 26

Midnight- Female -Level 18



Splash- Male -Level 24



Ocean- Female -Level 17



Ebony- Female -Level 9



Turquoise- Female -Level 9



Azura- Female-Level 5


Expansions completed:

~Icestorm Island 

~Battle For The Edge

~Call Of The Deathsong

~Return To Dragon Island



Adventurer/Viking level: 50

Fishing level: 20

Farming level: 30

Dragon Bonding Level: 26

Trophies: 1598

Trainer Points: 286907


-I am a huge Disney fan, a Big fan of TMR :DD I am also a huge lover of Marvel,Httyd, DBH and Jurassic World!

-I'm an animal lover!

-I love listening to music and playing video games! XD

-I have 3 pets! (Cocker spaniel- Lotty, Two ferrets- Ping and Pong)

-I Love music!

That's pretty much all of the interesting things about me! :D





Art work!

Art by Piggyxl:

Art by Snowflake12298:

Art by Root:

Art by Flitt:

Art by AndreaEaston:




Hello there! I am proud of you for reading this far :)


Feel free to PM me!

I always love talking to new people and making new friends!




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I second this. The other day, I wasted something like 140 gems by accidentally speeding up a stable quest. Big oof. And I don't even know if I was awarded the stuff for finishing the quest! >_<


Proverbs 25:11

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.


Proverbs 15:1

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.




What is a friend?A single soul...Dwelling in two bodies.

Amesome Secret Odin 2019 GIFt set from the amazing Inhonoredglory!  Thanks a lot!       


Now, what else to put here?  How about nothing. For now... :D

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Darn that must suck :/ I hope you earn the gems back soon though! :D

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Dragonriders Fury
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The sentiment is appreciated, Earthling. XD

No kidding!  And thanks. I hope so, too. :)

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How do I post stuff on a mobile device? I'm new so I don't know how to.




I'm Abyss!


Welcome to my Signature!!!


It may be a bit boring cause I'm not good at this


But who cares! :D


Image result for dart httyd


My favorite Night-Light is Dart


She's so cute and loveable and smart. She never gives up on a plan even with her brothers messing about.


My Interests



Five Nights at Freddy's


Digital Marketting


The Lion King


Image result for httyd night lights





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Nope, this device ain't goin' anywhere!

Sorry, I'm the wrong person to ask about that; I don't have a mobile device, so I haven't the faintest idea.  Try someone else?

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Wait but...

What did you use the speedups on? For the Snoggletog I used fox farming, a couple of speedups after the three videos. Got Ruffrunner and Pouncer that way. I'd say it was worth it, and nowhere near as expensive as Dart. Heck after getting him, all the gems I'd saved up were gone in a snap so I couldn't even afford many speedups. By the end of tomorrow I'll have the Snow Wraith Armor (idk the stats but it's a cool flight suit), which I am only using one or two fox speedups a day as opposed to the 3-5 I had been previously using (Dragon Tactics would give me gems plus the free gem ads) to get the Night Lights.


Aka Cryp or Cryptic, occasionally Fang. I have the same username in the game (my main viking). I have all three Night Lights. Ruffrunner is my favorite and I really hope they become available for Dragon Tactics since that's my favorite minigame. AND I REALLY HOPE DREAMWORKS ALLOWS ADULT NIGHT LIGHTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND BECAUSE MY LIL FURIES WOULD LOOK SO COOL GROWN UP!


Dragons (to date):

Rumblehorn (Flaire)

Nadder (Neopunk)

Stormcutter (Kagome)

Stormcutter (Floral)

Death Song (Luminescent) 

Dramillion (Mayu)

Woolly Howl (Floofy)

Whispering Death (Fangfull)

Groncicle (Kokoro)

Skrill (Lavander)

Tide Glider (RedTide)

Moldruffle (Dude)

Zippleback (Mister)

Zippleback (Nibbler)

Zippleback (Zippy)

Snaptrapper (MultiPanda)

Raincutter (Rain)

Snafflefang (Foli)

Eruptodon (Hosenki)

Armorwing (Fresco)

Singetail (Fireblaster)

Elder Sentinel (Shade)

Razorwhip (Darba)

Flame Whipper (Joker)

Triple Stryke (Stratos)

Smitten Hobgobbler (Kernel)

Hobgobbler (Bobble)

Crimson Goregutter (Gordon)

Deathgripper (Centurion)

Deathgripper (Tryst)

Scauldron (Tibby)

Gronckle (Gronk)

Monstrous Nightmare (Nightmon)

Night Light (Dart)

Night Light (Ruffrunner)

Night Light (Pouncer)

Sand Wraith (Crystalline)

Scuttleclaw (Pepper)

Prickleboggle (Dot)

Speedstinger (Vena)

Changewing (Acidic)

Fireworm Queen (Kirby)

Thunderdrum (Nono)

Zapplejack (Apple)

Galeslash (Pingu)

Typhoomerang (Thwap)

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Forum-wise, check whether a relevant thread already exists before making a new one, try not to necro old and irrelevant threads, and if you want to reply to a post, there's a reply button at the bottom of each post which you can use so people can see who you're replying to!  If you go to 'my account' and the 'track' tab, you can check whether a thread you replied to has new replies.

Good to know: You cannot untrack threads.


For the game, it's a good idea to get many dragons, and make them all titans at one point (Titan is one stage beyond adult). If you do this, you can do stable quests, which have a decent chance to give you gems as rewards, making obtaining gems super easy and most importantly: completely free. You can use gems to buy expansion packs, dragons, stables, clothes etc. 

Coins are virtually useless in this game, for the rest. However, in the beginning they do have some use, as you can buy starter dragons with them, as well as a stable if you have enough UDT points (which generally accumulate as you play). There are some expansion packs that also cost coins, and it's definitely worth buying those if you're running out of quests.


Small Signature Squad-- because we don't hate people and neither should you.

Neo // poopoo drawer

more cool links:



Peepo the most Powerful: King of the Night Furies ©

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A wild post appeared!!


At the very beginning of the game you receive either a Rumblehorn, Flightmare, Shockjaw, or SandWraith. What you receive is completely random and I recommend you check in the hanging cage before defeating to evil ships you are assigned to so you know what dragon you get the first time. Sandwraith or Flightmare (in my opinion) are your best options because they can't be made into titans and have decent stats if you ever choose to race. If you don't get either of these dragons but want to, exit the game and go to where you can select your viking to play. Delete your viking then remake it the exact same way (you can even use the same name!). Then your start up the game again, check the cage to see if you got your desired first dragon! If not, repeat it until you do.


I am not sure if you can still do this but I know there used to be an option where you can invite friends to play SoD. Do that as much as possible, preferably when your friend is over so you can get the instant gratification of the extra gems it gives you.


Every two hours (I've noticed that for me at least, it is on every odd hour but I guess it really depends on where you live) there is a battle event. You go to the training grounds and a ship sails into the bay for you to destroy by firing at it. Dragons with the higher shot limits work the best for these, especially if you have multiple. If not, your best tactic is to shot the bottom deck then flight back to the regeneration points. If you don't know where those are, just fly into the ship. You'll hideand respawn at one of the checkmarks. These regeneration points refill your health and your dragon's shot limit. DO THESE BATTLES. You can will a lot from them.


Stable quests is my primary source of gems. The more dragons you accumulate, the better your chances at finding gems. It is a pricey investment but trust me, it pays off.


The chat is really messed up. You can hardly say anything at all. One "bad" word can get you banned for days. "Bad" words include numbers, symbols, "cute", aome dragon names...

I can't even begin to list them all. It's best if you try to talk in game as little is possible. Keep your speech at like kindergarten level and you should be OK. if not, put 'Q' in front of your word to avoid chat block. Example:

"Your small dragon is so QcuteQ"

Avoid punctuation. 

It's annoying. 



Dragons can eat chicken eggs. Make sure there are a LOT of chickens in your farm. They are relatively inexpensive to maintain and therefore, you don't have to go fishing every time your dragon wants a snack. Though buying a more advanced fishing rod is worth it due to some quests in expansions requiring you to fish to hard to catch meals. If you get eels, don't feed them to your dragon (unless you have a Deathsong), it makes them unhappy.




By: Varku

Friend code: Not accepting

Clan: The Phantom Lords

Trophy Count (about): 8,500

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Oh no.

I know this is old, but why is punctuation annoying? 




Welcome to my





Sorry if it looks bad, I am not good at




Work In Progress...

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Captcha doesn't like me very much

Also, if you wait to hatch your first dragon and hatch one yourself in your stables you get a free boulder stable, and three dragons at the start, that's somthing I wish I new when I started!


I would suggest not getting any more then one viking for an account as they are practicly usless unless you are starting a clan.


thats about all I can think of!


  Go here for a Lycanwing!

Or do you want a Fury or Nightmare? Well look no farther!

Ever wanted a creature from the ATLA serise? Here you go! 

Want A baby dragon drawn? Go here!

      Hello all! How are you guys? People who play the game will know me as Maz, that's a lot easier then AMAZIEing... lets just go with Maz instead!


     Leader and friend of At Last You See The Light, a good clan for anyone who enjoy's doing battle's and don't care  about Trophies to much!


                                                             Things about me: 

                                                     Age(ish): teen 

                                              Gender: female 

                                      I like to: read, dance, being with friends and musical theatre!

                              School: Home, in other words, I'm homeschooled

                       Family: I have many sisters and a brother

             Religion: Christan.

    Friend Code: PM me to find out, I have it ready and waiting for you.

Personality : ENTP (AKA The debater) and My ennagram type  8 with a 7 wing. I've been told I'm very loyal and I like to think of myself as funny :D I'm a Hufflepuff! (although sometimes I call myself a HuffleSlitherDoor XD) 


Top one made by AndreaEaston, the one below I made after I'd seen someone elses (I can't remember whose though, please tell me if you know!)



                              I have so many dragons it'll take awhile to write it all down!


1: Marya, the green sand wraith, She 2: Sky, sky blue Deadly Nadder, She 3: Will treaty, grean wispering death, He 4: Pendragon Gona (or Morgona, they wouldn't let me name her that though) Purple wispering death, she 5: Jennny, pink purple groncicle, she 6: Arther Pendragon, red wispering death, He

7: Uther Pendragon, grey wispering death, He 8: Phill Colson, blue eruptadon 9: Bomburst (from chitty chitty Bang Bang, I did that play before) red Groncle, He 10: Thanos, Baby purple Groncle, He 11: Jemima (also from Chitty) pink nightmare, She 12: Jeremy Potts (Chitty) blue titan Nightmare, He

13: the Flash, red speed stinger, He 14: Garmadon, Purple Changewing, He 15: Kili and Fili, pink Zippleback, He 16: Zuko, Bronze red Razerwip, He

17: Azula, Grey red pink Razerwip, She 18: TheBalrogOfMorgoth, Red and black Snafflefang, He 19: Regina Mills, purple Deathsong, She 20: Ananis, Purple thunderdrum, He 21: Saphira, Gold (or yellow, whatever you want to call it) Thunderdrum, She 22: Bealfire,blue and gold armurwing, He 23: LunaLovegood, yellow wholly howl, She 24: Shuri, purple deathgripper, She

(these are done by Aetherna)                                         (This is Foam)

(for anyone wondering, my two other accounts are called, Spot Conlin, and Oashnokia)

In game I have 4 accounts, My two main and My two Just-for-fun ones. On my first (Name: Mazhira) account I have almost everything done 'cept a few expansions. In all the other accounts I still have a lot left. You're likly to find me at the training grounds around battle times under the name Mazhira or AlenkaJackson. Till then, Keep flying! :D



      I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.

                                                                      -Psalms 86:12



Sorry for the bad writing and spelling, I have slight Dysgraphia and  thus my thoughts arn't very easly understood (Plus I talk in an Accent sometimes and it bleeds into my writing) :D 



           ART!!!!! Oh NO! Were'd most of it  go?!?! Oh wait, here it is!




Here is Pine! My Razortail done magnificintly by  StormShear57!



Here is Spout! My amazing Silver Phantom done by the talented Sohki!



Here is Delila! My Windwalker also Done by Sohki!


Here is Agitha Gold, My eggbiter-in-a-mug! By guess who, Sohki!


This Delightful girl is Honeycrisp again done by the simply fantastic Fun Dragon! I love her!










Confused Stick GIF by How To Train Your Dragon - Find & Share on GIPHY



I do art! :D Look at the top if you want any!

Here's a few of my pieces of artwork in link form!

Here's some on paper, top is a person the other one is a dragon


 If you ever need art... I'll be here

Avatar Aang GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY



And with that, You have reached the end! Awsome! Wow! Here's laurans and Peggy running away during satisfied. 


John Laurens and Peggy | Hamilton Amino


if you want something drawn just PM me, I'll do it. Onle very few will get this far and read this light font. 


Joined: 06/17/2019


Plz explain you you wait to hatch a dragon so that you get three dragons and a stable.

Also WELCOME!! I’m new as well, so we can learn together :)


Hi! My signature is a big WIP

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Captcha doesn't like me very much

Welcome! theres some free codes that if you redeem 'em you get a outfit and free eurpton, get that and hatch the Eurpton before you hatch your first starter dragon (Nadder, Nightmare, Zippleback, Gronckle) at the Hatchery. if you do that click your dragon to change to a different dragon then you'll see a extra boulder stable. Also,  you wont have a dragon for the first 12 hours but you'll get it back (as in your sandwraith or flightmare, Rumblehorn, what's the other one?)


Anyway, I hope this was helpful, if you've already hatched the first dragon from the Hatchery it doesn't work.

Again, Welcome!



(I think the codes are something like cloudcover(jumper?) and somethin' else, you'll find 'em)

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Hi Everest! Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy!





I'm Lissa, a follower of Jesus ^^ I've been part of SoD for around 4 years; the forum for 3.

My hobbies include: 

Watching Movies

Arting, and Admiring other people's art :D

Using emoticons in every sentence xD

Writing historical fiction, Children's, and Fantasy




By Ecliptic Eight Thx she is so cute!



Pround memeber Of





Bohemian Critic


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Hello there!

Hi! It's always awesome to see new faces. Here, I'll leave you some tips that will hopefully help you out.

  1. Food- All dragons can eat fish, chicken eggs, and ostrich eggs. Each has varying degrees in energy and happiness. Salmon for example give a big chunck of energy, while trout give your dragons happiness. Most dragons will grow unhappy if you give them eels, though some dragons will gain energy from eating these, without losing happiness. If you have a baby or teen dragon, and LOTS of chicken eggs or eels, you can feed them eels (only takes 4 at a time to make them sad) and then pet your dragon or feed them chicken eggs and this'll give them experience points. Eel Roast used to be an excellent way to gain experience, but not anymore (they nerfed it).
  2. Save your gems- As others have said, save them and don't use them to speed things up. I've made this mistake. It's not fun. Instead, save your gems for the two fishing rods in the store (these make catching stuff like salmon a breeze. Sure you can do it on the basic rod but it's EXTREAMLY difficult). Also, save up for stables (you can get 1of these from a certain achievement for free). If you can, save up for the 7-day membership, and make sure you have a spare slot for Toothless. He has access to a quest that can give you a chest of gems. start out with a 45% of winning it and after a certain level, only 65%. This is why you need to save gems. If you try to speed up that quest well....Ouch.
  3. Flight School- This is a good way to get your teen dragon into an adult. Repeat a level as many times as you can until your dragon has no more energy. Why? Because you'll get experience from it. After you finish a level on that particular dragon, you won't get any more experience. There's also a trick to finishing a stage faster, called the "up-and-down". You basically dive to make your dragon go faster, but be careful or you'll get too low to land and fall into the waters below! Also make use of powerups.

I have more tips. Like I can give you some tips on the battle events, but these are just some beginner-friendly tips I know.


! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !

! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !



Monsterous NightmareRivu (Starter)- female Titan(50) ll Nasail- male Titan(50) ll Fioled- female Adult(36) ll Fellous- male Adult(25) ll Roukera- female Adult(17)

ScauldronDeniz- male Titan(50)

Whispering DeathHalvard- male Titan(50) ll Terra- female Adult(42) ll Azibo- male Adult(24) ll Rosey- female Adult(24) ll Snappy- male Adult(17)

GroncicleGlacia- female Adult(50) ll Icelee- male Adult(46) ll Frostbite- female Adult(28) ll Iceland- male Adult(23) ll Tundra- female Adult(15)

Deadly NadderHagedorn- male Titan(50) ll Tuija- female Adult(27) ll Eiche- male Adult(22) ll Buckthorn- female Adult(18)

Hideous ZipplebackRain and Cloud- female Titan(50) ll Thump and Wallop- male Adult(27) ll Twist and Turn- female Adult(23) ll Snare and Trap- male Adult(23) ll Ash and Snow- female Adult(15)

GronckleSolveig- male Titan(50) ll Avanti- female Adult(24) ll Anaru- male Adult(19) ll Drusilla - female Adult(19)

Toothless (3-month skin) (50)

SingetailHestia- female Adult(37)

TyphoomerangCorentine- female Adult(35)

EruptodonVolkan- male Adult(33) ll Houri- female Adult(17)

Tide GliderNereus- male Adult(50) ll Tethys- female Adult(50) ll Dionysus- male Teen(8)

ArmorwingAlgar- male Adult(20)

DeathsongSigrdrifa- female Titan(50) ll Nidhogg- male Adult(10)

RazorwhipLagi- male Titan(42)

SkrillFlugurite- female Titan(44)

Thunderdrum-Taima- female Adult(37) ll Donar- male Adult(18) ll Esen- female Adult(15) ll Boran- male Adult(15)

BoneknapperMorana- female Titan(47) ll Undertaker- male Adult(17)

FlightmareHoshi- female Adult(35) ll Toshi- male Adult(20) ll Akemi- female Adult(12)

Flame WhipperDatura- female Adult(31)

ChangwingYamanu- male Adult(26) ll Abuto- female Adult(12)

ShockjawElysia- female Adult(30) ll Zapper- male Baby(4)

HobblegruntOseye- male Adult(33)

Fireworm QueenSana- female Adult(19)
Sweet DeathBeowulf- male Adult(19)
Smothering SmokebreathGavina- female Adult(16) ll Mack- male Adult(12) ll Edge- female Adult(10)

Sand WraithHorus- male Adult(28) ll Bast- female Adult(18)
ScuttleclawElfriede- female Adult(16) ll Ernust- male Adult(13)

Triple StrykeVilhelm- male Adult(17) ll Alfdis- female Adult(14)

Elder SentinelGerda- female Adult(17)

RaincutterCahal- male Adult(14) ll Yanyu- female Adult(14)
Light Fury (21)

DeathgripperThanatos- male Adult(19)

SnafflefangCattibrie- female Adult(15) ll Wulfgar- male Baby(1)

Rumblehorn- Alois- male Adult(14) ll Alvilda- female Adult(14) ll Beet- male Adult(10) ll Basil- female Teen(8)

Smitten Hobgobbler- Winifred- female Adult(12)

Stormcutter-Gale- male Adult(13)

Moldruffle- Maze- female Teen(5)
Hotburple- Bumps- female Teen(5)

Night Lights- Ruffrunner (1)

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Sorry if I’m late

Free Eruptodon egg code: lavaeater

Free stormcutter armor: cloudcover




Welcome to my Siggy! Watch out for flying tacos, scales, and fire.



You can call me Drake, and I’ve played SoD from the times of old, when the only dragon newbies got was the hatchling they picked, no free 2nd adult dragon. I missed this game SO much when I went on Hiatus and I promise to try to not leave it behind again. (Well, at least not for a while anyways.)


I love to hang out at the school, andnow that i've discovered these forums, i'm here to have fun with my dragon pals.


- Flight Rising:

- Furry Paws:


- Lioden: Symbah (#205491)

A cool (random) on-paper drawing:



This is Drakor the Fangback. He's the guardian of my siggy and welcomes you with open paws (as long as you don't make a mess!)


-- Thank you Flitt for doing an amazing job drawing him! --

(Fangback Species made by me)






NAME: Wisp

SPECIES: Flightmare
ARTIST: Izzydrawsdragons



NAME: Spike

SPECIES: Deadly Nadder
ARTIST: Iamthesenate




NAME: Pitch

SPECIES: Fludmorph (Alien OC) - Deadly Nadder Form



NAME: Pitch

SPECIES: Fludmorph (Alien OC) - Stormcutter Form
ARTIST: Carolinalina





IN-GAME NAME: ErikaTheWild

FRIEND CODE: Private (for now)

In-Game Age: 14

MAIN DRAGON: Adult Flightmare - Wisp

FAVOURITE DRAGON CLASSES: Stoker class and Strike class

FAVOURITE DRAGON SPECIES: Was once Monstrous Nightmare, now it's Deadly Nadder

ALL DRAGONS: * Wisp - Adult Flightmare

                        * Spike - Adult Deadly Nadder

                        * Boulder - Gronkle Hatchling

GENDER: Female

FAVOURITE IN-GAME THINGS TO DO: Flying, exploring, fishing, getting new dragons, experiments, 'destroy the enemy ship' events, and racing.


FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: Swimming, flying, and drawing.

FAMILY: 1 Little Brother, 1 Mom, 1 Dad, 3 Fish, and 1 Cat.

(VIKING) FAMILY: Younger brother: Draco

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 Welcome to SOD Everest! Here are my tips for you:

1. Like everyone above me said- DO NOT use gems to speed up a action (this includes stable quests and hatching)

2. Don't feed your dragons eels unless you are prepared for them to be sad or the dragon is a Deathsong, Skrill, Typhoomerang or a Slithersong!

3. The best expansion (that costs gems) to buy is the Deathsong Expansion as it gives you two free dragons- The Razorwhip and the Deathsong and gives you a lot of quests and fun things to do! (Personally it's my favourite)

4.  Attend battles! Why you ask? If you get gold at the end of a successful battle, you have a high chance of getting dragon eggs, gems and farm items! The best way to do this is to have two dragons and once they run out of fireballs switch and use the other dragons fireballs and switch back! I've gotten gold so many times from this.

5. If you want to socialise without being muted for a few days, join a clan! You can message people privately or even publicly and you can see how it looks before posting/sending it and it's really reliable too! As you may keep track of conversations and even join some yourself!

6. Visit the game daily as you can get up to 50 gems every week from that!  

Thats all my tips for now! Hope this helps. PS: Friend me and I can help with trophies and farm signatures!

My friend code is CRZFAV



Welcome to my Siggy~


 A little bit about me...

Favourite place- Titan Island.

Friend Code: CRZFAV

Clan: None

Favourite Dragon Class: Tracker

Viking Name: xXGachaCupquakeXx

Gender : Female

Join Date: Febuary 2015 (SoD) 



   My Dragons:


  Razorwhip: Pheonix-Adult-Female

    Deadly Nadder: Breeze-Titan-Male

      Speed Stinger: Moonwalker-Adult-Female             

        Eruptadon: Ash-Adult-Female (Code)

         Monstrous Nightmare: Heatwave-Baby-Male

           Razorwhip: Silverstreak-Baby-Female (Phoenix's Big Sister)

            Death Song: Windchime-Baby-Female

             Deadly Nadder: Bubbles-Baby-Female

              Death Song: Sunburst-Baby-Female 






               Dragon Pictures!!!


  (I found these online because I am unable to take photos of my dragons, however these are somewhat accurate.)

   My sources were Pintrest, Httyd Wiki, Google and Animo



Image result for purple speedstinger~Moonwalker

 Image result for red razorwhip~Silverstreak

Image result for red razorwhip~Pheonix

Underneath is Ash.

(I DON'T HAVE THE ICE SKIN)  Image result for blue eruptodonImage result for stormfly titan deadly nadder


              Undeneath is Bubbles~     

  (My dragon is NOT Springshedder, I just found this image on Google.)

Image result for pink and white deadly nadder   Image result for red monstrous nightmare~Heatwave (Heatwave is a baby dragon!) Image result for white and blue death song httyd    

~Windchime                                         (Sunburst is a baby too!)Image result for white and pink death song httyd